A Breakdown Of The Marker Pens Popular YouTube Artists Use in 2023

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This is the article on A Breakdown Of The Marker Pens Popular YouTube Artists Use.

When it comes to using YouTube as a source of art inspiration, some artists are considered more prominent than others.

However, the most popular YouTubers seem to be those who create marker pens videos.

From their demonstrations on how they make these pieces to the finished products themselves, many people enjoy watching marker pens YouTubers for their intriguing insights and warm personalities.

Youtube - A Breakdown Of The Marker Pens Popular YouTube Artists Use

Before we discuss the most popular marker pens YouTubers, it is important to understand what these people are referring to when they use this specific term.

The truth of the matter is that marker pen is a broad topic that encompasses many different styles and types of markers.

In fact, there are artists who use markers from a variety of different categories to create a single piece.

Marker pens are used for a number of purposes including their original use, which is making signs and labeling things.

However, marker pens have been incorporated into the worlds of crafts and arts due to their ability to produce sharp lines.

Additionally, they dry very quickly meaning you can complete your artwork in far less time than most mediums.

So in this article, we are going to share details about A Breakdown Of The Marker Pens Popular YouTube Artists Use, so let’s go into this.

Brief Of A Breakdown Of The Marker Pens Popular YouTube Artists Use :

Marker pens are an essential part of any artists’ equipment.

These technical drawing pens, also known as ‘art markers’, are used by graphic designers and illustrators alike to produce high-quality work.

But why do some artists use marker pens to create masterpieces while others choose other mediums?

The answer is pretty simple – the difference in results between marker pens and other mediums is remarkable.

Unlike traditional methods, marker pens allow you to create vibrant, bold lines without the aid of any blending tools.

YouTube Artist Using Markers - A Breakdown Of The Marker Pens Popular YouTube Artists Use

The colors created by markers are so bright that artists can spend less time on shading and blending, giving them more time to perfect their art.

There is also no need for paper toner or water, so marker pens are much easier to carry around than traditional art equipment.

In the past year or so, a number of popular YouTube artists have begun using markers to produce their work, and the results have been nothing short of amazing.

With no visible blending tools used in their art, you might think that these artists use complicated techniques to achieve such incredible results, but that is simply not the case.

It turns out that all of the popular YouTube artists use similar marker brands, including Copic, Zig, Faber-Castell, and Prismacolor.

You can see specific markers used in each artist’s videos by clicking on their links, where you will find detailed descriptions of how they use each marker.

For instance, popular artist MissJenFabulous explained that she uses a Copic airbrush system, which is a technical pen that sprays ink from refillable bottles.

Popular artist BeautifulDreamerInk added the following description – “This is a fine point art pen similar to a fineliner or rollerball.”

While popular artist StudioArts included the following description in his video – “I’m using what used to be called the Prismacolor Premier Brush Marker.”

YouTube Artists Who Use Marker Pens :

Below we have mentioned a few YouTubers who use Marker Pens so that it will help you in better understanding.

1. Helen Dardik (helend23) :

Helen is an award-winning illustrator who posts her marker pens YouTube videos with the goal of being encouraging and uplifting to fans.

Helen Dardik

Her works include both personal doodles uploaded just for fun as well as commissioned pieces, which she shows step-by-step on her channel.

2. Whitney Sews :

Whitney is a YouTuber who focuses on marker pens, but that’s not the only medium she uses.

Her videos mainly consist of garment sewing tutorials, including pants, skirts, and sweatshirts.

3. Meli Pennington (artbymelli) :

Meli is an artist who posts videos teaching viewers how to make art with marker pens as well as watercolor pencils.

On her channel, she also has a playlist of painting tutorials as well as a few other types of videos.

4. Draw with Jazza :

Jess is a YouTuber who posts marker pens and related art tutorials, but she also does videos on her favorite artists, including doodles and sketches.

Her marker pens videos include demonstrations of how to create various art pieces as well as tips she’s learned throughout the years.

5. Tamara Laporte (artwithtamara) :

Tamara is also an artist who posts marker pens tutorials along with watercolor, acrylic, and other types of videos.

She also has a few video series on her channel such as “Words for Creators” and “Anime Review,” which she does with her best friend, Newest Toon.

6. Esteban Bravo (Esteban Draws) :

Esteban is a YouTuber who posts his marker pens videos with the goal of inspiring creativity.

Some of his most popular videos are those that show the steps to creating different characters, but he also has some other types of tutorials on his channel as well.

What Markers Does ZHC Use?

ZHC will use a standard TCG-style card back for all cards.

We feel that the large text and border of a legacy card are unnecessary to have in a digital format.

Keep in mind that while ZHC will be based around traditional card games, we are NOT traditional by any means. With that said…

The art will take cues from MTG and Hearthstone.

However, we will not be constrained by traditional fantasy settings and art direction: We may include characters, creatures, and scenes you would not expect to see in a TCG/CCG.

We plan on using established artists as well as up-and-comers looking to break into the industry or build their portfolio up.

After some mulling, we have elected to incorporate token/resource cards into the mix of what ZHC will use.

Here are a few examples of how it will work:

1.) The card back is the same as that of a normal card, but with its own unique icon in the top right corner. This icon will be used to indicate that the card is a token or resource.

2.) Token cards are produced when multiple copies of a spell being cast. This could be 1+ copies in one turn, or all at once on the following turn(s).

Each copy is its own object/card with its own rules, art, and effects.

For example, if you cast Double Summon on a creature, it will create two copies of that card but each ability is separate from the other.

This applies to enchantments/artifacts as well!

3.) Resource cards are different in that they are not permanent.

These are used for gathering mana/resources and only exist for the duration of the turn/phase they are activated.

They will not be used as a resource to cast spells and will only exist on the field as an entity for their brief window of time.

What Markers does Do draw So Cute Use?

The markers that Draw So Cute uses are Pigma Micron pens.

They come in a variety of sizes and colors, but the brand is the only choice for this application.

If you have tried other art markers or pens before, chances are they did not work as well as Pigma Microns.

Some art markers do not have enough ink flow to withstand the erasing that these markers must endure.

It is important to note that there are other art markers out there that use Pigma ink, but they are not Microns!

The best-known alternative brand is Sakura’s Pixma color Copic marker. These should not be used as a replacement for Microns because they do work slightly differently.

COPIC ink is not as viscous as Pigma Micron ink, which makes them run through certain pens (like porous points).

They also do not work well with the metal pen tips like the Pigma Microns because they are too thick to fit all the way into the marker casing.

This means that some of the ink can miss the tip, which will reduce saturation.

The COPIC markers are also very colorful, but that is about it.

They don’t have the same variety of sizes or shapes that Microns do.

And if you look at how they work with the eraser, well let’s just say after using them for this project I was not very happy with the results.

What Markers Does Moriah Elizabeth Use?

Ever since Moriah Elizabeth started making videos and blogging about her markers she has been asked just what kind of markers she uses.

There are a lot of products on the market and it seems like every company is coming out with their own version of what art supply works best for illustrating digitally. 

Moriah is an extremely prolific artist so the tools she uses must be working for her or she wouldn’t put them in front of you, the consumer. 

She has an extremely loyal fan base that has allowed her to develop many product lines and prosper as an artist! 

The most direct way to get more of what you like is to start using the same tools.

Tombow Dual Brush Pen - A Breakdown Of The Marker Pens Popular YouTube Artists Use

I know buying art supplies can be intimidating and some of the questions you might have could be: What brand is best? What colors should I buy?

How do they look on a computer monitor? Do they look the same as what Moriah uses in her videos?

I’m going to attempt to answer all those questions and give you some basics so that when you go out to buy your own set, you can make an informed decision.

I often suggest for new artists to start with the Tombow Dual Brush Pen and a black fine liner pen because I have found that drawing with them is MUCH easier than just grabbing a gel pen or a brush tip pen and going at it.

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Conclusion: A Breakdown Of The Marker Pens Popular YouTube Artists Use 2023

Above I have mentioned various YouTubers who use Marker Pens and promote them for creativity.

You can easily choose one of them and make your art piece look more attractive.

The pens vary from price to quality so it’s all your call to grab the best one from the list.

Thank you for reading !!!!!!

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