AdPeriscope Make Your Adult Campaigns Profitable Upto 300% ROI

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Ad Spy is a business in its own today, primarily due to the fact that hundreds and thousands of websites are popping in every niche every day and competition is to stand out as the best is becoming fierce. Spying on Your Competition and their internet marketing campaign helps you understand what your rivals are doing that works for them, giving you the power to unlock better marketing ideas and creative for your own business.

Every internet business is a business, regardless of its genre or niche. Whether PG13 and family websites or adult websites, every website has its own level of demand faces its own level of competition. So naturally, the nature of the tools used for spying on competitors will also be different.

Best Adperiscope Alternative – Adplexity

The best alternative to AdPeriscope is Adplexity as it has more features and is simpler to use. With Adplexity, you can monitor the effectiveness of your ads in real-time and determine which ones are impactful.

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You can also design unique reports to assist in campaign optimization.

Additionally, Adplexity has a built-in fraud detection system that can assist you in preventing the loss of money from phony clicks.

Adplexity is a more effective tool overall for managing your Facebook ad campaigns.

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AdPeriscope Make Your Adult Campaigns Profitable Upto 300% ROI

So in this post we will give you quick review of AdPeriscope, an ad spy tool designed specifically for adult websites.

What is AdPeriscope?

AdPeriscope is an Adult Spy tool specifically designed to spy on the websites that run around the adult internet world. It is popularly used by website and business owners who show native ads on their sites.

AdPeriscope allows adult website owners to literally spy on other competing adult sites in their niche and analyze what works for them and unlock the Secrets of Profitable Adult Advertising Campaigns.

Highlight features

AdPeriscope is currently being touted as the fasted growing adult ad spy network tool in the internet industry courtesy of some really cool and efficient features like:

  • Multiple filters

AdPeriscope offers you the ability to filter your data using their advanced multiple filter options to zero down on better and accurate results. You can filter your search by ad-network, country, mobile carrier, device type, language, third party trackers & banner dimension

  • Multiple sorting options

AdPeriscope multiple sorting options enable you to sort and arrange your data more efficiently by duration, ad-strength, date-seen & alexa rank of the landing page

  • Simple search

AdPeriscope native search engine is extremely fast and equally easy to use. You can easily search banners and ads by keywords. Their server makes sure that the banners are completely searchable by scanning all the banners for text.

  • Advanced search

If you are not satisfied with the results from simple search, then you can use the advanced boolean query builder for even more precise searching capabilities.

Why should you try AdPeriscope?

Here are some of the top reasons as to why you should choose AdPeriscope over others.

  • Spy on campaigns From 50+ Countries Covering Every Continent
  • Use keywords to find Exact Banners
  • Power to access more Adult Ad Networks than Any Tool
  • Access To Largest Banner Inventory
  • Search and get results to Hidden Campaigns on over 150+ international Mobile Carriers
  • Download and deploy any Landing Page On Your Server
  • Run Your Campaigns on the Most Profitable Sites
  • Acutely spy On Your Competition & get valuable insights to what works for them and what doesn’t.

Signing up with AdPeriscope

All you need to do is jump online on the AdPeriscope website and sign up using your social media account (Facebook, Twitter or Linkiedin). You can even sign up using your email ID by just filling in the details on form shown on their page and then submit it. Signing up with AdPeriscope is absolutely free and requires no sign up charges.

Let’s suppose I am signing up with AdPeriscope using my Linkedin account. Just click on Linkedin, fill in your account login details and click “Sign in”.

Next you will be directed to you Linkedin gateway page, seeking permission and confirmation whether you want to continue signing up with this account. If you are sure of using this account, click “Allow”.

Once the Linkedin server processes AdPersicope’s sign in request, your account will instantly get synced to the AdPeriscope server for further purchase procedures!


Here are some exclusive first hand screenshots to show you how the inside of your AdPeriscope account will look and what all options you get to use for your ad spying activities.

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AdPeriscope offers just one simple price tag, instead of confusing users with multiple packages to choose from. You can purchase your AdPeriscope package at $89.99 per month, which includes the following features.

Features included:

  • All Major Adult Ad Networks
  • Data From 56 Countries
  • 3G/4G Data From 250+ Carriers
  • Landing Page Download & Deployment Tool
  • Online Chat Support

For more information regarding their pricing, features, terms of use and more, visit the AdPeriscope Adult Spying Tools official website right now!


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