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Introduction: AffLift Review November 2022 Lifetime Discount Offer @$350

A rookie spends a lot of time on the success stories of others to grasp the tricks. What they don’t realize is that they do not apply 100% of what they have learned and end up applying just 10%. Another area of concern is when they venture out, they switch between strategies very fast. The desire to make some quick money makes them a victim of what is known as the “Shiny Object Syndrome”.

When a novice aspires to earn an income through a blog, in a few weeks they will be found in the arena of CPA marketing, fighting for their spot. Weeks later, they learn about setting up a business as well as the system of email marketing.

You can expect the evidence to happen in a couple of years- savings exhausted, time wasted and profits equivalent to peanuts. What novices fail to understand is that persistence and focus is the key to success.

This brings us to the review of one such forum which focuses on commitment, perseverance and focus- AffLIFT. It has committed itself to Cost Per Action marketing (CPA) and assists the CPA marketers to promote the offers of CPA. Let’s check the AffLift Coupons and its review.

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About AffLIFT:

AffLIFT is an affiliate marketing forum that focuses on CPA Marketing specifically and guides and assists CPA marketers to set up CPA Campaigns that are profitable and rewarding. It offers a lot of tools, tips, tricks, success stories of others, follow-along cases, etc. which benefit the marketers. The members of this community forum include CPA Veterans and help people hone their skills in digital marketing essential for the CPA campaigns.

Founder of AffLIFT:


AffLIFT is the brainchild of Luke Kling, an affiliate marketer and the Director of Marketing at Peerfly- which is a well-known CPA based affiliate community and website with numerous CPA offers. AffLIFT was published in May 2018. Luke Kling is the owner of many other websites in the same niche, along with AffLIFT. He has been invited to share his experiences, tips, and suggestions at various Summits.


Features of the AffLIFT Forum:


1.Direct Traffic Methods:

Many of the novices would prefer understanding the concept before they put their hands into it. This forum provides a list of threads which beginners can go through, especially topics on traffic. The best feature of the forum is its straight-forward information with no threads in between on local meetup or conference topics. It directly leads you to what you are looking for. Some of the topics of a traffic source are Emails, Social, Push Notifications, Pay Per View (PPV), Incentive, Banners, etc.

This is quite beneficial as you get the information you are looking for and also become aware of what others do. If you are focusing on PPV, you can head right to the respective thread and begin reading and not be distracted by other posts. All you have to do is log in to AffLIFT and find what strategy suits you.

The forum also has a community of members who are users along with veterans who share their experiences and answer your queries. The founder, Luke, himself shares his secrets and tips with all the members to help them become as successful as him.

Conducting Contests and Follow-Along

AffLIFT conducts many contests in order to encourage its readers. Luke offers the members coupons and works out deals with various traffic sources that have teamed up with AffLIFT, in order to give his members a kickstart to their campaign.

It is the hard truth but every failure is the stepping stone to success. It is tough to understand if your campaign will be a success or failure until you give it a try. This is where encouragement matters a lot.

This encouraging atmosphere is created by Luke at AffLIFT as his aim is to make you successful. He keeps developing exclusive content for his readers and is also open to feedback from the members. This is the best forum for beginners as Luke assists and guides you in making your first campaign a success.

In addition to contests, there are timely follow-along campaigns, specifically on traffic sources. The data is vital as Luke or a member of the forum is creating a new traffic source with new offers. Such information provides an insight into the mind of the marketer and the idea behind their campaigns. When the results arrive, they are posted on the forum on which feedback is provided by the community of AffLIFT.


Group Chat Function on the AffLIFT Forum

This is quite a unique feature not observed on any other affiliate marketing forum- the group chat function.  This group chat is a place where members can voice out their opinions without the need to make a thread.

If you need an answer to a query on your mind immediately, this is the place to post it, and you would get a quick response. Members can post their queries and get a quick response to them. This is quite unique a feature, as other forums have Skype chats and the like but not a group chat within the forum.


Membership Fees of AffLIFT

Anyone can join AffLIFT free of cost, but definitely, the interesting features are not accessible unless you convert into a premium membership. It is recommended to choose any of the membership packages listed below, as the majority of the important content is restricted only to premium members.

AffLIFT offers three packages:

  1. The Monthly Membership is available at a cost of $20.
  2. The Annual Membership is available at a cost of $200.
  3. The Lifetime Membership available at a cost of $300.

Ways by which Afflift Coupons can benefit you


The fee shouldn’t be a matter of worry, as despite the cost, if you are committed and focused, you can earn an income more than the cost incurred on the membership, for sure.

AffLIFT offers follow-along campaigns where a member provides all the minute details of his latest CPA campaigns. The benefit of such campaigns is that it minimizes the learning curve which you would have to face if you started the campaign on your own.

In addition, many members are veterans who give you an insight into the various tracking details with the traffic sources as well as the tools they use. They also give information on the niche segment they target, the Earnings Per Click achieved by their campaigns, etc. These details make it quite easy for you to develop your own unique CPA campaign and make it a success.

Also, they provide vital information related to geolocation-which location gets the best response for a specific offer, which traffic source is the best for this location like PPC Ad, the kind of ad that is best suited for this location to generate clickthrough rates and the like. All this data shared gives you all the knowledge you need on the CPA environment.

In addition, Luke along with other members keep publishing very informative articles and threads on software, websites, tracking tools, etc. which assist you in developing an exceptionally good landing page, etc.

Thus, once you become a member of the forum-AffLIFT, you can experience the ups and downs faced by others, know about the success and failures of others, without having to risk your money.

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Conclusion- AffLift Review November 2022 Lifetime Discount Offer @$350

Anyone who wishes to become an affiliate marketer needs to remember that focus and commitment are essential for the success of any venture or campaign. If you keep running behind every single shiny object, it will just lead to a waste of two important resources- time and money.

If your dream career is CPA marketing, this forum –AffLIFT is the right choice for you, wherein real-time experiences are shared, successes and failures are shared along with the winning strategies that finally led a campaign to its success. All you need to do is become a member and reap the benefits it offers to you, by staying focused and being committed.

Hope you will take the full benefit of the AffLift Coupons to save money. Do share the AffLift Coupons with your friends and on social media pages.



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