How to browse Anything from Airplay for Android- Best Airplay Apps

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In this post, we are going to learn about ways to browse anything from Airplay for Android along with the best Airplay Apps. 

Picture running a movie or any video from an external device such as your Mac/desktop computer to your Android device, and then having fun seeing the same video at distinctive locations and devices within the same network. In order to stream the content from one gadget to another, it is essential that one of the gadgets should act as a server (sender) and the other as the client (receiver).

Fortunately, this is feasible with tools such as the DLNA UPnP, AirPlay, Chromecast, Miracast, WiDi etc. Here is some instruction that will turn your Android gadget into an AirPlay device, Roku, DLNA Media, All Cast receiver such that you can promptly stream media locally into your Android display.

airplay for android

What is AirPlay and how did it originate?

It is a channel to operate the existing home network, thus bringing together or linking all the Apple devices to each other. Thus, the user can access media files across all devices, and would not have to worry if the device stores the file locally or not.

It is essential that the devices are linked to the same wireless network, ultimately saving space as the copies of the file are not stored locally while streaming from one device to the other. An exclusive wireless streaming protocol that allows a user to instantaneously share audio or video between iPad, iPhone, Apple TV and Mac or any other AirPlay facilitated device.

There remains an option of Bluetooth, but it is not commended since there is an issue of battery drain in the Apple devices. Apple’s Wireless Router (also called ‘Apple Airport’) is easily accessible but isn’t obligatory to be used as such. The user is at liberty to use any wireless router, as long as the function is served. The new HomePod by Apple relies heavily on AirPlay and with the advent of the new Airplay 2 sometime soon, a whole new level of multiroom audio will be created.

What is DLNA and how it works?

The ‘Digital Living Network Alliance’, introduced in 2003, it resulted in the simplicity of the course of setting up a home-theatre system. The necessity for an autonomous IP Address became invalid as configuration turned out to be easy. The groundwork principle of DLNA was established on the creation of a single protocol that warranted multimedia devices verified by DLNA, although coming from various manufacturers, would operate together impeccably.

Now, how AirPlay actually works?

AirPlay (without incorporating AirPlay Mirroring) can be sub characterized into three distinct objects- namely Images, Audio Files and Video Files. While considering the images one can infer that the images are streamed over a device using iOS to the TV Screen across the Apple TV box. There is no loss in image quality as the file size is just sufficiently small to be referred to the cache of the Apple TV box. Conversely, the megapixel count of the image and the wireless connection would be crucial in shaping the time taken for streaming to conclude.

However, the audio files and video are a little more complicated to explain in AirPlay. Firstly, let us understand why or how we would use an audio or video file.

  1. In order to stream or play an audio or video file on an iOS device.
  2. The user can also use AirPlay to stream music or any video that we located on the internet from an iOS device. The user can estimate the instance of internet radio or any online video streaming service.

Considering the example of an audio file or video that is located on an iOS device. The Apple Lossless format runs the music of the user at 44100 Hz up to two stereo frequencies, which implies that as a user, you would not have to be concerned about quality loss. Alternatively, the video streaming uses the predictable H.264 MPEG format without any compression (this does not include the compression the actual video file).

The video file has to be relocated to the Apple TV Cache and there would be some waiting time in advance for the transfer to finish. Finally, it all comes down to how much better your wireless network is from all others. Kindly note that the documents conferred here are the ones that are stored locally.

The above facts, in conclusion, bring us to the query we are striving to address, which is how to AirPlay from Android with DLNA.

airplay for android

How to initiate AirPlay for Android with DLNA?

In order to initiate the process, there are some fundamentals that are required to be satisfied:

  1. Users are expected to install the ‘AirPin’ app on their Android Device.
  2. It is obligatory that the iOS and Android device are on the same network if the user is considering to use AirPlay on Android for streaming functions.


Stages to AirPlay for Android with DLNA:

  1. To the users who have already set up the ‘AirPin’ app successfully, to launch it is the next step you need to follow.
  2. Streaming facilities would be made accessible to the users.
  3. Follow it by enabling the checkboxes for ‘AirPlay, ‘AirTunes’, and ‘DLNA DMR’.
  4. Users are then mandated to drop down the notification bar from above, and in the notifications, they can check if the ‘AirPin Service is running’.
  5. In case the user has the ‘AirPin’ service proceeding, all he needs is to return to the menu.

This would help the user to AirPlay from Android with DLNA as it helps in setting up the Android device as a DLNA receiver. The user is then required to look for devices and direct them into your Media Streamer. Choose the handle ‘ATP @ xx’ in order to wirelessly stream multimedia content directly to your Android device.

While the dispute remains if DLNA has outlasted its effectiveness, there is no damage in enjoying the Android with DLAN although working with AirPlay. Despite the fact that most of the labor is done by the application itself that is required to be installed, it serves the user with another purpose while chasing the goal of AirPlay on Android with DLNA.

AirPlay has transformed the means by which people stream their music and other broadcasting content over numerous devices over a shared wireless network. Through several applications accessible by the users of Android, the quality has been effective in reaching out to other users as well.

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Top 10 AirPlay Apps for Android

Here, we take a look at the best Android AirPlay apps that are offered in the App Store. Although the applications differ in their interface and mechanics, there is no negating the fact that each of these applications carries out the utilities well. While in the early days, Apple was swift in prohibiting anything that reinforced AirPlay other than iOS devices, good times are undoubtedly upon the users who desired for some moderator platforms to use AirPlay through their Android devices.

Here is our list of the top 10 AirPlay apps for Android.

  • Double Twist
  • iMediaShare Lite
  • Twonky Beam
  • AllShare
  • Android HiFi and AirBubble
  • Zappo TV
  • AirPlay and DLNA Player
  • Using Allcast
  • Using DS Video
  • AirStream

Hope you enjoyed all the information on Airplay for Android.

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