Top 5 Best Free Amazon FBA Calculator Review In 2023

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Today we have featured 5 Best Amazon FBA Calculator Review, with its proper insights, we have also covered its pros and cons, so let’s get started If you are someone who sells products on Amazon, then you must be aware that your profit is the addition of a product’s price, fees, taxes, etc.

It is not easy to keep a record of all this and then calculate your final revenue.

This is where the Amazon FBA calculator comes into the picture. 

What is Amazon FBA?

FBA stands for Fulfilment by Amazon, and it is a helpful tool that ensures that the products you are selling are available to more customers and make sure of renowned customer service.

Its service is superb and looks that you ger honest customers and profits.

It will help you in managing the finances and calculating the correct revenue from your earnings. 

Amazon FBA Calculator
Calculate Amazon FBA Fees

Amazon will stock your products in its personal warehouse and take care of the delivery, shipment, services, and refunds.

The Amazon calculator will calculate your final earnings, keeping in mind the other factor and components.

It will also help you decide if a particular product will fetch your revenues or not. 

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Why You Need FBA Calculators?

The primary reason for using these revenue calculators is to control your profit, as it gives an accurate idea of the revenue you will actually earn.

All the Amazon sellers take their help to visualize their profits beforehand.

Amazon FBA Calculator Review

This revenue calculator will keep your accounts in place and avoid the possibility of losing the money.

It will not let you get baffled and lost with the finances.

Best Amazon FBA Calculators Free of Cost

There are many amazon fulfillment calculators available and you can choose the one that suits your goals.

These are reliable tools and will take good care of your finances and will not let you lose any money.

Let us have a look at some popular and advanced calculators:

1. Viral Launch

Viral Launch is a helpful FBA revenue calculator, where you can access some of its features for free.

To use it, insert the URL of your product or an ASIN in the search field.

In doing so, you will be able to see the final profit that is going to make after selling one unit.

Amazon FBA Profit Calculator Fulfillment - Viral Launch

  • It will also help you bear in mind the referral fee size.
  • This tool lets you see 2-3 ASINs and handle profit calculations.
  • This FBA calculator is free of cost, so you must give it a try. 

2. Seller App

The Seller App is a straightforward tool that is ideal for calculating net profits and product margins.

It does fast research on the profitability of the product.

You should install a Chrome extension to check the fees every time on clicking your preferred product.

FBA - Calculator - Amazon - Sales - Potential

It also comes with a web version, so it is up to you whether you prefer the app or the web version.

It also compares FBA with merchant fulfillment, but it does not provide the total sales volume. 

3. ShipBob

ShipBob revenue calculator has a simple interface with several features.

It is a very convenient app as it just asks you to enter the basic characteristics like weight, size, average sales price, average product costs, number of orders per month, etc.

On clicking the “Calculate My Profits” button you will be shown the data about total costs, overall profit, and net revenue.

The whole calculation shows fulfillment and production costs. 

4. Salecalc

Salecalc is indeed the most refined app as compared to the rest of the FBA calculator apps.

It will ask you to manually enter the data, but it provides the most accurate knowledge of the price that you must set to earn a sure-shot profit on your products.

Amazon - Calculator - Salecalc

In the app, you will have to select the product category, desired goal, and mention all the supporting Amazon FBA fees and costs.

It will then show you a precise understanding of the price of your product. 

4. AMZScout

AMZScout is the top-most, preferred calculator app as it is very user-friendly and lets the users do calculations for free.

It is a useful app that can be installed as a Chrome extension which comes in very handy.

It is built in such a way that it promises the most thorough final cost estimation.

Amazon - FBA - Calculator - AMZScout

If you want to calculate the estimated overall revenue, then AMZScout is the appropriate app.

The reason for its convenience and accuracy is its ability to carry out multicriterial research, which is very useful for Amazon sellers.

It’s another USP is that it can discover your competitor’s positions and also predict future competition.

This way you can predict your future success and your total worth. 

5. Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is a great Fulfillment By Amazon calculator as it lets you calculate the profit for each product unit that you are going to sell on Amazon.

It will determine the average price for the product and the calculating fees.

Free - Amazon - FBA - Calculator - Calculate - Revenue - Profit - Fees

It gives you an awareness of the general structure of your amazon FBA fees, i.e. packing fee, referral fee, service, storage, and weight handling fees.

Amazon sellers can also use this amazing app on a daily basis by installing this calculator extension for Google chrome.

Fulfillment By Amazon Calculator

Amazon’s FBA cost calculator is an easy-to-use tool, which gives you a complete understanding of all the costs and seller fees.

In case you have not set the price of the product, then you can use this app to determine the price of your product.

Choosing the ideal price for your product is important for the profits you will earn.

Most of the calculator apps ask you to enter the product’s URL or ASIN only, but the Amazon calculator works with keywords.

It does not require URL or ASIN, but just some keywords to do the calculations for you. 

How to use Amazon’s FBA Calculator

These are easy to use FBA fees calculator and anyone can use it, especially after looking into the subject of taxes. Here are the below basic steps to follow:

  • Look for the product’s ASIN or keyword, and use the correct identifier to look for your product.
  • You can also use EAN, ISBN, or another search term. 
  • Put the dimensions and values in all the fields and make sure the data is precise.
  • You can set the price here and see how this price will affect your profits.
  • Fill up the ‘shipment field’.
  • You also have the option to leave it blank but you should fill it in order to understand the margin impact.
  • End it by noting the final cost of the product. 
  • See the net profit as you are shown the graphs and estimated increase in sales.


💰 Q1. What is the cost of FBA?

Ans - The payment you make will depend on the tool you are choosing. There are some amazing apps that are free of cost and come with fantastic features that let you calculate a precise net profit. For more progressive tools, you will have to pay, roughly around $100 per year. For more progressive tools, you will have to pay, roughly around $100 per year. There are also some professional tools that charge around $900 per year. They all give an option of free trial for the users so that they can see if it is beneficial for them.

🔘 Q2. How to select the best FBA calculator?

Ans - The best FBA calculator is the one that suits all your requirements. The first thing you have to decide is your budget and see whether you will require a free trial first or a paid tool. You can decide and check the tools mentioned above and examine the features of each calculator.

🤔 Q3. How to calculate the FBA fees?

Ans - The FBA fees is calculated as the total cost for Amazon’s fulfillment services. It consists of three costs – shipment costs, amazon seller fees, and FBA fees. These fees also consist of packing and picking the order, product returns, and client service.

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Conclusion: Best Amazon FBA Calculator Review In 2023

FBA calculator is an essential tool for all the Amazon sellers who want to determine the final profit and performance of your product.

Nowadays, there is an Amazon calculator chrome extension as well, which extremely eases the calculation of the fee.

Use this calculator to determine and maximize your profits.

It is an extremely useful tool especially if you are examining and analyzing new products to sell on Amazon.

It is also helpful in understanding the margin effects in case you are thinking to increase or decrease the sale price of your product.

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