Steps To Connect Your Android Device To ADB USB Driver Interface

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ADB short for Android Device Bridge is a command line utility provided by Google which allows a user to control their phone right from their computer using a USB. From simple tasks like copying files to installing apps you also use the ADB to perform more complex tasks like unlocking your phone’s bootloader and installing a custom ROM. All these tasks can be performed once you have connected your Android device to ADB USB driver interface. 


However, before you start here are a few things you need to do :

  • Enable the developer option and USB debugging on your android phone.
  • Install the Android ADB & Fastboot drivers on your Mac/Windows computer.

Steps to connect your Android device to ADB USB Driver Interface

Step 1: Connect the phone to your computer using a USB cable.

 2: Once connected, the phone will notify you with a message “USB debugging connected”.

 3: Now open the terminal or the command line depending upon your computer’s Operating System. Remember to open the command line in windows in administrator mode only.

 4: Once the terminal/command line opens up type “adb devices” and hit enter.

 5: You will see a “list of devices” message with your android phone’s id below it. You will also see your phone’s id being labeled as “unauthorized”.

 6: Next type in an ADB command like “adb push abc” and press enter.

 7: On your phone, you will see a pop-up asking you to allow or decline USB debugging. Tick the “always allow from this computer” and click on “OK”.

 8: Congrats! Now you have successfully added the computer to the signature list.

 9: Now go back to your computer and open the terminal/command line. In the terminal/command line type “adb devices” and hit enter.

 10: As you can see unlike previously where it was showing “unauthorized” next to the phone’s id, now it shows “device”.

 11: Yay! You can now use your computer to control your phone and perform all ADB operations.   

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   I hope the above information on connecting your Android device to ADB USB Driver Interface, was helpful. 

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