100+ Best AppSumo Lifetime Deals & Discounts To Check Out In 2022

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AppSumo provides weekly discounts on the best products in order to assist you in starting, developing, and scaling your online business.

I was only able to receive lifetime discounts on some of the best business tools available because of AppSumo. The AppSumo Plus membership program, which is the company’s premium rewards program, grants access to member-only discounts and an additional 10% off of all AppSumo offerings.

Using AppSumo has many benefits, including lifetime access to many programs, which means you only need to make one payment for subscription-based software. With AppSumo, buying business software outright is no longer necessary.

The top 10 AppSumo offers for June 2022 are listed in this article. The top bargains on remote tools and free AppSumo items are listed below after the best AppSumo offers on WordPress tools.

The final part contains offers that have been on the market for longer than a month. Additionally, keep an eye out for these because they can disappear soon!

100+ AppSumo Lifetime Deals August 2022

iubenda Coupon

iubenda is a GDPR-compliant website and app service.

It eliminates the guessing by providing simple legal laws for your place that are applicable to you. An iPhone can update from anywhere and utilise its simple cookie banner management options, all of which are legal.

There is also a write-in tool that allows users to contribute any personal information required if they need to input something the app/site may not have requested previously owing to legislation being imprecise or changing.

Another unique feature is that iubenda will safeguard users from spam mailers and third parties who desire their data via social media APIs.

Gyana Lifetime Deal

Gyana enables you to operate more effectively and efficiently with your data, no matter where it is, and to create a single source of truth across all departments.

Gyaana is the only platform that allows you to link data from any industry-standard software as well as pull it directly from Excel, Facebook, or Shopify, with over 37 connectors. Furthermore, because we have unrivalled access to raw data, our dashboard design is always up to date, ensuring that you never miss out on fresh information.

Gyana eliminates the need for those vexing code problems that take hours and hours and severely limit your capacity to work with the massive amounts of information that are now readily available.

Live Webinar Lifetime Deal

LiveWebinar is a one-stop shop for all of your webinar needs. We provide live and evergreen webinars with no software or download required, as well as online meetings and large virtual events.

It’s never been easier to host a company meeting; simply connect in to LiveWebinar using your domain name. Add personalised branding for a one-of-a-kind webinar experience.

Use Livewebinar for interactive sessions with clients, employees, or vendors that can be translated into 100+ languages utilising built-in chat capabilities – just another reason why it’s the one-stop shop for all of your online meeting needs.

Trafft Lifetime Deal

Trafft is a software tool that automates online and in-person bookings, as well as scheduling capabilities for reminders, payments, and employee timesheets. Trafft’s multi-industry architecture makes effortless booking and workforce administration a breeze.

Users can configure their own Profile Settings to reflect the demands of their firm for what information shows at each stage of the booking process.

Based on the client information given throughout the form submission process, the app will automatically calculate each checkout price. Trafft reduces every time-consuming job associated with running an appointment business by utilising a single dashboard to manage all of your event or product orders.

Whether you need consumers to reschedule their appointments or staff to clock in at any time.

Ranktracker Lifetime Deal

Ranktracker is a dependable and versatile SEO software for your company. With Ranktracker, you can validate the efficacy of your campaign while also tracking its keywords and competing sites—giving you a comprehensive picture of how things are progressing.

The notifications system keeps things moving without requiring you to constantly check in, allowing you to remain ahead of what needs tweaking or more effort.

With simple dashboards that always provide instant insights into any industry strategy, Ranktracker puts all of this power at your fingertips.

Peppertype Lifetime Deal

Peppertype.ai blends copywriter talent with artificial intelligence to help you produce better content. This is accomplished by allowing you to build a library of your chosen writing styles.

You choose the style, a topic related to your theme, and presto! Your stuff is prepared in only a few seconds! Create engaging and convincing content totally on your own – simply choose a topic, click, and write.

Wisecut Lifetime Deal

Wisecut is an automated video editing programme for individuals and businesses that uses artificial intelligence and speech recognition technology to edit videos.

It makes jump cuts, backing music, and subtitles automatically, among other capabilities, to make video editing easier.

The application finds and removes long gaps in videos automatically. The application balances the video using artificial intelligence, automatically lowering the music when someone speaks and enhancing it when there is no audio.

Pictory Lifetime Deal

Pictory is a one-of-a-kind gift that catches a child’s imagination both vocally and aesthetically. A Pictory author writes and illustrates their story, whether it’s about fairies and princesses, instructors and school, vacation adventures, or how much they adore their Granny!

The storyline and topic list are fully up to them. Your Pictory could be used to tell your story or to thank a family member or close friend.

Lifetime Deal for 123RF Stock Images

123RF is a well-known stock image agency that is one of the industry’s leading rivals. With over a decade of expertise and a diversified supply of low-cost Royalty-free stock photographs, this company provides tens of millions of images for download and use that fit a variety of budgets and criteria.

Photographs are available on-demand through picture packs, which range in price from $6.75 to $7.80 per image, or for even less through credit packs.

Outranking Lifetime Deal

Outranking is a tool that aids in SERP or, to put it another way, content analysis, making it easy for content creators and SEO managers all around the world to conduct analysis.

It is a writing assistant powered by artificial intelligence that supports authors in creating content that performs well on search engines. Unlike traditional techniques of getting a high search engine ranking, Outranking’s data-driven methodology triples the speed of the process. Depending on the client’s requirements, the information may range from outlines and keywords to snippets.

LoopedIN Lifetime Deal

LoopedIn serves as a one-stop shop for gathering feedback, developing roadmaps, and conveying changes. Collect: Collect comments and ideas from your public board and let users to vote on their favourites.

Plan: Create, customise, share, and embed amazing roadmaps with our simple drag-and-drop interface. Announce: Immediately notify users of news and updates within your app or via email alerts. It offers various interesting features, such as workflow management, activity/news feed, collaboration tools, and so on.

Hy.page Lifetime Deal

Hy.Page is a platform that allows you to provide digital content to your clients while also facilitating communication with them via online resources. To get started, all you need is a personalised space.

You may use Hy.Page to provide a link that is simple for customers to use and complete actions like sign-in, payment, and registration. You may provide a user-friendly interface to your link with Hy.Page, enhancing its success rate.

CrawlIQ Lifetime Deal

CrawlQ is an advanced artificial intelligence content creator that generates highly tailored content. One-of-a-kind and tailored to each Target Audience.

Discover your voice and optimise content that interacts with your customers with CrawlQ to enhance the ROI of your content by 5x. Align audience needs to deliver insights that influence user selection of your products and services. Create high-quality content that meets the needs of your customers.

Rytr Lifetime Deal

Rytr is a content generator and writing tool powered by artificial intelligence that allows you to rapidly and simply write high-quality content at a low cost, time, and effort.

It allows you to generate content that converts and fills your pockets quickly and easily. You simply select the type of content you want, enter some basic subject information, and Rytr creates excellent content for you in seconds.

Bloo Lifetime Deal

A simple project management tool that enables employees to complete tasks efficiently. Bloo is an excellent yet straightforward project management software that incorporates T, file sharing, calendars, and KANBAN BOARDS.

The notification, activity feed, and conversation elements will not overload your inbox, which is advantageous for teamwork. It keeps you up to date on the status of all your projects in real time, and everyone knows who is in charge of what and when!

Sleekbio Lifetime Deal

SleekBio is a program that allows you to easily build links for your social media profiles. The application provides alternatives for personalising brand material on a website with a few clicks.

Increase your email list and start collecting email leads right now to track the results and analytics of your page links. Professionals as well as small and medium-sized businesses use the application.

Swipebucket Lifetime Deal

Swipebucket is a fantastic tool for anyone who uses the internet. It is designed to make it easy for anyone to swipe, save, and organise any information encountered on the internet into the Bucket.

Social media posts and advertisements (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others), Save images, movies, and links, and bookmark nearly anything!

A must-have tool for creatives, graphic designers, web designers, content curators, internet entrepreneurs, advertisers, and marketers, as well as social media users on a regular basis.


KPIBees makes automating spreadsheet data easier than ever. Connect with over 21 different data sources to have KPIBees automatically populate your spreadsheets, saving you time and effort.

You’ll be able to simplify even the most difficult chores without worrying about missing anything. We’ve already established millions of automated connections, so all you have to do is provide a single URL or phone number!

Simply connect some marketing systems, databases, APIs, or even web scrapers to ours and bring that data into Google Sheets for better marketing planning!

Hide My WP Ghost Promotional Code

Hide your WP Ghost is one of the most comprehensive website security plugins available.

Hide My WP Ghost allows you to modify and hide frequently-attacked WordPress paths and files. You will halt hacker bots and prevent them from compromising data such as plugins, themes, and WordPress core files. Protect your site from typical assaults like script and SQL injection and brute-force by masking such flaws without physically modifying any files or directories.

Hide My WP Ghost can restore your site’s security to a time when it was more difficult to break into a website. This plugin delivers professional-level security that is simple to use.

Hide My WP Ghost is a solution to secure your site from common threats while balancing the requirement for security hardening with ease of usage.

Enter the potential threat point they want concealed, and Hide my WP will conceal it without making any physical changes to your website or host account.

PageMaker Lifetime Deal

PageMaker features all you need if you’re seeking for a drag-and-drop website builder with the flexibility to modify every component of your page.

Company owners may begin to work on eye-catching landing pages quickly with our simple plug-and-play editor. PageMaker is open to everyone who wants to create an expert page—even if they lack technological abilities or a writing background!

PageMaker pages have no design limitations thanks to over 50 easy modifiable templates and unlimited creative space. Furthermore, once the ideal template is selected, edits will smoothly transition to desktops, laptops, and tablets without the risk of missing critical information.

Pagemaker does not stop with templates. In addition, you will receive over 350 modules to mix and match.

UpContent Discount Code Lifetime Deal

UpContent is the simplest way to uncover high-quality articles, allowing you to cut through the clutter and reach your content objectives.

Instead than sifting through millions of articles, use UpContent to obtain personalised recommendations on any topic imaginable. With over 3 million new articles added each month, it is always up to date and relevant.

It also tracks shares to reflect the general consensus on any article you’re thinking about publishing. You can filter results by publication date or publisher type using the lite or advanced search options.

This minor aspect of web marketing could make a significant difference in your content creation strategy.

You may use UpContent to share your blog content with the tools you already use to publish on social media.

They have solid integrations with well-known platforms such as Buffer, Hootsuite, Mailchimp, HubSpot, and Zapier. Furthermore, they integrate with any programme that can receive an RSS/ATOM feed.

Anywhere Lifetime Deal

With Anywhere, you can work on your projects on the go. It is an agile project management solution that allows you to plan, manage, and track work from your mobile devices. We have just what you need to construct projects without tying up desktops or laptops.

With predefined templates for almost any use-case, it’s easy to break down tasks and assign them based on team skillsets right out of the box: marketing and sales teams can create boards for tasks and deadlines; media production teams can create boards for schedules; HR manages salary negotiations; and product development teams build backlogs based on sprint outcomes.

Visualize progress with Kanban and Gantt chart features such as loading indicators and graph history.

VBOUT Lifetime Deal

VBOUT is a marketing automation software that converts leads and nurtures campaigns at scale. With a visual drag-and-drop builder, it provides sophisticated analysis to help you approach your target audience. In today’s marketing landscape, balancing social media, listserves, blogs, advertisements, PR outreach… everything can appear to be in separate silos.

VBOUT removes the noise so you can focus on what matters most to your business: determining how to best use data collected about each customer or prospect to increase conversion rates and lead nurturing efforts by crafting customised communications in bulk for targeted audiences.

This not only saves marketers’ time (no more mindless labour of sifting through statistics).

Typedesk Lifetime Deal

You can use typedesk to build messages and templates for your various clients and leads. You can type them ahead of time so you don’t have to type them every time.

When someone asks a question or needs an update on their order, you simply enter the date, time, and details about what they ordered. As a result, the message is always current while also being tailored to the needs of the customer.

DepositPhotos (Featured Deal)

Royalty-free photos are highly sought after by businesses. Gain access to 195+ royalty-free photos, videos, GIFs, and PDFs. Deposit Photos is one of the greatest alternatives to Getty Images for authors, bloggers, advertisers, videographers, and agencies looking for high-quality stock content.

Fimstro Lifetime Deal

Filmstro Pro makes it simple to create personalised soundtracks with a wide library and simple editing tools for that perfect sound. Filmostro has a plethora of tools and incredible soundtrack capabilities, making it an excellent choice for video makers.

The lifetime deal on Appsumo for the Filmstro makes it worthwhile to purchase.

Subhub Lifetime Deal

SubHub, a less expensive alternative to Memberpress, allows you to create, host, and manage membership sites at various levels. This platform is recommended for subject matter experts, coaches, trainers, and educators looking for an easy method to expand their membership services. Use AppSumo coupons to save big on SubHub right now.

Vadootv Lifetime Deal

Expand your company’s reach with ad-free video hosting on fast, secure servers. An excellent substitute for Vidyard and Loom. VadooTV allows you to broadcast and host live video conferences.

You can also personalise the player to fit your brand, gather leads, and include CTAs to boost conversions. This AppSumo offer is ideal for marketers, sales professionals, and content creators who want to create and share ad-free movies.

Squirly SEO Coupon Code

Improve the ranking of your WordPress site with data-driven SEO objectives from an AI consultant. Squirly is an excellent substitute for Yoast. It is a one-stop-shop for keyword research, content optimization, technical SEO, site audits, rank tracking, and other services. Get the AppSumo Deal now to save money on Squirly SEO.

A drag-and-drop web component editor that enables non-developers to create dynamic user experiences based on your app’s style guide. It has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface that allows designers to generate rapid designs.

It is a simple tool for non-developers and designers to utilise.


In this article, we’ve revealed our AppSumo free lifetime deals as well as other lifetime offers with discounts and savings.

The biggest marketplace in the world where you can get items at a steep discount for life is now called Appsumo. Appsumo is the best website to purchase digital tools for bloggers and internet marketers.

In other words, you can use the tool forever simply subscribing for a monthly cost.

We also hope that you found this article on AppSumo lifetime deals useful and that you will recommend it to your relatives and friends who are looking for this tool.

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