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There are a lot of AppSumo reviews on the Internet, some being positive whereas some being negative.

What is AppSumo?

AppSumo review

AppSumo is a daily deals website that has been featured in several online magazines, such as LifeHacker and

AppSumo provides the users with digital content in order to promote their business and generate more revenue in return. The main products that are currently being sold by AppSumo consist of digital reports, eBooks, software and occasionally physical products.

On the other side, entrepreneurs can use the site’s search bar to discover affordable, or sometimes even free, goods or services that may assist them to develop their companies.

Video-editing services, project management systems, and social media tools are just a few of the offerings available.

AppSumo Pricing Plan

AppSumo is absolutely free to use. You will have to pay for the products that you want to purchase.

On the off-side, Appsumo offers an AppSumo Plus plan that gives an additional 10% OFF every product or service that you buy.

This AppSumo plus yearly plan costs $99/year and gives various benefits.

With AppSumo plus, you will get:

  • Early access to each lifetime deal.
  • Extended access to these deals.
  • Additional support from the community experts.

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AppSumo Customer Support:

AppSumo’s customer support centre offers various services such as email support, extensive knowledgebase, contact us form and phone support.

It gives a long list of FAQs and also an amazing FB community for the Appsumo sellers and buyers.

AppSumo Refund Policy

For any reason or no reason, the refund policy for each product sale is a complete refund of the purchase price for the number of days indicated per product from the date of purchase.

The refund window for each goods can be found in the product’s Deal Terms.

That means you can request a refund for a product you bought from us for any reason within the timeframe specified for each product, and you’ll receive a complete return. Not even close. There won’t be any charges. The full shebang (or taco).

You will not be able to process a refund inside your account after the refund window has gone, and we will not be able to handle refund requests.

AppSumo Pros & Cons


  • 1.5k+ Active Deals Daily
  • Lifetime Discounts
  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Subscription Discount
  • It has over 50 categories in the arsenal.
  • 60-day return policy
  • Multiple codes and stacks can be purchased
  • AppSumo Briefcase gives notifications via email about the lowest prices.
  • KingSumo offers memberships to AppSumo customers with an extra 10% discount.
  • Over $1000/mo worth of products for $49/mo


  • Not all products are of use in Briefcase
  • Mostly new products give lifetime discounts

AppSumo Customer Reviews 

Here is what the business owners say about AppSumo:

“I’m going to be buying the software and tools anyway, so why not get the discount, right?”

Jay Vics, JVI Mobile Marketing

“It also allows for us to feel part of a community and to build that community… whenever we make a purchase.”

Kimberly Erwin, One Universal Media

“Plus gives me the ability to grab those deals that I missed before.”

Radhakrishnan KG, WebNamaste

“The savings are probably in the hundreds of dollars easily.”

Jon Tetlak, Dealer’s Choice Digital

Sterling Chase  recommends AppSumo

Appsumo is amazing! Not only do you get amazing software for a low price and lifetime access but they allow for up to 6 months to test the software and refund if it’s not what you’re wanting. I would definitely recommend it! Thanks, guys!

Sabyasachi Mitra  recommends AppSumo

We have been a customer for almost 2 years. It has not only saved us thousands of dollars but allowed us to use some of the best cutting edge technologies. And in my opinion, their customer support and refund policies are the best. Keep it up, guys.

Jen Simbol Narciso  recommends AppSumo

This company exudes 5-star customer service. I had an issue and not only did they quickly fix it but went way above and beyond. I just learned about this company and think it’s amazing! Thank you for all that you do!

Catherine Napoli-Cohen recommends AppSumo.

The apps on this site are great values. But more than that, the customer support was outstanding. In dealing with too many accounts and changing everything from my late husband’s name to my name, they made it so easy. THANK YOU.

Sean Lues recommends AppSumo.

Lots of great deals, very quick service and when I had a problem with an app recently which didn’t suit me – I received all my money back straight away. Very impressive.

Arman Mazka recommends AppSumo.

Ahhhh Appsumo. Sometimes I love you, sometimes I hate you. But I am still loving you in the end. What else should I say? Still numero uno. And the number one promoter for the hottest startup deals. Highly Recommended. And stellar customer support.

Nicole Didyk recommends AppSumo.

Great customer service! Clear and prompt communication and very responsive team members. AppSumo is an easy to navigate site for innovative software deals you didn’t know you needed!

Guido Veth doesn’t recommend AppSumo.

I asked for a refund a few days after purchase. But the „60 Day Money Back Guarantee“ does not exist in Reality. And Nobody is ever replying on Customer Support Emails.

Best AppSumo Alternatives:

Here are the best alternatives to AppSumo:


AppSumo has systematically broken long-established tech behemoths and risen to prominence in a short period. AppSumo is leading the digital industry by providing entrepreneurs with the proper tools and solutions.

The products and services offered are cost-effective and assist in obtaining the intended outcomes. The right tools can help you navigate the most difficult part of your entrepreneurial journey. Beginners and professionals alike will benefit from the useful tools.

So, what do you have to lose? If you want to begin your digital path, use AppSumo discount codes to purchase tools. You can also sign up for AppSumo’s email to be notified about upcoming promotions.

Hope this article will be useful for the readers who are looking to know about AppSumo in detail. If you have any queries or suggestions in your mind then, please leave us a comment below.

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