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In this post, you will get an in-depth review of ASPHostPortal coupons including its functionality, features, and pricing.

Introduction: ASPHostPortal Coupons

Websites require hosting services to host data and demographics on the site. The data of a site is stored on servers and servers allow traffic flow to the site and maintain fast response and quick buffering of the site.

These servers run on a variety of operating systems designed around hosting and are not used in mass by consumers. The most popular of these are Windows Server operating systems which are vastly different from Windows used on PCs and have a host of specialized software.

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About ASPHostPortal provides Windows hosting and SSD hosting services.

There are different types of hosting available at available at different prices to suit the needs of people looking for fast hosting services for their blogs and big companies looking for reliable and stable hosting services for their company website.

There is Windows Shared Hosting starting at $1 a month and Windows Cloud Hosting starting at $2 a month intended for bloggers and small websites.

Dedicated Windows Cloud Servers and Windows Reseller Hosting are more expensive options for big businesses that require more services and storage for all their media.

About ASPHostPortal - Cheap And Reliable Hosting
About ASPHostPortal – Cheap And Reliable Hosting

Windows Shared Hosting

There are four plans under Windows Shared Hosting. These are shared hosting services for multiple sites.

This is the most basic hosting option and is intended for use by people running a website individually such as bloggers and other content-oriented sites. These websites generate a small income hence the services are priced accordingly.

The website lays the various features associated with each Windows Shared Hosting platform as can be read above. Here they will be explained and assessed.

Plans And Pricing

Host Intro is the cheapest hosting service available on with $1 per month for a 5-year plan and $2 a year for a 1-year plan fee and offers to host of just one site.

It is intended for small content creators who have a website with less traffic and do all their stuff on just that site. There is no SQL server DB and hence it’s not recommended for advanced users and small companies even at that price.

There is also no email space hence its target audience are beginners in the web space.

Host One is a significantly better option with a $3.81 per month price for 5 years, $4.92 per month for 3 years and $5.77 per month price for 1 year and $8 per month for 3 months. The significant addition to the price is accompanied by features that justify that price.

It offers to host of an unlimited number of websites which is incredible and the value increases a lot the number of sites the user hosts on these servers.

There is a 60 GB bandwidth which makes for faster buffering and it has 500 MB email space which is good for business. Recommended for small content creators who want to grow their website into something bigger so they would require these features.

Host Two is the third option with $7.21 per month for 5 years, $8.91 per month for 3 years, $11.04 for 1 year and $15 for 3 months. The 150 GB bandwidth makes for far faster-buffering speeds and 2 GB MySQL server space makes for better website encoding.

Recommended for medium-sized entrepreneurs looking to increase their web presence and for bloggers who would like to stand apart from the crowd of bloggers with a more customizable platform that offers a different user experience with the expanded server space and faster-buffering speed.

Host Three is the premium Windows Shared Hosting platform with $11.46 per month for 5 years, $13.59 per month for 3 years, $17 for 1 year and $24 for 3 months.

The 500 GB bandwidth makes for very fast buffering and 4 GB MySQL server space makes for even better website encoding. It offers 1000 GB email space to handle greater volumes of emails to prevent the problem of frequently running short of space to store these emails.

Recommended for big entrepreneurs who want to deliver premium websites to their users. The expanded email space also has business benefits.

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Benefits of Windows Shared Hosting

Windows Shared Hosting platforms run on Windows Server 2016 and support SQL Server 2008/20012/2014/2016/2017 and this vast support makes it among the better hosting services.

There are dedicated application pools across the platform and there is UTF-8 domain support. A 30-day money-back guarantee makes it convenient for the user to try and see for themselves. Still, for good hosting, this is a fantastic deal.

Benefits of Windows Shared Hosting
Benefits of Windows Shared Hosting

Windows Cloud Hosting: ASPHostPortal Coupons

Windows Cloud Hosting is a cloud hosting service where data is stored on remote servers called cloud servers. These servers receive process and store data which is collected on the servers based on what the user would like to store on it.

It gives better performance and user data can be manipulated to give better user experience and suggest content more suitable for users. It is highly recommended for popular blogs and websites to use complex algorithms and intending to track their user activities.

Plans And Pricing: ASPHostPortal Coupons

The cloud hosting service offers four different tiers similar to the shared hosting service. Tier Zero is the cheapest cloud hosting service at $2 a month for 3 years and $3 for 1 year. The similarity to the Host Zero option is obvious and perplexing.

It offers the same feature set at a more premium price and the cloud hosting advantages are going to be minimal with the given features. No SQL server space, no RAM allocation, and no website turbo speedup makes it a no go zone. Its a bad deal.

Tier One with $3.39 per month for 5 years, $4.24 per month for 3 years, $5.51 per month for 1 year and $7.50 per month for 2 months offers a bigger feature set and is a much better value option.

There is 20 GB bandwidth on offer which is good for cloud service and 500 MB SQL server space and MySQL server space vastly beneficial to the user experience. A 200 MB email space makes it good for business and there is support SSD to help secure user details.

A 250 MB RAM allocation makes processing information by server fast. Recommended for small businesses.

Tier Two with $5.94 per month for 5 years, $7.64 per month for 3 years, $9.77 per month for 1 year and $13.50 per month for 3 months offers expanded storage with some added features.

There are 60 GB bandwidth and 1 GB SQL server space and 1 GB MySQL server space which makes room for vastly better user experience. The 500 MB email space makes for less business opportunity cost and there is 500 MB RAM allocation.

The feature which makes it different is the website turbo speedup which is proprietary software offered by which speeds up buffering of the website to make it much more user friendly.

Tier Three with $11.46 per month for 5 years, $13.59 per month for 3 years, $17 per month for 1 year and $24 per month for 3 months offers expanded storage. There is 150 GB bandwidth and 2 GB SQL server space and 2GB MySQL server space.

It offers 1 GB RAM allocation and website turbo speedup. It costs much more than Tier Two and isn’t recommended unless a user needs that added storage.

Windows Dedicated Cloud Servers And Windows Reseller Hosting

Windows Dedicated Cloud Servers have dedicated cloud servers that are far superior to regular cloud hosting. The prices are vastly higher and the benefits much greater.

There are eight cloud server platforms on offer and even the most basic of these, Cloud Server Tier One is vastly better than Tier Three of Windows Cloud Hosting.

These are designed for big businesses such as online shops, property services, automobile industry services and such big corporations that have massive user databases.

Windows Reseller Hosting is designed for big corporations and also has four tiers. The features are best used by a team of technical experts and it is recommended if the corporation has a team of engineers who will take advantage of features such as the 20 GB and above SQL server space and MySQL server space.

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Final Thoughts: ASPHostPortal Coupons & Review 

Features offered by most services of platforms on is of high quality and recommended for business-minded entrepreneurs, and the site has been awarded by Microsoft as its number 1 hosting partner in the US. Its money return policy makes it a sure shot quality product.

I hope this ASPHostPortal coupons and review will benefit you in deciding your hosting partner. Do share the ASPHostPortal Coupons with your friends.

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