Avira vs Avast 2022: Which One Is Best Antivirus Software? The Ultimate Comparison

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Are you confused between Avira and Avast? Struggling to know that which one is better and why?

If yes then stay tuned with us till the end for finding your idol one.

Let’s start with the basic comparison!


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Pricing $30.99/year $50.28/year
Best for

It's the finest antivirus for Windows, with a strong track record in tests conducted by industry experts.

It checks your computer for security and performance problems and informs you how to address them right away.

  • It has Antivirus scanner.
  • It offers Real-time protection.
  • Software updater is also a feature of Avira Antivirus.
  • All versions of Avira Antivirus offer the firewall feature.
  • It has Quarantine feature which encrypt the threat.
  • It has Behavior Shield.
  • It allows Up to 10 devices together.
  • It provides VPN, password manager.
  • It has the feature of parental control.
  • Avast gives strong Firewall feature.
  • It gives Reliable Security to the data.
  • It has Customizable Scans.
  • It offers Automatic Malware Removal.
  • Avira has Real-Time Protection Against Threats.
  • Does not consume much time in scanning.
  • Excellent protection for all devices.
  • Gives free protection for Android.
  • Very powerful against malware.
  • It scans millions of files within a fraction of seconds.
  • It notifies us every time it detects any threat.
  • Backup module needs advancement.
  • Installation is a bit tricky.
Ease of Use

Avira offers a very user friendly environment to the users. It has features which are quick to access and anyone can learn them in couple of seconds.

It's installation is very tragic and confuses the beginner. It has features which are surely good but accessing them is tricky.

Value For Money

Avira offers real-time protection. It offers Wi-Fi security, web filters, and a firewall. It is most cost effective as everyone can have it's access easily.

Wi-Fi security, browser filters, and a firewall are all available from Avast. You get web content filtering and real-time virus prevention. It's a little pricey.

Customer Support

It gives the features of Telephone, email, guides and FAQs which help the user in finding the solutions quickly.

Apart from the FAQ website, Avira does not provide any free customer help. If you run into any issues, you're on your own.

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Most of us are confused between Avira vs Avast as both of them are equally in demand. So here we came with the comparison for better understanding.

If you’re looking for malware protection, you may need to choose from Avira and Avast. In fact, the former made it into our top antivirus list, whereas Avast is the market leader.

It has been almost 30 years since these two services have been fighting cyber threats. Consequently, their antivirus services represent the culmination of past achievements. Check out our Avira vs Avast comparison to find out which is best.

Avira vs Avast: Overview

Avira Avast
Rating: 4.3★★★★☆ 4.0★★★★☆
Free version: Yes Yes
Price: from $30.99/year from $50.28/year
Customer support: Telephone, email, guides, FAQs FAQs
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS
Website: Avira.com Avast.com

Avira vs Avast: Feature Comparison

Free antivirus software like Avira offers real-time protection. Although it may not seem like much, it is designed to prevent malicious processes from starting or accessing information.

Avast’s countermeasures are the same though it adds a few extras. Ransomware protection is also included. Overall, you get more for your money using Avast.

In terms of paid plans, Avast always remains ahead of the curve. As well as ransomware protection, Avira Pro provides web filters and uses artificial intelligence to detect malware.

On the other hand, Avast offers Wi-Fi security, web filters, and a firewall. With either provider, you get filters that block web content and real-time malware protection.

Avast - Avira vs Avast

In addition to malware detection tools, Avira offers machine technologies, while, and Avast offers firewalls and Wi-Fi security. Avast’s offers are undoubtedly more comprehensive.

As the top of Avira’s product line, the Prime plan is the most expensive. As well as Internet Security, it comes with registry cleanup tools and a VPN. In a similar manner, Avast has added SecureLine VPN and Cleanup Premium tools. Each of these tools is a standalone product.

Avira - Avira vs Avast

In spite of this, it’s pretty obvious that Avast’s Ultimate edition is superior overall, as its middle-tier Internet Security suite performed slightly worse than Avira’s.

There are essentially the same side-products included in both versions of the most expensive plan, which are clearly inferior to a dedicated third-party VPN.

1. Security

Both tools appear to be equally capable on the surface. Since both services have a long history, should you not expect that? It’s more nuanced than that. AV-TEST Institute’s data, for example, suggests that the strengths of the two services differ.

Mac users can enjoy Avira’s benefits, while Windows and Android users can take advantage of Avast’s advantages. Both companies have been rated as Top products.

AV comparisons show that Avast is not only better at detecting offline threats but also has fewer false positives. Clearly, it is not up to the mark. Despite these flaws, the rating is not affected. Both antiviruses receive an Advanced+ rating.

SE Labs gives both products AAA ratings. The final result is that neither product wins this category. It’s a Draw between both platforms.

2. Real-Time Protection

There is a comprehensive list of features in both services that should suffice to get rid of the malware. Regardless of your choice, you will have to perform a full scan as soon as an installation is complete. This establishes a baseline for all future use.

Real-time protection from Avira includes cloud-based scanning, making it more robust and lightweight. Comparatively, Avast is clunky and outdated and mainly monitors the background.

There are some gaps in the real-time protection, as it misses shady sites or triggers false alarms. I am a bit disappointed there aren’t any machine learning solutions to identify potential threats (as with Trend Micro products).

Even so, upcoming versions of antivirus products should make this more prominent.

3. Scanning

As stated previously, Avast is chunky when scanning for viruses. It always took Avira a little over 30 minutes to complete the scan, while Avast took for more than 48 minutes.

Avira’s speed is 60% faster. After a quick scan, the ratio improves, but Avast still performs slower than Avira. Custom scans can also be configured for specific directories.

This comes in handy when you’re wondering where the malware might be hiding. The rest of the time, a quick scan examines your main system files and resources that could compromise your system if disrupted.

This feature is available on both Avast and Avira, so whichever one you choose, you’ll be able to benefit from it.

4. Firewall Protection

My experience with Avira’s firewall module has not been good. The free version, for instance, lets you control the default Windows Firewall. This is a non-feature of their API to wrap it around the regular Windows settings.

It is a lot better in the premium version. Change the computer’s visibility on the network, block external connections, and prevent flooding and portscans to customize the degree of protection.

From this perspective, Avast is also uninspiring. Its outlook improves only if you have a Premium or Ultimate subscription. You can customize these firewalls with whitelists of specific applications.

By doing this, you can customize your setup to your needs and make it pain-free.

Impact On PC Performance:

Avira performs at a higher level than other antivirus software. It is extremely resource-efficient. Although there is a slowdown, it is slight enough not to be noticed.

You would have high resource consumption if, for example, you become a victim of crypto-mining malware. Then imagine that your antivirus also uses up a lot of resources.

That way, you wouldn’t notice the slowness, and the virus would continue to infect your computer. Because of this, you need an antivirus solution that stays as lightweight as possible, which Avira does.

Avast’s approach is the opposite. Not only is it clunky, but so many optional modules are included that you can easily run out of resources before you know it.

Even when Avast is idle, it consumes more memory and drives than Avira. The performance of Avast is affected as a result. Avira is the winner in this.

Avira vs Avast: Pricing Plans

The free versions of both Avira and Avast make them equal in comparison. As far as free options go, Avast is more attractive than Avira.

There is no price flexibility in Avast’s paid plans, while Avira’s are uniformly cheaper. They only offer one device option, or they offer too many.

Since most people won’t need a single device option, this tactic pushes them toward more expensive plans with ten phone options. Pricing and value are much better with Avira.

If you choose the most expensive option, you will also get an unlimited number of devices. It’s hard to beat that benefit for a subscription.

Avira, in general, is a great choice for price-conscious consumers.

Avira plans:

  • Avira Antivirus Pro – $30.99/year, 1 device (PC)
  • Avira Internet Security – $40.99/year, 1 device (PC)
  • Avira Prime – $59.99/year, 5 devices (Windows, macOS, Android, iOS)

Avira is much cheaper than other paid services. For just $30.99 a year for one device, you can get Avira Antivirus Pro. Selecting the three-device option will cost you $57.99/year, and choosing the five-device option will cost you $70.00/year.

Avira Internet Security is another option. Single device plans cost $40.99/year, three device plans cost $70.99/year, and five device plans cost $83.99/year.

For $59.99/year, Avira Prime is the most expensive plan, and it does not provide a single device option. There is also an unlimited device option, but it comes at a price of $129.99/year.

Avast plans:

  • Avast Premium Security – $50.28/year, 1 device
  • Avast One – $50.28/year, 1 device

If you are unsatisfied with Avast’s free version, you may want to upgrade to the paid version. When that happens, the price increase goes from 0 to 11 pretty quickly. Due to the fact that the lowest paid package for one device – Avast Premium Security – costs $50.28 per year.

There is no flexibility here with device selection: you can either choose a single device or ten devices, there is no in-between option.

There is no middle ground between $50.28/year (for one device) and $69.49/year (for 10 devices). It forces subscribers to sign up for more expensive plans than they need.

Avira vs Avast: Apps and Interface

Free antivirus products are notorious for sneaking in other products. As an example, Avast’s installer checks the Secure Browser add-on by default.

The significance comes from the fact that it was revealed that the addon collects as much information as it can about the user. The default install settings are not adjusted by most users, which compromises privacy.

In some ways, Avast exploits users who are less technical-savvy or less perceptive. Obviously, they are concerned with user-friendliness, but their service is rather sinister by design.

Avira, on the other hand, doesn’t try to force you to use it. Even if you use the free version, you may receive reminders to upgrade, but they will not be drastic.

By respecting your choices and by being more considerate of your data, Avira is user-friendly. That’s why it deserves this award. Avira wins this too !!

Desktop App

Both apps are similar during the installation phase. During installation, both use smaller executables that download the remaining files. In this sense, Avast is less professional than Avira due to the browser problem.

The clean client that installs only files necessary. Both apps will remind you at random intervals about the paid options if you are using the free version.

Avira Desktop App - Avira vs Avast

It is easy to use both clients in terms of UI. Most users will find them intuitive, and if you’re switching from Avast to Avira, you shouldn’t have a problem. You’ll quickly be able to find what you’re looking for since the general layout is very similar.

The icons that you use to navigate between menus will be the same in both cases. Some of these will be disabled if you’re using the free version, asking you to upgrade. They remind you all the time of how much more you could have.

Mobile App

The company’s mobile apps are not extensions of their anti-virus services for desktops. There are fewer associated malware risks on iOS, so it makes less sense to offer antivirus.

Most threats are eliminated by Apple’s tight control of its App Store. Android protection, therefore, continues to be crucial.

However, it appears that both Avira mobile apps follow the strict guidelines set by iOS. They offer a VPN rather than antivirus as their primary service here.

Avast App - Avira vs Avast

AV-Comparatives doesn’t offer it for free, and what it leaves is a photo cleaner that removes duplicates and a network scanner that determines whether your connection is safe.

For Avast users, the offer is essentially the same. However, they offer free VPN services to everyone. Avast also comes with a secure photo vault where you can store your most important (or embarrassing) pictures.

You can protect these pictures with a passcode, and they won’t be accessed by anyone. Please keep in mind that deleting the app will also delete the photos. You have to buy their paid plans if you want to block dangerous websites.

Avira vs Avast: Customer Support

Customer service options are limited to free services. Avira doesn’t offer any free customer support other than the FAQ page. You’re on your own if you encounter any problems.

Naturally, there is a customer service option when we consider the paid option. They can be contacted by phone or email. The website does not have a live chat feature, which could solve a lot of problems.

Avast Customer Support - Avira vs Avast

You will also be left without customer support if you are a free user of Avast. It is impossible to maintain the free service without cutting features. Avira’s paid version, however, isn’t any better than their free version.

The free version mainly relies on community forums and automated forms. To contact a customer support agent when you’re frustrated, you have to go through several hoops.

The experience can be infuriating, as they also have a phone line. It is better to use Avast for this purpose. Avast wins this one !

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Conclusion: Avira vs Avast 2022

Both services seem adequate on their own. However, when stacked against one another, their weaknesses are particularly apparent. Due to this, Avira clearly wins in this comparison of Avast and Avira.

Avira has a more robust free version, even though Avast offers fewer features. In addition to being more efficient, it is also more reasonably priced, and there are no scandals concerning data collection.

The antivirus giant is good, but its usability leaves a lot to be desired.

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