How To Become A Successful Wellness Coach in 2022?- Simple Guide

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This article is about a simple guide on How To Become A Successful Wellness Coach 2022.

Wellness is nothing but betterment. A wellness coach is someone who gives the coaching with the intention of betterment to the one who wants to seek some help.

This help can be anything. It may be psychological, health-related, wellness both of them. It seems to change from person to person. I think, there is at least one person in each one’s life who plays the role of a wellness coach.

It might be our mom or dad or friend or partner or anyone who fixes every single problem of our life, with whom we can share anything and everything, on whom we trust!

But what better to get it from an expert? Hence we can better get about the Wellness coach!

How To Become A Successful Wellness Coach in 2022?- Simple Guide

What is a Wellness Coach and What Qualities He/She should possess?

A wellness coach isn’t necessarily a psychologist, nutritionist, dietician, or a personal trainer. Yet, as a professional, you might want to have good knowledge about those spheres too.

This will help you broaden your arena and be of greater assistance to your clients. The main task of a wellness coach is to provide guidance for maintaining both physical and mental health.

Successful Wellness Coach

This guidance includes a lot of stuff like preparing some sorts of schedules, deciding daily routines according to one’s life, and much more like this. 

The purpose of a wellness coach is to show the direction to those who have lost the path, providing medical help to one who’s facing health-related issues, boosting self-belief by providing motivation to one who’s facing failure.

Next, it comes to listen and understand without being judgemental. Understanding the whole scenario by listening to the problems is the foundation before starting any kind of therapy or treatment.

When you listen with concentration, eventually you feel what others are trying to explain to you and this will give the best results always. 

So, listening and understanding wisely is key to open the door of success. The feeling of satisfaction in being a coach gives a different level of happiness and gratitude after helping someone even if it is intentionally or unintentionally.

Then think what kind of satisfaction can anyone get by being best in this profession of helping others.

So, be the best and give the best to others!

What does a Wellness Coach do?

Before delving into the success rate as a wellness coach, it is important to understand what a wellness coach does.

A wellness coach is essentially the inner self of every person which encourages and motivates oneself; leading us to our ikigai.

Although, our inner voice tends to sink into being demotivated, dejected, resorting to excuses whenever possible, now more than ever, with the upsurging rat race.

Teachable Successful Wellness Coach - Helping others succeed

A wellness coach helps people achieve a better quality of life by helping them perceive their dreams and goals, driving them to achieve those goals by providing inspiration and helping face challenges in the path.

He/she works on a person’s health, assists them in developing a self-care attitude, and helps them deal with the struggles of relationships, stress, and anxiety.

In a gist, a wellness coach is like that best friend of yours who not only pushes you to make progress in life but is also emotional support during bad breakups.

An important step to success in any field is being authentic and true to your work. If you consider building a career as a wellness coach, ask yourself if it’s something you really want to do.

Your practice as a life coach shouldn’t just be a way for good money-making. Helping people definitely lights you up from within, but do make sure this is how you want to do it.

Ask yourself if you have the patience and skills to encourage people to deal with their problems with optimism. Before you help people find their ikigai, make sure it’s your ikigai too.

Things to keep in mind while opting for an arena of wellness coach –

It is important to note that your client’s mental, physical, and emotional health is at stake, hence you must not meddle with serious medical issues if you aren’t qualified for it.

It is your prime duty to recommend a psychiatrist or a psychologist if you feel your client is in need of mental help. It might be helpful if you have connections with good psychologists who you can seek out for both your and your client’s help.

Comfort is the key! Your interaction with your client starts with making them feel comfortable around you.

Mentor MasterClass Wellness Coach

It is essential to know one’s life story to understand their mechanism, which will, in turn, help you devise a plan for their lifestyle development. Self-reflection will not only help you professionally but also lead to your personal growth and development.

You might want to relate to your own experiences, struggles, and triumphs in your journey with your client. Although, do make sure you refrain from the projection.

This can have adverse effects on the person themself and make things worse in case they fail to live up to those projections.

Another vital ingredient of a successful wellness coach is to not hand out solutions and plans to your clients. The job of a wellness coach is to give choices.

It is up to the client to forge a path to their goals. This way, their confidence in themselves builds and helps them get through whatever they are facing with a higher level of comfort.

You must encourage your clients and show them the power of their inner voice. This will give them a sense of achievement and will further drive them towards their goals.

Wellness coaching is a relatively new industry, gradually blooming as people are getting more and more aware of mental, physical, and emotional health.

This awareness is of great importance because a lot of people suffer through many mental and emotional things without even knowing that they are suffering them.

This awareness will help people seek help for what they are going through and lead to a much happier and positive environment altogether.

How to get certified to become a wellness coach?

If you decide to pursue a career as a wellness coach, you must do your background research well. With Google as the millennial encyclopedia, you can always look up institutes that offer life and wellness coaching courses.

You can go for a bachelor’s or a master’s degree from a university of your choice. This would be more beneficial if you are looking to work with prestigious and accredited corporates, firms, or hospitals.

But if you are your own master and wish to start up your own business, you might want to for short certificate courses from recognized institutes.

Make sure you pick an institute that not only gives you in-depth theoretical training about coaching but also focuses on practical issues and business skills to flourish in the field. Many authenticate online courses are available which goes in more depth about this profession.

Mentor MasterClass - Helping others succeed

Being certified in your profession shows your seriousness about it. Certification always adds some sort of knowledge in your mind and paper proof in your file. So, certification gives a silver lining and professionalism to your career. Hence it plays a crucial role in being a successful wellness coach.

Here are some best certification courses which make sure that you become the best wellness coach and excel in your field – 

This site will make sure that you get the best certified online, some of the best courses to start your career as a life coach begins from here.

If something simple is your aim, this site is simply the place that you should start with and then move to a different one in case you feel like you are hungry for more.

  • Tony Robbins Coaching Class

You might’ve heard about Tony Robbins. A well-known master in this field of training coaches. He’s a mentor to many celebrities and is known for making a career for a lot of people.

He earns in billions and makes sure that you as a client is able to set up your business and start earning well too. you can find multiple coach training programs like Coach Training Alliance in his training link provided herewith.

These programs cover a wide range and thus, no matter what you are looking to learn online, the programs will cover you all the knowledge that you need.

  • Mentor Master Class

Another such mentor to coach is Mentor Master Class, this is one of the best recommendations for getting a certification in this field of being a coach.

As a wellness coach, you need to make sure that you as a coach are healthy and fit too. For your wellness and peace of mind, Brian Tracy gives you a complete insight into the field of coaches and how to keep your calm in situations that are not in your control.

These situations are not too good for your client but can also do wonders for yourself when you are going through a tough time or having some issues. you can find multiple courses in the field of your choice. Remember, maintaining your own peace of mind while handling the different cases is damn important.

Because if you can’t handle your own emotions then how can you guide someone else! Emotional stability is the second most important quality that you should develop for being a successful wellness coach.

If you ever feel like you are not in control of yourself or if something is becoming a little too much for you, don’t be embarrassed to take a step back and take care of your mental health.

However, this does not mean that you abandon the client altogether because that can make things even worse for them and lead to further deterioration of their condition.

As I said, this is not a job that you can take lightly and thus requires an incredible amount of dedication and comes with a level of responsibilities that many cannot even imagine.

How much does a wellness coach earn?

The average pay scale is up to Rs. 300k. While working with a firm provides a stable salary, if you are planning on practicing independently, you might want to start with lower than average charges.

This will help cut down competition and reach out to more people. Moreover, by doing this, you will also be able to serve those who cannot afford to have wellness coaches in regular life.

It is always favorable to have prior experience before starting out on your own. Hence, you might want to work with an organization before entrepreneurship.

Tony Robbins Blog - wellness coach earn

The experience can not only make you better at the job but you will also know how to handle some of the tougher situations.

Apart from this, starting with a company also has other benefits like making contacts as soon as you start which can be of great help down the road when you think of starting off on your own. Although, it is absolutely your choice to make.

If you are confident about starting your own business, you are good to go!

10 Steps to becoming a successful wellness coach –

Although they require a degree in nutrition and wellness, a wellness coach is not a healthcare provider. If you have chosen this as your career path following are 10 things that will help you become a successful wellness coach.

  • Know Your Potential:

Any good wellness coach needs to know their own potential before they can help their clients. A coach that is not aware of what they can offer will not be able to take on clients successfully.

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Like any career option, this too requires you to be of sound mind and body since you are in a two-way relationship with your client. You must have a high level of self-awareness, strong personal standards, trustworthiness, and integrity.

Apart from this, you must also be able to separate your personal and professional lives. You cannot let one of them affect the other because they end up taking a toll on your client. 

  • Never Stop Learning:

The wellness industry is growing leaps and bounds and keeping up with it will always attract clients.

Like many other jobs, a wellness coach never stops learning. Online portals like Pinterest have helped Wellness coaches to stay in par with the new trends to help their clients in the best way possible.

Wellness and life Coaches get 15% of their clients from word of mouth and have to deal with people from all aspects of the workforce. Extensive knowledge of your client’s lifestyle will always help you to provide non-generic and customized solutions to them.

It also helps if you are a fast learner since that helps you adapt to your client and their needs much quicker.

  • Training and Education:

A Wellness Coach assists in developing many aspects of their client’s life that include Emotional, Environmental, Occupational, Financial, Social, Physical, and Spiritual aspects.

A successful Coach is the one who has the correct education to provide this for a future client. Since it is an up and coming industry, a great coach is someone who has an advantage.

Successful wellness coach - Tony Robbins Areas

Even after certification, a good coach should have further degrees in nutrition, psychology, and Physical Education. There are many universities that offer both online and regular courses in Health, Nutrition, Psychology, and Physical Ed.

These courses help you offer a wide range of services to your client in one place which would make them much more likely to choose your services. 

  • Customizations:

A successful Coach knows that every client is going to be different. They have their unique individuality because of which they will require customized pathways from their coach.

The only way you can have a thriving practice is if you provide a customizable plan for all your clients. Understand their needs first and then chalk a plan of action with them to provide them with the best possible coaching.

  • Online Presence:

If lately, it seems that every business or practice is on social media that is because it is true. A well constructed and consistent social media account can attract many clients.

If a website feels too overwhelming as a beginner, social media sites like Facebook and Instagram have many tools that they are offering to businesses in helping them grow their online presence.

Mentor MasterClass Success Cycle - Successful wellness coach

There are innumerable free courses and tutorials on how to use social media to help you to grow your practice. These can be quite effective in helping you get new clients and improve your client base.

The online presence can also help you understand what the needs of your client are and thus enable you to help them better. 

  • Planning and Preparing:

Contrary to popular beliefs, a Wellness Coach needs to plan and prepare a business module for consistent and accelerated growth.

Many Health and Wellness coaches keep their 9 to 5 jobs not knowing that a successful business model will help them to take charge of their lives and quit their jobs for a better and lucrative life.

A wellness coach is someone who can really help the clients get through all the ups and downs without having much trouble and that is something that goes well beyond a 9 to 5 job.

  • Confidence:

Stress and tension are some of the biggest reasons for clients looking for a more holistic approach to there and that is where you come in. A Wellness Coach today is required to be confident to take on the best and worst of clients.

Mentor MasterClass Stages Of Learning

The coach is looked upon to provide motivation and support by the client. A confident Coach who can lead their client during a crisis and offer support, motivating them to change their life for the better is a successful coach. 

  • Creativity:

There are many Wellness Coaches that are making a name for themselves in this ever-growing industry and they all seem to have one thing in common and that is Creativity.

Many Coaches offer new and creative ways in which they interact with their clients.

Like Client Welcome Packs (that help the coach and the client learn a little something about each other) or Out Of Office sessions (Where the session takes place somewhere other than the office) and many other USPs that seem to attract clients in choosing them.

Portals like Tumblr and Pinterest have some great ideas to turn your practice more creative and fun. This creativity can also help you stand out among the competition while helping your clients in a non-traditional way.  

  • Credibility:

A successful wellness coach is trustworthy and responsible for its clients. Many successful coaches draw up and sign contracts with their clients beforehand.

Teachable Webinar

Since clients spend a lot of time with their coaches discussing private details of their lives, it gives them a sense of relief. This is a crucial aspect since it can be a deal maker or breaker for the clients in more powerful positions. 

  • Values:

Your personal values play a huge role in your business and a good Coach needs to be upfront about their belief system. I am a supporter of the LGBTQ+ community and it is reflected on my Instagram Page and my Blog.

Since a wellness coach is required to guide their clients through their spiritual development, they are required to be extremely tolerant of all religions, races, and genders. A successful Coach is someone who doesn’t let their prejudices influence their clients.

These are some great tips that I have found to be helpful in growing a successful and profitable name as a Wellness Coach.

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Conclusion | How To Become a Wellness Coach 2022

The Wellness, Beauty, and Health industry has seen unprecedented growth in the past 10 years, and even though it is a fairly new concept, Wellness Coaching is soon on its way to becoming a great career option for the young and creative generation.

Wellness Coaching is often misunderstood as Therapy or a glorification of Agony Aunt but the truth couldn’t be farther.

A Wellness Coach concentrates on helping their clients to develop multiple aspects of their life for a better and holistic living.

Thank you.

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