{Latest} Best Antivirus Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Deals 2018

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This Black Friday, every online retailer is giving away huge discounts for everyone out there. But before clicking on any website, one should be careful about different viruses that can affect our computer system severely. Here comes the role of antivirus software programs which protect us from these malware. A free version is always a good deal, but when you need tight security to run big businesses online, paid security software is the best option.

In this post we will be discussing more about latest and Best Antivirus Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals of 2018

Role of antivirus

All top brands of antivirus software are giving away great deals on their up-to-date version. I have just gathered some info about trusted antivirus brands which are offering good deals to its customers. These antiviruses are the set of programs which are invented to detect and prevent software viruses like browser hijackers, key loggers, backdoors, rootkits, Trojan horses, worms, dialers, fraud tools, and adware.  The antivirus software are crucial for every system, because as soon as you get online, there are many such unknown or unseen thousands of bugs that can attack our system.

All the antivirus software companies update their version on a regular basis to fight these alien viruses. There are various antivirus software obtainable in the market to take care of the basic niggles. But for vigorous scanning of viruses and killing them at the right time is the actual requirement of that time. All the detecting, scanning, and removing of the virus can be done by any ordinary software available in the market.

To fight these system-damaging viruses intensely and providing a long term solution is the actual current demand. There are few best antivirus software companies which provide a sure shot solution to your problem by offering a package full of advanced services along with removing viruses. These antivirus software are trusted protection for every device you have.

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Let’s check out the various offers given by these top antivirus software companies:


Black Friday Discount


G- Data Antivirus

30% off

Get Offer

Avast Antivirus

Up to 50% off

Get Offer

Panda Antivirus

30% off

Get Offer

MCafee Antivirus

50% off

Get Offer

Eset Antivirus

50% off

Get Offer

Avira Antivirus

Up to 35% off

Get Offer

Norton Antivirus

50% off

Get Offer

Kaspersky Antivirus

Up to 65%

Get Offer

Pinnacle Systems

Save up to $30

Get Offer

To get advantage of the deals, just click on the website and find the suitable plan according to your budget. Apply promo codes and fill up all the necessary details required and finish the process by paying the amount.

G-data Antivirus

G-data Software AG was established in 1985 in Bochum. It around 30 years when G-data developed its first antivirus program. It is an award-winning European firm which combines the best and secure technologies in its antivirus programs. DoubleScan technology, with two self-regulating virus scanners, and OutbreakShield prompt safety, are two great features of G-data. The G-data security solutions are available in more than 90 countries.

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Avast antivirus

Avast was founded in 1988 when Czech academics Eduard Kučera and Pavel Baudiš came across the ViennaVirus and initiated their pursuit to protect the world’s computers from it. Avast has over 400 million people protected from various threats online with one of the most cutting-edge risk uncovering setups in the world. It acquired AVG Technologies in 2016 and from then both of these firms are providing great security solutions.

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Panda antivirus

Panda Security was established in 1990 and is globally known for its cloud-based security solutions with its Collective Intelligence technology. This advanced technology protects your system from thousands of malware without affecting the systems enactment. Its programs are available in more than 23 languages and is accessible to users around 195 countries. Panda Security has 80 offices all over the orb with head office based in US, Florida and European HQs in Spain.

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McAfee antivirus

McAfee is now a part of Intel Security. The concrete and verified security solutions and services help to safeguard your system with Intel security which is powered by McAfee Global Threat Intelligence. It is best suited to all types of clienteles and businesses. Its award-winning research team provides best solutions for all kinds of home users and businesses to stay one step ahead of online intimidation.

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Eset antivirus

Eset was named after ancient Egyptian Goddess and magical healer Eset. Miroslav Trnka is the founder of Eset. Eset is an innovator of antivirus protection, making award-winning threat recognition software. Eset’s security solutions benefit More than 200 countries. Eset has the longest run of consecutive VB100 awards for virus uncovering of any internet security dealer globally. Eset always sticks to its brand values which are courage, integrity, reliability, and passion.

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Avira antivirus

Avira is yet another high-performing antivirus software solution which not only detects and removes online threats but anonymizes your browsing and smears your online smidgeons. Avira was established 30 years ago on the shores of Lake Constance (HQ). Its superior protection system is best for restoration, resistance, low system impact, and usability. It provided security to over 100 million clients through OEM partnership. Innovative and new software promotions comprise the Chromium-based, outré-secure Scout browser (beta), iOS Vault, and Android Optimizer. Antivirus Security for Android gets advanced with new AppLock and Privacy Advisor facets.

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Norton antivirus

Norton by Symantec is one fully optimized solution for all the devices. From past 25 years, the Norton team has constructed a rich brand-named database of safety acumen and one of the major cybercrime deterrence procedures in the world. Any of the new outbreak challenges on its 43 million customers provide new dimensions for the STAR (Security Technology and Response) support team. Operational diligently with law execution organizations crosswise the world, STAR helps to trail cybercriminal clutches and to invent ways to combat them efficiently.

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Kaspersky antivirus

Kaspersky is privately-owned fastest cyber security companies registered in the UK. T operates in 200 countries and have more than 3000 highly-trained experts in Kaspersky Lab. It is named a ‘Leader’ in endpoint security by three prominent analysts- Gartner, IDC, and Forrester. Kaspersky is determinedly known as the top leading security purveyors. Kaspersky is an essential antivirus software for your system at an affordable pricing policy. It helps to protect the system against spyware and other viruses. Kaspersky’s high-quality antivirus security services makes it easy for your system to conquest all the risks without interfering with the performance.

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Pinnacle systems

Pinnacle Studio is a video correcting program for suitable to all your systems. Pinnacle Systems initially creates it as the consumer-level complement to Pinnacle’s previous certified-level software, Liquid Edition. It was developed by Avid and afterward by Corel in July 2012. It permits customers to playwright video content in Video CD, DVD-Video, AVCHD or Blu-ray layout, add the corresponding list of options and burn them to CD. Pinnacle Systems also provides an associate sales program for the Pinnacle Studio Product line. In the second half of 2007, Pinnacle announced VideoSpin, a shareware form of Studio with rarer aspects but ended in March 2009.

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Standard features of Antivirus

All the above-mentioned antivirus software are fully optimized with the latest technology to fight back all types of viruses, malware, and spyware. They are compatible with all your Windows, Android, and Mac devices. Few standard features found in these antivirus software are:

  • Free 24/7 support for lifetime
  • Award-winning advanced technology
  • Compatibility with all your Windows, Mac, and mobile devices
  • Perpetually removing delicate digital files
  • Dodge unsafe websites and prevent risky downloads
  • Impede the device from spreading SPAM and viruses
  • Anti-theft and data protection for devices
  • Block dangerous emails with anti-SPAM
  • Safeguard your confidentiality with encryption software

Final verdict

Almost all the modern-day antiviruses are fully equipped with latest features to protect your system against various types of threats. According to a survey significant business losses occur due to the malicious viruses occurrences. It was also found that women are more ignorant about system security than men.

So, now it’s up to you, whether you want to keep your system and files safe or just want to get caught within the malevolent activities. We have provided you with all the necessary details about some of the best antivirus software. You can take advantage of their Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts and protect your system from all the endangered elements.

Hope you all will benefit by the Best Antivirus Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals of 2018.

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