4 Best Beat Making Software 2022 – A Definitive Guide

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In this blog, you will find the Best Beat Making Software of 2022.

What is Beat Making?

A beat making is a process conducted by a beatmaker also known as a composer.

It is pretty clear from the topic’s title itself that in this article, l will discuss best beat making software that will help you to develop a beat for a particular song in form of an unplugged version of the song or acoustic version of the song.

To give you a better example of what is to come let me name you a celebrity who is best at making beats. Have you all guys heard about Badshah or Ritviz? Ritviz is the perfect example of a beat maker and Badshah is an example of a composer.

There is a huge difference between a beat maker and a music composer. 

Beat Maker Splice Sound

4 Best Beat Making Software 2022 – A Definitive Guide

Before getting into the details of best beat making software it is very necessary for a user to know the difference between a music composer and a beat maker.

Both people work on the song simultaneously but their individual tasks differ and their collective efforts are what makes a complete song.

To give you an example of what is to come let’s suppose t-series is making a song for composing a song and divine is writing the lyrics.

The beat that runs in the background is made by Ritviz and finally, the background music that is running is given by Nucleya.

Each and every person is doing their individual task in which they have their expertise but a combination of lyrics by divine Beats by Ritviz and music by nuclear sum up to form a complete composer.

Today’s generation we see that nepotism is everywhere so is the case in the music industry as well. Abhijeet maker with connections and his relatives in the music industry is sure to get success and become a potential star musician influencer with his unique beat styles.

Difference Between Music Composer and Beat Maker:

Best Beat Making Software

Coming towards the main point of discussion and title of the topic that is the best beat making software available over the net for people to learn.

Here is a list of all best beat making software that will help anybody who wishes to build his career in beat making or has the curiosity to learn beat-making and adapt it sooner or later as his profession.

  • Splice Sounds.
  • SoundTrap.
  • Gismart Beat Maker.
  • Intua.
  • Serato Studio.
  • ROLI Beatmaker Kit.
  • Magix Music Maker.
  • OrDrumBox.
  • GarageBand.
  • LMMS.

The best beat making software is mentioned above.

I will be acknowledging few of these best beat making software in detail based on parameters such as how they actually work, what are the features offered by those beat making software, what are the pros & cons related to the software & what is the pricing that they charge against the services they provide.

So without further ADO let’s get started.

1. Splice Sounds

The first beat making software that I will be discussing and giving your detailed information about the product, all the platforms that can help you in making beats to compose a song is Splice sounds. Splice sounds also top my list because of the following features and characteristics.

  • Overview and Features:

Splice sounds are one of the most famous beats producing platforms because of their well-known VST plugins and people who belong to the category of beat producers and these beat producers have some of the other points in their career heard of splice sounds.

But this is regarding the complete platform. Have you ever heard of a free beats machine that helps you to learn from scratch?

Splice sounds have made and extremely transparent format off beat making and have the ability e to know and understand things without any proofs and evidence.

Without a second thought splice sounds are considered as the best beat maker that a user can enjoy on a trial basis and for enjoying the trial basis of splice sounds the only thing that user needs to do it visit the official website of splice sounds and click on the free trial version that is available on the screen.

  • Advantages/Working Process:

The working process of splice sounds very easy. There are various blocks with different sounds and all the user needs to do is click on the block and hear the sound and with continuous tapping over the blocks, the user can create a beat of his own.

There are options of hearing your own creation as well which makes sure that the beats that you’ve created are saved and you can hear them at any point in time.

Another way of wearing the beads that you’ve created is to click on the greed of the block that is in front of your eyes and then press the space-bar to hear what you’ve created. This is a slow process and for people who wish to keep a track of what they are making.

There are various features that are available in the free version of splice sounds like the drum and sound effects which you can add while you are making beats to have an effect in the background.

Splice Sound

These features can be navigated through the Slice royal free sample library which has many more sounds if the user overviews the complete library.

The next feature that Splice sounds have to offer its users is the unplugged version or acoustic version of the previously made sounds by other composers for producers.

This feature enables the users to listen to other producer beats and make appropriate changes according to themselves for the new creation of the same song and release it on their behalf thanksgiving to the original owner.

  • Drawbacks/Disadvantages:

The only drawback that this wonderful beat making software splice sounds has is that for using this platform the user needs to pay an amount of $8 for every month if he wishes to download the beat that he has created.

This is wrong according to me personally as well because the beat that you made belongs to you and you have the complete right to download it. 

The only restriction that can be found in this amazing beat making software splice sounds is that there is no availability of musical typing and the user is restricted to the splice interface itself.

  • Pros and Cons:

Pros for Splice Sounds
  • Listening and Editing other composers.
  • Storage becomes easy with Cloud Storage and recovery of sounds becomes easy.
  • No additional equipment required because of great transparency.
  • Royalty-free sample sounds are provided.
  • Compatibility with DAW’s.
Cons for Splice Sounds
  • Monthly Subscription required for using Splice Sounds.
  • Beats cannot be downloaded without a subscription.
  • Musical typing is absent.

2. SoundTrap

  • Overview and Features

The next beat making software that I am going to discuss in this article which will train you right from an intermediate level to the advanced level in beat making is the sound trap.

Beat Maker Soundtrap

Soundtrap is an amazing platform that will help you in the beat making by providing you various options right from frequency maintenance to automation sweep Pan and other features like SFX piano bass Dubstep growler and many more.

Let’s get into the details of the Soundtrack and how it helps you to make more than perfect beats for your music.

  • Advantages/Working Process:

The Soundtrap is not just a beat making software but it’s much more than that. I can call Soundtrap as a complete DAW which allows you to develop your own beats collaboration in real-time with other musicians automation of volumes and recording of instruments.

This is a unique feature of Soundtrap that under one roof it caters to so many parameters that the user need not navigate from one platform to another for satisfying his needs to record a perfect be or a soundtrack that he wishes to make.

Again, Soundtrap caters to all the basic needs and requirements that are necessary for recording a perfect beat.

Coming to the comparison point with splice sounds the working procedure for both the beat making software is a bit similar where the user needs to create the Beats by tapping on the blocks are the grid that is made available by the platforms.

For the generation of perfect beats, there are various squares over which the user needs to click to get started for making his sound.

Soundtrap differs from splice sounds because Soundtrap allows musical typing which indirectly enables you to create beats live from your laptop keyboards and you need not use your mouse to scroll from one block to another for the generation of a particular sound.

The next feature that stands out for Soundtrap is that it has its own inbuilt sound library which has a great and widespread range of samples and instrumental loops if counted comes many more than the sounds offered by splice sounds that can be used by the beatmaker free of cost in his own songs.


There are various sounds and instrumental loot such as background music for tabla, piano, violin, flute, and other such instruments which add mesmerizing sounds and are very pleasing to the ears.

These features are best for a composer who wishes to make sounds that are silent and gentle and above all very soothing to the ears.

Again the next feature that contradicts splice sounds and makes sound trap a better beat making software as compared to splice sound is the user needs not to pay any amount to download the beats that were created.

The beats created by the user can be downloaded in an MP3 format. For downloading the sounds in a higher quality the user needs to buy the premium membership of Soundtrap with the help of which we can then download the sound in WAVs format.

Getting so many liberties, specifications, and characteristics in a free version of soundtrack making it composer attractive and the most used online beat making platform to date.

  • Pros and Cons:

Let me guide you through the pros and cons of Soundtrap giving your clear Idea and also making you aware of both sides of the beat making software.

Pros for Soundtrap
  • Easy and transparent interface for easy use.
  • The feature of keyboard typing.
  • The availability of online and live recording instruments.
  • Automation in the field of Pan and Volumes.
  • Wide range of soundtracks for the background.
  • MP3 download is available in the free version.
Cons for Soundtrap
  • High-quality sounds download needs a premium version.
  • The premium plan is quite expensive.
  • There are limited sounds in the form of loops and instruments in the free version.

3. Gismart Beat Maker

  • Overview and Features:

Hello users. After reading the information and details about Soundtrap and slice sounds, are you of the thought that there is an application that is available for Apple as well as Android for smartphones and other electronic gadgets?

Beat Maker Gismart

In this modern era where each and every person has a smartphone irrespective of an Android or an IOS but has one and wishes to learn beat-making and make the most of this online beat making software which is named as Gismart beat maker.

This platform will be more than happy to help the clients who wish to learn beat-making with mobile laptop desktop or any other electronic sources.

  • Advantages/Working Process:

Gismart maker is an application for beginners which basically helps them to raise their levels from intermediate to advanced utilizing the common grid systems for the creation of Beats.

The application is completely transparent and each and every feature is present in front of your eye which will help you to generate design and develop the most appropriate beats that you wish to compose.

As mentioned earlier this is a platform or a beat making software that is basically made for beginners who are not familiar with beat making and wish to learn from scratch.

The application for this beat making software has the basic loops and Beats that can be edited by the users at the initial stage according to the heart and convenience.

Ever heard of simultaneous sounds playing together and feeling mesmerizing as well as pleasing to the ear? Do you wish that you can get expertise in managing multiple sounds at the same time? Ever wondered what would happen if you merge many sounds together?

With this application of beat making software, it is possible and the answers to all the above questions are Gismart beat maker.

With Gismart beatmaker the user has the liberty to add up to five effects simultaneously on each pad with various parameters such as editing, mixing, and much more.

On a personal request, I would recommend the beginners that they should utilize this free service and make the most of this beat making and mixing software.


  • Disadvantages/Drawbacks:

The application is designed in such a way that it is very easy e for a beginner to get used to the features offered by Gismart makeup. Also, in comparison with various other beat making software smart makers are very easy to use.

The only drawback of this platform or the software is that being free software there are various advertisements and videos that come as a barrier during the workflow and often disrupt the work.

For the removal of such videos and disturbances that causes an interruption in the workflow, the user needs to buy the premium version of the Gismart beat maker.

  • Pros and Cons:

Let me guide you through the pros and cons of Gismart beats maker giving your clear Idea and also making you aware of both sides of the beat making software.

Pros for Gismart Beat Maker
  • It is an application-based format and very easy to use.
  • It is very easy to make beats with the Gismart maker.
  • Great user interface and ease of use.
  • Gismart maker is very easy to use and for beginners.
  • There are various Range sound effects to help the newbies.
Cons for Gismart Beat Maker
  • Very very simple for people who work on the professional level.
  • There are videos and various other disturbances during the workflow.
  • For advanced level working, there are in-app purchases.

4. Intua

The next and the final beat making software that I will be discussing ahead of you guys which are readily available for both the intermediate the professional as well as the advanced level beat making composers is the Intua.

The most interesting and easiest way to learn beat-making is with this software. I can also call the software as the software which professional producers have been looking for.

Beat Maker Intua

There are features such as a detailed ever-expanding studio which can be operated using a smartphone, tablet, a personal computer, or a laptop.

This application or the software as we can call it as each and every aspect that a professional needs to make a track that is worthy of a release on a large platform.

One unique feature about this platform is that the user need not depend upon a computer for making his track and rather can work easily over other electronic gadgets.

Various features that are included in this beat making software are MIDI capability, full IAA support, precise sequencing finds, an autotune mixer and a full-fledged mix.

For enjoying the complete services and features that are offered by this platform or beat making software the user needs to pay an amount of 25 dollars which enables the user for detailed editing of both beats and instrumental sounds.

This is a beat-making platform which as compared to the above three platforms wins single-handedly not only because of its price but also the features that are offered against the price they ask for.

Using this platform the composers get a wide range of opportunities in adding background music as well as making the specific beat they wish to work over.

Intua comes up with an ever-growing sound library as the belief that their clients would grow would initially lead them to grow as a platform.

Which edition of growing sounds in the library helps the platform as well as the users that are new to the platform with a wide range of background musics, instrumental musics, acoustic musics, and other forms of music so that the users need not navigate to any other platform for designing or creating a complete composer of the track.


This platform makes sure that once you visit it for making your beats or select this beat creator software as your partner you don’t need to migrate anywhere as everything will be served to you in a single plate.

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FAQs | Best Beat Making Software

👍 What happens to my podcast episodes if I get the Free subscription of Soundtrap?

If your free trial is over, you'll still be able to access and edit your podcast episodes in the Free plan.

🤓 Which devices is Intua BeatMaker 2 compatible with?

The Intua BeatMaker 2 is compatible with the following devices:

  1. iPhone 3GS / 4 / 4S / 5 and onward
  2. iPod Touch 3G 32GB / 4 / 5 and onward
  3. iPad 1, 2, 3, 4, Mini and onward

🤨 How Can I Enter my Promo Code of Splice Sound?

You can redeem your promo code on the Sounds sign up page. Note that Sounds promo codes can only be applied to the Sounds 100 Monthly subscription, and that promo codes are only for new users.

Conclusion | Best Beat Making Software 2022

As you can see, there are several software available for Beat Making. Every software and hardware has its own benefits and disadvantages.

The important thing is that you have to decide which software is the best Beat maker because you can achieve great sound by using any one of them.

Now you have known the similarities, differences, pros, and cons of each of the trending beat makers, So it is up to you now! Go for the best.

Hope you liked reading this Best Beat Making Software Review 2022.

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