24 Best Blogging Courses 2023: Enroll Now (Free And Paid)

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Learn your blogging skills from 24 Best Blogging Courses in 2023!

Finding the best blogging course out there can be a difficult task. In today’s time, there are thousands of blogging courses out there.

Let me tell some of the best one’s today if you are keen to learn more about blogging from setting up the blog, to write, strategies of driving the traffic here are some of the best blogging courses help you way through.

24 best Blogging Courses

24 Best Blogging Courses Of 2023: Enroll Now (Free And Paid)

Overview of Best Blogging Courses

I will tell today my personal story about blogging like how I started blogging and everything; so I just had completed my 10-grade examination and I was looking for courses to learn and I always had an eye towards blogging.

I learned to blog and now I am a blogger and freelance writer too. Blogging these days is a blooming path; you just need dedication towards it.

Best Blogging Courses Of 2023

So here are some online Blogging courses:-

1. Built to Blog

If you are looking for a blogging course that will help you earn from the blog “built to blog” is one of the finest courses.

Firstly it’ll teach you how to set up your blog like how to name your blog and buy affordable domains also downloading all the important plugins and WordPress.

Then brainstorming ideas about the blog post ideas, keywords. Driving the traffic through SEO and strategizing it. It also has a great feature of interviewing bloggers and experts.

Blogging Courses Built To Blog

The instructor of the “Built to blog” Mr. Robin Robinson is the successful blogger shares his in-depth knowledge about earning through blogs and how he earns six-figure income through his blog 

He shares his thoughts about sponsored content, launch digital products online, selling your service, and much more. One more interesting feature is free to access to templates that you could add to your blog and make it more pretty.

And it has 8 hours of video lectures, 6 hours of interviews with top bloggers.

Ryan Robinson


This course is priced at $297.

Also read about Kyle Courses here.

2. Blogging 101:

Blogging 101 has a tagline that says “build a successful blog in 2019 and beyond”

One of a great blogging course for the beginners, this course will teach how to set up your blog and about buying the domain and installing the right plugins, they also teach you about what type of content to post, how to write it properly and how to promote your blog.

It has a teaching content of 2 hours.


This course will cost you $190.

3. The Blog Village:

The Blog Village has a tagline that says “create grow monetize”.

The Blog Village has a different structure than other blogging courses as they have access to lessons and a variety of Blogging tools, which makes blogging a lot easier comparatively.

Blogging Courses The Blog Village

Blog Village has different types of plans of teaching:

  • The basic lessons in The Blog Village cover how to set up the blog, plugin, and some tips about photography freelancing.
  • The plus plan adds more features of Adobe Lightroom, Advertising, and social media.
  • The pro plan covers videography tips, affiliate marketing, Adobe premium, and how to work with brands.

One of their great tools is a dashboard that accesses stats of all your social media, private forums are where you can chat with other bloggers and brainstorm ideas.

I personally feel this is the best feature that you can only play as long as you want access to the lessons and the tools and you can cancel the plan any time you feel so…


It has a different pricing structure. It charges $1 to set up the blog.

$9/month for the basic resources, $29 for the plus lessons, and $300 a year for full professional access.


The Blog Village Pricing

These plans can be canceled up anytime you wish.

4. Niche Blogging Courses

Major niche areas that most of the fall into are like food blogs travel blogs parenting blogs etc..

If you are into one of these Nice Blogging areas you probably need proper guidance and expert advice and tips for it so you can avoid some commonly made mistakes.

5. Superstar Blogging 

Nomadic Matt, the owner of Superstar Blogging is a successful travel blogger.

As everyone around the globe just wants travel, food, and chill or maybe you are just passionate about traveling and want to share your experience with everyone on the internet?

Blogging Courses Superstar Blogging

Superstar Blogging has 10 weeks course to it and Nomadic Matt is clearly an expert in travel Blogging so you would be filled with great expert advice and tips.

It beings from building a website, strategizing, write content, networking SEOs, and many more.

It has a great feature as you sign up you will be backed with a technical team who would help you out in technical stuff.

If you are someone who loves traveling and wants the world to know your stories and want to earn through them? This the perfect blogging course for you.


Speaking of the pricing it is $249.

6. Food Blogger Pro

If you are someone who loves to try making new food now and then or maybe you just love eating different types of food. Food Blogger Pro is perfect for beginners if you are looking to earn through food making or trying you should definitely give a check to Food Blogger Pro.

Blogging Courses Food Blogger Pro

It works as a subscription system and gives you access to over 350 instruction videos, meet other food bloggers, and ask questions to the forum. 

Food Blogger Pro teaches you from the basics like setting up a blog, running it, increasing the sales and traffic, etc.

It also gives you tips about photography, editing, and tools required for a viral food video.


Its subscription fee for the year is $279. You have access to cancel the subscription at any point of time you feel like.

7. Blogging Basics

If you are just starting with blogging and are not sure about committing the entire time to it.

 Blogging Courses Blogging Basics


Blogging Basics is the course that teaches you the basics of the blog for free charge.

8. Elizabeth Stapleton’s Blogging Course

Here’s another free of charge blogging course.

It will help set up the blog, buying the domain, setting up WordPress, some strategies for the blogs.

This ELizabeth Stapleton’s course is great for beginners.


This course is for free.

9. WordPress for Beginners

WordPress is a go-to place for bloggers.

It has a great course for beginners it teaches you through basics by creating the site, setting up, editing, and updating everything. The basics that are required for a beginner blog.

 WordPress For Beginners


Speaking about the pricing it is $85.

10. The Guest Blogging Certification Program 

 This blogging program focuses on a different aspect of blogging that is Guest Blogging.

This blogging course mainly covers how to find your target audience and guest blogs and use them in a proper way.

Guest blogging certification program


This course is charged for $499.

11. SEO For Bloggers

From the title, as you will know this blog focuses most on SEO. Aside from SEO, it also goes through plugin and software. It also gives great tips about how to find Right keywords, formatting and optimizing, etc.

SEO For Bloggers

SEO For bloggers is owned by very successful bloggers who also own 3 websites using these tricks and tools so there is a guarantee of great tips and tricks.


Speaking about the pricing it is $197.

12. Intentional Blogging

The intentional blogging has a very unique way of teaching than other courses. It’ll email you 12 days daily about the lesson you can apply that day. It starts with how to start blogging and moves to how to optimize your content for SEO.

Intentional Blogging

I personally think this is a great way to learn through 12 days by getting mail.


This is the cost of free.

13. Blog Traffic Blueprints 

This course is brought to you by Jon Morrow and it basically is at 5 Strategies for increasing your traffic to the blog and it gives a lot of tactics about SEO and Social media.

This blog is for the ones who are truly committed to blogging and it also has a great payoff too.


This course is $497.

14. What is social?

If you can’t give much time to learn a blogging course, here’s a crash course in this social media world.

It is free of cost.

You’ll learn one of the best tips to grow on social media. It gives a bigger picture to the once who are scoping for social media influencing and blogging.


This course is costed for free.

15. Social Media Marketing Mastery: Learn Ads on 10+ Platforms

There are many social media platforms these days but this blogging course is on top for master advertising on every major platform. It covers most of the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google business, WordPress.

Social Media Marketing

Advertising to every other platform has a different advantage also it helps to learn which platform is right or wrong for the blog.


This course is costed at $200.

16. Elite Blog Academy

Elite Blog Academy is by Ruth Soukup, she is an amazing business-minded person with great experience in blogging. She says the class comprised of 4 modules:

Elite Blog Academy

  1. Refine your message
  2. Grow your audience
  3. Monetize your platform 
  4. Build your Business 

This course also provides detailed videos, printable workbooks, etc.


This course will cost $997.

17. Launch your Blog 

This course was designed by millionaire blogger Alex Nerney and Lauren Mcmanus. It is for the beginners who want to scale their blog up to $1000.

Launch Your Blog

This course teaches how to blog, write great content, drive traffic to the blog, earn through ads, etc.


This course has a great feature of the 60-day money-back guarantee.

It is priced at $197.

18. How to Monetize a Blog

This course is for advanced level bloggers by Udemy and it is free of charges. It has a 3.5 hours video. These video lessons are by Dave Hamrick; he is an entrepreneur, marketing expert, and writer. 

How to Monetize a blog


This course is for Free and available at Udemy.

19. Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

Performance-based marketing is done in Affiliate Marketing.

Making sense of affiliate marketing

If you are thinking of starting a business plan blog this might help you to grow. This course will teach you how to promote blogs and find affiliate links. The strategy to Affiliate marketing helps to grow and monetize the blog.


This course will cost $197.

20. Backlinko 

Backlinko courses teach you how to rank in SEO and get the target audience to the blog.

They provide SEO Advice.


This advice is given by Brian Dean who is also known as an SEO expert. 


This course is for $99 a month.

21. Smart Blogger

It’s a beginner’s course that aims to earn money from the blog.

It offers training named BLOG TRAFFIC BLUEPRINT it is basically for the people who have started from scratch.

 Smart Blogger

It teaches you a detailed walk of blog traffic strategy.


This is a free course.

22. Grow and Convert

Content marketing is one of the most important in blogging.

Grow and convert

They teach you content writing that attracts the right traffic. Engage your audience and generate sales. They basically turn their email subscribers into their customers. They focus on great content.

23. Fizzle

Fizzle is mainly for beginners and online businesses.

This platform hosts 100 hours of videos and training material as their teaching content they basically cover up everything right from brainstorming the ideas to setting the blog and running it by well-learned instructors.


Membership gives you access to video course libraries apart from that to live coaching sessions.


They have a bit different payment structure which starts $1 for your first month with the platform and rises up to $39 monthly.

24. Food Blogging and Beyond

Food blogging and beyond is brought to you by LinkedIn. It teaches you what WordPress is and how its themes work and where they are used. It is a 1.24-hour course mainly targeted for the beginners of food blogging.

It also teaches how to use the Recipress plugin for sharing the recipes and it gives advanced functionality to the blog.

Blogging Courses Elizabeth Stapleton

My Opinion

In my opinion, if you are a beginner to blogging and are not sure whether you would stick up to it later on too, should go for the free blogging courses.

My Personal Favorites

  • Intentional Blogging
  • Blogging Basics

Are great blogging courses for free and have their own features.

For food and travel blogging you can go for the paid courses like

  • Food Blogger Pro
  • Superstar Blogging

A course that finds overly great is

  • Built to Blog
  • Blogging 101

These two courses teach from scratch like how to get a domain to how to earn through Ads.

Built to blog has a great feature of interviews with expert bloggers. This feature will help you to get more knowledge from the expertise of the respective blogging fields and the rest of the blogging courses don’t have such features.

Both of these courses have decent charges to the amount of teaching offered.

Just keep taking actions, keep experimenting with the blogs, don’t just stop, take opinions from the ones who have already achieved something.

Try to interact with your audience that’ll help you understand what kind of your blog is trafficking and post blogs related to it. Use keywords to rank your blogs in SEO.

Also, Read-

FAQs | Blogging Courses

👍 What is professional blogging?

A person who makes their living through blogging is called a professional blogger.

🤔 Is blogging profitable?

Blogging has now become a profession, it is an online profitable profession.

🤨 Which is a better blog or Vlog?

Vlogs do the same job but in a better way then blogs. People enjoy visualizing over reading.

🤟 How long should a blog be?

A blog should be well contained with at least 300 words to get ranked in SEO. Long posts with 1000 or more words rank easily than the one with less amount of words.

🧐 Why are blogs so popular these days?

Blogging is popular because it doesn't require any degree or something anyone can do.

🤷‍♂️ Is a blog considered as an article?

Articles and blogs are different due to their writing style. Blogs have 300 to 1000+ words and articles are lengthier.

🙋‍♀️ What is SEO marketing?

Search engine optimization is SEO works to get better traffic at your website and helps it grow organically.

🤙 What are the types of blogs?

Blogs are of many types like: Lifestyle blog Food blog Music blog Travel blog Fitness blog Fashion blog Sports blog

🙇‍♀️ How do bloggers make money?

Bloggers make money from Ads, Affiliate marketing, paid reviews, sponsored posts, etc.

👉 What is lifestyle blogging?

Lifestyle blogger creates content inspired by his/her own life and about interests.

🤓 Difference between blogger and influencers

A blogger is a person who owns a website, he/she promotes their original content to the audience. Influence is someone who enjoys a massive number of followers on the social media pages. Not all influencers can be bloggers but bloggers can be an influencer.

Conclusion | Best Blogging Courses 2023

As you come this far with me on the journey of best blogging courses online, I hope you have chosen one of the courses and may be explored.

All of these are some of the best courses, in my opinion, all of these courses are user friendly to use. I hope you had a great time looking with me for the best blogging courses online.

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