10 Best Crypto Trading Platforms 2023– A Detailed Analysis

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Kriptomat is a well-known cryptocurrency trading platform that aims to make the world of cryptocurrency open to all while also providing enough information to help you make an educated decision about which cryptocurrencies to purchase.


SimpleFX is a CFD broker that offers leveraged trading with low commissions and no minimum deposit requirements. SimpleFX allows traders to trade more than 200 financial CFD instruments commission-fre

In this blog, I am going to discuss the 10 Best Crypto Trading Platforms 2023.

Introduction To Best Crypto Trading Platforms

Trading in cryptocurrency can be overwhelming and sometimes even the best of us need a little advice on how to go about the right way in this. What to do, where to start, and how to proceed. 

All this begins at one common point: Trading Platforms. Do you want your flat currency exchanged for a digital one?

Or maybe you want to buy or sell underlying coins with an exchange? 

Well, you are in the right place! Because here, I am presenting the 10 best crypto trading platforms that have ever been found. Intrigued? Let’s go!  

What are Crypto Trading Platforms? 

All the cryptocurrency transactions are digital, but naturally, they need a place or a location to happen.

So this exchange or transaction of cryptocurrency takes place on platforms known as crypto trading platforms. 

Here digital currency can be bought, sold, or exchanged among each other. The exchange is not just between two digital currencies but also if you want to interchange it for fiat currency. 

If you have a higher share in the currency, then an authentication ID will be required to open an account.

This will ensure that your trading happens at a professional level, because the higher the stakes, the greater the risk and so proper precautions must be taken. 

For some platforms, in case the stakes are low, then the identification process isn’t required and can be skipped.

Top 10 Best Crypto Trading Platforms 2023 

1. PrimeXBT

One of the most leading brands when it comes to crypto trading is this. They aim for their customers to be offered various tools that are essential for daily tradings. 

PrimeXBT Guide


  • Get a user-friendly interface to work with. 
  • The brand has a 24/7 customer support system. 
  • It supports over 200 countries and has many options to choose from when it comes to language. 
  • The Covesting module where you are given access to a professional trader’s tactics that you can simply copy and execute. 
  • The company allows you to occupy a position on an asset. 


  • You are not charged anything for deposits here. 
  • A withdrawal is going to cost you about 0.0005 BTC. 

Pros and Cons of PrimeXBT

  • You won’t require KYC here. 
  • It is super easy to understand, even for a beginner like myself! 
  • The execution time is fairly fast.
  • The rates of leverage are high as well. 
  • The trading hours are 24 x 7. 
  • No demo platforms are provided here, so you are not likely to get used to the platform and test it. 
  • It is a platform that is relatively new. 

2. Kriptomat

kriptomat review

Kriptomat is a well-known cryptocurrency trading platform that aims to make the world of cryptocurrency open to all while also providing enough information to help you make an educated decision about which cryptocurrencies to purchase.

The company’s goal is to make cryptocurrency buying, trading, and storage ultra-accessible to all in a safe manner by providing consumers, subscribers, and visitors with in-depth news and views, as well as cutting-edge data, to assist in making informed decisions about which cryptos to accumulate and which to disregard.


  • Fewer Fees and No Hidden Costs

Their charges are as minimal as they can possibly be. Plus, before you approve each transaction, they still remind you of the exact amount you’ll get.

  • Absolutely Safe and Dependable

For your peace of mind, Kriptomat is government-regulated, legally compliant, and completely licensed in Estonia under EU legislation.

  • Portfolio of the most popular Cryptocurrencies

Kriptomat pays attention to its users’ requests and has added many of the most common cryptocurrencies.

  • Multiple Payment Methods

Make instant transactions with a variety of payment options.

  • Pay by Bank Account or Credit Card

Purchases can be made instantly using a credit card, a bank account, or any of the big EUR payment methods.

  • Supports Multiple Languages

The Kriptomat website, app, support, and documentation are available in over 20 different languages around the world, including English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, and others.

Pricing of Kriptomat

kriptomat pricing

The transaction costs are reasonable. In general, a 100 EUR crypto transaction would cost you 1,45 EUR in fees. The same is true for a transaction of 25 EUR.

If you make a transaction worth more than $100, you will be charged a 1.45% fee. Binance, for example, requires 10% of the market.

Pros & Cons of Kriptomat

  • The KYC process is super fast.
  • Free SEPA deposits. Moving money from a Bank Account (SEPA) to Kriptomat is fast and easy.
  • Easy to use and an ideal platform for newcomers are entering the cryptocurrency market.
  • Trusted European base and reputation
  • There are currently more than 30 Cryptocurrencies available. This list might not be too long, but the portfolio consists of the most popular cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Cardano, Ethereum, ATOM, etc.
  • Customer Support is very good. The support team members are super responsive and actively available for assistance in Kriptomat ‘s official Telegram Chat.
  • An excellent knowledge base that covers almost every issue that you might encounter. 
  • Buy with Neteller,  Skrill, and other popular eWallets
  • Transaction fees are slightly higher than other similar trading platforms
  • The trading features offered are quite basic as compared to others

3. SimpleFX

SimpleFX is a CFD broker that offers leveraged trading with low commissions and no minimum deposit requirements.

Clients have access to both the mainstream MT4 platform and the customized SFX WebTrader solution.


We investigated the login process, demo account, and mobile apps in our evaluation to determine whether SimpleFX is a safe broker to open an account with.


  • You can download MT4 from SimpleFX’s website
  • Trading on the platform is possible with over 12 indices, and each index is one of the largest in its particular sector, such as the Nasdaq 100, Nikkei 225, or WTI Crude Oil.
  • There is an app for every major device and operating system available on SimpleFX broker.
  • Spreads for different commodities and exchanges are competitive and on par with SimpleFX’s alternatives
  • Financial crisis protection is provided by segregated client funds that are separate from company funds.
  • Verifying that transactions are genuine requires two-factor authentication.
  • Trading losses beyond a certain point are protected by negative balance protection.
  • Earn interest on ETH Depo. Stake any amount, profit from the growing ETH price, earn interest and trade with the funds that have been frozen.


  • Spreads starting from 0.1 pips and commission-free trading
  • Cryptocurrency markets are open 24/7
  • Enhancing account security with two-factor authentication
  • Deposits are not required
  • Customer service that is fast
  • An easy-to-use platform for beginners
  • Accounts with multiple currencies


  • The company offers no services in America
  • Non-crypto funding methods limited


  • This broker does not charge commissions when you trade with them.
  • The fee charged by SimpleFX is 3% per withdrawal. 

It is truly remarkable that SimpleFX allows traders to trade more than 200 financial CFD instruments commission-free. These instruments cover a variety of financial instruments including 60+ Forex pairs, 12+ Indices, 8+ Commodities, 150+ Shares, and 7+ Cryptocurrencies.

4. Binance 

This is another trading brand that proves to be a lot of competition to the other companies similar to this. It doesn’t matter whether you are a newbie in this field or just want to exchange crypto, this path is very easy to use. 

Crypto Trading Binance


  • This service lets you buy a bitcoin or any other coin or simply exchange it for fiat. 
  • Use wire or SEPA transfers, credit or debit cards, or P2P Trading to do so. 
  • Spot training, where you are given a choice to choose one of the three interfaces that are entirely based on your experience. 
  • You are also provided with the facility of margin trading here. 
  • Users are allowed to produce a return on idle funds through two types of accounts- flexible and locked. 
  • You stake the coins without any need for technical knowledge. 
  • The smart pool lets you contribute to a bigger mining group where the rewards are split. 


  • The deposits are free. 
  • A rate of flat 0.1%. 

Pros and Cons of Binance 

  • The fee you are offered is low. 
  • The working of this brand is super fast. 
  • The amount of liquidity is exceptionally high. 
  • The customer support you get is very helpful. 
  • It holds a great reputation. 
  • You do not get a lot of choices for the types of coins. 

5. Coinmama

A brand with a nice system for customer support and a good reputation to use. You can buy several types of coins using your Apple Pay, credit card, or wire transfer. 


  • It provides well-developed brokerage services for bitcoins and a couple of other cryptocurrencies. 
  • You do not have to look for a buyer on your own. 


  • You are likely to find that the service fee of the company’s brokerage is already included and the rate is 5.9%. 
  • With the stated price, you are expected to pay around 5% extra for the processing of credit cards.

Pros and cons of Coinmama

  • It is a beginner-friendly platform. 
  • You can buy crypto anywhere in the world using this brand. 
  • You are most likely to find an answer to any question regarding cryptos since they are trying to educate people on this topic. 
  • The customer support system has been thoughtfully formed with a super friendly team to help you out when you are facing an issue! 
  • The fees this brand imposes on you is high. 
  • There are no advanced features that you will find if you pay a little higher. 
  • For a European, the selling of cryptocurrency is limited to bitcoins. 

6. Kraken

A platform that does not charge you very high in the name of transaction fees but is fairly safe and secure to use. 

Crypto Trading Kraken


  • The fee structure compliments investors and is available at 0%.
  • It has an extensive security team to ensure that your investments are safe from any sort of digital harm.
  • It ensures that the identity of the clients is masked by all means.
  • Buying and selling assets are really easy and can be done in a single click owing to the liquidity exchange features of Kraken.
  • A fully functional and all-time accessible support system ready to help you in case of any doubts or queries.


The pricing or fee structure as involved and incorporated under Kraken is as follows-

  • The deposit fee structure exclaims differently for different forms-
  • Availability- worldwide
  • Deposit method generated-SWIFT(signature bank).
  • The fee charged- free.
  • Availability worldwide.
  • Deposit method generated- SWIFT(generated with silver gate bank).
  • Few charges- 25 USD.
  • Availability – worldwide business pro.
  • Deposit method generated- SEN.

Pros and Cons of Kraken

  • There are high-security measures. 
  • It is super safe to use. 
  • The authentication on the account login is a two-factor one which gives you double security. 
  • The fees on the withdrawal and deposit are pretty reasonable. 
  • You have proof of reserved audits. 
  • Stacking services are available. 
  • It is not all that much beginner-friendly. 
  • The verification process for both, the intermediate and the pro-level accounts is pretty slow. 
  • The web page turns out to be a bit slow now and then. 
  • There are no credit card or debit card deposits available. 

7. eToro 

This platform is capable of providing trading of stock commission-free! Also, the opening of an account is super easy and relatively fast. 


  • eToro offers a free account worth $100,000 for a demo, using which you can create a virtual portfolio to practice trading.
  • Using copy traders you can imitate the actions of other users to get a better hold of the program.
  • CopyPortfolios is another product that offers pre-designed investment techniques or plans for unique ideas.


The pricing or fee structure included or incorporated under eToro is as follows –

  • $5 is termed as a withdrawal fee, and even an additional fee is charged.
  • Non- trading fee is officially higher.
  • The average cost is supported by CFD & Forex.

Pros and Cons of eToro 

  • You get free stock here.
  • ETF Trading is possible! 
  • The opening of the account is seamless. 
  • Experience in trading socially. 
  • The fees are high for non-trading activities. 
  • There is only a single account base currency. 
  • There is a scope of improvement in the customer support system. 

8. Gemini 

If you are someone who is looking for security more than anything, then, this platform is the best for you! The super initiative intersurface is a huge plus! 


  • Desktops aren’t accessible everywhere so Gemini has a mobile app that makes trading simpler and you can use it on the go as well.
  • It has a simpler interface and is preferred by users more than the desktop version.
  • Gemini has a cryptocurrency specific to itself which is the Gemini Dollar. This can be used for transactions such as expenditure and investment.
  • Gemini has its platform called Nifty Marketplace where you can have your transactions of digital valuables and items worth collecting such as art or other menu structures.
  • In case the art cannot be transferred from one user to another, the marketplace also has the option of storing the art so it can be safe from both ends.
  • Gemini lets you buy products directly using cryptocurrency owing to its partnership with Flexa.
  • Gemini has as many as 20 cryptocurrencies along with one of its own which is Gemini dollars.


The pricing fee or structure as mentioned or incorporated under Gemini is as follows-

  • Gemini charges about 0.50%, which is slightly higher than the average.
  • With about 0.50% trading fee, it even charges an additional transaction fee.
  • USD amount varies from USD 0.99- USD 2.99 for facilitating the purchases or transactions between 0-USD 200.

Pros and Cons of Gemini 

  • The security is super strong here. 
  • The dollar accounts in the US are ensured. 
  • The platform is exceptionally simple to put to use. 
  • The service is professional and high-end. 
  • It features a nice and simple surface that helps in understanding for beginners and super easy to work with for advanced members. 
  • A good system for customer support. 
  • The selection of cryptocurrencies is limited. 
  • The amount of personal information one has to provide seems unnecessary. 
  • It goes offline all of a sudden sometimes. 

9. Bittrex.com 

Another brand that has grown exceptionally popular during the last few years. It has gained its fame from the fact that it has never ever been hacked. 

Crypto Trading Platform Bittrex


  • A very effective and reliable source has been used to appoint their security technologies. 
  • You are allowed to execute the standard spot trading orders here. 
  • The loading of the web page is exceptionally fast. 
  • It is open to many countries with very few exceptions. 
  • It is an excellent option for traders that have been looking for robustness. 


The pricing or feel structure as mentioned and incorporated under bittrex.com is as follows-

  • Bittrex.com primarily offers the customers a trading fee of 0.20%. It is one of the most valuable deals.
  • It has a withdrawal fee of about 0.0005 BTC when one withdraws BTC.
  • The transfers are made, highly secure, and safe.

Pros and Cons of Bittrex.com 

  • In the States, you will find that it is totally regulated and legally compliant. 
  • It has never been hacked. 
  • The process of verification is fairly fast. 
  • It is available in lots of countries. 
  • It allows a withdrawal of up to $3,000 each day. 
  • The entire platform is very secure, partly because of the two-factor authentication. 
  • It supports 250+ cryptocurrencies. 
  • The fee is exceptionally easy to calculate. 
  • The platform does not support any withdrawal or deposits of fiat currency. 
  • It does not support lending and margin trading either. 
  • The customer support system is a little slow. 

10. CEX.IO 

Using this platform is super easy for a beginner as well as an advanced member who needs all the types of buying. 


  • The support section is amazing since it has many questions that have been answered publicly. 
  • The interface is super simple to put to use. 
  • A beginner is most likely to get comfortable with such a platform in a day! 
  • It also provides you with all the buying options, so, an advanced user will be just as satisfied too. 
  • You are allowed to trade on margin, that is, on borrowed money. 


The pricing plan or feel structure as mentioned and incorporated under CEX.IO is as follows –

  • We can get 0.0109 BTC at the cost of about $100.c
  • Can get 0.0218 BTC at the cost of about $200.
  • We can get 0.0547 BTC at the cost of about $500.
  • We can get 0.1094 BTC at the cost of about $1,000.

Pros and Cons of CEX.IO 

  • You have a mobile app with the same programs. 
  • The payment methods you can use are many! 
  • The volume for trading is high. 
  • The number of withdrawals is limitless. 
  • The interface is initiative, simple and minimalistic. 
  • The fee is relatively high. 
  • There are no order types. 
  • The number of currencies this platform supports is limited. 
  • If you do have to get in touch with them, the process may take a while. 

11. Cash App

You can use this app to send and receive money. And buying a Bitcoin is just as easy. Get going to see how it goes! 

best Crypto Trading platform- Cash App


  • Investing is now easy! 
  • Use it for transactions of small and big amounts! 
  • Investing in stocks becomes simple! 


The Pricing structure and mentioned under the cash App is as follows-

  • The cash app transactions as conducted and facilitated are mostly free of cost, but the exception is always there, where maybe one might get charged with an inclusion of an additional fee or payment.
  • When one undertakes or commences payment via credit card on this particular app, it automatically adds 3% of the fee.
  • The required transfers from an app to a user’s bank account might take about 2-3 business days. But, the immediate transfer will fetch you an additional 1.5% fee.

Pros and Cons of Cash App

  • The design of the banking app is simply refreshing. 
  • Super easy to purchase a Bitcoin. 
  • incredibly easy to use. 
  • The ideal platform to use for sending or receiving money from one end to the other. 
  • It is a little limited in features. 
  • A couple of markets do not have the ability to buy a Bitcoin or get a Cash App. 

12. Coinbase

Another brand that can provide you with many services but the main one remains the service to enable their users to purchase and sell bitcoins using a debit card, bank accounts, and credit cards. 


  • It has a friendly user interface that helps big time. 
  • Coinbase pro- you get advanced trading choices along with the ability to exchange various cryptocurrencies like ETH, BTC, ZRX, BCH, and LTC. 
  • You are provided a wallet service here. 
  • Using a plugin that is dedicated, you will find online merchants that help you accept any cryptocurrencies you want on their website. 
  • They also provide various additional services like Paradex to perform trading directly from the wallet of a user. 
  • They safeguard the cryptocurrencies for the institutional investors using Custodian Services. 
  • A stable coin has been built by Coinbase that is called USD Coin. 
  • The Coinbase index tracks all the financial performances of all the listed Coinbases assets. 
  • A service has been acquired by Coindesk to filter out spam emails. 


  • You will find around +0.5% market price on Coinbase Pro. 
  • The transaction fee could be below $200 or a percentage of the transaction. 

Pros and Cons of Coinbase

  • You will get access to more than 30 cryptocurrencies. 
  • The minimum is low to provide funding for the account. 
  • The cryptocurrency that is insured in an event web page is hacked.
  • The fees are higher on this cryptocurrency exchange compared to the others. 
  • The availability of this brand in the US is only in 42 states. 


What are the Benefits of Crypto Trading Platforms?

When dealing with the cryptocurrency sphere, it is important to decide on two things, whether you are to purchase the digital assets or speculate their prices. 

Let’s proceed to know about the ways in which crypto trading can be advantageous to us and discover the reason behind why it has become a popular alternative to purchasing coins outright! 

The most obvious benefit is the ease of dealing. Instead of having to deal with a broker or go anywhere, where everything can be done just at the tip of your fingertips.

So you can save your time as well as effort.

It is also reasonably easy on the pocket. Since you don’t have to pay the broker anything, it saves you a lot of money as well.

Online trading can be done at any point of the day through various devices such as desktops, laptops, mobiles, etc. and so gives you greater control over your own transaction.

Since this happens in real-time, you can get up-to-date information on deals and prices to trade further. 

What Can Cause Movement in Cryptocurrency Markets? 

The movement caused in cryptocurrency markets is hugely dependent on the rates of supply and demand.

Although, they remain comparatively free from many of the political and economic concerns that tend to be a problem to traditional currencies. 

As you can see, cryptocurrencies have a layer of deep uncertainty surrounding them.

But that doesn’t stop a couple of factors that will affect it no matter what. Let’s take a look at those factors, shall we? 

  • The supply- the number of coins and rate at which they have been destroyed, released, or lost. 
  • Capitalization of the market- the total coin value in the world and how users see this as development. 
  • The press- the way media is shaping the cryptocurrency and the amount of coverage it is receiving. 
  • Events- major events.

How do the Cryptocurrency Markets Work? 

These markets are decentralized.

This means that the entire market is not supported or issued or backed by any authority like a government. Instead of this, they run on over a wide range of various networks of computers. 

Although, cryptocurrencies can be purchased and sold by exchanges and are capable of being stored in ‘wallets’. 

These currencies are quite different from the traditional ones, how? Well, cryptocurrencies exist as a digital record of ownership that can be shared and stored on blockchains. 

Say you would like to send a cryptocurrency unit to someone else where you both are potential users, you would send it to someone else’s digital wallet. 

The entire transaction isn’t considered final unless it has been thoroughly verified and addition is made to the blockchain. This process is called cryptocurrency mining. 

Quick Links

FAQs | Crypto Trading Platform 

🤔 Is PrimeXBT a legit company?

Yes, PrimeXBT has proven to be safe and legit.

🤷‍♂️ Is cryptocurrency supported by the government?

No, cryptocurrency has a market for themselves on the net. They also are decentralized, which means they don't have the authority to support them.

🙋‍♀️Is an ID required for getting access to Coinmama?

Yes, an ID is in order if you want to get a Coinmama account. You will need to provide any form of identification. A diverse license or a passport will do.

Conclusion|10 Best Crypto Trading Platforms 2023

Now that you are here, congratulations! Because you have read about the top 10 crypto trading platforms I think are about the best out there. And I’m not the only one who thinks so. 

Thereby, we conclude that the above information must have been highly efficient and informative for you in every way possible.

We’ve already read some of the renowned and prominent crypto trading platforms. 

Trust me, the experience is worth it, you’re going to have a more fruitful experience on your part.

Also, remember to check the pros and cons carefully along with the prices and features each brand offers. After all, you deserve to know what you’re paying for.

Some of them have quite limited packed features but some are brimming with relentless traits and effective functionality.

The above information as granted and exclaimed might have let you retain enough. 

Crypto exchange is one of the most efficient exchanges which facilitates and conducts selling, buying with cryptocurrencies for other original assets.

We already have seen many of the primary aspects as mentioned above, regarding a diligent trading crypto exchange.

Crypto exchange is mainly the most important and necessary methods associated with the required exchanges 

It all depends on your choice and taste! 

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