5 Best LSAT Prep Courses With Reviews 2020 – Get 80% Off

Best LSAT Prep Courses
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In this post, we have featured Best LSAT Prep Courses in 2020.

Everyone has a dream college that they want to get into. LSAT or Law School Admission Test is the best way to get into your dream law school or college.

Scoring high marks in your LSAT exams plays a major role in getting into the college of your choice. Many students prefer taking online LSAT courses to ace the exam.

Finding the best Lsat Prep Course for yourself is the most important part while starting to prep for LSAT.

The course must contain all the study material, practice test, online LSAT material, etc to ensure you are completely prepared for your exam. 

Best LSAT Prep Courses

5 Best LSAT Prep Courses in 2020– Exclusive Discounts Up To 15%

Best LSAT Prep Courses of 2020

Here I have picked out the top five best LSAT Prep Courses for you and discussed the same.

Listed below are 5 best LSAT Prep Courses which will help you level up for real.

  1. Kaplan LSAT Prep Course
  2. The Princeton Review
  3. Magoosh LSAT Prep Course
  4. Blueprint LSAT Course
  5. Manhattan LSAT Prep Course

To simply it further, course highlights have also been added along with their prices. You will find the best-suited course for you from this list. Let’s get started.

  • Kaplan LSAT Prep Course

Kaplan has been tutoring students since 1938. It provides high insights into improving your LSAT score and helps you figure out your strong and weak topics.

As an advantage of being around for so long, Kaplan has a wide range of resources including the LSAC official practice questions.

Kaplan makes sure to hire the best teachers for their students. The teachers are selected based on their performance in the LSAT test and their ability to improve the score of students by making them successful in their LSAT exam.

Kaplan also makes sure to take care of all of their students. They have various materials and plans for all types of students. As soon as you decide to start your Kaplan prep course, you have to take a diagnostic test.

This test will tell you exactly where you are in your LSAT preparation and how much you need to improve. Kaplan also allows you to keep track of your performance and make improvements in your weaker areas. 

Kaplan also has unique short crash courses or boot camps. These are usually three or four weeks long and conducted just before the exams.

Kaplan Online Learning

These are best for the students who need help with their last-minute preparations. These boot camps generally provide over 150 hours of online teaching and three full-length practice tests. 

Kaplan LSAT Prep Course Price

Kaplan has various prices for the variety of courses offered by them. These courses range from $800 to $1700. The Kaplan boot camps will cost you around $3999.

You also have the option of choosing private tutoring sessions with expert teachers at the cost of $2400. Some other important thighs provided by Kaplan are:  

  • They provide over 75 full-length practice exams.
  • They offer over 70 Hours of Video lectures.
  • They provide a 2 volume set of books.

Kaplan provides a full refund to their students who choose their advantage anywhere course if these students have the same LSAT score as of the previous LSAT exam and show no improvement. This refund does not apply to other courses. 

Kaplan LSAT Prep Course Highlights

This course is best for the students who wish to revise their study and opt for short term courses of three or four weeks duration.

Kaplan LSAT Prep Course

  • The Princeton Review

The Princeton Review LSAT Prep Course is very famous for the 150 hours of video lectures provided by them. This is the only company with the highest number of inline lectures.

The Priceton Review

This company is one of the oldest and largest test preparation companies in us. It has been around since 1980 and still is trusted by many students for the quality of education.

The main aim of the Princeton Review is to provide quality education by engaging in live classroom sessions or online learning. They do not provide a mobile application for their students.

The courses offered are a bit expensive as compared to other courses but the Princeton Review guarantees a score of more than 160 in the LSAT which helps their students to be placed in the top 25 law colleges.

The Princeton Review LSAT Course Price

You can start this course by paying a minimum amount of $799 for a self-paced online course. If you want 84 hours of live interaction with the teachers then you would have to pay $1099.

You have a variety of courses to choose from and the main things provided in this course are: 

  • They provide 6 full-length practice exams.
  • They offer 150 Hours of Video lectures.
  • They provide 1,800 pages of books and study material.
  • Pricing Plans at The Priceton Review

The Princeton Review LSAT Course Highlights

The Princeton Review course provides you the maximum number of live sessions provided by any other LSAT Prep Course.

  • Magoosh LSAT Prep Course

Magoosh Lsat Prep Course is the best known for its affordability, consistency, and value offered. The Magoosh course offers a money-back guarantee. They give you a refund if your score does not improve by 5 points.

If you qualify the LSAC’s financial assistance program then you can access the Magoosh prep course for free.

Magoosh LSAT course is well known for its time management assistance. They have well-paced courses and various time management tools for all the students who are unable to keep up with the pace of the course.

They provide customizable study plans for their students and conduct regular tests and drills to enhance their time management skills.

Magoosh- increase score by 5-point

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Magoosh LSAT Prep Course Price

Magoosh provides a 3 month and 12-month prep course for all its students. The 3-month course will cost you $129 and the 12-month curse will cost you $149. The things included in this course are: 

  • They provide 500 practice questions and nearly 550 answered questions. 
  • They have included lectures for logical reasoning, logic games, and reading comprehension. 
  • They provide 71 full-length practice exams.
  • They offer 90 Hours of Video lectures.

Magoosh LSAT Prep Course Highlights

This course provides you the great help in managing your time while preparing for LSAT.

  • Blueprint LSAT Course

Blueprint LSAT prep course guarantees to increase your LSAT score. It has helped many students to increase their score by 5 to 15 points. The blueprints full-time course is well designed to help you improve your score.

Blueprint provides great online support for all the students. Most of their teachers are online as a part of their working hours and ready to answer all the questions of the student.

You can easily ask any doubt regardless of the time or your location and get your doubts cleared. 

Blueprint provides online videos which also consists of animated videos along with a great digital performance tacker. This tracker helps you keep track of your performance so that you can easily focus on improving your weaker areas.

Blueprint LSAT Prep Course

When you sign up for the blueprints anytime online course then you get a free 2 hours live session with your tutors which helps a great deal while studying.

If you still have some doubts left and need extra help from the tutors, the tutors are available online for tutoring you online by paying a little additional fee. 

Blueprint LSAT Prep Course Price

They provide live online sessions as well as online recorded lessons for their students. The online recorded sessions will cost you $199 and can be viewed from anywhere according to your own pace.

The live online sessions follow a specific time table and to access this live online session you will have to pay $1299.

The live online session guarantees an increase in score and the students get access to free personalized help from the experts. Some other things included in this course are: 

  • They provide more than 85 full-length practice exams.
  • They offer more than 80 Hours of Video lectures.
  • They provide physical textbooks for all the students.

Blueprint LSAT Prep Course Highlights

It is a very flexible course and you can complete it at your own pace and still improve your LSAT score.

  • Manhattan LSAT Prep Course

Manhattan’s LSAT Prep course is the best option for you if you are already scoring high in your practice exams and want to improve to reach new heights. All the students who want to ace LSAT with top marks usually choose Manhattan. 

Manhattan provides advanced insights into the LSAT exams. All the instructors of manhattan are chosen from the top one percent scorers from the LSAT takers.

Before entering the classroom all the basic videos have to be covered by students. This is to ensure that a lot of time is not invested in learning the basics.

Online video tutorials are supplied to the students and all the advanced problems and doubts are discussed in the classroom sessions.

Manhattan is best known for its practice test. They make sure to apply the new research in their course to make their approach different from other conventional courses.

Manhattan Prep- Try any LSAT class

Manhattan LSAT Prep Course Price

The Manhattan LSAT prep course will cost you $1399. You can also choose the one-on-one classroom session for $1699. The things included in this course are:

  • They provide more than 30 hours of classroom sessions.
  • They provide access to online study material and practice tests.

Manhattan LSAT Prep Course Highlights

This is a very advanced course and you get more insights into the advanced questions of the LSAT exam.

Detailed about LSAT Prep Courses

A lot of courses have their teaching methods. Some of them provide online support, live classes, or even classroom sessions.

You also have the choice of taking private one-on-one tuitions. All of these courses belong to a wide range of course designs and budgets. With a lot of companies offering various LSAT courses, choosing the best one is a bit difficult.

To help you discover the best LSAT prep course, I have reviewed and researched each course personally and picked out the five best LSAT prep courses for you.

You can easily go through the below-mentioned list of online LSAT courses and find out which of them works the best for you.

Who Need LSAT Prep Course?

LSAT is a very important exam for every student who wishes to pursue a career in LAW.

LSAT Score is the most common method of differentiating a deserving candidate from the crowd and many top law schools accept the LSAT score for giving admissions to the students. 

While many students prefer studying on their own for LSAT exams, a majority move towards institutions that provide professional tutors to help the students score well in their LSAT exam.

If you are comfortable studying with just books then you might not need an LSAT prep course. But if you are not able to sit and concentrate for hours straight and need a mentor, the correct choice would be to take a prep course. 

If you wish to increase your LSAT score and study in an environment that will help you push your boundaries and excel, then taking an LSAT prep course is best for you.

Though the LSAT prep course is not suited for everyone, if you want to increase your score and stand out of the crowd then you should think about enrolling in a prep course.

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Benefits Of LSAT Prep Course

The LSAT Prep Course is designed to increase your score in the LSAT exam. Many companies do offer a money-back if your score does not increase.

Taking an LSAT prep course is a huge commitment and it ensures that the whole portion is completed in the allotted time. It requires efforts and dedication from your side to complete the LSAT course. Let us look at some benefits of the LSAT Prep Course.

  • You can monitor your performance and keep a track of your stronger and weaker areas. This will help you put more effort and improve your weaker areas.
  • The help provided by all the expert teachers works wonders whenever you are stuck somewhere or can’t understand some topic.
  • The self-paced courses help you to study according to your schedule and you can complete the course based on your determined goal.
  • Enrolling in an LSAT course will help you in improving your score by taking the practice tests. The full-length practice tests help you keep a track of your score and prepare you for the LSAT exam.
  • You get access to a wide range of resources that are not available outside easily. You also get guidance from the best teachers who have been the top rankers in their LSAT exams. 
  • Additional sessions with the teachers help you gain more clarity for the topics and their guidance helps you to prepare for your exams.
  • You get to follow a structured approach for completing your syllabus and you also come across various strategies to solve any particular problem. 
  • The prep courses update their syllabus and also give you exposure to the practical problems which help you to develop your skills and solve advanced problems easily. 

Now that you have seen all the benefits of these prep courses for LSAT, let us move forward and conclude this blog.

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FAQs | Best LSAT Prep Courses 2020

❓ Are LSAT prep courses worth it?

Yes, taking a look at the course structure and the materials offered, I would like to say that the LSAT prep courses are worth it and would help you enhance your LSAT score.

❓ What is the best LSAT prep book in 2020?

The best LSAT prep Book in 2020 is Test Prep Books LSAT Prep Book: Study Guide & Practice Test Questions. This is a very easy to follow book and consists of many practice questions.

❓ How much is an LSAT prep course?

The price of your LSAT prep course would completely depend on the type of course that you choose and the materials that you get access to along with it. You can easily expect your course to cost you a minimum of $129.

❓ Is Khan Academy LSAT prep good?

Yes, Khan Academy also has a great LSAT prep course and the course structure is also in sync with the LSAT preparations. Khan Academy also has proven records for students showing improvement in their LSAT scores.

Conclusion | Best LSAT Prep Courses 2020

We have discussed the best LSAT prep course and also seen what each one of them has to offer.

Apart from this list, there are many other courses but those mentioned here are the top ones that are preferred by many and have given the best results to all the students.

These LSAT courses have helped many students ace their LSAT exams and get into their dream law schools and colleges. Taking an LSAT prep Course is like making a huge commitment with yourself.

You have to invest your time as well as money for each course and hence any mistake in choosing your course will directly impact LSAT score and you might end up losing your chance of getting into your dream college. 

There are many options available and you can choose anyone based on your needs and comfort level. The main focus should always be on acing the LSAT and taking a huge step forward towards your dream law school.

I think now, you are ready to choose the best-suited LSAT prep course for you and can make an intelligent choice regarding the same.

So, research properly about each course in detail and choose the course which suits you the most. I hope you found this blog about Best LSAT Prep Courses helpful. All the best for your LSAT exam!

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