Top 10+ Best Online AutoCAD Courses +Training Certifications Online 2023

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In this post, we have highlighted the Best AutoCAD Online Training Courses for 2023.

The abbreviated form of AutoCAD is Computer-Aided designing and drawing software that is developed by a well-known computer developing platform Autodesk.

AutoCAD was first developed as a desktop running application for microcomputers in December 1982 with major internal graphics controllers.

AutoCAD is the sum of all the graphical and internal graphic controllers under one roof before which the users had to carry out each graphical representation one after the other making it difficult for them to navigate from one place to another for completion of a complete design. 

AutoCAD has tape its feet in the electronic media with smartphones and electronic gadgets since 2010 making it widespread all around the globe. The app for a smartphone that was made under the Autodesk family is termed as AutoCAD 360.

Best Online AutoCAD Training Courses

Top 10+ Best Online AutoCAD Courses +Training Certifications Online2023

Best AutoCAD Online Training Platforms

In today’s generation if you wish to learn something new it becomes very necessary to get expertise in it.

In today’s generation, people who wish to gain knowledge simultaneously over multiple things need a dedicated platform for learning such forces.

There are various platforms that help users to learn AutoCAD over the net making it easy for them on how to learn and get familiar with AutoCAD sitting at their homes and at any point in time.

Listed below are a few online AutoCAD learning platforms that are available over the net which are at a negligible or reasonable price for you to become an expert in designing using AutoCAD.

  • AutoCAD the full complete guide you Need by SkillShare.
  • Learning AutoCAD for beginners by Lynda.
  • The Complete AutoCAD 2018-2020 course by Udemy.
  • AutoCAD 2019 Course- Project 2D and 3D by Udemy.
  • AutoCAD Tips & Tricks by Lynda.
  • The Hitchhiker’s Guide to AutoCAD Basics.
  • 60 AutoCAD Tips in 60 Minutes by Autodesk.
  • AutoCAD 2020 essential Training by Autodesk.
  • AutoCAD Online Training by CAD Software Trainer.
  • AutoCAD Online Courses by

I will be discussing a few of the online AutoCAD learning platforms mentioned above in detail based on what they actually do and are essential for what age people and the time required to learn with the platform.

There will be additional features also which I will be discussing the particular courses. So without further ADO let’s get started. 

Which are 4 Best AutoCAD Online Training Courses?

1. AutoCAD: The Full Complete Guide you need by SkillShare

The first course that is on my list is the AutoCAD.

The full complete guide by skillshare which is an outstanding AutoCAD class for beginners who have no idea of working with AutoCAD. This course can also be called the foundation course which will guide the students for advanced level AutoCAD software. 

This is a course that can be used by beginners as well as experts who wish to learn AutoCAD once again from its basics to become a trainer or just brush up their basics.

The classes under this course are conducted by Gaia Dixon, a certified skillshare teacher who has many classes under the skills factory project.

The certified skillshare teacher will be discussing topics like a 2D design, adding a text, and introduction to 3D design made objects, and notations layout groups layers, 3D materials, and rendering under the certification course.

For understanding the basics this information is more than enough for a fresher to design a great project.

Another amazing future related to AutoCAD is that the complete course can be completed in 1 hour 18 minutes if you wish to learn it in a single go.

The course is divided into six different sections which make the full use of this one hour and 18 minutes. The teaching format for the AutoCAD course by skillshare is an audio-video format that makes it easy for people to have a better understanding of the concepts.

The best feature for AutoCAD why skillshare is that you need not pay any price for taking this course as a source is available free of cost over the official website of skillshare. All you need to do is visit the official website, search for the course, and start learning with skillshare.

To sum up, the course details that are discussed above here are key features

  • This course is for beginners level candidates.
  • Can be learned sitting at your houses.
  • Introduction to 2D and 3D formats.
  • The course is short and of 80 minutes.
  • You learn under a qualified instructor by SkillShare.

AutoCAD: The Full Complete Guide you need by SkillShare

2. Learning AutoCAD for Beginners by Lynda

The next AutoCAD learning platform or course that I will be describing in this article is learning AutoCAD for beginners by Lynda.

The first feature that everybody will love to read is that learning AutoCAD for beginners by Lynda is a free and complimentary CAD course offered by the platform.

Learning AutoCAD for beginners by Lynda is conducted by Autodesk certified instructor Shaun Bryant and this course is for beginners that will help them get familiar with AutoCAD in no time.

Autodesk certified instructor is of thought and guarantees that after the completion of the course the user will have a good grip on the software and will be able to use AutoCAD with utter ease and complete fluency. 

Just like the course mentioned about this course is also a short term course of 104 minutes that the user can learn at his own pace and his own time.

Learning AutoCAD for Beginners by Lynda

The teaching format is in the form of modulus. The students can start with simple drawings, carry on with annotations layouts, and then finally conduct the exercises that are mentioned.

The students can join other students as well as teachers in the AutoCAD study group after completing the course of 104 minutes which is offered by Lynda.

The students also get a certification after the completion of the course. After the certification is done the student who completed the course can also become a trainer on the basis of the certificate.

The Lynda learning platform is available for free over LinkedIn and it’s a Win-Win for the users who wish to learn with Lynda.

Some of the above descriptions for learning AutoCAD for beginners by Lynda here are some crisp points out of the complete information

  • The course is for the beginner level candidates.
  • The course is of 104 minutes or 1 hour 44 minutes.
  • There are exercises included after every topic.
  • The course is taught by an Autodesk Certified Instructor.
  • The user can join the AutoDesk certified Instructor.
  • The major focus of this course is on 2D.

3. The Complete AutoCAD 2018-2020 Course by Udemy

the next course that is in my list for the people who want to learn AutoCAD as beginners, as well as people who are intermediate in using AutoCAD, is the complete AutoCAD 2018 to 2020 course by Udemy. This complete course will be for 17 and a half hours.

The user can utilize or make the most of this course at his own pace as most of the lectures and topics that are covered are recorded. The only catches for learning the course is that the user needs to be familiar with his computer. 

This course is created by Jai Prakash Pandey who is a certified instructor by Autodesk. This course comes with a ‘q and a section’ where you can post your questions just like other 22,000 people and you will get your query solved within the next 48 hours. 

The boss is developed in such a way that there are altogether 184 lectures and at the end of every lecture there are practice tests and questions to check the understanding of the topic that is covered in the lecture.

The Complete AutoCAD 2018-2020 Course by Udemy

This course is the one which I personally would recommend to make the most of it. There are also questions related to e-books and a list of more than 150 commands under the Autodesk AutoCAD.

People who wish to pursue civil engineering, industrial designs, architecture, drafting, and building design should definitely opt for this course as most of the aspects that you need for pursuing the above degrees are covered in this course.

The students will learn with this course gets an e-certificate after the completion of the course and dedication of 17 and a half hours. This is a certificate that can be added to your resume and this resume acts as a very important certificate for your curriculum.

The summary of the information that is provided for the complete AutoCAD force by Udemy is listed below

  • This course is for beginners to make them intermediates.
  • There is instructor feedback on the practice test conducted after every Q&A forum.
  • The course is of 17& ½ hours which can be learned at your own pace and own timings.
  • There are several E-books and a command list included.
  • The course includes practice drawings after every lecture.
  • The candidate gets a certification after the completion of the course. 

4. AutoCAD Online Courses by

The next time the final course that I will be discussing in this article for people who wish to learn AutoCAD online is the AutoCAD online course by

This is the course for people who wish to get an international certificate as this course is conducted by the University of Houston.

The topics that are covered under the certification course are AutoCAD 2D, drafting and annotation, AutoCAD advanced, and AutoCAD 3D. This course is conducted downtown which is a major college for business, medicine, engineering, and other studies. 

This course is not for beginners as the people who have knowledge of drafting and design principles can make the most out of this. This is a course for intermediate students who wish to become advanced in designing with AutoCAD. 

The first course under AutoCAD online courses by Houston, named AutoCAD 2D drafting and annotation, deals with subjects like drawing geometric dimensions layers sketching and viewports.

AutoCAD Online Courses by

Also, this course deals with model space and papers space and teaches us to draw in the given page size.

The second course under best AutoCAD online training courses is the AutoCAD advance which will teach you about linking and extraction of data, customization of the program according to the need, underlays, hand line types, etc.

the next and the final topic that is covered under the AutoCAD course is AutoCAD 3D in which topics like 3D rendering are covered.

The list of topics under AutoCAD 3D that are covered under this model is solid models, surface modeling, mesh modeling, and the addition of animated views.

.The time duration for completion of this course is 1 year where the user can learn at his own pace as these courses are pre-recorded and are made available to the users whenever they wish to learn from the website.

Certificates are provided after the completion of the course and I would really suggest you too of for this learning platform because the certificate that is offered by this course it’s really important to add to your resume.

The summary of the above topic that is discussed about this Best AutoCAD online training course is mentioned below

  • This course is for people who are intermediate and wish to upgrade themselves in advance level.
  • The course is guided and self-paced which means that the user has the liberty to study at his own speed and at any point in time
  • This is a course from a major University of Houston and can be called as international certification.
  • This is a long time course where the user will need almost a year for the completion of the course.
  • The student learning this course needs to have good knowledge about the design and drafting of the design they wish to create using AutoCAD.
  • The user gets a certificate on the completion of the course from the University of Houston.

Features of AutoCAD | Best AutoCAD Online Training

The features that stand out for AutoCAD making it the best designing software for PC or smartphone are as follows.

  • Compatibility with the software.
  • Languages.
  • Extensions.
  • Vertical Integration.
  • Compatibility with the Software

There is various software with which AutoCAD is compatible and works with most fluency and with complete efficiency as well.

To name a few software that CAD is compatible with working are ESRI ArcMap 10, Civil 3D, LandXML. Various multinational car companies and automobile companies such as Mercedes, Volkswagen, Audi, prefer AutoCAD as their designing software at the basic level with other software to follow for details.

  • Languages

The most important feature of any software is that it should be understood by most of the people under the globe.

To meet these needs of people from different regions and continents AutoCAD has come up with a solution of launching it in more than 15 languages.

The basic languages that AutoCAD caters to are English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional, Brazilian, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, and Hungarian.

  • Extensions

AutoCAD has various extensions and supports a number of application programming interfaces. Sexy movie application programming interface is nothing but a computing interface that defines the interactions between software intermediates.

This is done because customization and automation can be carried out with utter ease.

Various software which is responsible for extending AutoCAD functionality creating products and third-party AutoCAD based application can be we used as an extension for the smooth functioning of AutoCAD in your preferred electronic gadget. 

  • Vertical Integration

Vertical integration means that there are subdivisions of AutoCAD software according to the use and type of product that is to be designed.

Theoretical integrations of Autodesk have Advance Steel, architecture, electrical, Escada, map 3D, AutoCAD Mac, structural detailing, utility design, p and ID, plant 3D, and Civil 3D.

Variants in AutoCAD

Autodesk has come up with various variants under the AutoCAD family based on the type of design that they wish to cater to and get expertise for that particular design or a graphical diagram. The subtypes under AutoCAD software are:

  • AutoCAD 360.
  • Students version.
  • AutoCAD 360

AutoCAD has come up with its type of AutoCAD 360 which is the evolution of previous products and a combination of professional as well as student version which is free of cost if you want to work at a basic level and chargeable if you wish to enjoy the premium services offered by AutoCAD. 

Best AutoCAD Online Training Courses- AutoCAD Pro

There are three levels under the AutoCAD 360 where the first level is free and the user needs to pay for the next two levels.

The two versions of AutoCAD 360 that the user needs to pay for are the pro version which costs around $5 for a month or $50 yearly and the Pro Plus version which will cost around $100 yearly.

There is no monthly plan for the Pro Plus version and the user needs to buy it on an annual basis.

The additional feature that the user gets in the Pro Plus version as compared to the other two versions is that there are various amounts of storage tools and online access to drawings.

  • Students Version

The next subtypes that Autodesk has come up with under the AutoCAD family is the student version.

The student version is basically made up of students lecturers and educational institutions based on a renewal basis every 12 months. There are features wherein the user of the student gets by the student’s version for a tenure of three years 36 months.

The student version works in a similar format as that of the AutoCAD 360 with all the features similar except for a few exceptions.

Best AutoCAD Online Training Courses- for students

The only drawback of the student version is that the plan or the diagram for the design that is created using the student version of Autodesk AutoCAD cannot be used for commercial uses.

For making the most of the designs that are made the user needs to make sure that he has the premium version of AutoCAD 360 or version higher above it.

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Compatibility with Operating Systems

The basic requirement for any platform or software is that it should be compatible with the operating system. If there are various operating systems that do not support the platform, the platform becomes useless.

But this is not the case with AutoCAD as it is compatible with most operating systems. To name a few operating systems that AutoCAD is most compatible with are listed below.

  • Microsoft Windows.
  • MAC.
  • iOS.
  • Microsoft Windows

The first operating system that AutoCAD is most compatible with is the windows that come under the Microsoft group.

Each and every version under the Autodesk work smoothly e without any intervention or error dial boxes or toolboxes. Autodesk version of AutoCAD software air above 2016 can be used from Microsoft windows 7 and versions above. 

  • MAC

AutoDesk stopped its partnership with Apple’s Macintosh in 1994 as they thought that their services were no longer required by apple.

But in the year 2010 against the proposed plan where they declared that they will be working with apple’s Macintosh once again. The AutoCAD versions of 2013 and above are smoothly functional with Macintosh versions 10 and 11.


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🧐 Can we learn AutoCAD for free?

There are many people out there in the world who are willing to pass on their skills without seeking a reward. So yes, you most definitely can learn AutoCAD for free. Here are some of the free AutoCAD courses listed below: 1.myCADsite 2.tutorial 45 3.Ellen Finkelstein 5.Cadalyst 6.CADtutor

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The web camera is usually attached to the desktops of every instructor. The instructors here use the webcams during the introduction and while giving a short description of the courses. Also, you can see the whiteboard and explanation without any disturbance. Instructor videos won't continue throughout the process and you especially don’t have to own a webcam. The instructor will use the webcams so that you can see and listen and learn more.

🙋‍♀️ How can I ask questions during the course training?

First of all, we don’t use the chatbox for communication with the audience, you can simply turn on your mikes and ask the questions as you do in regular lectures. We have a special audio system called HD audios which work in our classes. HD audio is operated via your desktop’s fixed in speakers and microphones or for your own convenience you can buy USB headsets.

🤙 Can I attend the training from my office or home?

Yes, you can. Mostly, all the training sessions are online and without any worries, you can get your coachings from the place of your convenience. You just own a desktop and must have internet access with high-speed connectivity, a speaker, or a USB headset or at least a wireless speaker that works in from a long distance. With the benefits offered to us with our smartphones and our 4G data plans, we can access these courses from just about anywhere. When you find a comfortable spot make sure you won’t get disturbed during the training courses.

Conclusion | Best AutoCAD Online Training Courses 2023

There are various sources that are available over the net for learning AutoCAD in the best possible way.

There are courses for people who want to learn it from scratch as well as for people who want to learn AutoCAD from an intermediate level and get into the advanced level tier.

Some of the basic and free of cost online courses for learning AutoCAD are mentioned above and describe very well for the readers after and start learning the AutoCAD software which comes under the Autodesk family.

I hope you like this post about Best AutoCAD Online Training Courses.

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