10 Best Online Piano Lessons 2022 (Beginner to Advanced)

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In this post, I am going to discuss the Best Online Piano Lessons for 2022.

If you are someone who is interested in learning the piano or just wants to improve your skills?

So today I’ll be telling you guys some of the online piano lessons that would definitely help you in either of the cases.

In either case, regular practice is a must and once you start to practice on a daily basis you will see your skills improving drastically within a few weeks.

You can never be good at something without practicing for it. Take it anything like a piano, your speed reading course, photography, etc.

So today I’ll be telling some software, tools, and programs for online piano lessons.

So here I present to you the best online piano lessons.

Best Online Piano Lessons

10 Best Online Piano Lessons for 2022 (Beginner to Advanced)

Detailed about Best Online Piano Lessons

So let me tell you a quick short story about online piano lessons that I recently came across in my life,

One of my younger cousins is into music and she wanted to learn piano but she was so occupied with studies and all she wasn’t sure to join a piano class for the same.

My aunt suggested her to learn it online with the pace of your comfort and you can choose the course according to your comfort.

And now she learns piano and does all her other activities by saving time and not wasting it by traveling to piano classes.

But what strikes me is for learning piano it is not compulsory to have a physical piano available you can even learn it by using your laptop, iPad, tab or even mobile phone does the trick.

Which are the Top 10 Best Online Piano Lessons?

1. Playground Sessions

Playground Sessions software and tools are for both beginners and advanced learners.

It can be operated from both Mac and windows.

Programs of playground sessions are so in line with today’s time. This software works great for beginners, it is equally great for the ones who have learned piano but just want to enhance their skills.

This program is categorized into 3 different levels, and there 3 other levels within those levels too. This makes the software compatible with all types of learners.

Best Online Piano Lessons- Playground Sessions App

They also teach you to play and learn songs of your choice. They also provide you with video content that helps you to understand more about the music from the expert instructors. You have access to the material anytime you wish.

They also have a system for feedback and scoring which lets you know about the progress you have made.


Well, PlayGround sessions are priced at $9.99/month.

2. Artist Works

At Artist Works, you will experience the closest thing to real lessons. These days the most popular way to learn is through piano software, and artists’ works add a realistic touch to it.

This software doesn’t offer features like a scoring system or track of progress. Right now they have 3 teachers who teach jazz, classical piano, and popular.

This would change from time to time as new expertise will be brought on the board. Their lessons cover everything in the course like learning techniques, fundamentals & advanced. You can work at your pace with these lessons.

Best Online Piano Lessons- Artist Works

One of its special features is that it allows you to submit your own video with your personal feedback. You can even see and receive feedback from other students too.

They call it Video Exchange Learning. It gives you access to sample lessons in case you want to see how it works. This course is suitable for both beginners and advanced students. 


Speaking about the pricing Artist Work is priced as $23.25/monthly.

3. Flowkey

Flowkey is an app for online piano lessons. The best feature of it that I feel is it has no strings attached, it goes like the ones you download, just sign up and start learning piano, no cables or wires required to stop you.

Something that makes this app stand out more than others is it doesn’t work as a game or it has a point system. It is very, very easy to use. It also has a large library with over 500 songs with music from all popular genres to movie tracks name it they got it.Get Started with Flowkey

They also give you access to free trial without any setup. This course is suitable for beginners to advance.


Flowkey costs $9.99/month.

4. Piano For All 

Piano for all is a very good course for someone who is looking to learn the keyboard. It is loaded with ebooks, audio lessons, video lessons and all of these are compatible with any device like Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad.

One of the best things I feel about this program is its hundreds of testimonials from REAL people. This course is for beginners and intermediate-level students as it doesn’t have advanced technology but it is very easy to use and it has over 30 hours of content. Piano for all


This course costs $49 for one payment.

5. Skoove

Skoove is an interactive course for beginners and intermediate-level students.

This software helps you quickly master new skills by following the method of “listen, learn, play”. It is a simple and effective way to learn the piano.

Skoove for piano classes

It only has agreements for simplistic songs, this course is not the best for music theory and classical music.


The course solve has different pricing options 

  • For a year it costs $119.99
  • For a month it costs $19.99
  • For 3 months it costs $39.99

Skoove- learn piano

6. Piano Marvel

Piano Marvel is an app-based app.

It is loaded with a lot of video lectures. This app is designed for the MIDI keyboard just so they can receive instant feedback about the progress.

This app doesn’t support any kind of live chat or face to face lessons. It has a huge library of popular songs.

You have over 1500 songs to choose from across multiple genres. They also support grading while you play to keep you motivated.Piano Marvel

You can win trophies that can even be shared on social media. All in all, this app is great for kids and young adults.

There is also an option of a free account to try out things but subscription includes more access to the app like a video lesson library. It costs $15.99/month and $110.99 a year.


Piano Marvel costs $15.99/month and $110.99 a year.

7. Piano with Willie

This app is more suitable for young adults and adults. It is a video content-based app. It is also a part of jazzedge.com it has many lessons from the Berklee music school, Willie Myette graduated.

The subscription is available for purchase on a monthly and yearly basis. This app will surely help you make a lot of progress in your journey of the piano.Piano with Wille

They also provide you with weekly live group sessions with your piano instructor. Isn’t that a great feature? They also cover different genres like blues, jazz, Latin, funk, and rock. In this program, genre-specific learning plans are also available to you.


Piano with willie costs you $29.97/month.

8. Music2Me

Music2Me has a great amount of video content, it provides its students with more than 150 video learnings which include more than 75 songs.

All of these videos are so perfectly made for student use so that they don’t face any problems, each lesson is presented with a piano on the top of the screen and the score on the bottom of the screen.

This helps you to know whether your fingers are playing the right key at the right time. They also have a feature in which you just loop the part you find difficult so that you can learn again and again.Music2Me- Online music school

You can also reduce your tempo to practice the tricky sessions. These apps run on the device with the internet let it be a phone, iPad, computer, etc.

One of the drawbacks to this account is that it doesn’t have much Interactive or feedback sessions.


This course has different types of plan available for the pricing you can pick it as per your convenience 
  • For a year it $120
  • For a month $15
  • And lastly, for 6 months it is $72.

You Can also try their feature of a 7 days trailer before choosing up for the course. 

9. Piano

The piano is a site that will grab all your attention within seconds with all bright and beautiful colors on the website.

Also, their website is super easy to use. This course supports both the MIDI board and even an online keyboard. As most of the course, this one also keeps a track of your progress made and it also has a huge and outgrowing library of songs.

This website is phone compatible as it doesn’t offer any kind of apps. One of the features is they give students access to upload a custom. Midi files if any student wants to learn any songs and if that’s not available in the library.

They update their song library weekly with the suggestions of their users.

This site has a great feature in which you could give this course to someone you wish. A parent/friend can gift someone they know who wants to learn guitar isn’t this cool?


Speaking to you about the most important part that is its pricing. It has a subscription-based system also they offer a discount when you buy it in bulk, there is a difference in the pricing then. 

It is $8/month and $60/Yearly.

Or even if you wish one-time payments $255.

I personally feel this site works best for the ones who want to save money with no compromise though this site Doesn’t offer many features it still is a very great option.

10. Udemy

Udemy is an app that Doesn’t only allow you to learn piano online but it also offers every course you wish to learn at your own pace. How great is that?

Udemy offers a huge variety of courses to choose from and all the courses there are paid so it also offers you a 30-day money-back feature so if you made a wrong purchase or something you can have your refund.Online Piano Artist- Udemy

Udemy has over 300 courses for piano available on their app. I hope you find the one perfect for you even if you do not, they still have a great feature of 30-day money return guarantee.


As this course offers so many courses and different publishers and the instructor would have different pricing for there courses so the range of all the courses would be from $19.99 to $199.99.

With so many options courses to be chosen from.

Commonly Asked Questions

  •  What’s so great about learning the piano online?

Ans: I guess everybody will choose to learn something new in their comfort zones with their PJs on then going around the city and wasting half of the time by being stuck in traffic.

Right?  Learning piano at your own pace with so many more facilities and features added to it. They have combined so much like being affordable, an alternative to practical lessons with giving you one to one learning of the course.

In short, everything online is now getting more fun, they are trying to come up with new ideas like trophies or adding motivations, games and keeping track of your progress and these things keep the young generation interested in the app/software.

They try to make it so simple and fun to learn than ever thought even the person who is unknown to all these will be interested after hearing all this.

  • What should a person expect from online piano lessons?

Ans: This question can have multiple answers as it depends how you take it, are you, someone, you just want their kids to know Basics of piano, or maybe you want to learn a completely new skill which you don’t have a single idea about.

Or might be you are someone who knows the basics but what’s to learn more about it like advanced levels. According to me, an online piano teaching site offers so much to a student at their place, you start from a beginner to an advanced player.

Most of the time the courses are structured according to your skill level and also they track your progress and to make it interesting they have trophies and unlocking levels to get more access to the features facility.

  • How do the costs compare to the face-to-face lessons?

Ans: Most of the sites and websites offer monthly or yearly subscription plans and the cost of face to face lessons is $20 for 30 to 40 mins but roughly the range of fees charged online is $15 and this also depends on what type of subscription pack you have chosen.

But still, around the rough calculation, one on one classes that are $20 for 30 to 40 mins looks a bit costly than the one online. Most of the benefits of learning any type of instrument online are really all the same.

It can be anything like Guitar, Violin or Drums, etc, you get to save time, money and you can progress as fast as you want to.

Nothing really holds you back while you learn lessons/courses over the internet. It is just a matter of discipline to learn from a video and note it down to a book and keep practicing.

You don’t have to take much time traveling to classes or the instructor pays him/her Hundreds of dollars for it.

Most of the software that is MIDI compatible tracks your daily progress. This software is able to identify your mistakes and tell you the area you need to work more on the areas you are facing any troubles. 

My Opinion on Best Online Piano Classes :

So, in my opinion, all of these is a great site/apps with all the features in it but the best online piano course according to me is playground sessions and Flowkey.

Something that keeps them aside from the rest of the courses allows you to learn from your favorite songs. You might be scared after seeing so many piano keys in front of you but trust me guys these are both software/apps you will start learning within a week. 

To conclude this course works great for all the students who are beginners and these are great courses for those who want to learn at home with their pace and comfort zones.

There are two types of software mentioned above speaking about my opinion I would suggest you go for the paid one as it offers you more rich content then the free website does.

They always have a great structured curriculum and a large library of songs to choose from. They make you practice the art of the song you face trouble in, on loop to get it perfect and this feature is not seen on the free websites.

The path you chose to get up there is up to you, and that path is determined by the goals that you have set for yourself.

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FAQs | Best Online Piano Lessons

🤙 Can you teach yourself piano online?

Well, you can learn anything you wish to all you need is dedication towards its, and learning piano is easy!

👉 What's the easiest instrument to learn?

Ukelele: It is easy and also a very pocket-friendly Harmonica piano.

🙇‍♀️ Does the pianist tend to type fast?

The pianist is also said as professional typists! So I guess it is true that the pianist types fast.

🤔 Do we require long fingers to learn the piano?

No, it’s a myth. Anyone can learn the piano.

Conclusion | Best Online Piano Lessons 2022

As you have followed so far, I hope you already have chosen the course you think to go for. All of these sites/apps have their pros and cons.

If you are someone who is really new to the music world don’t worry these Apps are user friendly and are the combination of written and visual content courses. Learning through video playthroughs is much better than the written one.

Don’t just let the opportunity to explore one of these programs just let go, just explore music and see what it has to offer you to improve your life in any way.

I hope you liked this post about Best Online Piano Lessons.

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