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{Updated September 2019 } 5 Top BEST CheapVPN’s In Singapore With Pros & Cons

best vpn's in Singapore
Written by Finnich Vessal

In this post, find the best VPN’s in Singapore and their accessibility and security for the common people of Singapore. 

About Singapore Internet Security

Reach of internet in Singapore is far and wide, with majority of population having access to it. Although internet in Singapore is not heavily censored Media Development Authority of Singapore do regulates viewership of some websites and also what content its people can see.

It is known fact that near about 100 websites have been banned by MDA including movies, pornographic and gambling websites. There is also news that Singaporean government threaten law suits against bloggers posting content not appropriate according to the government.

For some people this can be a huge concern as its a major threat on safety and privacy online, and for other it is but natural to bypass restrictions and to surf internet without any concerns to their privacy and anonymity.

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Now What to Do?

Well sit back and relax we have the solution and its quite simple, it’s called VPN. THE VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK, answer to all your online safety, privacy and concerns. You can surf net anonymously staying safe from the prying eyes of government agencies, you can access the restricted websites, watch videos only available for specific countries. It’s all possible with the use of VPN.

But here is an advice, be very CAUTIOUS while choosing the VPN as choices are many and placing your online safety on some randomly picked VPN service is only as good as closing your eyes and believing that your invisible to the world.

No worries though we got you covered and here we bring Five Best VPN’s in Singapore based on our own extensive research.


FIVE BEST VPN’s In SINGAPORE : {Updated September 2019 } 5 Top BEST CheapVPN’s In Singapore With Pros & Cons

  • Express VPN
  • Cyber Ghost
  • IP Vanish
  • Private VPN
  • Boleh VPN

1) Express VPN

  • When it comes to VPN services Express VPN is way ahead of its competitors. Speed, Privacy and security are the criteria to judge a VPN and Express VPN fully satisfy these criteria.
  • Lightening fast speed with 1700 VPN servers around 94 countries backed by cutting edge 256 bit AES encryption makes it the best VPN to use in Singapore.
  • It also come with split tunnelling and kill switch are the added advantage. They keep no logs .It comes with 30 days money back guarantee and 24/7 live chat support.
  • The only disadvantage that we can find is that it can be bit costly but it does provide complete value for money that you are spending.


2) Cyber Ghost

  • Second only to express VPN Cyber Ghost is another quality VPN that can be trusted for online safety.
  • It comes with Open VPN encryption, a highly recommended protocol when it comes to VPN service which makes it highly reliable for online safety, privacy and anonymity.
  • Customer support system is up to the mark with live chat though not available for 24/7 which can be slight disadvantage.
  • Very fast connection, affordable price easy to use and 30 days money back guarantee.
  • Fast servers in Singapore and neighbouring countries makes it perfect for large data driven task like streaming HD videos, accessing restricted content.
  • The only drawback that we can find is that they do not provide stealth mode and the do retain some connection logs.


3) IP Vanish

  • Ease of use is what make IP Vanish look apart from the crowd VPN.
  • 40000+ shared IPs with more than 900 VPN servers across 60 countries with good number of servers in Singapore and neighbouring countries makes it one of the best VPN in Singapore.
  • IP Vanish provide unlimited bandwidth with 256 bit AES encryption to make sure no data leaks so that you can surf internet without any concerns of data and privacy theft.
  • 5 simultaneous connection on multiple devices, open VPN(Industry Best)protocol , Zero logging and 7 days money back guarantee are the added advantage that you get with IP Vanish.
  • Customer support lacks the live chat which is the only disadvantage we can find out.


4) Private VPN

  • Unlock anything protect everything is there motto and they claims to be one of the fastest growing VPN in the world and during our research we did find that their claim may be true and viable.
  • Zero logging policy, IPv6 leak protection 2048 with AES 256 makes it one of the most trusted and best VPN for Singapore.
  • They provide unlimited bandwidth and speed with 6 simultaneous connections which guarantee speed and privacy.
  • Highly reliable PPT, L2TP 1KEV2 and IPSEC protocols ensure safety and anonymity.
  • 30 days money back guarantee , private VPN ios app and good 24/7 live chat customer support makes it a must to consider in the list of best VPN for Singapore.


5) BolehVPN

  • Traffic obfuscation technology and decentralised servers with PKI infrastructure are the key features which makes you completely anonymous on the internet.
  • Servers across Asia and Singapore make sure there is no compromise with speed and an excellent choice to use in Singapore.
  • It comes with its stealth mode technology known as Xcloak, kill switch, DNS leak protection, strong encryption and no logs make it a good choice.
  • With all these features we think its a good value for money and lastly it has one day free trial period to test their services.


Why do you need VPN in Singapore ?

Its not just about bypassing the restriction imposed by some government agency that you can use for VPN for but its for your own protection and safety from prying malicious hackers large corporation who are always on the lookout for loopholes so that they can hack your data and use it for their own malicious intent.VPN lets you surf the net pretending that you are sitting in some other country so that your actual location cannot be  traced back to  you .

With these best Vpn’s in Singapore specific to that country.

Conclusion : {Updated September 2019 } 5 Top BEST CheapVPN’s In Singapore With Pros & Cons

Here we have mentioned the best VPN for Singapore that we can find and we are sure that this will serve to purpose for everyone who needs a VPN according to their needs.

Still if in doubts many of the above mentioned VPN comes with money back guarantee or a trail period. Use them analyze them and find the best one which serves your purpose.

Hope you got all the information about the best VPN’s in Singapore 2019 via this post. you can buy any of the to increase your internet security. 

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