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Customer Support


  • We can Monitor weekly performance
  • Malware Scanning & WAF Firewalls available
  • Hack-Proof Security
  • Migration is Free
  • BionicWP offers a 30-day on-site backup for all users in its hosted packages


  • Hosting for Wordpress CMS only
  • Costly than other shared hosting

The platform is simple, interesting, and easy to use. It offers multiple options to the user on the main page so that they don’t have to open different tabs to find anything.

Price:$ 27.5

Being a WordPress user who runs multiple websites, I am often inundated with all the updates that I have to perform on my websites to keep them in great shape. But the cost of all that is my time.

I have more than a few websites and managing them is a task of its own. 

For the last few months, I was looking for a decent hosting solution that could help me free my space.

I had read reviews of managed hosting solutions that can help users with their site management but none of them was offering what I needed. 

Site updates are one thing and server updates are another.`

Majority of the hosting solutions available online only focus on the latter. However, when it comes to managed hosting, servers rarely require regular maintenance.

I don’t remember when was the last time I updated my server or installed any new security applications on it to make it more secure.

Mind you, I am coming from a VPS background and I was paying north of $500 to manage my VPS. 

As a store owner, your obvious worry is to get a hosting solution that can ensure your site performance, proper maintenance, and scalability. Mine was the same. 

That’s when I landed on BionicWP, after getting tired of the unmanaged solution.

Those of you, who have worn my shoes know how irritating and painstaking the task of site management can become at times.

Especially when you have to dabble between sales, marketing, logistics, and even your own technical issues. 

BionicWP Offered Site Management with a Single Click

It isn’t like I didn’t try other managed hosts, name any, and I had read its reviews. BionicWP stood out among them because of the site management needs it offered.

Their hosting package offered the option to update all my websites with one click.

Most of you don’t know about how this managed hosting solution helped me add more time to my already busy schedule. So, this review is about that.

What is BionicWP WordPress Managed Hosting?

BionicWP is a managed WordPress hosting solution for business owners who don’t have time for site management.

It offers both server-level management and application-level management and support in a multi-tier package.

You can host either a single website or hundreds of websites, of course, the pricing follows a progressive tier as well.

The basic package costs only $27.5 for website hosting with advanced security. However, it also offers four addons, each offering a different feature.

The main reason that made me choose BionicWP was because of the back-end infrastructure it uses. Its servers are hosted on Google Cloud C2 High Compute instance.

All servers come installed with Nginx and support Linux containers, of course, you get the latest installation of the PHP framework. 

In fact, BionicWP’s team is highly efficient and keeps your servers always up-to-date so that you can focus on what you do best.

In addition, You can get unlimited website edits.

This is an add-on with the current managed hosting service but it completely automates WordPress management tasks like updating plugins, uploading products and much much more.

But… that isn’t the end of the list of features BionicWP offers, there are many surprises that will simply make you fall in love with its offer.

BionicWP Features in the limelight

  • Promises a 90+ page speed score on GTMetrix, Pingdom
  • Offers a 90-day site backup
  • Hacking security (keeps your data always safe)
  • BionicWP CDN or Nitropack with CDN 
  • Weekly site monitoring report for website performance and forms
  • Daily Malware scan of each website
  • Core WordPress, themes, & plugins updates
  • Staging environment for each website
  • Last but not the least, the ‘Try Before You Buy’ service 

Pricing of BionicWP: Complete Breakdown

Pricing of BionicWP

Of course, all this doesn’t come cheap but when you are paying more for the hosting service you are currently using for fewer features, migrating to a better hosting solution is completely logical.

So, how much does the BionicWP hosting solution actually cost? 

The basic pricing for BionicWP hosting package is: $27.5

For some the price may be more than what they are currently paying at a different provider, for some, it may be less. Both are understandable.

For me, the pricing of the BionicWP hosting package is a lot less than what I was paying to my previous host. 

There are No Hidden Charges

BionicWP packaging is simple and transparent. You don’t get any ‘first-year’ discounts that expire at the end of the period.

In fact, there are no hourly rates to confuse you either. It is a plain and simple pricing system that decreases when you increase the number of websites you host with BionicWP.

Overview of BionicWP Hosting Platform

The platform is simple, interesting, and easy to use. It offers multiple options to the user on the main page so that they don’t have to open different tabs to find anything.

Most users will only be dabbling with site updates and that tab is also available on the home page. 

Moreover, BionicWP will also keep you updated about the latest feature updates through the changelog available on the right side of the platform’s dashboard.

BionicWP Review

Free Trial on BionicWP: Create an Account

If you are new to the BionicWP platform, then you would have to create an account before starting the free trial. The process is quite easy.

First of all, add necessary details and sign up.

You will get a free site launch when you sign-up on BionicWP. 

Now that you have signed up on the website, it is time to migrate your site or create a new site on the BionicWP platform.

Migration is Free (Unlimited Sites)

BionicWP supports free migration for each website. If you are migrating your site, just ask the support team to help you migrate and they will do it gladly. 

Once you have migrated your website, launch your server. In my case, here is a test server I launched on the account.

The server has an app on WordPress. It takes around 5 minutes to launch a server on the platform. Once it has launched, you can click on the ‘W’ icon of WordPress to access your website.

When the website is live, it will be shown in the ‘Total Sites’ section. If the site is live it will also show in the ‘Live Sites’ section. If the site is in staging, it will show in the ‘Staging Sites’ section.

In our case, it is a live site. When the site is live, you will see the ‘Live’ button available on the server list. 

Here is a screenshot of the theme installed on our website. As you can see, BionicWP offered a clean WordPress installation within 5 minutes.

To enter the site admin dashboard, simply press the ‘W’ button on your WordPress screen. You will automatically get to the dashboard screen bypassing credentials.

You get site details including avg speed insights, IP address, location on the server admin panel.

The site management and SSH details are also available on the server details page. 

Since we don’t have any plugins available and we don’t have any visitors on the website at this time, therefore, the site management screen shows no details.

You can easily create a staging website on BionicWP if you want to test your website performance, or if you want to try a new feature before it is launched to the public.

When you have plugins installed on your WordPress website, the server panel will look something like this.

I installed a few plugins and themes on WordPress to test how the server dashboard will look. Here are the complete details.

BionicWP offers basic configuration features from the WordPress dashboard as well. 

I can reset permissions, clear cache, and enable or disable the maintenance mode of my website.

Domain settings are also pretty simple to manage in the BionicWP managed host.

To add a domain, click on ‘Domain Setting’ and then add the domain.

Similarly, you can also add SSL with the click of a button.

I added multiple domains to BionicWP and it allows me to enable SSL certificates for all of them.

Daily Backups on BionicWP WordPress Hosting

I can also enable daily backups for BionicWP WordPress hosting. For starters, BionicWP will create a clone of your website on a daily basis. This clone is available for download.

You can also directly add it to the live site.

Consider this: Someone hacked your website. Now, you want to restore a previous version (pre-hacked) of your website. 

You will click on the daily backup section, select the most recent backup, and restore it.

BionicWP offers 30 free backups for each website hosted on the platform.

BionicWP Addon Options

A few add-ons that you can add to your WordPress website include Unlimited site edits, daily forms check & Bionic Speed.

If your website has multiple landing pages available, then you can use the form check feature. It will ensure that all your forms are properly working and that no form is clogging your lead intake.

If you have not opted for these addons while purchasing the package, you can enable them later when you want to. Simply go to Add-ons > Form Checks/Unlimited Edits.

BionicWP Site Operations

If your website is acting weird, you can go to the Bionic Site Operations and clear cache, or Restart PHP on your Linux container. This will hopefully solve the problem. 

BionicWP has offered site editing, management, and removal features on a single page to make the learning curve easier for its users.

How Fast is BionicWP WordPress Managed Hosting?

The reason I loved BionicWP was because of the performance promise. In layman’s terms, BionicWP ensures that each website hosted on the server loads within 3 seconds. 

I have tested numerous websites and I am impressed every time. Here is one website I tested on BionicWP.

A perfect 100%! 

Although the website is raw and may slow down a bit when it has content available, this just shows that the website works as the hosting provider had promised.

You can test the performance on other platforms and the speed will remain the same.

And on mobile…

BionicWP WordPress Hosting Features

BionicWP offers a whole host of features starting from basic server management to advanced such as unlimited site edits, and performance promise. Let’s discuss each one of them in detail.

A Truly Managed WordPress Host?

Most of the users don’t know what a managed hosting is. Hosting users usually think that any website that offers server-level management such as updates, cache installation, and backups is a managed host. 

However, the reality is completely different. In fact, those users who have server-level management, are stuck with site management issues. 

No other managed host offers that service except BionicWP. It offers both site-level, application-level, and server-level support to its users.

Whether they want to update their websites or their servers, they can rely on the BionicWP team to do that for them.

Unlimited Site Edits

If you are someone like me who has multiple websites, then you would understand how difficult it is to manage the editing or updates.

In some cases, all this will be taking your time and you won’t have any time left to focus on what you do best. That’s one of the reasons I moved to BionicWP.

They offer a package called ‘Unlimited Site Edits’ and you can use it to make 30 minutes changes on your website, as many times as you want using their support team.

The package has a fixed price of $25 and is available as an add-on with your existing hosting package. 

Fully White Labeled Hosting Solution

Similarly, another great option offered by BionicWP is the white label hosting solution.

White Label hosting is when an agency offers to host without any sort of branding. This is perfect for development and design agencies having their own clients. 

With the white label hosting solution, they can easily sell the hosting solution under their own brand name.

It is also available as an add-on and BionicWP will be using agency email addresses to contact clients.

The clients of the agency won’t know that the hosting solution is offered by BionicWP at any point of the contact cycle.

Performance-Focused Features by BionicWP

BionicWP separates itself from other providers by offering a performance guarantee that no other host offers to its users. And, the BionicWP support team is super-cooperative and prompt..

90+ Google Pagespeed scores

As told, BionicWP ensures maximum performance. People who come to BionicWP usually come for the speed it offers. Hence the tagline ‘Come for the speed, stay for the support’

Since BionicWP offers a completely free trial, users can easily get the advantage of most of the features offered by BionicWP. They can then see the limits offered by the hosting solution. If they want to try their current website on the BionicWP hosting solution, the support staff can create a staging environment for them and show their website performance moving to a 90+ page speed score.

BionicWP Helps Increase Conversions by 20% 

The best part about BionicWP is that it can easily improve site conversions. 

Experts say that visitors leave slow websites. Slow websites are those that take at least 3 seconds or more to load. 

So, if your website is taking more than 3 seconds to load, people are highly unlikely to take any valuable action on your website.

That’s where the speed metric offered by BionicWP comes in. It increases site performance to less than 3 seconds and more visitors visit the website. As a result, conversions start to increase. Speed turns to more visitors, visitors turn to conversions, and conversions turn to profit.

Google C2 High Compute Instances with Premium Tier Bandwidth 

BionicWP servers are hosted on Google C2 High Compute instances. They are the fastest WordPress hosting servers in the world.

Google Search Engine and Gmail are two websites that are hosted on C2 High Compute servers.

So, you can imagine how fast these servers are going to be. Their specs are 128GB RAM and 32 core CPUs, these servers offer the fastest performance in the market. 

Nginx + FCGI + PHP 7.4 + MariaDB/MYSQL with LXD Containers

Another thing that makes BionicWP’s offering unique is the cache Nginx, FCGI, LXD containers, MariaDB, and PHP 7.4, all combined to double your site performance.

In simple terms, the cache and FastCGI capability adds rockets to an already powerful hosting server. That’s why you get best-in-class site performance.

Security Review

BionicWP security

There are many security features offered by BionicWP to improve site security. For starters, it has malware protection and daily site monitoring.

It also offers SSL security for all its users so that they can do online transactions with ease.

It also has a hack promise so that user data always remains safe and the regular site backups can be restored whenever needed.

Finally, to ensure that all hackers remain at bay, BionicWP offers IP whitelisting feature. This only allows a few limited IP addresses to get access to a hosting server.

Unless the person signs with the same IP address, he/she will not be allowed entry.

Malware Scanning & WAF Firewalls

Moreover, BionicWP has not left any tables unturned when it comes to site security and protection. For starters, it offers complete malware scanning with just a click.

So, trojan and virus issues can be tackled automatically. The support team also monitors each website to ensure it is virus protected.

Similarly, BionicWP also offers a Website Application Firewall (WAF) protection for all its users. Using this firewall, users can closely monitor their site health.

It also ensures safety against hacking attempts such as DDoS attacks, SQL injection, Cross-Site scripting security, and much more.

Hack-Proof Security

What if your site hosted on BionicWP is hacked? What then? That’s where the hack-proof security feature of BionicWP comes in handy.

With this feature, the BionicWP support team will immediately restore the safest backup of the website for no extra charges.

Since data is crucial to every website, BionicWP’s backups ensure that no data is lost when a website is defaced.

It also ensures that the website can get back online in minimum time and the downtime is close to zero.

BionicWP offers a 30-day on-site backup for all users in its hosted packages.

Site Management Features of BionicWP

Site Management Features

A managed hosting solution offers quality site management including server updates and maintenance, site updates, and site edits.

Moreover, it protects against viruses and performance issues. BionicWP does the same.

Core, Theme, & Plugins Updates

There is no hosting solution available that offers all – core, theme, and plugin updates. That is where BionicWP shines the most.

It offers all these updates on a single dashboard so that users can easily update their websites. Even if they have hundreds of websites available, they can update all of them with the click of a button.

The best part? All these are available for free. Unlike other hosting solutions that charge premium pricing for all these features, the BionicWP platform has these options built-in.

Weekly Performance Monitoring

The best part about BionicWP is that it offers weekly site performance and server monitoring features for all its users.

The BionicWP support team is always working to improve the user experience. If the team finds any issues, they fix them on an ad-hoc basis.

The purpose is to ensure that the site is performing at an optimal level.

If there are any issues with the site performance, the team automatically fixes it. The weekly report is also sent to the customer so that they are always updated about the changes being made on their sites.

Unlimited Site Edits

The best part about getting BionicWP is the unlimited site edit feature. I personally am irritated with all the groundwork needed to manage a site.

Even if the data is available like pricing, events, and others, all these require constant and timely changes. One person can’t do it all.

That’s where the unlimited site edits feature by the BionicWP team comes in.

For only $25/per month extra, they will help you make an unlimited number of changes to the website.

There are some conditions but they are still minimum and great for anyone who wants major timely changes on their website and don’t want to afford a virtual assistant to do the job.

Staging Environment

Another important feature that BionicWP offers to its users is the staging environment feature. When a new website or a feature on a website is launched, it is usually tested in a controlled environment.

This environment is called the staging area. Each new website should have a staging area unfortunately not every hosting solution offers that.

BionicWP has a staging area for all websites hosted on it. This allows its users to test new features easily before rolling them out to the public.

I have already performed performance tests for the new website launched on BionicWP’s server. It is time to test website security.

Security Testing on BionicWP Hosting

When it comes to site security testing, there are a number of tools that you can use. I will stick with Quttera for the security testing of my website.

It will test if there are any number of malware or trojans available on the servers. 

As the server results have shown, the site and the server are completely clean of malware and ready for use.

Want to Earn With BionicWP WordPress Web Hosting Affiliate Program?

  • Earn up to $75 per new account hosted on BionicWP and a 12.5% recurring commission.
  • A perfect fit for bloggers, affiliates, and marketers promoting cloud and managed hosting solutions to their audience
  • A 60-day cookie so that marketers can easily market with complete peace of mind.
  • Get the best offers and features to market 
  • BionicWP hosting solution will offer all the assets affiliates need to market the platform
  • BionicWP will process your earnings as soon as you cross $0.01. No need to wait for a minimum threshold to get paid. Easy right?!

In summary, anyone who is looking to earn profit from their affiliate promotions should definitely try BionicWP hosting solution because of all the exciting and proven features it has to offer.

Customer support at BionicWP Review

Let’s see what customers have said about BionicWP in videos and on blogs. Listen to what they have said about choosing BionicWP and why they made a decision to go with it.

Here is a screengrab of the video.

As the tagline of BionicWP says, people come for the speed and stay for the support they are offered by the BionicWP team.

Since everyone wants to get the best website hosting solution, that is only possible when they read reviews of others who have used that hosting solution.

That’s why here are some more hosting reviews of BionicWP.

More Customer Reviews of BionicWP

We have summarized these reviews so that you can get the crux of each one here. However, to get detailed customer reviews simply click on each name. 

“Amazed at speed and support provided by BionicWP hosting solution” – Samuel

“Why is my website performing so fast?!” – Sean Dennin

“They didn’t charge me anything for the epic optimizations they did!” – Rose

Performance Results of BionicWP Platform

Here are some screen grabs of websites that have shown performance after moving to the BionicWP hosting solution.

As you can see, the majority of the websites are now having 90+ Google page speed scores!

The reason why BionicWP excels at all this is because it ‘Puts customers first’!

Some proof of the websites with super-fast performance and excellent customer support.

See the complete case studies of these speed results on the BionicWP website.

BionicWP vs Other Managed Hosting Solutions

In comparison with other hosting solutions available in the market, BionicWP has a clear edge. It offers many features like unlimited site edit and performance guarantees that other solutions don’t offer.

Let’s compare BionicWP with Kinsta and WPEngine. Both of these are top managed hosting solutions in the industry.

BionicWP vs Kinsta – Head to Head Comparison

Here is a head-to-head comparison of BionicWP vs Kinsta. Since both are great hosting solutions, the comparison is obviously tough.

But the table below shows clearly where BionicWP has a major win against Kinsta hosting solution. 

Features Bionic WP Kinsta
Pricing 27.5 30
Free Migrations Yes No
Try Before You Buy Yes No
Google Page Speed Score Guarantee Yes No
Unlimited Performance Optimizations Yes No
Unlimited Site Edits Yes No
Managed WordPress Core Updates Yes No
CDN Yes Yes
SSL Yes Yes
24/7 Ticket Support Yes Yes

For starters, BionicWP offers multiple features such as free site migrations, managed WordPress core updates, and try before you buy – these are not offered by Kinsta.

Moreover, BionicWP also offers hacking promises and white label hosting. 

BionicWP vs WPEngine – Head to Head Comparison

Similar to Kinsta, BionicWP is a decent WPEngine Alternative. WPEngine only offers server-level support. However, BionicWP offers both server-level and application-level support. 

Moreover, WPEngine pricing starts from $30 for basic site hosting. On the other hand, the BionicWP price starts from $27.5 only. 

Not to forget that there are a whole host of features offered by BionicWP hosting including unlimited edits (as an addon), try before you buy, performance, and WordPress core updates. 

All these features are not offered by WPEngine. 

See the complete list of features that BionicWP offers and their comparison with WPEngine.

Features Bionic WP WPEngine
Pricing 27.5 30
Free Migrations Yes Yes
Try Before You Buy Yes No
Google Page Speed Score Guarantee Yes No
Unlimited Performance Optimizations Yes No
Unlimited Site Edits Yes No
Managed WordPress Core Updates Yes No
CDN Yes Yes
SSL Yes Yes
24/7 Ticket Support Yes Yes

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Conclusion | BionicWP Review 2022

If you are someone like me who has multiple websites to look after, then definitely YES! You should get BionicWP WordPress hosting solution to satisfy your hosting needs.

Since BionicWP is carving a new niche within the cloud hosting industry, its comparison with other hosting solutions is out of the question.

With that said, BionicWP is offering a lot more to its users in terms of features and services. All this gives its users the choice that they ever had with any other hosting solution.

Ready to get BionicWP WordPress hosting solution for your needs? Sign up Today!

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