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[Updated December 2019] BirchPress Coupon Codes: Get UpTo 50% Off Now

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In this post, you will get hands on the BirchPress Coupon Codes for saving money on its various plans.


It is an online appointment booking system known as a BirchPress scheduler. This is the kind of online appointment booking system that a merchant can embed and also can create a form on its site and link to its system. This scheduled is used by many service provider merchants such as beauty salon, massage parlors, photographers, yoga trainers, and chiropractors for their customers.

BirchPress Coupon Codes- The Best Scheduler

The scheduler allows their customer to see the available time slots and books the appointment for the slots as per their convenience to visit. This helps the customer a lot,  save their time, save them with all the chaos. It is well developed and an excellent tool which manages all the scheduling of merchant services and is working totally on an online platform. This schedule is working very well for the customer and help them provide the best schedule according to them.

Let’s checkout the BirchPress Coupon Codes December 2019.

BirchPress Coupon Codes December 2019


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This plugin is best because it is fully loaded with the features which can make any business successful. The calendar can be synchronized with any app or operating system which gives the flexibility to both the customer and staff at their ease and convenience. Due to this plugin, the staffing schedule becomes so easy that it is very easy to manage with the fewer number staffs or in less number of shifts so that you can easily maintain the cost optimization and operational overheads.

BirchPress Coupon Codes- Scheduling And Calendar Sync

It is easy to embed on your website and hence the developers do not need to write any code or work on any kind of setting on your CSS.

Birch press is also best from comparing to other scheduling online toll because it does not ask for the personal information again and again it just autofill your details if you are their regular customers.


  •    It fully works online so the customers can fix or book their appointment according to them and look for all the available slots and accordingly proceed further. This can be done from anywhere
  •     Works with the already existing calendar which you have like Google calendars, Android, I- Cal or outlook, etc.
  •    It utilizes the form features for booking the theme which you want to book.
  •    It is accessible from the multiple locations, for example, if some salon has its multiple branches then it is very easy to access the customer requirement and full fill them on time.

BirchPress Coupon Codes- Email Notification and Customizations

  •    Birch press supports multiple staffs and services at the same time. Can work with multiple staff and can perform multiple services all at the same hour.
  •    With this scheduling tool, you can delegate the employees to do become multi-tasking at a time.
  •    The staff and the customer who are using the birch press gets all the notification and emails in a timely manner. This makes the work easy for both the staff and the customer. They don’t have to always remember their scheduled dates for the appointment; all this is automatically done by the birch press.
  •    The customer has the power to customize their booking themes accordingly. Customers are free to design and choose their specific field for the booking from the variety of options.

BirchPress Coupon Codes- Accept Payment Online

  •    They support online payment system, you don’t need to carry the cash all the time, or you can pay in advance while booking also. They also support multiple currencies so it is easy for any other outsider customer to enjoy the benefits without exchanging the currency.
  •    English, German, French, Dutch, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish all these languages are supported on this tool.

How Does It Work?

It is the most remarkable tool which serves you with the best features that till date no company or firm is providing at the cheapest and best rates. Many people have started using birch press, and are enjoying the advantages it is serving. With the help of birch press, the merchant services get the high profit in their service and it is very convenient to use for both the staff and their clients.

Not only for the staff it gives all the benefits but also to the clients, they also enjoy it equally as the staff. The scheduling and booking of the appointment become very easy to handle for anyone from anywhere. You no don’t need to remember your appointment dates and get the hectic calendars all this is done for you by birch press. Birch press also works on a multitasking system.

BirchPress Coupon Codes- Set It Up

This plugin will allow you to track all the multiple locations of some particular service, their free and busy slots and also the customer preferences. With the help of click meter, it is very easy for you now to check out for the customer availability.

You will now be able to track the service report which will help to provide the gains in your business. Customer will be happy to see the improvement and there will definitely be the gain in the customers.

Customers and staff will get the email notification about the booking or the cancellation of the appointment so that the staff can focus on some other work or customer and the customer can focus on looking the other appointments.

BirchPress Coupon Codes- Schedule It Up

All these features, makes the world and the work go easy and smooth. Due to the notification service, it becomes easy for both the staff and customer to look for another thing.

The plugin mainly saves the time cost and the help to retain the customer’s trust which you have earned by working hard in years.

Simply BirchPress is the best plugin scheduler, makes the working flexible, unlike other plugins.


  •    The already or the regular customers of BirchPress gets the information auto fill which saves the time of their customers and also they don’t need to type again and again their information.
  •    At the time of booking from any customer, the staff gets the notification email
  •    Custom emails and messages are received with booking/ appointment details.
  •    Page redirection is done by the toll after confirming the booking.
  •    Set the fixed length for the time slots for their every service.
  •    Returning users which are going to book an appointment with email and password.
  •    Calendar synchronization is done automatically
  •    Set the availability according to the specific time period.
  •    Group booking that means booking the multiple customers at the same time; this task is given to some different staff.
  •    Auto assignments for the staff members are provided by the birch press.
  •    They have authorized .net integration
  •    Access control for the staff members
  •    Export all the customer list which make it easy for the staff to select customer among the exported list
  •    Provides WP user integration.

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CONCLUSION:- BirchPress Coupon Codes

If you want your business to grow better than your competitors then today itself you should get this plugin on your website and attract more and more customers. These schedules enhance your business profile and attract the customers by its powerful features.

The BirchPress coupon codes give more advantages to their customers and the staff also. The discount always gets provided if it is visible on site. No fraud promises are made on the name of discounts. They give the genuine discounts for their customer/ users. They are always ready to help their customer in any case of inconvenience. The best scheduler to date and trusted by thousands of customers.

The reviews on the plugin are generally positive because customer needs are always full filled in the specific time they do not get the chance to complain.

Birch press supports their customer with a 1-year warranty and also block the holidays.

Hope you enjoy your purchase with BirchPress coupon codes.

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