6 Best Bitrix24 Alternatives 2021: Find The Best Marketing Tool For You

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Bitrix24 is a collaboration software with complete tools for management, collaboration, and communication. Bitrix24 gives you a unified platform for your files, projects, messages, tasks, and contacts.

All Alternatives of Bitrix24

EngageBay's Marketing Bay, an interactive marketing tool, will triple your small company or startup's revenue.

"EngageBay gives me the flexibility to automate my processes and "take the work out", whether it's for Marketing, Sales, or Operations. I can trigger a call, SMS, or email based on a customer response, or lack thereof." -Peter M

Monday.com provides strong project management tools in a visually appealing scoreboard. Developers can change the appearance of your homepage to suit your workflow and requirements.

There are a couple of things that I love about monday.com. The first is that I can automate tasks to be more comfortable when doing other activities. The second is that I can organize my projects in an easy and orderly way. I also like your support to worry about responding to my requests on time, as well as being very intuitive, easy to use and with a relatively accessible price to the public. -Michael J

Wrike can easily be included in place of Bitrix24. It has ranked amongst the best 3 smart automation options available, and practitioners from a wide range of industries use it.

"Overall I am having totally positive experience with this software. I would say it surely the best choice for task management and can be perfectly used for other purposes too." -Gabriel L.

ConnectWise Manage makes use of advanced wireless communication, making it ideal for collaboration, particularly when working on routine services involving large, distributed teams.

Connectwise is really the central tool of our operations and we use it for all core business activities such as ticketing, project management, invoicing, and time entry, just to state a few of its uses. We use it across the entire company and all departments.

Trello is a well-known collaboration platform for businesses and workgroups that centralizes all of their communication channels.

"I like that Trello gives you a great visibility to share your projects and boards with other members in order to be able to track progress and accountability." -Maszni A

Jira would be a program management platform that is used by more than thirteen million people worldwide.

We are using Jira across the whole team to address all modifications in system like when there is anything we have to add in the page or edit anything. We mentioned all the updates in Backlog and then make a sprint for a week or two to complete it. -ZEESHAN RANA

Bitrix24 is a teamwork software that includes everything you need to manage, collaborate, and communicate.

Bitrix24 unifies your documents, programs, emails, activities, and references into a specific application. You can start using the service right away by creating an account and introducing your employees.

Everybody in your team may keep records of assignments and collaborate effectively to move the project forward using the Activity Stream. 

Many users are searching for a way, constructive software solutions with updates, cloud storage, and document partnership.

Company Instant Messaging Device is a popular technology. Online advertising and task management are two other important factors to consider when looking into Bitrix24 alternatives.

Microsoft Teams, Cisco Jabber, Monday.com, and Slack are among some of the solutions that testers voted as the overall best options and rivals Bitrix24.

Social networking, tasks and ventures, CRM, application development, cloud storage, calendar and plan, management team strategic planning, email, telephone, and HR management are one of the company’s major solutions.

It also has a mobile solution that works on any Android, apple, or iPad mobile device.

Users should begin with a comprehensive plan that includes all of the necessary features and tools, including up to 12 users, database access, and collaboration software.

plans cloud – hosted are highly scalable and can be accessed from any device.

For full data control, system software access, and a variety of other methods, an on-premise approach is also provided. Create their own apps while using their current systems with the Bitrix application store.

Top 6 Best Bitrix24 Alternatives In 2021:

Here are some of the best alternatives to Bitrix24:

1. EngageBay

Bitrix24 Alternatives ENGAGEBAY overview


EngageBay combines sales, advertisement, and customer service into a common network. Many people regard it as a viable alternative to more costly enterprise solutions.

It helps to automate critical business processes and routines, allowing you to focus on running and growing your company.

Subsystems for email marketing, CRM, sales, live chat, and email marketing are some of the features. All of this is housed in a homepage with a simple implementation.

Its goal, as the name implies, is to trap and activate web users, resulting in referrals that, if used correctly, can be converted into happy consumers.

From google analytics to lead development, Engagebay has you covered. It has features like a planner, contact forms, deal queue, and assignable tasks that can help you handle internal systems.

You’ll be able to handle important business activities in one place with all these features and more.

Feedback From customers, Issuing tickets, Help desk support, and Knowledge Base are just a few of the service tools included in its CRM module.

Additionally, CRM actions can be performed. As a result, you’ll be able to save a lot and effort for encounters itself. So that actual job can be performed, manual entries are minimised.

The same could be said about the marketing and advertising activities.

EngageBay is an internet platform. It is available in various variants for businesses with various budgets as an option to large services.

It has a free plan that comes with a good range of features. The first and only restriction is that you’ll only have Thousand references and Thousand labeled emails at any given time.

Additional features and 15,000 connections with 10,000 marked emails are included in the Action Plan.

Why should someone choose Engagebay rather than Bitrix24?

  • EngageBay offers the best service for combining Electronic Marketing and Sales into one portal. Reps assist the user in achieving what he or she requires with the highest degree of benefits that he or she could have imagined.
  • Small and medium-sized businesses in need of a cost-effective all-in-one sales and marketing solution to obtain, engage, cultivate, and convert visitors to customers.
  • The services include an excellent automated email tool, as well as conversion tracking and forms. It performs admirably and can serve as an excellent replacement.

Why should someone choose Bitrix24 rather than Engagebay?

  • It provides excellent value for money, with unparalleled pricing when compared to many other technology solutions available for the same purpose. 
  • It’s fantastic task management and technology detailed integrated, and it’s fantastic within the corporate and social features. 
  • This software allows us to store a large number of business connections and other relevant information, and it is very inexpensive. Throughout all levels of participation, there is a great deal of capability.”


  • A free plan is provided, but it only allows for 1,000 clients and 1,000 branded locations.
  • Whenever billed annually, the current outline costs $10.39 per person per month, and when billed weekly, it costs $12.99 per person / month.
  • Whenever billed annually, the Development plan costs $19.99 per month subscription, and $24.99 per month per person when billed quarterly.
  • If billed annually, the Pro plan would cost $39.99 per person / month, and $49.99 per month fee when charged weekly.


  • It allows designers to create emails without any taskbar or email-building knowledge.
  • For customer care, there is only one invoice and one business.
  • Measure every metric from a specific system.
  • Monitor and improve your campaigning.


  • Acquiring knowledge of multiple systems.
  • Paying multiple bills
  • Multiple email accounts and systems to juggle 

2. monday.com

Bitrix24 Alternatives monday_overview


Monday.com provides strong project management tools in a visually appealing scoreboard. Developers can change the appearance of your homepage to suit your workflow and requirements.

Individuals can effectively predict projects, maintain track of events, communicate about projects, and collaborate on them. Deadlines, calendars, Kanban, and many other efficiency plugins.

They now have easy-to-understand data at their fingertips. Because it is both user – friendly and easy utilize, our specialists highly greatly appreciate the opportunity.

The software does not necessitate extensive training. Someone with a gadget could simply move in and see what’s going on almost instantly.

Monday.com’s primary goal is to make contributions as simple as possible while also helping different parts of the organization to perform at their best.

Why should someone choose monday.com rather than Bitrix24?

  • This has a lot of visual appeal and is simple while using.
  • Extra advanced than the vast majority, although not all, comparable applications
  • Extremely adaptable, allowing to use in a variety of projects within a business.
  • The collaborating features are excellent.
  • Talented integrations, including DropBox and Zapier  
  • Top-of-the-line customer service

Why should someone choose Bitrix24 rather than monday.com?  

  • This provides a 12-user free version.
  • It provides advice and training to Company users rather than anyone else. 
  • This is really available in multiple translations.


Monday.com price plans range from $49 to $1,999 each month. It’s cost based on the number of clients you intend to onboard and the features you need for your business.

Pros :

  • Distance measurement planned to build
  • Your boards can be viewed in a variety of ways.
  • Use Gantt charts to visualize project progress.
  • Work on the go with a mobile app.

Cons :

  • It’s impossible to keep track of project objectives.
  • It’s impossible to assign comments to team members.
  • There aren’t any strong task dependencies.
  • Only a few activity logs
  • It is missing features for managing ideas.

3. Wrike

Bitrix24 Alternatives wrike-overview


Wrike can easily be included in place of Bitrix24. It has ranked amongst the best 3 smart automation options available, and practitioners from a wide range of industries use it.

Wrike, like Bitrix24, uses a live Active Stream participation to ensure that we’re all on the similar inbox, as well as Its collaborating package goes beyond organized discussions to assess and evaluate results.

Depending on the statistics it integrates for each service, Wrike produces financial statements and represents overt or implicit threats before they cause serious trouble to the brand.

Wrike was founded by Andrew Filev in 2006. Filev initially self-funded the company before seeking investor funding later.

In December 2006, Wrike released a preview version of all of its software (also known as Wrike), and the application was only officially unveiled that same month at the Le Web 3 meeting in Geneva, where it won the B2B category award.

They launched a new “Enterprise” platform in December 2013, aimed at larger businesses.

Why should someone choose Wrike rather than Bitrix24??

  • Wrike has enterprise-level capabilities.
  • It has a more potent and well-developed collaboration package.
  • Instead of task reports, audit reports are produced.
  • Time and improvement are kept track of.
  • Emphasis on identifying with the most popular email services is available.
  • Apps for certain operated systems that are available.
  • Customer service can be contacted through Live messages.

Why should someone choose Bitrix24 rather than Wrike?

  • Customers get to pick the based adaptive.
  • Instead of 5, the basic plan includes 12 customers.
  • It comes in a multitude of languages as well.


  • Professional Wrike Free Package
  • Monthly package – $10
  • Enterprise Package – on a case-by-case basis

Pros :

  • Task management that is simple to use. Wrike allows project individuals to quickly assign tasks to everyone else and communicate with external partners.
  • Effective proofing tool. The software development platform is a great place for students to collaborate and remark on task elements like PDF files, Word documents, videos, and other virtual currencies.
  • Project templates that are adaptable. Team members can save time by customizing templates and using them to work on major programs instead of starting from scratch.

Cons : 

  • It is prohibitively expensive for individual users or small groups. Although there is a free version of the software, it only has very basic features. Higher premium plans with more valuable features are more costly for a person or a small team.
  • There isn’t a chat option. Wrike allows you to leave comments on tasks that are relevant to the job. Users may have to rely on fourth integration otherwise.
  • Some integrations, such as those with Outlook, cause notifications to be delayed by more than few hour. Users must keep Wrike available and continuously check their inbox, or they risk missing a crucial project discussion.

4. ConnectWise Manage

Bitrix24 Alternatives connectWise-overview


ConnectWise Manage is the third choice on their Bitrix24 list. This basic risk management subsystem serves as a hub for tying together business procedures.

It helps companies optimize operations by providing error-proof ticket systems, open lines of responsibility, and amazing graphics.

ConnectWise Manage makes use of advanced wireless communication, making it ideal for collaboration, particularly when working on routine services involving large, distributed teams.

ConnectWise provides technology companies with a full business management and business processes system, including IT service providers, technical services, software developers, safety, and telecom.

ConnectWise procedure rules cover a wide range of business activities, from performing targeted marketing campaigns to tracking service delivery using terms and conditions.

Why should someone choose ConnectWise Manage rather than Bitrix24?

  • It’s a very adaptable system.
  • One-stop shop for all your business need
  • Compatibility with different operational devices and network systems.
  • Extensive alerting and escalation capabilities
  • Work plans that can be customized

Why should someone choose Bitrix24 rather than ConnectWise Manage?

  • Provides multiple communication channels
  • Social networking integration option
  • Pricing that is transparent


ConnectWise Manage enterprise cost is really only available if needed for a customized quotation, as they tailor plans to each company’s specific needs and scale.

Pros : 

  • Service/project item interoperability and comprehensive monitoring.
  • Connecting is a breeze. Computers are in high demand. You should look for a computer by its name, last login name, or public IP address. The word’server’ alone will bring up all of the servers.

Cons : 

  • When it counts the most, real tech support is almost impossible to come by.
  • When retrieving files from a session, it will occasionally stop working for no explicable reason. Also, the computer sometimes will act strangely, such as refusing to accept certain keys or allowing them to be combined with a function key.

5. Trello



Trello is a well-known collaboration platform for businesses and work groups that centralizes all of their communication channels.

Trello is unlike any other productivity tool available. Its layout and design revolve around the Kanban board.

It is a commonly used receipt process improvement approach that helps drive efficiency and ensures consistent communication to keep everyone up to date on task and project progress.

Trello makes it easier for your teams to cooperate, helping you to get more done.

With characteristics that make work fun, flexible, and motivating, you can keep everybody in the loop, get the most out of each discussion, and multiply your profitability.

Trello is used by every team, from startups to large corporations, to organize, track, and organize workflows.

The price will appeal to freelancers and small enterprises (a freemium version is available), while bigger businesses will have no trouble scaling its features.

Built-in rule-based know the reason with buffer, customized card/board triggers, and a checklist tool are among the other key features.

Why should someone choose Trello rather than Bitrix24?

  • A system that is both open and flexible.
  • It’s simple to get to from anywhere.
  • Requirements that must be met based on built-in rules.
  • Comprehensive integration of well-known enterprise applications from 3rd parties.
  • The free Android Applications or apple are included. 
  • With the help of a robo advisor, task processing is made easier.

Why should someone choose Bitrix24 rather than Trello?

  • The people are given training as a result of this.
  • It can be used to administer and report on projects.
  • Time monitoring and customer relationship management are among the features included (CRM).


Trello, like Wrike as well as other project management apps, has paid plans. Trello Gold costs $5 per month (or $45.00 per year).

This plan allows you to upload files up to 250MB in size, customize viewpoints, emoji, and stickers, and get extra board perspectives and stickers.

A free month of Trello Gold is given to every user of the toolbar who effectively hires another to use it. Trello Business Class, but at the other hand, may be preferred by associations or businesses.

The plan is $5 per user per month or $45 per customer per year.

Pros :

  • Reducing project assignment confusion by using simple tools to organize tasks and measure performance.
  • Personalized lists that enable users to track the metrics which are most important to them and receive automated alerts when they change.

Cons :

  • Trello would not work if you don’t have access to wifi or if your data connection is shaky.
  • Each card/task can only be used on one Board/Project.
  • Having a lot of cards can be exhausting.
  • The use of shortcut keys and productivity is restricted.

6. Jira



Jira would be a program management platform that is used by more than thirteen million people worldwide.

Throughout the assignment management process, it has been shown to assist with plan development, priorities, and delegate.

Because it streamlines the development process, Jira would be a popular option among software developers.

Jira Software’s Scrum, Kanban, and Scrumban approach guidance allows teams to coordinate in the most efficient way possible.

Surprisingly, the system’s visual, data-driven reporting gives your teams critical and actionable insight into your iterative methodology.

JIRA is a project management methodology that is centralized and highly customizable. All projects are entered into a centralized database and go through a series of processes (processes).

Workflows govern the project’s progress as well as the rules that govern how it moves between statuses.

Why should someone choose Jira rather than Bitrix24?

  • Jira Programming Language is the company’s own scripting language.
  • With over three thousand 3rd party applications to choose from, it’s versatile.
  • Has a mobile app that is easy to use.
  • Options for cloud-based as well as on implementation.
  • Gives you a complete picture of the project status.
  • A complete developer’s toolkit.
  • At the business level, crime controls

Why should someone choose Bitrix24 rather than Jira?

  • It provides a free scheme for up to 12 users.
  • Files are stored in doc bookshops providing Internet DAV support, version control, and versatile permit systems.
  • It’s in charge of communicating with the outside world.


  • Project Pro using Office 365 costs $25 a month per member. $1,559 for Project Professional. $589 for Project Standard. For up to ten users, the price starts at $10 / month.
  • When they add more customers, the price rises.
  • For up to 25 users, the monthly fee is $100.
  • For up to 50 users, the monthly fee is $200.
  • For up to 100 users, the monthly fee is $300.
  • For up to 500 users, the monthly fee is $500.
  • Monthly fee of $1000 for up to 2000 users

Pros :

  • It’s a dependable tool for managing your overall effort on the go.
  • It assists you in becoming a better project manager by assisting you in prioritizing the client’s requirements before you start a new project.
  • Jira is extremely configurable and adaptable, allowing it to be used in a wide range of environments and processes.

Cons : 

  • The tool is difficult to implement and learn how to use.
  • Its convoluted user interface can make task management difficult.
  • There is no built-in period to track the progress of your project.
  • You won’t be able to communicate with your team because there are no collaboration characteristics.

What is CRM? 

What is CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a term that refers to the management of customer relationships.

It’s a piece of software that helps you handle customer and prospective customer interactions.

A customer relationship management system (CRM) aids businesses in developing customer relationships and streamlining processes in order to boost sales, enhance customer service, and boost profits.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a term that refers to the management of customer relationships.

It’s a piece of software that helps you handle customer and prospective customer interactions.

A customer relationship management system (CRM) aids businesses in developing customer relationships and streamlining processes in order to boost sales, enhance customer service, and boost profits.

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FAQs | Bitrix24 Alternatives

😍What are the benefits of experimenting with other Bitrix24 alternatives?

Alternatives to Bitrix24 provide more features at a lower cost.

🤩What is the most cost-effective Bitrix24 alternative?

I won't say the cheapest option; instead, I'll say affordable. TeamWork is a great Bitrix24 substitute that offers a variety of plans with flexible pricing.

👉Is Bitrix24 a free and open source program?

Bitrix24 is not a free or open source program.

👍What else does Teamwork provide that Wrike does not?

Wrike has a resource management feature that TeamWork does not have, but otherwise Wrike has almost all of TeamWork's features.

✌️How much does Bitrix24 set you back?

Bitrix24's pricing is divided into three categories, each with its own set of subcategories: 12 users are free. Plan unique: Start+: $19/month for two users CRM+ has a total of 6 users. $55.00 Project+ has a total of 24 users. $55.00 Plan of action: 50 users is the standard. 59 dollars

Conclusion | Bitrix24 Alternatives 2021

If you’re looking for a Bitrix24 alternative, you should certainly look into Engagbay.

To expand your sales, upload pictures, and create meaningful relationships with customers, EngageBay enables you to understand all of your personal emails, track deals, and the sales pipeline.

To market and sell more effectively, gain a deeper understanding of your customers. Visualize your deal pipeline and keep track of each deal’s progress.

While there are a few more options that can be used in place of bitrix24.

Verdict: Engagebay is the first choice over Bitrix24 as it offers the best service for combining Marketing and Sales into one portal. Monday.com is the Second choice for Bitrix24 as this has a lot of visual appeal and simplicity while using. Wrike is the Third choice because it has a more potent and well-developed collaboration package. Serving as a hub for tying together business procedures. ConnectWise Manage to be the Fourth choice for Bitrix Alternatives.

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