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In this post, we have shared the BizTexter Discount Coupons with detailed BizTexter Review and its features and pricing. Read here!!

Most of us like getting messages from our favorite stores, or general practitioners, or other reminders as it saves lots of time and money. Its always good to know things in advance thru messages so that you don’t waste your energy in finding the right stuff. Messaging is taking the world through a stroll as it has become the most preferred type of communication due to the convenience it adds to our lifestyles. In this post, you will get the latest BizTexter discount coupons so as to save money on texting plans for your business.

biztexter discount coupons

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How to grab the BizTexter discount coupons?

  • Go to the Biztexter website by clicking the discount coupon
  • After getting the tour of the software and its functioning, go to the Pricing section
  • Choose the plan as per your requirement and click whether you want it by type or platform.
  • View plans of the particular platform and click on Add to Cart

  • Go to the cart and apply the above BizTexter discount coupons in the space given
  • You can also add the paid support if you want and then Proceed to Checkout.
  • Fill in the personal and payment details and get this amazing tool at discounted price.

 About BizTexter

BizTexter is trying to change the digital world by providing it with the most effective means of communication with no string attached. It will transform the way consumers interact with various trades by providing it with the smartest messaging tool for digital follow-up marketing and customer service.

Their objective is to bring a standard shift in the current market from business to consumer above to the more galvanizing customer to business. This means in today’s world C2B is far more influential and profit rendering than infuriating B2C.

It will let your customers engage in their time, terms and gain more loyalty when compared to other means of marketing. This would bring in drastic changes in the attitude of the customers who are not bombarded with the ads every now and then.

BizTexter kind of tool is gaining more importance because today customer wants to order everything by just tapping its fingertips n the mobile and other gadgets. Everything is ordered via messaging and the Internet of things devices like direct TV, smart TV, Uverse, tablets, etc. WIFI routers liked Amazon Echo and Google Now. This will be the future of retail marketing and other services and will fill the gap between the demand and supply chain.

Further, Biztexter is trying to develop a whole new world of texting freely to all businesses by just keeping a small share that comes thru the process. For now, they are charging as any telecom services provider, but in the future, they want to open an exceptional customer to business messaging to the world.

Why BizTexter?

This solution involves both NLP and business rationality command administering to occur within the chipset of the IoT maneuver itself and connect with the end manipulator as well as the cloud through a radio chip. It’s a give-and-take cycle of vast information gathering, machine erudition dispensation and keeping local business logic per device in the vicinity. This is the precise situation protected under their IP and patent filing US 20140087697 A1.

No other player in the IoT market can entitle a 2012 copyright filing date previous to theirs for these exclusive surroundings authorised without help an IP right going back to 2009. It is expected that BT’s technology and IP will enormously help one or more of the chief players desiring to perform in IoT.

What does BizTexter offers?

You can now join the 67000 plus happy users of Biztexter texting service. The service has patented artificial intelligence SMS chat Bots. BT offers various solutions in the form of:


  • Allow Biztexter manage your most commonly asked queries
  • Meek and easy format to systematize your customer service
  • Mechanically answer enquiries by means of artificial intelligence responders
  • Program your SMS marketing with 2-way assignation
  • Allow clients generate tickets in Zendesk with our naïve incorporation


  • Stress-free and straightforward Text Message Marketing tools
  • Scheduled Follow-Up feature directs text messages without human intervention
  • You choose the regularity between communications to your budding customers
  • Simply direct your sales conduit using text messaging
  • Incorporate Automatic Replies to mechanize the most asked enquiries

How to use BizTexter?

You have all the choices in your hand. Its just need simple understanding to know how everything functions and how you get used to it. the following platforms will help you in understanding the whole process.


  • Send & receive messages from any Web Browser
  • Numerous Virtual Numbers in any area code
  • Infinite keywords & responder prompts
  • Team association and message sending
  • Short Code incorporation [coming soon]
  • Landline scouring & list scrubbing


  • Functions on any Android phone or tablet
  • Make use of cell number or pick a computer-generated number
  • Uses unrestricted voice and texting plans
  • Uses call waiting, forwarding & voicemail
  • All the benefits of ANDROID APP Store
  • Email to SMS Relay and API Control


  • Control Cloud Web App or the ANDROID APP
  • Call center software and IVR incorporation
  • CRM and email software amalgamation
  • Zendesk, Zopim and Twilio combination
  • Isolated access panels for several phones
  • Automatic landline cleaning & sieving

How does BizTexter offers the mobile social customer service?

You customers will get engaged with the kind of SMS they get for the particular brand. All this will be done by the SMS service for customers thru:

  • Reaching the customers wherever they are thru text messaging
  • Truly involving and engaging them via perfectly designed messages
  • Build brand royalty by continuously sending them updates. In this way even if your prices are little higher, your customer will come to you.

This can be achieved by truly creating the flawless market for your customers. The whole process of messaging with BizTexter is simple as it lets you have as many contacts, keywords, groups and auto-replies as per your requirement. The real two-way texting with auto-reply helps you and your clients getting quick answers saving lots of time.

Believe me, today everyone is so busy that they don’t want to get disturbed by frequent ad calls. Messaging them the offers and reminding them about their appointments allow them to have a look at their own pace. When your business takes the time to truly involve and connect with the users, they tend to make purchases regularly.


BizTexter offers plans as per the platform and kind of services you need for your customers. Have a look at the option below and decide the packages yourself. And also don’t forget to apply the BizTexter discount coupons while checkout.

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Conclusion-BizTexter Discount Coupons October 2022

BizTexter is a powerful messaging software that lets you engage your customers through the two-way process of auto-replying to the queries. You can use this platform via any operating system or device of yours. It is indeed an effective way to create a potential market for your brand.

Hope you enjoyed the post on BizTexter Discount Coupons. Don’t forget to share Biztexter discount coupons & offers with your friends who are also looking for similar software to promote their brand.


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