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[Updated May 2019] Blazing SEO Proxy Coupon Codes- Get Upto 55% Off Hurry

Blazing Proxy Promo Codes
Written by Finnich Vessal

All dreams get wings from a small approach that you think is worth the risk. This is so true in the case of the man behind Blazing SEO- Neil Ameigh. He started internet marketing at the age of 15 and in just few years he builds his own proxy service providing firm with excellent features. Let’s first checkout the Blazing Proxy promo codes and then move forward to its details.

Blazing Proxy Promo Codes

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How to get the Blazing Proxy promo Codes?

  • Click on the discount link above and then go to the website.
  • After going thru the features and functioning, go to the Pricing section.
  • Click on Start a Trial Now.
  • Try for 2 days after filling in the billing and personal info. Also apply the Blazing Proxy promo codes in the space given.
  • If you are satisfied with the services offered, go for the selected plan.

About Blazing Proxy

Blazing Proxy is in business from last seven years with more than 12,000 customers. Neil Emeigh is the mind behind Blazing SEO SLL. He started internet marketing when he was just fifteen years old. Neil used to create backlinks for his clients in order to earn some money. He used to build custom-code, easy, and convoluted, automation texts for an online game. The thought of making the process automated and earning fast money occupied his mind and this gave birth to the Blazing Proxies.

Now Blazing Proxy is full-fledged ownership of Neil with six full and part time developers working for the same. It helps the projects which involve lots of automation. It has become the greatest success story till now for Neil and Blazing Proxy is by far the only proxy service in the market that allows for AUTOMATIC, immediate setup and distribution. After the immense growth of the business, Neil still handles the customer support personally to handle the queries of the users.

Features of Blazing Proxy

BP is a powerful proxy service which offers unlimited threads and bandwidth. From Unrestricted Bandwidth to HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS Support, BP Proxies Does it all. Let’s have a look at the powerful features:

  • Speed

1 Gbps Unmetered Bandwidth. No More Restrictions!

  • Unrestricted Bandwidth & Threads

Really infinite and unmetered, the proxies have zero restrictions.

  • Validation

They offer IP Authoritazion and User:Pass Approval

  • Automated & instantaneous Delivery

BP allows automatic proxy stand-ins once per month

  • Affiliate Program – 15%

Earn 15% frequent commission with no boundaries!

  • LOADS of Subnets

BP owns abundant subnets in order to offer the best range for your order!

  • HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS Supported!

Not like most private proxy suppliers, BP supports all 3 procedures

  • Three Nations to Select From

BP provides proxies from these 3 nations: USA, Germany, and Brazil.

Blazing Proxy Products

Blazing Proxy offers fully-customised solutions for your every need by offering you products that can assist you in reaching your ambition. The products are:

·         Virgin IPs

Blazing SEO offers: Clean, Virgin, C Blocks. It means those of you who are having glitches with your present IPs (Sneaker buying customers, Ticket clienteles, Google Scraping, Facebook, Social Media, etc) now can use these clean IPs to encounter your goalmouths!


The substructure Blazing Proxies is held and run by their expert squad. They are not resellers! Many a times clients switch from their existing proxy supplier to the BP proxies and never return back. The reason is the quality is night and day. They have continuously corrected and enhanced their custom privately-operated proxy software over the past 2 years to get it where it is now, and public observe this. Now, they are announcing Clean, Private, /24 C Blocks!


·         Dedicated Servers

BP now offers a wide choice of requirements and dimensions. Their usual build is a E3-1240v5 CPU. Any volume of RAM, disk/SSD space, and additional customization can be inserted on demand – just contact the team and it will be done for you in no time. All of Their server and substructure is 100% owned by them, including the network. With 24/7 support, reasonable prices, and the eminence you can imagine from Blazing SEO.


·         Windows VPS

The similar structure they use for other proxies is also utilised for their VPS host machines, and it has been modified over the past year with their beta clients to decisively allow them to sell openly. They do not take downtime casually (their proxy purchasers already know this), and the same relates to their hosting, but at an even more stern level.


·         Manifold Datacenter Sites

They allow you to select which places you would like your proxies to be in. BP supports the following 3 countries: USA, Germany, and Brazil.

Their USA location currently has 19 cities to choose from, some of them including- Los Angeles, Dallas, New York, Buffalo, Chicago, Atlanta, Seattle and many more….

Customer support

You will get the real support from the full support team. All customer support is managed by their knowledgeable team who are available 24/7 /365. They are qualified, proficient, and coached to guarantee that you will be requesting the right person for help instantly via email. They have their social media pages on Facebook and Twitter.


Blazing Proxy offers 3 kinds of packages. You just need to choose your region and get going with the selected plan. The plans are as follows:

  1. Semi-dedicated proxies are allocated among 3 users. This means that the other 2 handlers could possibly prohibit your IP on the similar websites you are using them on, though the charges are considerably less. Do not make use of this option for social media accounts.
  2. Dedicated proxies are utilised by ONLY you. No one will have right to use any to these IPs, so this choice is best suitable for requirements such as social media accounts.
  3. Rotating proxies give you a solo IP and numerous ports. Upon linking to one of the ports, your traffic will be automatically directed to a proxy IP.

The above packages will be valid for all the three nations namely USA, Brazil, and Germany. In addition to this, there are two more types of proxy packages available which are explained below:

  1. Sneaker Proxy $ 7.50- These are dedicated sneaker proxies which will be utilised only by YOU. There is a ZERO REFUND POLICY (to be noted strictly). After buying we do NOT give any type of guarantee proxies to function for any sneaker website, they may be barred previously – this is not their responsibility or obligation, this is the chance you take ordering their proxies. For success story evidence see @blazingseo on Twitter.
  2. Shopify $ 7.50- These are dedicated shopify proxies again used only by YOU. There is a ZERO REFUND POLICY! After buying we do NOT assure proxies to function for any shopify website, they may be debarred by now – this is not their liability or concern, this is the chance you take purchasing our proxies. For real success stories see @blazingseo on Twitter.

More Proxies….

Higher plans are also available as per your requirement. You will surely get more discounts followed by 2-day trial for free. You just need to enter the number of proxies required by you along with the duration. Confirm your order by clicking on Complete. You just need to fill in the details to get the trial. Remember, more the period, more discount you get. Just apply the Blazing Proxy promo codes to get the best deal.

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Conclusion- [Updated May 2019 Blazing Proxy Promo Coupon Codes

I can say that after reading the in-depth review about Blazing Proxy, you will surely try their services. The Blazing proxy promo codes given above will help you in getting the services at a moderate price. There is no doubt that the proxy services offered by BP are fast, secure and have manifold advantages due to the vast coverage. The unlimited functionality and the powerful approach make it the top choice for the 12000 users.

Hope you take the full benefit of the Blazing proxy discount coupon promo codes.

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