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In this post, we have shared the Blazing Proxies Coupon Code & Promo Codes 2020 with detailed features and pricing.

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How To Get The Blazing Proxies Coupon Code?

  • Click on the discount link above and then go to the website.
  • After going through the features and functioning, go to the Pricing section.
  • Click on Start a Trial Now.
  • Try for 2 days after filling in the billing and personal info. Also, apply the Blazing Proxy promo codes in the space given.
  • If you are satisfied with the services offered, go for the selected plan.

Blazing Proxies checkout coupon code

About Blazing SEO Proxy

Blazing Proxy is in business for the last seven years with more than 12,000 customers. Neil Emeigh is the mind behind Blazing SEO SLL. He started internet marketing when he was just fifteen years old.

Now Blazing Proxy is full-fledged ownership of Neil with six full and part-time developers working for the same. It helps the projects which involve lots of automation.

It has become the greatest success story till now for Neil and Blazing Proxy is by far the only proxy service in the market that allows for AUTOMATIC, immediate setup and distribution.

After the immense growth of the business, Neil still handles the customer support personally to handle the queries of the users.

About - Blazing Proxy Promo Codes

Features of Blazing SEO Proxy:

BP is a powerful proxy service which offers unlimited threads and bandwidth. From Unrestricted Bandwidth to HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS Support, BP Proxies Does it all. Let’s have a look at the powerful features:

  • Speed 1 Gbps Unmetered Bandwidth. No More Restrictions!
  • Unrestricted Bandwidth & Threads Really infinite and unmetered, the proxies have zero restrictions.
  • Validation They offer IP Authorization and User: Pass Approval
  • Automated & Instantaneous Delivery BP allows automatic proxy stand-ins once per month
  • Affiliate Program – 15% Earn 15% frequent commission with no boundaries!
  • LOADS Of Subnets BP owns abundant subnets in order to offer the best range for your order!
  • HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS Supported! Not like most private proxy suppliers, BP supports all 3 procedures
  • Three Nations To Select From BP provides proxies from these 3 nations: USA, Germany, and Brazil.

Features - Blazing Proxy coupon  Code

Blazing Proxies Products: 

Blazing Proxy offers fully-customized solutions for your every need by offering you products that can assist you in reaching your ambition. The products are:

Virgin IPs

Blazing SEO offers Clean, Virgin, C Blocks. It means those of you who are having glitches with your present IPs (Sneaker buying customers, Ticket clienteles, Google Scraping, Facebook, Social Media, etc) now can use these clean IPs to encounter your goalmouths!

The substructure Blazing Proxies is held and run by their expert squad. They are not resellers! Many times clients switch from their existing proxy supplier to the BP proxies and never return back.

The reason is the quality is night and day. They have continuously corrected and enhanced their custom privately-operated proxy software over the past 2 years to get it where it is now, and the public observes this. Now, they are announcing Clean, Private, /24 C Blocks!

Dedicated Servers

BP now offers a wide choice of requirements and dimensions. Their usual build is an E3-1240v5 CPU. Any volume of RAM, disk/SSD space, and additional customization can be inserted on demand – just contact the team and it will be done for you in no time.

All of Their server and substructure is 100% owned by them, including the network. With 24/7 support, reasonable prices, and the eminence you can imagine from Blazing SEO.

Windows VPS

The similar structure they use for other proxies is also utilized for their VPS host machines, and it has been modified over the past year with their beta clients to decisively allow them to sell openly.

They do not take downtime casually (their proxy purchasers already know this), and the same relates to their hosting, but at an even more stern level.

Manifold Datacenter Sites

They allow you to select which places you would like your proxies to be in. BP supports the following 3 countries: USA, Germany, and Brazil.

Their USA location currently has 19 cities to choose from, some of them including- Los Angeles, Dallas, New York, Buffalo, Chicago, Atlanta, Seattle, and many more….

Blazing Proxy Products

Customer Support 

You will get real support from the full support team. All customer support is managed by their knowledgeable team who are available 24/7 /365.

They are qualified, proficient, and coached to guarantee that you will be requesting the right person for help instantly via email. They have social media pages on Facebook and Twitter.

Customer support - Blazing Proxy Promo Codes

How Much Does Blazing Proxy Cost?

Blazing Proxy offers 3 kinds of packages. You just need to choose your region and get going with the selected plan.

Pricing- Blazing Proxy Promo Codes

The plans are as follows:

  1. Semi-dedicated: This means that the other 2 handlers could possibly prohibit your IP on the similar websites you are using them on, though the charges are considerably less. Do not make use of this option for social media accounts.
  2. Dedicated Plan: This plan can be utilized ONLY by you. No one will have the right to use any to these IPs, so this choice is best suitable for requirements such as social media accounts.
  3. Rotating proxies give you a solo IP and numerous ports. Upon linking to one of the ports, your traffic will be automatically directed to a proxy IP.

The above packages will be valid for all three nations namely the USA, Brazil, and Germany.

In addition to this, there are two more types of proxy packages available which are explained below:

Sneaker Proxy Package For $ 7.50

These are dedicated sneaker proxies that will be utilized only by YOU. There is a ZERO REFUND POLICY (to be noted strictly).

After buying we do NOT give any type of guarantee proxies to function for any sneaker website, they may be barred previously – this is not their responsibility or obligation, this is the chance you take ordering their proxies. For success, story evidence sees @blazingseo on Twitter.

Shopify package For $ 7.50– These are dedicated Shopify proxies again used only by YOU. There is a ZERO REFUND POLICY!

Blazing Proxy Locations:


The blazing proxies offer high anonymity proxies using HTTP. HTTP or SOCKS protocols.

They are the top proxy providers in the market with various types of proxy packages that include shared, dedicated, and rotating with excellent performance.

Also, Blazing SEO proxy is among the few proxy services that offer a free trial period to its users. The types of proxy offered by Blazing proxy are HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS. Following are the locations of the Blazing SEO proxies-

  • USA– semi-dedicated, dedicated, rotating
  • GERMANY– semi-dedicated, dedicated
  • BRAZIL– semi-dedicated, dedicated, rotating
  • INDIA– dedicated
  • UK– dedicated
  • JAPAN– dedicated
  • CANADA– dedicated


Blazing SEO proxy clients

Blazing SEO proxies can be used by the users in various ways that are similar to other HTTP and SOCKS proxies

  • Manual configuration– the task of performing manual proxy configuration of any browser and also proxy enabled application is easy to perform. Also, it is a good option when the user is not in need to complete the task that requires automation. Also, they can be set up on IOS and also on Android devices. The internet traffic can be routed by all the popular web browser through HTTP or HTTPS or SOCKS proxies.
  • Proxy browser extensions– if the user is willing for faster management of proxy settings then he has the option of installing a proxy browser extension or addon. They can also install FoxyProxy that works on Firefox and also on Chrome.
  • Proxy software or proxy bots- for the purpose of creating social media accounts, scrapping websites, buying online, etc. Blazing Seo proxy great choice. Many of the tasks mentioned need the process of automation and manual proxy configuration is not a preferred choice. So following is the list of several proxy software application and proxy bots that can be used along with the Blazing SEO proxies:
    1. Blazing SEO Rotating proxy software- Elite proxy switcher, proxifier
    2. SEO software- ScrapeBox, GSA Search Engine Ranker
    3. Sneaker Bots- AIO Bot, Nike Bot, Another Nike Bot, SneakerHead sneakers Bots, Easy Cop Ultimate.

What Type of Proxies Does Blazing SEO Offer?

Blazing SEO offers almost all types of proxies for browsers. Besides the proxies that various companies offer, Blazing SEO gives the Shopify Proxies as well as the Virgin IPS.

Blazing Proxies locations

  • Dedicated Proxies

These are the proxies that no one can use except you. Blazing SEO Dedicated proxies are too swift and the person using this proxy is only you. These proxies are however more in cost as compared to the other proxies. You can always use the Blazing SEO promo codes.

The speeds show the latency of 0.1-0.9 seconds. The speed in dedicated proxies is x3 times faster than the semi-dedicated.

If you’re wanting to use the proxies for social marketing, you have to choose these more exclusive proxies. That way there’s no need to worry about the accounts being banned by another user.

  • Semi-Dedicated Proxies

These proxies are not as fast as the Dedicated proxies but still manage to give a better bandwidth. This proxy is shared between a max of 3 persons. If you have less budget to spend, you can use this proxy to keep your data anonymous. It is usually recommended for casual users.

  • Sneaker Proxies

Sneaker proxies are rare to find. They are available for sites that are severe and work for mostly the sneaker sites. Blazing SEO does not guarantee these proxies to work always.

Pros of Blazing SEO Proxy:


The IP sources used by the Blazing SEO proxies are data center IPs. Datacenter IPs can be easily detected, blocked, or banned unlike the Residential IP addresses by the websites and the firewalls.


The rotation proxies also known as back-connect proxies are also available. The user has the option of selecting the IP rotation interval for the individual servers. Also, the user can rotate the proxies regularly and Blazing SEO proxies by using a certain proxy application or by the browser extensions.


The Blazing SEO offers the replacement offer which is available for 30 days upon the request and also one free Blazing SEO proxy replacement per proxy per month to the user


The Blazing SEO proxies provide its users the choice to choose the authentication methods that include either IP based or user/ pass authentication for most of the proxy packages. Also, the rotating proxies and SOCKS proxy always uses the IP authentication.

Blazing SEO proxy servers


The Blazing SEO offers unlimited bandwidth and unlimited threads. This implies that there is no restriction on it.


The Blazing SEO proxies are in the list of that proxy that provides a free trial period to its users. Usually, in this field, the proxy providers are not interested in providing the trial period but the Blazing SEO proxy is among those who provide a free trial period.

The trial period is limited to 2 days for which the user needs to verify its email address and PayPal account.


The user has the option of paying for Blazing SEO proxy via PayPal or credit card. PayPal is the default payment process offered by Blazing SEO. Also, Stripe is available upon request. Any kind of cryptocurrency or bitcoin is not accepted as the method of payment.


So the company does not offer the money back after the period of trial ends for the dissatisfaction faced by the user or lack of usage provided by the service.

But in case the user is entitled to the refund due to the special circumstance that the user can request for the refund to the support team of Blazing SEO which is always available to provide the best of services to its users


The support team of Blazing SEO is mind-blowing and amazing. They are very helpful and are available 24*7 for its users via email support and live chat. But the live chat is from time to time.

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FAQ:- Blazing Proxy Promo Codes

🤔How can I Apply Blazing Proxies Coupon Codes?

Go to the website and click coupons. Copy the promo code by selecting the cod. Enter the code at checkout by pasting it in the discount code box and click Apply.

🧐 What Modes of Payment are accepted by Blazing SEO Proxies?

Blazing Proxies SEO LLC currently accepts payments using PayPal from nearly all countries. The company also accepts payments via credit cards; however, the card payments are conducted by PayPal using their Visitor Checkout alternative.

🤷‍♂️What Are The Blazing Proxies Packages Available?

Blazing Proxies is one of the providers, and they provide a variety of proxy server packages with unlimited bandwidth and various fresh IP addresses.

🙄Do Packages Offered by Blazing Proxies Have A Money- Back Guarantee?

Most packages offered by Blazing SEO proxies features a money-back guarantee of 48 hours. No refunds can be issued after the sales have been finalized after 48 hours. You can easily request your money back at any time by making contact to the blazing SEO LLC support team.

Conclusion- Blazing Proxies Coupon Code 2020

I can say that after reading the in-depth Blazing Proxy reviews, you will surely try their services. The Blazing proxy coupon codes given above will help you in getting the services at a moderate price.

There is no doubt that the proxy services offered by BP are fast, secure, and have manifold advantages due to the vast coverage. The unlimited functionality and the powerful approach make it the top choice for the 12000 users.

I hope you take the full benefit of the Blazing proxies coupon code & discounts 2020.

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