Blockchain Council Coupon Codes 2023 : Get 25% Off Now

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In this post, you will get Blockchain Council Coupon Codes 2023 now.

Blockchain Council is a platform created by subject experts and enthusiasts who’ve been encouraging and supporting research and development in Blockchain technology. 

Blockchain Council certifications are quickly becoming highly sought after, as this technology becomes more and more widely accepted.

If you’re an enthusiast or a newcomer, it doesn’t matter, everyone can benefit from having expertise in Blockchain as it’s been touted as revolutionary and will be widely accepted in the near future.

With Blockchain Council coupon and discount codes, you can save some money on your blockchain certifications and take your career ahead at the same time!

Blockchain Council Coupon Codes May 2023: Get 25% Off Now 

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Blockchain Council: Overview 

Everyone’s been talking about Blockchain even more so after the ‘explosion’ of Bitcoin. Blockchain is the technology behind cryptocurrencies which are becoming increasingly popular.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 10 years, there is no way you’ve not heard the term ‘Blockchain’ or ‘Bitcoin’ at least. 

To explain Blockchain in a very simplistic manner, I’d say Blockchain is it is a ‘chain’ of information stored in ‘blocks’. That’s it. That’s Blockchain. But of course, there’s a lot more to it than just that.

This is where the Blockchain Council comes in. They are a private organization working to spread authentic and useful information about this exciting new technology that has the potential to change the world as we know it.

blockchain coupon codes

Blockchain Council provides various training programs, certifications, and even degrees in the Blockchain sector.

Blockchain Council has over 1500 members spread across 90+ countries. Over 300 companies have already partnered up with Blockchain Council for training.

What Does Blockchain Council Offer?

The list of offerings by the Blockchain Council is pretty long as their contribution increases day by day. Below I’ve listed some of the most popular offerings.

Why to join Blockchain Council

  • Online Training

Instructor-led online training courses are provided by Blockchain Council to make you a Certified Blockchain expert. These training courses are conducted online by an expert who guides you through the various course materials.

Usually, training would spread over 2 days for a 6-hour long course but can extend up to 5 days for some longer courses.

Certified Blockchain and Finance, Certified Blockchain, and Supply Chain and Certified Blockchain Expert are some of the training programs offered as of now. The training culminates with an instructor-led exam.

  • Blockchain Certifications –

Blockchain Council offers various blockchain certifications to help you get started in the industry or go to the next level.

Whether you are looking to become a Certified Corda Architect, Certified Cryptocurrency Expert, a Certified Hyperledger Expert, or a Certified Ethereum Expert, Blockchain council covers it all.

The list is long and you’ll definitely find the one certification you are looking for.

  • Online Degree –

You can complete the Online Degree from Blockchain Council in either in Blockchain, Blockchain for Business or Cryptocurrency, and Trading.

Degree holders get to work closely with leading industry experts and businesses. You can become a Crypto Consultant, Miner, or a Blockchain Researcher even.

  • Blockchain Council Membership –

You can join the Council with a ‘Council membership’ if you are already an expert or a large corporate. Or maybe you are a student or a professional, you should get the ‘Unlimited Training Subscription’ and start learning with the experts.

As is always the case, the membership comes with certain ‘benefits’ such as a 30% discount on self-paced training, 50% off on Instructor-led training, Free access to premium resources, etc.

  • Resources –

Blockchain Council provides useful and informative podcasts, e-books, articles, and infographics about various topics in Blockchain. Most are free but there are some premium ones available to the ‘members’ of the council.

These are intended for the newcomers who wish to learn fundaments of Blockchain technology.

Pricing of Blockchain Council

  • Council Membership Price

Individual Membership costs $199/year and Corporate Membership costs $1299/year. Each come with their own benefits such as free access to certain resources. 

blockchain Pricing

  • Unlimited Training Subscription –

Staying true to its name, this subscription gets you to access to all of the training provided by the Blockchain Council for 12 months for a price of $399.

It contains over 100 hours of learning and saves you a lot of money if you would have otherwise spent on individual courses. The membership gives you a 50% discount on all instructor-led training.

Any certification exam you wish to attempt would be charged $59 extra.

  • Training prices –

Individual training courses differ in prices as there is no uniform pricing for them. You should expect a  price range of about $200 to $350 for instructor-led courses.

And a price range of about $99 to $150 for certification training courses which are self-paced. The online degree programs cost about $300 dollars each. 

My Review 

It is a no-brainer that Blockchain is going to be huge. It has already disrupted a lot of important sectors such as Banking, Finance, Supply Chain among others.

The effect it has is huge and anyone with skill in blockchain implementation will be highly sought after in the coming years. Therefore, there is no question of whether or not to learn more about blockchain.

Blockchain Council looks to address this growing demand and nurture it with its expert faculties and members. They have gathered Blockchain experts from around the world on one platform to this sector forward in the right direction.

The potential is huge and you cannot go wrong with picking up a few certificates in the blockchain domain. The reviews about Blockchain Council training have been consistently good with user ratings averaging 4.2 stars out of 5.

Most reviews praise the style of teaching and how easy to understand the instructors are. Their examples and analogies make the learning experience enjoyable and facilitate easier grasping of rather complex topics.

One of the Blockchain Council certification review mentioned how experienced the instructors are and how the course is well-designed.

Blockchain Council’s certifications are some of the top blockchain certifications you can obtain and add to your resume.

Online Certifications

Quick Links

FAQs | Blockchain Council Coupon Codes

👉How can I save money on blockchain certification?

Use the Blockchain Council promo code mentioned above to save 25% on all purchases.

👉How long will the Blockchain Council certificate be valid?

Certificates are valid for life. No need to renew.

🤓 Is Blockchain Council different from Blockchain Council India?

Yes, both are separate entities. Blockchain Council is based in the USA, although they have Indian nationals as members.

🤓 How is CBE different from CBD?

CBE (Certified Blockchain Expert) deals with the theoretical part, whereas the CBD (Certified Blockchain Developer) deals with the technical part.

🤨 How long will the Blockchain Council coupon be valid?

The coupon will be valid all summer on the Blockchain Council website.

Conclusion – Blockchain Coupon Code 2023

The blockchain industry is booming at a rapid pace and it is the right time to learn and advance your career in this domain.

Blockchain Council members are spread across the globe and bring you some of the best training available in the shortest period possible making it one of the best blockchain certification platforms.

Being a Certified Bitcoin Expert or a Certified Cryptocurrency Expert will only prove handy and the training cost is up to standard industry costs. It has all the potential to prove to be a great investment for your career.

Especially with the Blockchain Council Coupon, I have enlisted for you above!

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