Brain Sensei PMP Pros & Cons 2023: Can You Trust Brain Sensei?

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You’re trying to pass the PMP exam, but you don’t have enough time to study.

The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is globally recognized and demanded. It’s also one of the most difficult exams to pass.

Solution: Brain Sensei can help. They are a team of PMP-certified professionals with years of experience in project management. They can help you pass the PMP exam in record time.

Studies show that the average person needs at least three months to prepare for the PMP exam. That’s a lot of time! And if you’re like most people, you don’t have that kind of time.

Brain Sensei PMP Pros & Cons

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Brain Sensei PMP Pros & Cons:

Here are some of the things I liked about Brain Sensei:

Brain Sensei Pros:

1. Interactive Learning

Brain Sensei’s reading content is developed on the Articulate platform, which allows you to perform a range of things such as touch the screen, take self-assessment quizzes, select options by dragging and dropping the selected icons, and so on.

Reading highly interactive information allows you to retain essential topics more easily throughout the exam period, enhancing your chances of passing your PMP examinations, no matter how challenging they appear.

Brain Sensei Courses Review- Complete PMP® Exam Prep Course

2. Plenty of Practice Questions

In addition to the 900 practice PMP exam questions and answers, Brain Sensei’s comprehensive PMP course includes four full-length mock exams at the end.

You will also be given practice exams at the end of each course to help you identify which topics require more study time and to track your progress.

3. Personal Instructor

Brain Sensei provides you with your very own animated sensei. Because your instructor is dynamic, he will always walk you through your studies step by step and provide you with any further assistance you require.

This will keep you focused on your academics while also making them more enjoyable.

4. 2-Month Study Period

If you want to finish your PMP studies as quickly as possible, the Brain Sensei’s PMP course is for you, since the online support part of the course claims that most of the institution’s students finish their studies in 1 to 2 months.

Moreover, the majority of the reading content is accessible via your phone or tablet, making your studies much easier.

Brain Sensei Review

5. Practice Examinations

The Brain Sensei prep course includes four full-length practice exams with over 900 questions to help you evaluate your progress as you prepare for the PMP test.

Moreover, these built-in self-assessment assessments allow you to obtain a sense of the entire exam session, allowing you to better manage your anxiety and time.

6. 35 Hours of Contact

Brain Sensei provides a 35-hour comprehensive PMP test prep course, which is required to take the exam.

Even better, the hours are divided into highly engaging lectures and brief animated storyline challenges, ensuring that you remain engaged throughout the course.

7. Progress Tracking

You may now track your progress and obtain your exam scores with the newly integrated real-time and thorough progress tracking reports. This function helps you to identify your weak areas and create a study plan to address them.

8. Guaranteed 100% Success

Candidates can expect a 100% pass rate from Brain Sensei. You can pass the PMP test on your first attempt because of its dynamic teaching style, 35 contact hours, and thorough exam content.

You can retake the prep course for free if you don’t pass the first time and meet all of the course criteria.

BrainSensei Students Review

9. Complete PMP content

Brain Sensei provides you with a thorough PMP training course that starts from the beginning and covers all of the PMP test content. It also includes eight training modules that cover the complete PMP curriculum.

Brain Sensei Cons: 

Here are some of the things I didn’t like about Brain Sensei PMP training:

1. Access for 1 Year

Only a one-year duration of access to the course studying materials in each module is included in the charge.

There is no clear indication of how to extend this period, though you will almost certainly have to pay a new price. This is a concern since you may be forced to pay for another year of access when you only require one more way.

2. Simple Course Design

The Brain Sensei website has a unique design that sets it apart from other prep courses.

Its format is simple and direct, as opposed to a flashy and elaborate design. While this is great news for students who don’t want to be distracted during class, it may be too basic for a challenging exam like the PMP.

3. Interactive Learning

Students who prefer to learn by experience, frequent interaction, quizzes, and challenges can benefit greatly from interactive learning.

This system may appear excessively high-pressure to students who prefer a student-driven learning module.

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