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BuddyBoss is proud to help over 13,000 customers & businesses grow with WordPress and BuddyPress. Their themes & solutions push the boundaries of WordPress and BuddyPress. They set out to unleash the power of BuddyPress in ways that have never been seen before, to take your social network to a whole new level.

They focus on solving problems with products that work, without the clutter!

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About BuddyBoss Review Themes and Plugins

BuddyBoss has its base in Chicago. BB has its establishments across 10 countries, apart from its base location. BuddyBoss was founded by web developers to promote social web within the reach of several businesses and organisations

BB has a team of experts to handle all your complex BuddyPress and WordPress based projects. Its team specializes in community platform projects, and they have more specialization in BuddyPress projects. BuddyBoss team works on various platforms using existing WordPress plugins or custom solutions as per the need of the project.

BB team only needs inputs and requirement for your projects. Based upon this, BuddyBoss team will then build your projects and deliver it to you.

BuddyBoss Products and Services

BuddyBoss provides various themes, plugins and solutions for your community websites and blogs. Themes of BuddyBoss would be useful for your WordPress on creating your community websites and blogs. Plugins of BuddyBoss are used for BuddyPress. BuddyBoss provides solutions packages for your community websites and blogs.

BuddyPress is an open source social networking software package. BuddyPress is owned by Automatic. BP is a plugin which could be installed in WordPress to transform it to a social networking platform.

How BuddyBoss Works?

BuddyBoss is really easy to install and you can easily set up a social network on WordPress using it. Moreover, these themes for BuddyBoss are a big plus.

  • Install WordPress: The first thing you need to know is that Install WordPress before starting with the BuddyBoss.
  • Install BuddyPress: BuddyPress is a very powerful free plugin that turns your WordPress site into a fully featured social network.
  • Pick Theme: Install the BuddyBoss and then get the theme that you wish to. It is a perfect mobile theme for social networks.
  • Customize Theme: You can customize your themes using the BuddyBoss Child Themes. These child themes allow you to customize the look and feel of BuddyBoss. Just Install the BuddyPress and child theme and then add all of it to the customization.



Buddyboss is specialized in BuddyPress. It offers amazing premium themes and BuddyBoss plugins that take Buddypress to next level. They are amazing and excellent. They are the complete solution package that integrates everything the user is looking for. It helps and assists the user in creating powerful online website community.


The theme and plugins offered are completely unique and helps its users in building custom tailored, an ultra-responsive community site with the designs and features that are needed by the user. It helps in building a custom built website for the users.

Following are mentioned some premium BuddyPress themes, plugins and complete social website and social networking sites solutions. The themes are undoubtedly very beautiful and highly functionals.


BuddyBosss Child theme coupons

  • Boss– well this theme is mobile friendly. It is a mobile responsive WordPress or BuddyPress theme. It helps the user in building a world-class social network website. This premium theme provides the user with completely unique and modern designs. It comes packed with all the features and functionality that is needed by the user to create an amazing experience on social network sites. It is highly friendly and helpful.
  • OneSocial– it is very easy to use and is highly responsive to WordPress and BuddyPress. It focuses on simplicity. It offers beautiful clean, modern and minimalist design which is easily customizable. It can be suitable for all type of online community website whether large or small. It offers a heap of features to the user that are amazing and helpful in building an excellent website. Also, it has highly efficient codes that help in providing amazing features.
  • BuddyBoss theme– this theme provides users astonishing experience. It offers clean minimalist and simple layout which are designed in such a way that it fits BuddyPress perfectly. The theme fits for the custom Buddypress theme design. It is an ideal BuddyPress theme. The BuddyBoss theme has an ultra responsive layout. It is with right and left panel for BuddyPress profile links and WordPress menus that makes the user feel it as if of the native mobile app. The theme is developer friendly. It is with intelligently structured and commented code and also it supports most of the theBuddyPress plugins out of the box.
  • BuddyBoss mobile only– it is a dedicated theme design for mobiles only. It is a BuddyPress theme which is designed to run alongside 3rd party Buddypress themes which are not mobile friendly. It is very helpful to all the users who are willing to use Buddyboss through phones.
  • BuddyBoss complete solution– it offers numerous packages to users that combines theme with the plugins that work on the complete community website.
  • Social market place– so this is an interesting theme especially for those who are willing to create their own professional online market place. It includes almost everything that is needed by users to create their own online market place for selling things online.
  • It integrates all of them in such a way that it helps the user in taking full advantage of the features and cutting edge market place website. Also, the members are able to set up their own and are able to efficiently sell the products online and also have comprehensive functionality for the product management, order tracking, coupons management, commissions, eBay style vendor feedback, advanced search and filtering functionality and more.
  • Social Blogger– Social Blogger allows the user to build a state of the platform for art blogging. Also, it combines the blogging power of WordPress, the social aspect of BuddyPress, great minimalist designs and with the nice tools of writing for the great blogging experience to the user. It also lets all the members of the social network create their own blog. The blog post can be published directly or Can also be sent by the people for the purpose of reviews. Also, the user can combine everyone’s post to form a central blog.
  • Social learner- this theme is basically for creating online learning websites. It helps the users in creating a powerful social online website. Fully featured learning management system is created by combining Buddypress with either LearnDash or Sensei. It provides some great social learning functionality and also integrated gamification.
  • Social portfolio- this allows the user to create their own portfolio by sharing social networking sites. It is done by using the powers of WordPress and BuddyPress. If the user is willing to build a website like Dribbble or Behance then this package consists of all the tools which the user will be needing. It will help the user to launch a portfolio by sharing the social network for the engaged creative professionals. This is best and suited to architecture, arts, design, chefs, etc. It helps the users in easily uploading and managing the portfolio and share what they are working on and also about works in progress.


BuddyBoss offers its WordPress themes, BuddyPress plugins and Solutions to your websites and blogs through different plans and cost. You can choose this from BuddyBoss as per your needs. If the existing plans are not suitable for your needs, you could use the custom BuddyPress development for themes, plugins and solutions to ensure the features to available in community website.

BB also provides mobile app solutions that includes bbAPP & LearnerAPP. These apps of BuddyBoss are used to build and customize the app according to your needs. This mobile app solutions of BuddyBoss has been provided by its sister concern appboss.

BuddyBoss provides the following services in their Development and Technology. It offers the following services through their Design Services.

BuddyBoss 30 Day Refund Policy

Are you facing any issues with BuddyBoss products, don’t worry. The issues which you face should be reasonable. BuddyBoss will try resolve the issues in the product. If you still face issues in the product and you are not interested to use the product anymore, BuddyBoss will refund your full amount. Refunds from BuddyBoss are provided not for simple decisions like that you don’t want to you use the product anymore other than issues which are not fixed in it.

This Refund Policy should happen with in 30 day time period of your BuddyBoss product.


Customer Service

BuddyBoss team works around the clock to complete its customer’s BuddyPress and WordPress projects. They are really committed in providing you the required support, this make you to take full advantage of their products.

Its customer service is provided only via Help Desk. BuddyBoss customer service team assists only via Help Desk Tickets. You need have the license of you product to access the supports from BuddyBoss Help Desk.

BuddyBoss provides their Help Desk support only for their products usage, installation and configuration. BuddyBoss support is only for the issues which are closely related to their products. You can email your support issues on installation, customization and administration of WordPress and BuddyPress through [email protected]. A Help Desk ticket will be raised and your issues will be resolved as soon as possible.

You can use the support services of BuddyBoss even before purchasing your product.

Why Should You Choose BuddyBoss?

BuddyBoss is an amazing software that assists its users in creating amazing websites. If you are looking for a software that will with your least efforts help you in making a successful site then Buddybossis the ans. BuddyBoss is the complete solution for creating sites with BuddyPress. It implies that Buddyboss offers BuddyPress themes and also premium BuddyPress plugins. So BuddyBoss is the best choice for BuddyPress. Following are the pros of BuddyBoss

  • BuddyBoss offers guide tutorials that give the user in depth of the theme. By simply following the video and installing the product the user can customize it as per their needs.
  • The support team BuddyBoss is mindblowing. They have simply great knowledge and very helpful to its users.
  • The regular updates keep your business up to date. The business will always be updated with the latest features and will complete being secure.
  • All the BuddyBoss themes and solutions are integrated with necessary BuddyPress plugins that helps the user to run a website on WordPress.

The customization is amazing. The user can customize the existing theme without touching the code


Conclusion: BuddyBoss Review Themes Plugins Discount Coupon Codes

The goal of BuddyBoss team is to spread the word about BuddyPress. This goal of BuddyBoss will be helpful for their customers to build community websites for their fans. BuddyBoss empowers companies and organisations in creating customized, full owned, and controlled online community websites.

Hope you take the benefit of BuddyBoss Review coupon codes April 2020.


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