BullGuard Antivirus Review 2023 May: Bullguard Antivirus Download

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An average computer user knows what a virus is. A virus can do more than spreading a disease when we consider computers. Nowadays, no one can imagine the world without computers. That intelligent machine has influenced our lives very much. The internet has made our life both beneficial and defective. There are many ways available for a skilled hacker to steal our credentials.

If you search for ‘how to create a virus on the internet?’, you will get thousands of results. That’s how the cyber world is. People teach others to create harmful viruses. So, it’s very crucial for us to be safe. On such a scenario, I am here with an effective security tool which is Bullguard antivirus. There are so many antiviruses are available today. What makes this tool stand out from rest? Let’s just analyze it.  Read our unbiased review of BullGuard Antivirus. See how BullGuard Antivirus compares to the best antivirus software of 2016. Find product details for BullGuard Internet Security antivirus software including security features, price, and reviews.


  • Detection is effective. Full of features.
  • All round protection
  • Affordable Pricing


  • It may reduce the system performance.
  • Disappointing repair test results
  • No obvious areas of dominance

Introducing BullGuard Antivirus : BullGuard Antivirus Review 2023 May: Bullguard Antivirus Download 


BullGuard Antivirus

The company, Bullguard was started by two Danish people in 2002. The journey of this amazing tool was smooth enough even though it competes with many security giants. Now, this company has tools of internet security, antivirus, mobile security and parental control. The small Danish company of two people has grown to a multinational company with eight offices abroad.

Bullguard antivirus is an award winning security solution. Apart from providing security products, they have backup tools too. If you want to know more about all of their products including Bullguard antivirus, feel free to visit their Wikipedia page here. Download Bullguard for Windows 7,8,10 & Mac OS.

It’s time to sink into the features section.

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Features of Bullguard Antivirus

Features fascinate us. When we buy something this something, we will look into. Even if we are about to get a freebie, inevitably features section is something we can’t miss. Bullguard Antivirus is a feature- rich security solution. You don’t have to worry about lack of essential tools.

Let me just show you some incredible features of Bullguard Antivirus.

#1. Clutter- free Interface


Bull guard clutter free


The user interface of Bullguard antivirus was designed carefully in such a way that the options are arranged in an organized way.

On the homepage, what grab your attention are nine square panels featuring the options. Just look at the image given below. It may drop your jaw. No matter what the UI was not designed in a breathtaking manner, the features make BullGuard antivirus a complete security package.

On the title bar, you can see Update and Settings options apart from usual buttons. On bottom, you can see your email id, Support and Shop links.

This is a perfect UI for an antivirus I would say. You may not find this extremely awesome. But the way in which each feature is organized will surely catch your mind.

The primary colours in the UI are white and red. And, clicking on each panel will lead you to dedicated settings.

Here is a video about the software by Bullguard

#2. Unbreakable Security


BullGuard Features


The level of security should be high for an antivirus application. A too which is susceptible to threats, will not going to protect your system. Thanks to the developers of the BullGuard for making this impeccable in terms of security.

The very first panel on the homepage is the antivirus. Using it will lead you to scan options. You get five scanning options out of which three of them are different types of scan.

Full scan analyzes whole of your system while Quick scan performs a sudden monitoring. Scan folder option is used to do a custom scan.

Quarantine is the option to check all the files you have sent to Quarantine. If you moved any files accidently, it can be recovered from there.

Antivirus option will be displayed if you choose Settings.

A firewall is also available. Firewall lets you break any threat from an active network. The same can be accessed within the homepage itself.

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#3. PC Tune Up


BullGuard PC Tune UP


Tuning up is the process of making a computer perform faster. Not every antivirus comes with this feature. So, many people use a dedicated tool for optimizing their computers.

For performing a tune up scan, click on the optimize option under PC Tune Up. The process will be started soon and show progress. Once the process is completed, the optimize button gets transformed into View Report link.

Clicking on it will take you to the message center. You can see an elaborated report there. Then, act accordingly to optimize.

Some applications automatically intrude into the startup list, so that they can launch themselves with the computer. With BullGuard Antivirus’s Startup optimizer, you can control the programs that start with computer.

If you are an advanced user, PC Tune Up Settings will benefit you a lot. Enter the settings, modify and save it. That’s all you need to do.

Under the same menu, two other options are also available which are Cleanup Helper and Boot Manager.

The cleanup helper can be used to kick away junk files from your system.

#4. Additional Features


BullGuard Antivirus

The list of additional features is very long. I just say it meaningfully. You saw the features on the homepage itself.

A spam- filter is available to keep yourself away from spam emails. It is compatible with most of the email clients like Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird.

Parental control allows you to create a separate BullGuard profile for your children. Create one and activate it when you give the computer to your child. This will reduce your headache for sure.

Backup option stores your data virtually in an online drive.

Identity protection lets you surf the Internet without revealing your IP address or any identity revealing stuff.

Social media protection saves you from any malicious attempt through social networks to damage your PC.

Pricing of Bullguard Antivirus


BullGuard Pricing

BullGuard Premium Protection

BullGuard Premium Protection is a complete, simple-to-use security suite that protects you against malware, identity theft, financial fraud, online data leaks and helps you keep your children safe on social networks.

  • You choose the personal and financial details you want BullGuard to protect
  • Benefit from the most advanced Internet Security and Antivirus protection there is
  • Get notified about inappropriate content on your children’s Facebook
  • FREE 25GB of online backup space to save all your important data
  • 3-PC licence subscription and FREE upgrades to new versions
  • Get email and SMS alerts in case your personal and financial details get compromised online
  • Get top-rated antivirus protection, as proven by independent test labs
  • FREE PC Tune Ups to keep your PC running fast
  • FREE 24/7 expert Customer Support

BullGuard Internet Security


BullGuard Internet Security delivers the best security tools to simply protect you from all online threats:

  • Award-winning technology with multiple protection layers for superior virus catch rates – as testified by independent labs
  • Elegantly simple interface makes management of your security easy
  • Easy-to-use and powerful Parental Control keeps your kids safe from cyberbullying and predators

BullGuard Mobile Antivirus

BullGuard Mobile Security app for Android gives you peace of mind.

“The app which gives you total protection for your mobile device and personal data”

  • Rigorous antitheft – lock, locate and wipe device remotely if lost or stolen
  • Robust antivirus – complete protection against malware

BullGuard Antivirus

BullGuard Identity Theft Protection Software

BullGuard Protection


BullGuard Mobile Backup 12

BullGuard Mobile Backup

Why do you need Mobile Backup?
If you lose your phone, don’t lose everything on it too!

>>Free 2 month trial. Download now!>>

A trial version is available to try this product.

But if you want to download the premium version, go here. It’s affordable.

Conclusion: BullGuard Antivirus Review 2023 May: Bullguard Antivirus Download 

Bull Guard

BullGuard Antivirus is a real killer of malwares. On independent tests, it performed well and able to catch almost all security threats. Just visit their official website to download the trial version. Then, decide whether it fits your needs or not. Follow  Bullguard on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin & Google+Download Bullguard for Windows 7,8,10 & Mac OS.

I am looking forward to reading your feedbacks.

>>Free 2 month trial. Download now!>>

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