Chargebacks911 Review 2022– Is It a Good For Chargeback & Loss Recovery?

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In this post, I am going to share Chargebacks911 Review 2022.

Chargebacks are an important protection device for credit card users. For merchants, however, chargebacks can represent a substantial loss of revenue and sustainability.

Many merchants ignore chargebacks as a normal cost of doing business, even though the majority of customer disputes are actually invalid. But chargebacks can be prevented, with the right tools and experience.

Bottom Line: Chargebacks911® is an end-to-end chargeback management platform that helps eCommerce businesses identify, prevent, and manage chargebacks … plus helps recover revenue lost to illegitimate consumer disputes.


Chargebacks911 is a complete chargeback management solution. In this article, I’ll present an in-depth look at this tool and how it works.

But before we get started, I will briefly explain what chargebacks are and how they can affect the merchant.

chargebacks911 review

Chargebacks911 Review 2022– Is It Good Chargeback Management Program?

What Exactly Is Chargeback?

A chargeback is a forced reversal of a transaction that is initiated by the bank of the cardholder. This mechanism is meant to promote the protection of consumers but is often overused.

Chargebacks might seem similar to refunds, but in reality, there is a significant difference between the two. 

In the traditional refund method, the business is contacted to get a refund; in the chargeback mechanism, however, the consumer asks their bank to take money out of the account of the business.

After an investigation, if the bank finds that the cardholder’s request is valid, then the funds are taken from the account of the merchant and returned to the buyer.

The consumer is not obliged to return what they purchased, and the merchant cannot do anything about it.

Chargebacks enforce consumer protection by safeguarding consumers from sub-standard services or products, and also from criminal fraud.

What Is Chargebacks911 All About?

Chargebacks911 is an end-to-end chargeback management platform that helps eCommerce businesses identify, prevent, and manage chargebacks. Experienced and knowledgeable team members can assist with all aspects of chargeback management, including chargeback prevention, case analysis, detailed reporting, and revenue recovery.

How Does That Affect The Merchant?

Chargebacks have both immediate and long-term effects. Whenever a consumer demands a chargeback, a fee is levied on the merchant in addition to the loss of revenue and profit. To make matters worse, if the rate of monthly chargebacks crosses a predetermined threshold, the merchant could face more fines.

In the worst-case scenario, the merchant account can be entirely terminated if the rate of chargebacks is consistently above the acceptable threshold, potentially leading to the closing of the business. 

All in all, chargebacks can be a massive problem for your business. 

What Tools And Solutions Does ChargeBacks911 Offer?

Chargebacks911 offers a wide array of tools and solutions to assist merchants with end-to-end chargeback management. Let’s take a closer look at some of their offerings.

chargebacks911 review- chargeback management

  • Affiliate Fraud Shield

Affiliate Fraud Shield by Chargebacks911 identifies and helps prevent fraud that comes from the ploys of illegitimate affiliate marketing. It helps keep merchants from paying commissions on bogus sales, saving revenue, and helping prevent future chargebacks. 

  • Intelligent Source Detection

All chargebacks come with a reason code that allegedly tells the reason for the dispute. In reality, however, reason codes are notoriously inaccurate. Chargebacks911’s exclusive Intelligent Source Detection is the only tool on the market specifically designed to identify the true source of a chargeback.

Knowing the true source of each chargeback is critical to chargeback management. Without this knowledge, merchants will end up fighting the wrong problem with the wrong solution; in many cases, they will actually make the problem worse.

  • Merchant Review

The exclusive Merchant Compliance Review by Chargebacks911 offers the merchant unmatched insights into all aspects of their business.

By taking a deep, unbiased analysis of the merchant’s policies and procedures, this tool can efficiently identify the actionable steps to reduce chargebacks.

  • Representment

The tactical chargeback representation process of Chargebacks911 combines patent-pending technologies, artificial intelligence, and expert human analysis. This unique blend has been proven to deliver the highest win rates, most recovered revenue, and fewest number of second chargebacks.

  • Chargeback Alerts

Enriched Alerts from Chargebacks911 offers the widest chargeback alert coverage available by combining their exclusive network with those of other third-party providers, including Ethoca and Verifi.


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Chargebacks Sources

As I mentioned above,  chargeback reason codes can often be inaccurate. They are also challenging to track, tedious, and complex, which is why many eCommerce business owners end up overlooking this aspect.

Chargebacks911 has shown, however, that all chargebacks can actually be traced to one of three sources:

  • Complete Criminal Intent

Criminal intent chargebacks involve stolen cards, stolen identities, account takeover, and many other types of fraud. Despite the amount of media coverage criminal fraud gets, these types of chargebacks do not occur often. 

  • Merchant Error

Seemingly minor errors made by the merchant are the cause of 10 percent to 20 percent of chargebacks, or more. Merchant missteps might include charging an incorrect amount, entering a transaction twice, or providing inaccurate product information. 

  • Friendly Fraud 

Friendly fraud is the most common type of chargeback and is responsible for 80 percent or more of the total number of chargebacks filed. While it may happen accidentally, much friendly fraud comes from customers out to deceive the merchant.

The customer may inadvertently file a chargeback by calling the bank about an unrecognized charge. Otherwise, the cardholder may tell the bank an order never arrived, when in fact it did.

In either case, merchants lose when customers head toward their bank rather than resolving the issue with the merchant.

Now that we know what Chargebacks911 is and how it functions, I will be talking about its pros and cons.

Pros And Cons of Chargebacks911


  1. Delivers highest win rates when disputing chargebacks. 
  2. Fast set-up and integration; works with existing systems.
  3. Flexible, scalable, and dynamic solutions grow with your company..
  4. The solutions are customized according to the need of your business. 
  5. Highest levels of data security.
  6. Performance-based ROI Guarantee.


  1. It may not be a good fit for smaller businesses.


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FAQs | Chargebacks911 Review

Is it possible for Chargebacks911 to have an integration with the CRM I have employed?

Chargebacks911 has integrated with more than 40 platforms. So the chances are that your CRM is already integrated. But in case it is not integrated yet, you just need to contact support. They will make an integration at no extra cost.

Will Chargebacks911 work well for my business?

Chargebacks911’s solutions are flexible and scalable so as to work for companies of any size, of any type, in any industry. Chargebacks911 has solutions for verticals that include Travel, eCommerce, Digital, Retails, Institutions, etc. These solutions are very powerful, but might not be the best fit for smaller companies.

Is the ROI guaranteed with Chargebacks911?

Chargebacks911 offers the only performance-based ROI guarantee in the industry.

Final Thoughts | Chargebacks911 Review 2022

All in all, in my opinion, Chargebacks911 is highly recommended for your online eCommerce business. You require a professional and reliable company like Chargebacks911 in order to manage your chargebacks as it is a very tedious and complicated process.

The company can help you in getting the money back into the business which you otherwise would have lost in chargebacks.

The services provided are outstanding in every aspect, and their technologies and techniques they employ are hard to find anywhere else. 

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