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in this post we will share ClickMeter Coupon Codes and reviews.

INTRODUCTION:- ( ClickMeter Coupon Codes )

ClickMeter is the all in one tool which can manage your online marketing presence in the world. ClickMeter is the all in one tool which works with the marketing agencies to create and manage all the campaigns within the marketing field. So basically ClickMeter is the web-based analytical service.

ClickMeter Coupon Codes  2023

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This tool works in the same manner for everyone, helps everyone with their marketing profile online and also helps the people who want to monitor their marketing presence in the online world, agencies, affiliates, advertisers, publishers and the new developers who want to know what happens with their marketing strategies and campaigns in the online world. 

ClickMeter does everything in all in one dashboard from managing campaigns, links, extensive analysis to reports and many other things. This tool has incredibly many features like tracking the links and many other features.

Now Track All The Links

Clickmeter’s motive or can say the goal is to increase the conversation rates on the social platform and take control of their marketing links. ClickMeters work in the field of analyzing, digital marketing and advertising fields.

They increase the marketing with the help of the portfolio of tools available in the single virtual platform by which the users can monitor, compare, optimize all their links in one place in very less time. All this can be done from a single platform that means multiple tasks from one single platform.

ClickMeter Coupon Codes- Create Links In Seconds

ClickMeter was launched in the market in 2012 on January 1st as a by-product or can say side by of a web marketing company. ClickMeter initially worked as a web tool creator of a company to fulfill the needs of the agency to help in precisely counting and tracking the web marketing status of the actions they perform to their customers.

This system evolved rapidly over the years and years and became the world’s most evolved software solution blending in our agencies to collect, analyze, and share data with and for the customer.

After a few years of the full development of first ClickMeter’s, they decide to go live with the service that can be useful for their customers which are involved in the web-marketing activities.


ClickMeter is the private capital company financed by business angels. They work with the investors who are in a position to provide strategic contributions and those who have a successful record in the e-business world.

Currently, they are not searching for the investors to invest in them, but if in case you fall in the of the category of investor then they are happy to interact with you anyhow.

ClickMeter Coupon Codes- Trusted By Many


  •    Simple to set up, there is no need to code for setup and include anything. The user manual is not necessary.
  •    Cloak affiliate links, hide destination URL, protect the password commission codes and keyword lists. So it the protected site for you.

ClickMeter Coupon Codes- Campaigns You Can Create

  •    ClickMeter is also advance in tracking the server to server things, sales conversion tracking is also done with the help of ClickMeter, cookies, conversion pixels, postback URLs, TIDs.
  •    Here you can short the links and customize them with your domain names.

ClickMeter Coupon Codes- Campaigns Globally

  •    ClickMeter is a accurate and reliable web development tool, it is 99.99% is uptime with the stats and facts. Hosted on Amazon AWS server.
  •    ClickMeter is loved by the search engines, 301 redirects don’t dilute page rank, and vanity links increase your Search engine optimization (SEO).
  •     Only real visitors and not robots, recognize clicks coming from single clicks or detect multiple clicks.

Charts And Conversions

  •    ClickMeter believes in the act now not tomorrow. Get alerted and get reported within the seconds.
  •    Find out the best message for you, A/B with the multiple destination URLs.
  •    With the help of creating meter, you can create tracking links and post them on the internet for example links connected to your forums, social networks, blogs, newsletter, pay-per-click campaigns or any source you like to measure.


First, you have to sign up and then you will be provided with the text links, banner links and other marketing materials to promote the ClickMeter.

When someone visits or clicks to your link banner, a cookie is set to remember that you referred that customer. If they sign up for an account within 90 days and become a paying customer, you will earn a commission for that referral.


It is free to join their affiliate program and they do not set any minimum sales level or any other requirements.


They collect some basic information regarding your detail like:-

  •    Your personal information like name, gender, email address, date of birth, phone number, etc.
  •    Your authentication tokens etc. for the affiliated process
  •    Your financial status, for example, your credit card number and billing data.


this all in one plugin allows you to immediately optimize your web-marketing actions and they are dedicated to marketing agencies, affiliates, publishers, and advertisers. This is called to be the most powerful plugin which works in one and optimize your web marketing.

Create Any Links You Want

  •    Custom domain link shortener:- this shortens every link inside and outside of your word press site using your domain name. using the short domain and short URL will increase the awareness toward your online marketing profile, will not look like spammy content and will not be blacklisted.
  •    Advanced URL redirect:- using various options of redirection you will become able to redirect users where they yield the best conversion rates, it will be able to protect your affiliate codes and create safe links for SEO.
  •    Actionable analytics:- you can see all the results in one easy to read the report or if you prefer to drill down to view every single click or conversion. Start to understand posts and pages are the most viewed, which posts and pages lead to the most valuable conversions and why.
  •    Link monitor: discover all the broken links and redirect all of them to a custom page, detect fraud activities, all the blacklisted landing pages, and other wrong server activities.

ClickMeter BENEFITS:- ClickMeter Coupon Codes

  •    Easy use and set up:- ClickMeter is the easy solution and not the process of coding and indulging in the depth of coding. In short, anyone can analyze this tool with easy monitor and understanding effects.
  •    Campaign monitoring:- with ClickMeter agencies, advertisers, affiliates and publishers alike can monitor the campaign and can see how well they are doing compared to each other. They can identify which efforts are paying off and which are now have to retire.
  •    Click fraud protection:- it is advertising marketing that drains the advertisers of their revenue and ensures their customer that their campaigns are safe
  •    Integrated solution:- for their customer they want to expand their features and the use of ClickMeter and they can do so by introducing the developer’s tools like APIs. These social technologies allow them to connect the platform of their favorite systems to facilitate the flow of information from one solution to another.

How Does It Work?

ClickMeter Coupon Codes- How It All Works

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CONCLUSION:- ClickMeter Coupon Codes

ClickMeter offers a more robust approach for link tracking with all the details, unlike its competitors.

They are responsive to their customer complaints, they are dedicated to their customer support goes all the long way to the building advocacy among the user base. They give the best service to their customer and are far better than their competitors in all the way.

Tracking the links to customize and optimize the data, they are very good at their service. It is the most remarkable software which serves you with the best features that to date no company or firm is providing at the cheapest and best rates.

With the context, we can easily conclude that ClickMeter is an awesome tool for managing your online marketing profile with their customer service they are the most liked tool by the search engines.

ClickMeter serves the best to their customer by offering all the time coupon codes for their customer to enjoy all the features at low costs.

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