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The internet has introduced the most essential tool for business- email marketing. Email marketing is utilized by small to large sized business all over the world, in spite of the introduction of mobile and social media marketing.

Taking advantage of email marketing, you can establish better and deeper relationships with your clients. Building relationship with perspective audience takes a fraction of a second compared to traditional marketing techniques.

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Sign up at Constant Contact and get $30 credit.

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FAQs | Constant Contact Promo Coupon

🤩How can I add an accidental unsubscribe contact back to my contact list?

You will not be able to send it through Constant Contact. You will have to send the link to the Landing Page outside of Constant Contact in a personal email to this customer. You should also be able to add the customer back into the unsubscribed list, and then manually resubscribe.

👉Multiple sends of the same email?

If you're sending a single email campaign to multiple lists, our system checks for any contacts in multiples of those lists. That way a contact is only receiving the email once (unless otherwise prompted for an automated or manual resend).

😄Email Templates w place holders/empty content?

You will want to search for basic or blank to find our templates with no added content.

👌How do I get a real promo code?

The better path is to check websites such as RetailMeNot, DealsPlus, Coupon Cabin and Slickdeals. These sites work with thousands of retailers and brands, as well as user submissions, to aggregate sales and codes

😎Is there a free version of Constant Contact?

Your free trial comes fully equipped for success. All Constant Contact plans let you send unlimited emails, and our prices start at just $20/month for 0-500 contacts.Our editor makes it easy to customize an email template and design professional, mobile-responsive emails that look great on any device.

💯How do I apply multiple promo codes?

If an online retailer lets you to use multiple coupon codes at checkout, use the codes in the right order to get the most savings. For example, if you have one coupon code for 20% off your purchase and another for $15 off your purchase, use the 20% off code first.

📴Is there a black Friday sale on constant contact?

Yes, Constant contact does back Friday sale. It will commence on Nov 26, 2021.

🤷‍♀️ Does constant contact do Cyber Mondays?

Yes, they have a sale for Cyber Monday’s as well. It starts on Nov 29, 2021.

🤑 How are pricing and billing determined?

Pricing is determined by the number of unique email addresses. To be precise, the final amount of unique emailing addresses in your previous billing decided your present billing period. There are no charges for contacts in your removed and DO NOT MAIL lists.

📧 Is there any limit to the number of emails that can be sent?

There is no limit to the number of emails you can send monthly.

⁉️ Is there a limit to the size of the email we can send?

There is a limit of the size of your email but it is sustainable and not even once a customer has reached the limit.

How to Avail of the Coupons?

 Now, if you’re wondering how you can get hold of these coupons, here’s your answer.

You can either use the company’s monthly fee services or make use of your promotion or coupon code for a one-time purchase. You can enter your code in the My Account section of

The discounted amount will be referred to you in your selection summary. The existing users can simply sign in and apply the code.

For the new visitors of the website, after providing your billing information you can enter your code.

To use Constant Contact Coupons Codes use the following step

1.Follow this link to go to their home page

2. Select the following pricing plan according to your preference

Constant Contact Promo Coupon - plan

3)  After clicking on “buy now” select “Redeem Promotion Code” and enter your desired code and apply it.

login Porta

4)  You’ll receive a conformational message for your code being successfully applied. Don’t forget to finish your order and print your invoice for the record.

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For our WordPress users, we bring our highly recommended email marketing service, Constant contact. It brings you, ease of use by sending emails, managing mailing lists, creating templates and many more such tasks children play with.

Each individual account gets access to built-in social sharing tools, an image library, 1 GB of storage along with simplified email tracking and reporting. All of these features make Constant contact a very popular choice for email marketing services.

Additional Features of Constant Contact Promo Coupon

1) Subscriber List Creation:

You need to add the contacts you want to share your emails with. There is the traditional way of copy-pasting them or manually typing them.

You can also import them from your Gmail or upload a file containing them or use other customer relationship management tools. With constant contact, your duplicate contacts can be merged and also permits mailinator and other burner email addresses.

If you need to track signing up of things, which members are loyal or other information then constant contact has the option of assigning tags to your contacts.

It also allows location-based, interest-based, and other detail-based segmentation of your users. The problem arises when you want to try editing a list of contacts.

You will have to individually pull up the records you want to edit and update the information which makes it dull.

To avoid this you can maintain a spreadsheet with the information which might not be completely available in the initial place.

2) Creating forms:

It permits generating forms where the users can sign up for newsletters and emails. There is provision for integrating with other apps such as Facebook lead ads, OptinMonster, etc.

Mimicking its rivals, it makes it essential for you to verify that you have the consent of the people who will be receiving emails from you; hence no bought lists are permitted along with group addresses.

3) Setting up a campaign:

Generating campaigns is uncomplicated. It is as simple as selecting from the event, survey, and email automation. Even re-exploring campaigns are easy, just search for it using date or keywords.

You can also schedule your emails according to holidays or special circumstances with its integrated marketing calendar. To initiate your campaign, start with editing and crafting a template with its drag-and-drop editor which has admission to Google fonts, images, colors, etc.

The built-in templates of constant contact can incorporate your company logo, links to your social media accounts, color, and theme in your emails. You can store all this data in your storage with the size of the individual file not exceeding five micro bytes.

Once your campaign or newsletter is ready, you can either schedule it for later or send it instantly. You can also send them at the interval of 5 minutes.

There isn’t a provision of sending them on a routine basis like weekly or monthly or according to the time zone of the receiver’s location which other brands offer, for example, Campaigner and GetResponse.

The opportunity for the recipient to RSVP or participate in polls, receive coupons sent or donate through emails, adding products, and buying them directly is available by constant contact’s Shopify and Eventbrite options.

There is even a facility to send follow-up emails regarding the abandoned shopping carts by potential customers. This helps in a direct and personal approach to the customers and helps in retailing as well.

4) Campaign Tracking:

The feedback and response of your launched campaign are crucial. With the features provided by constant contact, you can follow up on the success of your campaign with the help of Reporting tabs.

The dashboard will show you the number of emails people opened, bounces, click-through, and even the number of unsubscribed requests.

To reach out to people who didn’t open the email, you can change the subject line of your email and send them the email again and with this, you can also see the comparison between the two different subject lines and the one which was more eye-catchy and engaging.

It even has a video tutorial to help you through a better understanding of your reports and creating subject lines that attract attention and increase the open rate. Mobile application is also very hands-on to track the performance of your campaign.

5)  Email Automation: (another name “autoresponder”)

Sort your contacts into various folders and match them with the automated series best suitable to them. To do so, choose the email automation option and start an email trigger by opening an email and clicking any or a specific link and join in a contact list.

You can wish to send an email from your existing campaign or send a fresh one. You can also decide whether to send it immediately or wait to send it.

There is also the option of conducting email series where you can send a guide to how to get started with your services and how to know about your recent events to a selected set of contacts.

6) Support Options:

The constant contact has ease of use and has the route to an information icon which will explain and attempt to solve your difficulties. Coaches are also available on the toll-free number, though not round the clock the hours are pretty abundant. On weekdays not including Fridays and weekends, they are available from 8 am to 10 am. On Fridays, it’s 8 am to 9 pm and on weekends it is 10 am to 8 pm. Along with these, there are articles existing with the information and chat help through Twitter for customer support.

Constant Contact overview

Pricing at Constant Contact Promo Coupon

Let’s get into the details of the pricing. The pricing guide will navigate you to a plan that is best suitable for your wants and needs.

Constant contact had two kinds of plans to offer:                    

  • The first one is aimed at freelancers or small teams who don’t have a need for advanced features of email marketing, which is the basic Email constant contact plan. This plan is designed for small organizations which aren’t solely dependent on email marketing and have other means to achieve their goals. The storage with this plan is up to 1GB only. It is expensive to purchase and with the right research, you can find better tools and services for the same price
  • The second is targeted at managing teams including features like online surveys, event management, or automation which fall under the constant contact email plus plan. Having more than ten thousand contacts, the email plus features will play a crucial role in sorting your email marketing. The plus plan will provide 2GB of storage for your files and images. This doesn’t cease the availability of better and smarter tools that have the capability of performing a better job at segmentation and email automation.

When you have been a customer who has used their services for a long period of time then constant contact does have discounts.

There is a discount of ten percent off with the selection of a six-month deal and for yearly plans, they have a discount of fifteen percent.

There are options of online donation, where you can create a landing page and gather donations through WePay for email plus.

Constant contact, as mentioned above is an expensive tool in comparison to more powerful and innovative alternatives at if not cheaper, similar prices.

It doesn’t have the provision of a free plan but some free trial period is available which can help you to decide if constant contact is after all the best tool to satisfy your requirements.

Benefits Offered by Email Marketing

 The main aim of marketers is to bring about conversions in the forms of leads, membership, sales. Such conversions in turn help to bring potential customers and transform them into paying clients.

Nothing can be better than email marketing for transferring website visitors into potential customers and finally to regular clients.

Email marketing, in the long run, will allow you to send personalized messages to regular clients.

This way you will be able to get connected with them in a better way. Moreover, you will be able to keep a track of the purchase history of each customer and send them emails depending on their previous buys.

To be precise, you can communicate with your customers in an intimate and personalized way which is not possible if you are using a traditional marketing technique.

Measuring the performance of the different marketing methods is indeed a tough task. But, this is not the scenario with email marketing. You can track the performance of your marketing tool easily.

A good email marketing tool will generate an analytics report that contains a detailed history of each of the campaigns launched by you.

It will also offer a detailed report on how many people have clicked on certain links.

So, it can be said that in the age of technology, email marketing is the best possible way to gain more customers and take your online business to new heights.

Pros & Cons


  •  When there is a possibility of your emails not reaching your audience and landing in the spam folder, constant contact has a fair delivery rate so that your emails are received without any glitch. 
  • It is structured in such a way that it is uncomplicated and basic to use. The navigation is simple and can be worked on by beginners or advanced-level experienced email marketers.
  •  And one of the very popular features of linking social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram allows creating ads there and connecting with a larger audience. 
  • There is a free trial of sixty days without providing billing details. After opting for paid service, you decide to discontinue the use within thirty days of its usage; you will get a full refund.


  • There are a variety of templates available which are useful in most circumstances. Nonetheless, their ability to be molded and customized according to requirements is questioned by some business holders. 
  • Likewise, the automation of emails is also considered basic and lacks advanced characteristics.
  •  Only two types of plans are presented and the price of both of them is based on the number of contacts a business has. The normal email plan has a monthly charge of $20 whereas the email plus plan has a charge of $45.

Services offered by Constant Contact

Services offered by Constant Contact

Several companies are there with their respective email marketing tools and each promising you to fetch the best results. But, to stand out among the others you need to use an email marketing tool from a reputable and reliable company and a good name in this regard is Constant Contact.

This online platform offers you, easy to use an email marketing software that helps to create professional emails, thereby bringing customers closer to you. Their solution offers you some customizable templates that can be edited easily.

You can also pre-set some emails for your contact lists which they will start receiving automatically at the scheduled time.

Alternatives of Constant Contact

Alternatives available for constant contact are as follows,

1) Moosend


It has the best use for saaS, Publishers, e-commerce, bloggers, and agencies. It consists of a free-forever plan and a paid plan with a minimal charge of $8 per month.

It is a fairly new and attractive marketing tool as compared to constant contact. It has better and advanced features for personalization and email automation.

With Moosend you can incorporate advanced components like videos, timers, GIFs in your email campaigns with the help of your drag and drop builder present in it.

Along with these, you can stretch your mailing list; mechanize your marketing campaigns, and generate responses to newsletters.

It also provides an online form-building tool, free subject line sample trial, and landing page builder. There is equipment for analysis of your performance in campaigns. It also has a score of ninety-eight percent for email sending.

2) Mailchimp


It has major use in agencies and businesses. It has a free plan which is available for a limited time only and the paid plan starts at $10 monthly.

Its special feature is at the readily usable email campaigns. Unlike constant contact, it has ultra-modern features comprising of lavish templates, and an email editor to create amazing newsletters.

It dominates by having a visual-oriented approach with the help of its creative assistant. It is a tool that will perfect the size of your design according to your requirements.

This platform gels well with other apps like WordPress, Zapier, and assists with social media posts as well.

3) HubSpot Email Marketing

HUBSPOT overview

It is a colonizer for marketing and has excellent customer relationship management software that also ads retargeting tools. It is popular among small and medium-sized businesses.

It has a paid plan of $50 per month along with a free plan. Signing up with them also enables the right to use their live chat, CRM, ads management, etc.

It aids in creating customized and individual follow-ups. It requires no complex technical skills for its use and satisfies customers with more advanced needs.

4) ConvertKit


Used by bloggers and content creators prevalently, its special feature is a non-complex builder. There is a 14 day trial period and a $29 per month, paid plan.

ConvertKit is active since the year 2013 and is a primary platform for content creators for their YouTube channels, podcasts, blogs, etc.

It has the sole purpose of helping the creators expand their audiences. Their templates though do fall short in flexibility and responsiveness. It isn’t that reasonable price-wise and is very plain.

5) Benchmark email


It has a convenient to use email editor that is commonly suited for small and medium-sized businesses and non-profit organizations.

It also has a limited free plan along with a $13.99 monthly paid plan. It has clients spread globally and supports nine languages. It is quick, efficient with their international services.

Their tools are modern and proficient in customer management. It is reasonable, has a larger targeted audience, and has advanced automation tools.

6) SendPulse

sendpulse review

It is currently used by tourism companies and banks. It comprises a limited free plan and a paid plan starting at $9 per month.

It has a unique SMS feature. It provides such email automation software suitable for tourism, e-commerce, banking sector, etc. that is versatile and customizable and not offered by others.

It has the capacity to work with more than 800 cell phone network providers and make sure to deliver the SMS each time. It would be fruitful for entrepreneurs to learn multilingual phone and email support.

7) GetResponse


With an extraordinary feature of spam testing tools, GetResponse is widely known amongst publishers and e-commerce. It comes with a 30 day trial period and then a monthly plan of $15.

It helps to boost the traffic and conversions in an easy and insightful way while navigating from its automated series and email tracking options.

There’s also the possibility of managing email lists, automating contact managing efforts, and has a user-friendly tool.

Constant contact is a decent tool for marketing and preferred for small businesses. It is better suited for companies who are learning the ropes of email marketing and can’t spare time to focus on this solely. The range of templates can satisfy the majority of the requirements.

It does offer a wide range of tools and keeps on updating and expanding its features. With its evolving nature, it keeps approaching closer to its competitors like Campaigner, Mailchimp, GetResponse, etc.

👥User Review at Constant Contact Promo Coupon


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It is clear from all the above promo codes that each one is different from the other. This means you need to input a specific code in the proper manner in order to take advantage of the offer coming your way.

Once you use the Constant Contact Promo Code 2023 at the time of checkout, you will be eligible to get certain discounts or avail some amazing offers.

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60 day

get free 60 day trial offer.

get free 60 day trial offer.

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Get 30% off on all purchase for 3 months

Get 30% off on all purchase for 3 months Use code- JUN30SSPD

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It is clear from all the above promo codes that each one is different from the other. Once you use the Constant Contact Promo Code at the time of checkout, you will be eligible to get certain discounts or avail of some amazing offers.

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