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Today we have featured Cyclops Gear Review With Coupons 2022, with proper codes and details. We have also covered its proper pros and cons. So, let’s get started.

Action cameras usually need to be edited before they can capture videos with the hands-free kit. This is not the case with the Cyclops Gear CGLife 2 1080p HD video sunglasses.

You only need to show these glasses on your face, press a button on your left arm, and in a few seconds shoot a video at a resolution of 720p or 1080p. You can also take snapshots with the same button.

With life-size action cameras, you can get better videos, but pay for comfort and ease of use, and presumably for sunglasses.

Besides, Cyclops Gear is working on for a Wi-Fi version of the GGLife 2 goggles. The campaign is over, but you may want to monitor it if you need to take photos and share it.

Cyclopsgear - Review - With coupon

It should be noted that these glasses are available at other sellers on eBay and elsewhere at a cheaper price (just search for “HD 1080p Video Sunglasses”).

They are not marked and it could be a shitty game to give them back if you have a broken pair or if you do not want them, but it’s an option.

Cyclops Gear has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Cyclops Gear launched the CGX2 in late November 2015 on the highly popular and competitive action camera market.

With the introduction of the CGX2, Cyclops Gear wanted to offer consumers not only a high-quality action camera at an affordable price but also everything they needed to record immediately.

For those who wonder why I use the words “Cyclops Gear CGX2” and “BRP” together, let me continue to develop.

According to a BRP press release from September 2015, the two companies have mutually agreed that the BRP dealer network in North America will distribute the Cyclops Gear CGX2 action camera.

Cyclops Gear Review With Coupon 2022

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What’s In The box

  • Action camera CGX2 4K WI-FI.
  • Class 32 32 GB Micro SD card.
  • 50m waterproof case.
  • Removable lithium-ion battery.
  • 2.4GHz waterproof remote control.
  • 8 different frames

User Guide

If you’re using the CGX2 for the first time, you will notice immediately that its appearance is known as it is similar to the GoPro counterpart.

The CGX2 is black with a simplified appearance and like the GoPro, the CGX2 camera is of the utmost quality.

The front of the camera contains the Wi-Fi mode and 160-degree lenses. On the back of the camera is a 2-inch LCD screen and controls working and charging.

Cyclopsgear - Gear - Gopro - Review With Coupon
Cyclopsgear – Gear – Gopro – Review With Coupon

The left side of the camera consists of up/down buttons as well as HDMI and USB ports. The right side consists of the TF card slot into which the 32 GB Micro SD card is inserted.

The upper part of the camera consists of the on/off switch and the camera speaker.

Characteristics Of The Camera

The ability to remotely control your camera is no longer an “interesting” feature, but is a must!

The ability to place your camera in different places of your person, vehicle, or other location that inspires you, while retaining the ability to control the camera, is an essential part of capturing unique images.

The CGX2 camera offers you two methods to achieve this:

The CGX2 features Wi-Fi, which lets you easily pair your camera with an iOS or Android smartphone via a free downloadable application.

With this application, the end-user can control the camera remotely.

The application not only allows you to view the camera’s live video stream, but also control the various camera settings and, of course, the operation of the camera.

Characteristics Of The Camera

You can also remotely control the camera via the waterproof remote control. Simply pair the watch with the remote control of the camera and you can shoot or take pictures at the touch of a button.

CGX2 also offers several popular shooting modes: high-speed shooting, fast motion, photo burst, slow motion, motion detection, immersion mode, backward and continuous mode.

You can easily select these options from the camera’s system menu or the smartphone application.

  • Video Resolutions

Depending on the desired creative effect, you can use the CGX2 to record videos in different resolutions.

These options are also changed and/or selected via the camera system menu or the smartphone application.

cyclopsgear - Review - Video - Quality

Note that some of the video features are limited when recording at 4K/10 fps according to the camera’s operating instructions:

Loop recording, Wi-Fi zoom, time-lapse and recording function.

  • Still Pictures

The still images can be captured with the CGX2 in the following resolutions: 12MP, 8MP, 5MP, and 3MP. With the CGX2 you can also capture imaginative pictures with lots of photos, snapshots, and shooting functions.

Example of still pictures – 12MP

It should be noted once again that these options are changed and/or selected via the system menu of the camera or the smartphone application.

Cyclops - Gear -still pictures - 12MP
Cyclops – Gear -still pictures – 12MP
  • Test Phase

One question that we did not want to answer in our testing phase is: how is the CGX2 action camera different from its competitors?

Yes, it can not be denied that the CGX2 is similar in appearance to its GoPro counterpart. However, we did not want these similarities to affect our tests and recommendations.

Our test found that the CGX2 action camera met the goals set by Cyclops Gear, providing consumers with a high-quality action camera at an affordable price.

We wanted to answer the following question: Can the CGX2 action camera capture high-quality video/photo images that satisfy off-road enthusiasts?

That is all that needs to be done, right? We play in varied and sometimes challenging environments and need an action camera that captures not only our adventures but also our moments of adrenaline.

Video Pattern

  • 1080p / 60fps – standard options
  • 720p / 60fps – standard options
  • 720p / 120fps – slow-motion activated
  • 480p / 240fps – slow-motion activated

We’ve done preliminary tests in the CGX2 and so far have been very impressed with the pictures taken.

At this point, it is too early to consider factors such as battery life/longevity or camera performance in more adverse environments and conditions.

However, we have plenty of adventures in the reserve for 2016, so we will certainly be reporting on our results, as our testing phase is throughout the year.

Also, check out their social feeds as they share video clips of adventures taken with their CGX2 action camera.

What’s In The Box

Without frames, cases, or accessories CGLife 2 glasses are only supplied with glasses. You get a protective case that is especially good because there is room for your charger. You can also keep a USB cable and a cleaning towel.

(You also get a Cyclops Gear tag).

The glasses are pre-installed with a 4GB MicroSDHC card. You can take them out of the box and start recording.

cyclopsgear - product - category accessories

However, you must first charge it, which can be done with the included wall adapter or simply by connecting it to a computer.

Design And Functions

These glasses are not for everyone. Yes, they are designed for the sport, so you probably will not run through the city.

However, I imagine that the camera body protruding between the eyes could be enough to deter potential buyers.

Again, it will probably not interest anyone who manages to get away from the eyes, which are attracted by attaching an action camera on its helmet.

What might interest you is the quality of the construction. Although they are very light, they do not feel very robust.

When you bend or twist them in some way, parts of the frame begin to move away from each other.

CyclopsGear - Review - product cgx3 - waterproof - case

The lenses come out just as easily, which can be considered a good or bad thing. When you take pictures in bad or temperate weather conditions, you can simply remove the lenses and see what you are doing.

They are so easy to loosen, but can accidentally damage the lens.

In normal use, they will probably be okay. However, if you’re the type to throw your gear into a bag, or if it’s generally heavier than it might be, you’ll need a few extra seconds to put it back in your bag while travelling.

 The left-arm contains a lens and sensor that is ahead of it along with the rest of the camera.

At the bottom, you will find a microSD card slot that is compatible with cards up to 32GB, and a non-standard 8 pin micro USB port that is different from most mobile devices.

There is a small closure that covers the connector and a small reset button. After raising the flap for the first time, it did not return to the body and often left its seat.

The power/record/release button is also outside of this arm. When the camera is off, simply press the button once and a few seconds later the recording will start.

CyclopsGear - Coupon - The New CGX3 Action Camera

Press again to stop, then the button will be the trigger. Press and hold this button for three seconds to resume video recording, or press and hold it for longer to completely turn off the camera.

A small red light shows you exactly what is happening and can be seen out of the corner of your eye when the glasses are pointing slightly forward.

If you like many shooting options, they will not suit you. The glasses record in AVI format and you can choose between three video resolutions: 1920x1080p at 25 fps, 1440x1080p at 30 fps (default) and 1280x720p at 50 fps. However, there is no software to change the configuration.

You need to connect the glasses to a computer and save a text document on your microSDHC card that contains the number 0, 1, or 2.

Then you have to remove the glasses and restart. Well, this is not the end of the world, and in reality, you probably do not want to use anything but default resolutions, but this is not practical.

You also need to do this to set the timestamp for the movie’s date and time. Save a text document with the current date and time and it will be highlighted in each video.

You can delete the timestamp by entering a date before 2013. However, this marks all your videos with the wrong date.

This is not ideal if you like the organization. By the way, this will only remove the timestamp of the videos, not the photos. In this case, all your photos will have incorrect data.

Video Quality

The quality of the video is only good, though, like many other things in life, it is a wait. After all, this is a camera that is built into sunglasses and sold for less than $150.

Similar-priced action cameras produce better videos, and spending more than $150 will give you a much better video. But even here, none of them is in glasses.

The only comparable products I have tried are Durango Pivothead glasses. The video is usually better, but in fact, contains more shutter artifacts than the CGLife 2 and is double the price.

CyclopsGear - Coupon

For best results, maintain the default resolution of 1440 x 1080 at 30 fps. Unfortunately, this means that the video is not in widescreen format, but 4:3 format.

So if you need a “Full HD” video or an aspect ratio of 16:9, I’ll skip those glasses. Otherwise, it is fine for small sizes on a computer screen or a mobile device.

In large sizes, subjects appear soft and you will see many block artifacts in fast-moving scenes.

There are ribbons in the sky, and the exhibits do not change smoothly, which is not good for something that’s on your face.

At least for my two revisions, the lens seemed to be twisted so that everything I recorded was tilted.

Also included in the frame is a monaural microphone, which in reality is sensitive enough to pick up the user’s voice and speak loud enough to be heard perfectly.

The quality of the CGLife 2 photo is not excellent. You do the trick if you just want to take a snapshot of something you want to put into your videos or share online.

In larger sizes, there are almost no details, but lots of noise/artifacts, even in good lighting. And again, unlike videos, pictures always have a timestamp. You will need to do some photo editing if you do not want to.

cyclopsgear - product - category - action - cameras

Cyclops teams may not have the same weight on the 4K action camera market as GoPro because they have little time in this niche, but they are close to changing.

Previously known for its safety goggles and integrated sunglasses, the company unveiled a new product with many similarities to the popular line of Hero action cameras.

We talk about the new action camera CGX2, the second model of the portable CGX series POV Cyclops cameras with WiFi technology.

However, the latest of these cameras are also equipped with a 2-inch LCD screen, many other new accessories, and, above all, the ability to record 4K Ultra HD videos. And best of all, it’s all for a cheaper price than the GoPro Hero 4 4K action camera.

With a very similar form factor to the GoPro counterpart, the Hero 4 Silver and a nearly identical protective housing, the CGX2 is characterized by a very different Cyclops logo, repositioned control buttons and a black logo, silver-grey outside.

As far as internal specifications are concerned, the CGX2 can transmit Full HD videos at 60, 50, 30, and 25 frames per second, while 4K UHD videos at 3840 x 2160 pixels can be recorded at 15 or 25 frames per second.

Also, the small POV camera can process 2K images at a resolution of 2074 x 1520 at 30, 25, and 24 frames per second.

In addition to these video recording specifications, the CGX2 can record 12-megapixel still images and has built-in WiFi sharing capability that allows you to pair the camera with smartphones and tablets running iOS or Android.

Cyclops Gear CGX2 Review

Regardless of your point of view, the Cyclops Gear CGX2 is strangely similar to a popular  POV camera (GoPro).

Both are so big that we even use the frames that we already had in our helmet.

Cyclopsgear - product - Review

Instead of getting bored with the technical jargon found on the manufacturer’s website, we want to use the products the way you want and give you an honest view from a real user.

After spending some time on the quality track with the CGX2, we noticed that.

1: Is Ready For Use

The CGX2 is ready to go and comes with everything you need to record today. There is no need to search for a 32MB micro SD card. You don’t need any batteries or even camera mounts. Unbox it, charge the battery while applying a media combination, and get ready to make a movie!

2: It Works In Many Modes

The camera captures a 4K image (3,840 x 2,160) at 15 or 12.5 frames per second or 2K (2074 x 1520) at 30, 25, 24 frames per second.

You can shoot in Full HD 1080 at 60, 50, 30, or 25 frames per second, but you can also shoot at 12 MP. So, you have many options to record the action.

Cyclopsgear - Review

We put our value in 1080 to 60 frames per second, as this offers excellent quality on each screen.

A very interesting feature added in the CGX2 is that it comes with a built-in motion detector.

This means that when blind or deer are used, recording begins when motion is detected. Now you can search for arrows or move trembling fingers around a cold weapon for everyone to see later.

3: Quality Of The Picture

The recorded images were clear with good colour saturation during playback. You can easily see your friend on the track.

4: Waterproof Bracelet And Remote Control

Often, a small action camera hardly determines the function of the keys and determines if they are registered.

We look at the lens innumerable times to look for the blinking light. The CGX2 offers an incredible solution to it. It has a remote control wristband that controls all operating functions.

Cyclopsgear - Review - Coupon

And the whole case, from the box to the camera to the bracelet, is waterproof up to 160′!

5: LCD Back

We love the 2-inch LCD screen on the back of the CGX2. It shows exactly what the camera sees and all shooting settings. During recording, a blue light flashes on the left. Other recording options are also displayed. In general, it is very intuitive.

6: WI-FI Cable

The CGX2 has a built-in Wi-Fi connection and a Cyclops Gear compliant application. The application lets you start and stop the camera and view video clips from your smartphone or tablet with iOS or Android.

7: The Price Is Right

The price of the CGX2 is about $100 below that of the better-known competitor GoPro. It comes with everything you need to register right away.

Cyclopsgear - Pricing Policy

Although the other brand may offer more artistic recording opportunities, we do not care if your last name is Spielberg or not.

8. A new cam

The Cyclops Gear CGX2 is hard to beat for its size, function, and versatility. The package contains everything you need to get started.

Cyclopsgear - New - Product

The quality of the components and the image quality corresponds to those of all other devices we have tested. For a very reasonable price of $299, it’s probably the best value in the market.

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FAQ Related To Cyclops Gear Review:

How to change the password for CG360 camera wifi?

You can change your password using the CG360 app. Go to settings and then to wifi settings. On changing your password, the camera will disconnect from the app and the password will be set.

How to format my SD card using CG360 Camera?

To format your sd card using CG360 Camera follow the given steps. Press the power button until it shows the Settings menu. Now click 'Okay'. Now press the power button until a cursor appears under the camera setting tab. Click on the format option.

Why does my battery not last more than 20 mins?

If you are working in cold conditions then it is common for a battery to last for short periods as it loses its efficiency. If you are working in normal temperature conditions then the battery is problematic and needs replacement.

Can I hook my CGX2 to my PC?

No, you cannot connect your CGX2 to your computer or PC as the app does not support it. You can connect it to your phone or tablet.

Does CGX2 App support video editing?

No, to edit and share your video you need to download it to your computer and then edit.

Conclusion: Cyclops Gear Review With Coupon 2022

If you’re looking for a simple way to capture POV videos, choose a pair of Cyclops Gear CGLife 2 video lenses.

The video quality and build quality of the glasses are not fantastic, but rival models can cost twice as much.

So, it depends on your needs, your expectations, and the amount you are willing to spend for your convenience.

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