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Dashlane is a highly secured software which manages and safeguards all your passwords, whether you use it once a day or once a year. It keeps track of all your passwords. It helps you remember your passwords and also generates unique ones whenever you need them. Software is easy to use and safe for an efficient working. You will love the software for its password saving ability and the safety it offers. Let’s checkout Dashlane Coupons & offers May 2023.

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Grab Dashlane for Free!!

Dashlane provides you the opportunity to create unique passwords for all your different accounts, remember them and have them typed for you online. Dashlane also provides autofill, a powerful feature which types your passwords automatically on any of the websites, which saves you an average of 50 hours a year. This makes it easier, effortless, and a quicker software than any other software in the market. Grab the software and have an awesome experience with saving your valuable time.

Features such as Password Changer, which lets you instantly change hundreds of passwords with a single click, are tremendous time savers and help set DASHLANE apart from the rest of the pack. The applications are well designed across every platform, with near-feature-parity between the desktop and mobile versions.

The only complaint most will have with DASHLANE is the price: At $40 a year, it is the most expensive password manager.

DASHLANE offers both a free and a premium version of its service. The latter will cost you $40 a year. Both DASHLANE options allow you to create and save an unlimited number of passwords and data to your account, and they offer security monitoring and breach alerts. However, the free plan restricts you to a single device.


  • Setup :

The initial DASHLANE setup process is best handled by downloading and installing the DASHLANE stand-alone application. During installation, the DASHLANE extensions will automatically install on every compatible browser. You will then be asked to create a DASHLANE account, which simply requires your email address and a master password.

The master password is the one password that you’ll have to remember after installing DASHLANE. It must include at least eight characters, one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter and one number.


On a computer, you can use DASHLANE through the standalone app, through a browser extension or by logging directly into the DASHLANE website.

The stand-alone application is, naturally, the most feature-rich experience. It’s got an intuitive interface: The nine primary sections of DASHLANE are laid out on the left, with the ability to view your data in a grid or list format on the right. DASHLANE picks up the icons for most websites when adding credentials, which makes for more pleasant visuals than a grid or list of text and also makes finding things much quicker.

Password Changer is one of the biggest differentiators for DASHLANE; it allows you to change most of your online passwords with a single click. This feature requires that DASHLANE work with each site to enable the functionality, but at the time of this review, approximately 500 sites were part of Password Changer.


The mobile apps on DASHLANE have virtually all the features found in the stand-alone desktop interface.

Whether on iOS or Android, the apps share a similar design, with easy access to all your DASHLANE data and the ability to add or edit data.

The one notable departure from the desktop app is Password Changer. It’s not present at all on Android (but DASHLANE tells us it will eventually be). On iOS, it is slightly limited — you must select each individual account to be changed, rather than simply selecting all of them. It would be nice to be truly feature-complete on mobile, but considering that doing a near-global change of your passwords isn’t a common activity, this isn’t a significant complaint.

·       Security

DASHLANE stores your data on its servers, and on your devices, using the same AES-256 bit encryption as most of the password managers on the market. As previously mentioned, your Master Password is the key to your account; it is not stored in any way by DASHLANE, and without it, your encrypted passwords and data on the DASHLANE servers are useless to would-be thieves. The company prides itself on this “zero-knowledge” architecture, meaning that even DASHLANE can’t access any of your data.

Additional security is available in the form of two-factor authentication, which must be activated in the desktop app. You choose whether to require it for all aspects of DASHLANE,  or simply when registering new devices — it depends on your level of security concern.

DASHLANE Premium customers get a few additional options for two-factor authentication, including support for Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) security keys such as the Yubi Key. These are physical devices that you plug into your USB port; they replace a mobile or desktop two-factor-authentication app.

On modern Android and iOS devices, DASHLANE supports some biometric logins, including Apple’s new Face ID on the iPhone X. But Android users are limited to fingerprint sensors, so there’s no iris scanning for you Samsung owners. Alternatively, you can use a 4-digit PIN to log into the app rather than having to type in your Master Password each time. Much like your Master Password, this PIN cannot be restored or reset, so if you lose it you’ll need to delete and reinstall the app.

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  • password manager
  • autofill passwords once saved
  • assured security for passwords
  • Bringing all passwords under one roof
  • auto save passwords

This software is also helpful in keeping them up-to-date across your phone, computer, laptop or a tablet. Using this software will reduce your stress of remembering different passwords for different accounts which creates confusion for you sometimes, will reduce after having this software installed.

Hope you will enjoy this software and save your money by using Dashlane coupons & codes May 2023 Discount.

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