Data Rescue PC5 File Recovery Software Review Coupon Code 2023

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About Data Rescue PC5

Data Rescue PC5 is a great disc recovery software. It performs well throughout the testing session and has great recovery rates in almost every area. It has even managed to take the lead in certain areas.

The software is the best as far as recovering files from microSD cards is concerned. It is also great when it comes to recovering files from a hard drive.

This is a great choice for all of your logical data recovery requirements. This software can aid you in recovering partition tables, boot records, and even complex RAID configurations. It’s backed by tons of experiences from the Data Rescue Center at Prosoft.

What more would you want? In this article, we will discuss Data Rescue PC5 File Recovery Software Review | February Coupon Codes 2023.

File Recovery Success

The software is very well suited for almost every type of data recovery. Despite having a very simple appearance, the software is among the most thorough software out there.

The developers are very confident in the software’s ability to recover logical data that if it doesn’t deliver or if the damage to your data exceeds the capabilities of the software, they’ll discount the software’s cost from the fee of the Data Recovery Center.

This is the kind of end-to-end support for data recovery provided by them, which can be considered to be impressive; wouldn’t you say?

We tested the software on different types of data loss to assess its capabilities in terms of disk recovery. Let’s take a look at how the software scored:

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Lost File Recovery – Data Rescue PC5



The software managed to recover almost every file from our hard drive and had a 98% success rate for the same files from the microSD card. Across every device in which it was tested, it found all of the lost MP4 and Office files. It even recovered all MP3s from the hard drive and SD card. But, it wasn’t able to recover most of these files from the SSD.

Files Recovered From Reformatted Drive – Data Rescue PC5

Data rescue PC5 Files Recovered from Reformatted Drive

One of the biggest surprises from this software came when we were using it for recovering files from a reformatted MicroSD card. Here, it was able to recover more than 98% of the data.

The software missed some videos and wasn’t able to get all the picture files, but it did manage to find all the MS Office documents and videos on the SSD.

It was even able to recover a large portion of the pictures on the SSD. As far as the MP3’s are concerned it managed to recover three-quarters from the SSD and the HDD but didn’t find any other files on the drive.

Raw Recovery Speed – Data Rescue PC5

Data rescue PC5

A couple of small downsides of this software are the scan and the recovery speeds. The software recorded average speeds of 8.1 GB per hour for the HDD, 5.3 GB for the solid-state drive, and 3.9 GB for the MicroSD.

Each of these speeds is quite below the average and this means it is going to take much longer to rescue data using this software as compared to most others. But, the high rate of recovering makes up for the slow speeds; wouldn’t you say?

This is one of the few software out there which allow network recovery and includes scanning drives connected through a network.

The software is based on the Linux platform and this means it can work independently of a Windows OS. You do not have to remove failing hard drives from other computers on your network just to can scan it.

One drawback that it does have because of operating independently of Windows OS is – it might not be able to recognize connected devices and drives in the same way that Windows Explorer does.

It lists out all physical drives by their name and then the logical drives followed by the directories. This means you will need to be careful when confirming the drives which you’re working with.

The partitions which are in logical drives should be confirmed using the pull-down menu of each physical drive just to be safe.


Data rescue PC5

One of the most interesting features of this software has got to be the recovery CD, which comes with it. This powerful utility is exactly what you need to use when it comes to disc imaging.

It even allows you to map network drives from the pre-OS state.

This is a great feature for all those home users who may need to scan computers where Data Rescue hasn’t been installed as yet. It lets you scan computers and even save results to USB-attached or network-connected drives.

This strategy is going to help you keep all of your hardware intact and will even reduce the likelihood of being forced to send your hard drive to the Data Rescue Center.

Help and Support

Data rescue PC5

This software has a great support environment where you can learn a whole lot of stuff about it, while also gaining support for all of the common issues faced by users.

The site offers a lot of information that can educate you regarding the various types of data that gets lost, as well as the best ways to make successful data recovery by yourself. Their staff is very well informed and can find answers to almost every question you throw in their way.

If you find their software isn’t good enough or if you’re dealing with devices that have failed mechanically, their data center lab will have no trouble helping you out. You can simply submit your device with them through their red bag service, which also comes with all the relevant shipping material required to send your failing devices to them.


  • Exceptionally simple interface.
  • Bootable CD which lets you recover files from systems that won’t start.


  • Cannot display names of music files recovered.
  • Average recovery and scan speeds are very low.



This is one effective, easy-to-use application that is worth buying for any non-professional. It performs well in just about every aspect, especially when it comes to recovering data from microSD cards. It offers some terrific supporting features too.

Even though this software has been created specifically for hard drive recoveries, it was still able to outperform almost all of its competition with above-average results whenever it was tested on SSDs.

The searches were the most comprehensive throughout testing and offered among the best results as far as recovering logical data is concerned. The added benefits offered by the built-in disc imaging capabilities and the lab services only help in making this – one of the most remarkable products out there.

Conclusion: Data Rescue PC5 File Recovery Software Coupon Code 2023

It will probably not matter to most of the people; that this software doesn’t offer all the recovery options that some other software does. It doesn’t offer options for quick scans, instead of going for the regular, deep scan.

Also, it doesn’t try recovering data from optical disks. But, what it does include, is the drive cloning feature which is not found in all its rivals. This can be used for copying data from drives that are failing physically. Most of all, the bootable CD means it is ready for action even if your system isn’t booting.

If you have not already got this software for yourself, don’t waste another second, get it right away.

I hope you like Data Rescue PC5 File Recovery Software Review & Coupon codes February 2023.

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Yes, recovery is possible in these cases however typically the original filenames and folder structure will not be recoverable. This data, as well as data lost from reformatting, can be found in the ‘Reconstructed Files’ folder in the results of a Deep Scan where it will be organized by file type.

The purpose of the Data Rescue cloning function is to copy the raw data of a drive or volume to another drive or volume, so that the copy may be scanned and recovered from, reducing the wear-and-tear on the original hard drive.

If you have attached a drive with a damaged volume since you started Data Rescue, Data Rescue may not automatically notice it. Try the File > Refresh Drives List menu item. It could be possible that your drive is malfunctioning to the point where your computer is not able to talk to it at all, in which case even the device name will not appear.



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