DataCamp Review 2020– Is It The Best Place To Learn Data Science?

DataCamp Review
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  • Many courses are available for free
  • Great policies for teachers
  • They also provide financial support
  • Prices are quite low
  • Quick Video Lessons
  • Easy to use interface
  • Coding compiler included
  • Expert Trainers for support


  • They have a lack of repetition of courses

In this post, I am going to discuss DataCamp Review 2020.

Learning Data Science and Machine learning has become a necessity for everyone. Every student is taking up various courses online as well as offline to learn Data Science and have an edge over others by using some extra set of skills. 

Data Science is the science of extracting meaning from various data and predicting the future behavior of the same.

It makes use of techniques like Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning to extract meaning from the data collected and use it for future purposes. But the most confusing question arises, where to learn?

Don’t worry! I’m here for your rescue. This blog lets you know why DataCamp is the best place to learn Data Science, so keep reading…

Learn Data Science Online

DataCamp Review 2020– Is It The Best Place To Learn Data Science?

Overview of DataCamp 

The field of data science is an ever-growing field and the advancement in technologies just keeps on increasing its growth pace.

Many online platforms teach Data science and choosing one from them is a difficult task. The platform that you choose plays an important role in your journey. The online platform should be reliable, provide quality knowledge and the certificate should have recognition.

The most popular and widely used platform for learning data science is DataCamp. DataCamp is the leading name in the online learning platforms and is a great place to get started.

I have been using DataCamp for more than two years now and hence taking this time to review DataCamp in detail.

Through this blog, I will answer all your questions regarding DataCamp, its pricing, and also its pros and cons. The main aim of this blog is to give you a detailed insight into DataCamp and help you make the most of it.

Let us get started! 

DataCamp Review- Data Science Expert

Why Choose DataCamp?

Founded in 2013 by  Martijn Theuwissen, Dieter De Mesmaeker, and Jonathan Cornelissen, DataCamp is an online learning platform that focuses on teaching Data science.

Data camp is a website that helps total beginners who are looking to learn data science and machine learning

DataCamp is very useful for people who are starting in Data science and looking to make a career out of it. Even existing data scientists are using data science.

In DataCamp you spend less time watching videos and more time on coding. With a huge amount of data on R and Python courses, DataCamp is one of the leading websites and has one of the largest archives.

Over the years more than 6,390,000 data science enthusiasts have joined DataCamp and benefited from it. 

DataCamp offers around 335 courses on its websites that cover everything on data science and has 277 instructors to help you out.

DataCamp helps you at every step of the way and ensures that you are up to date when learning about data science.

We know learning can be boring sometimes but the people here at DataCamp make learning interesting by adding challenges and quizzes to the classes.

DataCamp Review- Learn The Way You Learn Best

Features at DataCamp Review

DataCamp offers great features for all users. It has different plans for individuals and teams. These plans help you to discover the perfect course for you and become an expert in your field of interest.

Let us take a look at the different features offered by DataCamp to individuals as well as teams.

DataCamp for Individuals: 

DataCamp helps individuals belonging to any background who wish to gain data fluency and want to be digitally literate about the new advancements in data science.

It provides courses to individuals belonging to all the different career fields and helps them to understand the language of data more efficiently. 

Features provided by DataCamp for Individuals: 

1. Self-paced courses:

DataCamp provides you a wide range of self-paced courses You can easily choose to learn anywhere and at any time according to your comfort.

These courses can easily be accessed through any device and are even compatible with your mobile phone, this allows you to learn any course from any location. You can even be traveling on a bus and still complete your course.

They also help you keep track of your progress so when you switch devices you can restart the course from where you previously stopped it. 

DataCamp helps you to learn best through its three-tier method of courses. This method helps you to assess, learn, and apply your knowledge and master the skill.

2. Assess:

DataCamp helps you to discover the level of skill that you possess and helps you to choose the perfect course for you. You can even customize the course that you want according to your skill level. 

3. Learn:

Datacamp has more than 330 courses that provide hands-on experience for learning and has great courses consisting of short videos for covering the topic in small sections while maintaining the quality of knowledge supplied. 

4. Apply:

DataCamp also has many skill assessment tests that help you master the skill level and apply to practical projects that will eventually help you understand the practical applications of your skill.

5. Know where you stand:

DataCamp helps you discover your skill level before starting a course and helps you become an expert in the desired field.

DataCamp Signal helps you discover your current skill level in 10 minutes and helps you check your performance by conducting a short test. This test is very reliable and the score is also very accurate.

6. Get accurate results:

DataCamp provides you with accurate and very detailed results that would help you learn from your mistakes.

The DataCamp Signal helps you detect where your mistake was committed and calculate your score. This helps you improve and track your performance.

7. Personalized Plans:

The DataCamp Signal provides you personalized learning plans so that you can achieve your set goal in the desired amount of time.

The DataCamp Signal provides recommendations based on your performance and skill gaps so that you can make the most out of DataCamp and use it to enhance and achieve your goals in the desired amount of time.

DataCamp for Teams:

DataCamp helps teams and businesses to acquire the skills required to enhance and grow the business.

With the advancements in technology, the knowledge of data science is no more confident to the higher-level officials but has become important for everyone in the organization.

With DataCamp it is now possible to train everyone on the teams and take them towards making powerful data-driven decisions.

DataCamp Review

Features provided by DataCamp for Teams:

1. Content:

DataCamp allows you to create tailored content which is great for learning. You can customize your learning tracks according to the organization’s skill requirements and ensure that all the tracks fulfill the skill requirements that you need.

You can even set some assignments and keep track of the performance of your team. DataCamp will help you make sure that every one of the team acquires the set goal and no one is left behind.

2. Impact of Online Training:

DataCamp also helps you measure the impact that online training has on your team. The features like signal sign-on and advanced enterprise reporting help you to measure the impact of training on your team members.

You can easily interpret and visualize the growth in the performance of teams for the required skill sets.

3. Expert Guidance:

DataCamp provides expert guidance through a customer Success Manager dedicated to your team.

This manager will help you through the learning process and constantly guide you throughout all your difficulties.

This person will help you achieve the series level of data fluency by providing valuable recommendations and helping you achieve the desired organization goal.

4. Skill Building:

DataCamp provides courses led by experts which help you build your skills and help you solve and understand the real-time problems faced in the real world.

This practical approach to teaching helps the organization to work more efficiently and provide better results.

This approach has proven to be 60% more effective than the approach used by other online course providers.

5. Training:

DataCamp provides training to all your team members belonging to all skill levels and possessing their data knowledge.

They will help you efficiently train even a person who is not aware of the basics and make him an expert in the desired skill.

They have more than 80 real-life projects and more than 60 practice sessions along with more than 10 skill assessment tests that will help you grow all the roles of all the departments of your organization. 

6. New Insights:

Over the years DataCamp has developed new insights into how to enhance your learning levels.

They help you look into the cultures and help you unlock the various levels of skills in your team to build a more data fluent culture.

It also helps you to accurately evaluate the data skills of all the people of your company and leverage the DataCamp Signal for test assessments.

DataCamp Courses Offered:

DataCamp offers more than 330 courses for students all over the world. These courses are mainly focused on using R Language, Python, and SQL for learning Data Science.

The use of these languages makes learning a fun activity while being able to reach the required peak of technical advancements.

DataCamp also offers various courses on machine learning, data engineering, and deep learning. The courses offered by DataCamp are divided into two tracks: skill track and career track.

  • Skill Track

DataCamp has 52 courses in the Skill Tracks which help you become the master of your desired skill.

The skill tracks have been designed to guide you in a particular methodology, technology, or domain of your choice.

You can choose any domain from R/Python, Datamining, Machine learning, and become an expert through the cores provided by DataCamp.

The types of skills that the courses offered through the skill tracks offered are:

  1. Applied Finance
  2. Statistics Fundamentals
  3. Network analysis
  4. Data manipulation and Visualization
  5. Big Data
  6. Text Mining, etc.
  • Career Track

DataCamp has over 15 courses in the career tracks that have been specifically designed to help you excel in your career.

If you are a fresher and want to start your career in Data science then DataCamp has the perfect courses designed by industry experts to help you in your journey and chose the perfect course for you.

The types of career that the courses offered through the career tracks offered are:

  1. Data analyst
  2. Data scientist
  3. Machine learning
  4. Data engineer
  5. Statistician 

DataCamp Curriculum

The curriculum offered by DataCamp is more engaging and the best for beginners to develop their interest and start learning data science.

Each course of DataCamp is for more than 4 hours and consists of short videos that help the young learners to learn more effectively.

They also have projects and skill assessments included in their curriculum to keep a track of your progress and check your performance for better results.

DataCamp Tutors/Instructors

The tutors/instructors available on DataCamp belong to various universities and are the master of their subjects.

You can easily find out about all the tutors available on DataCamp through the official website.

Along with the photo and name of the tutors, you can find out the number of courses that the particular teacher teaches.

You can even get the information on the number of students trained by the tutor. You can even find out about the interest and other details about the tutors by viewing their full bio which is also easily available. You also have the option of listening to their podcast.

DataCamp Support

Support plays a very important role while selecting any platform for taking an online course. With continuous and timely support DataCamp ensures that all the users complete their course without any interruptions.

It also has advance and priority support for the users depending upon the subscription plans that they choose.

DataCamp has a great community where all the users meet and interact with each other. They also discuss their experiences regarding the courses and troubleshoot their problems with each other’s help.

You will also find a great question and answer section on the support page of Datacamp. This section covers all the possible problems that you might face and helps you to find the answers for the same.

If you still have problems then you can easily get in touch with their support team and they will get back to you soon.

Pricing Plans

DataCamp offers five different types of pricing plans for all its users. These plans differ in the cost and features offered. Let us have a look at the various pricing plans of DataCamp.

DataCamp offers three plans for individuals namely, the free plan, standard plan, and the premium plan. All these plans come with a variety of features offered.

Pricing Plans

The Free Plan:

As the name suggests, this plan is free, and you do not have to pay anything to start using this plan. The features included in this plan are:

  • You get access to all the first chapters of all the courses.
  • You get access to over 7 projects.
  • It offers you one skill assessment.
  • You get access to all the coding challenges.

The Standard Plan:

The standard plan will cost you $25 per month when billed annually. This plan contains all the contents of the free plan along with the following features: 

  • It offers 333 courses along with 14 career tracks.
  • It offers 52 skill tracks along with unlimited skill assessments.
  • You also get access to all mobile application courses and practice.
  • You get access to the community chat.

The Premium Plan:

The premium plan will cost you $33.25 per month when billed annually. This plan contains all the contents of the standard plan along with the following features:

  • You get access to 82 projects.
  • You can use Tableau, PowerBI, and Oracle content.
  • You also get access to DataCamp Live sessions.
  • You can use the DataCamp Priority support.

Along with these three individual plans, DataCamp also has two plans designed specifically for the teams. Let us discuss the features of each of these two.

The Professional Plan:

The professional plan will cost you $25 for one user per month. You should have a minimum of 5 users and this plan is billed yearly. The features included in this plan are:

  • You get access to all the contents of the premium plan.
  • You get access to the assignments along with the user roles and permissions.
  • You get access to the admin dashboard and you can have live chat with admins.

The Enterprise Plan:

You get access to all the contents of the professional plan along with the below-stated points.

  • You get access to all the Tableau, PowerBI, and Oracle content.
  • You can pay per user or pay per hour of using DataCamp.
  • You get access to the custom learning tracks and advance reporting
  • You can use the feature of Single Sign-on.
  • You can export your data and access the early access program.
  • You get access to the LMS and Data Integrations
  • You can use the dedicated customer manager which is available for more than 20 customers.
  • You can use the priority support feature.

Though the exact pricing of this plan is not specified you would have to get in touch with the DataCamp team if you wish to use this plan.

Can I use DataCamp for Free?

Yes, DataCamp can be used for free by any of the new users. If you are not sure about DataCamp and want to give it a free trial before making the huge money investment then the free trial is the best way to be sure.

This free trial will give you access to the first chapters of all the courses which would help you get the gist of the content in it.

You also get access to 7 projects and one skill assessment test which will help you understand the whole concept of DataCamp.

You can also participate in all the coding challenges which are just like a cherry on the top.

Is DataCamp Worth the Money Spent?

We have already discussed all the pricing plans and features offered by DataCamp. The number of features offered changes with the amount charged for each course.

The three various plans for individuals help you decide the number of features that you want to access and also make sure that you are not charged more for any of the plans.

The two plans for teams are also very affordable and provide great features to the teams.

The presence of all the various types of subscription plans leaves you with a variety of options to choose from and help you make the maximum use of all the available resources.

Plus the free resources available in each plan are the final best flourish you could ask for. Hence, without any doubt, DataCamp is worth all the money spent. 

Pros and Cons 

Let us now take a look at the pros and cons of DataCamp. This will easily help us to sort out the major strengths and weaknesses of DataCamp and help us in making an intelligent decision while choosing it over the other platforms.

DataCamp Pros ✔️ DataCamp Cons ❌
They offer great discount policies to the teachers.

They also offer a course in enrollment policies.

They offer great Financing support for their users.

They also offer international shipping policies to their users.

 They provide specialized instruction and a more detail-oriented approach to learning.

They have a lack of repetition that makes it less preferable for students who use the rote method of learning.

Some financial investments are required for the advanced level of the courses.

Quick Links


❓Does Datacamp offer a money-back guarantee?

No, Datacamp does not offer any money-back guarantee, it has a free plan for all the users.

❓Do I need to learn the basics of data science before getting started?

No, DataCamp makes sure to teach you all the basics along with the advanced methods depending on the course that you choose.

❓Does DataCamp have mobile-subscriptions?

Yes, DataCamp offers mobile subscriptions and these are mobile-only. When you subscribe through the browser you can easily use the mobile as well as the website for your course.

❓Is DataCamp reliable?

Yes, DataCamp has been used by more than thousands of students and is very reliable

❓Can I view the infarction about my teachers on Datacamp?

Yes, all the information about the tutors is available on Datacamp.

The Final Verdict of DataCamp Review 2020

Now that we have seen the features, pricing, pros, and cons of DataCamp, I believe you must have gotten a clear idea as to why DataCamp is a very well known name in the field of learning data sciences online.

The courses offered by DataCamp are crisp and in sync with the emerging technological developments.

The practical projects and assessments make sure that we keep our learning progress in check and also that our knowledge is at par with the new trends. 

Learning data sciences from DataCamp has its perks and the certificate provided also has huge recognition in the corporate world.

If you are someone who is looking forward to learning sciences, want to give your career a head start or already doing great in your career and want to acquire some skills, DataCamp is the best place for everyone to start learning data sciences. 

I hope you found this Review useful.

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