DataCamp Review 2022– Is It The Best Place To Learn Data Science?

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User Interface
Course Structure


  • Highly qualified Instructors
  • Visual Learning
  • Inbuilt Console for Coding
  • DataCamp Skill Track
  • Data Science Career Track
  • Interactive Platform


  • Short tutorial videos
  • Built-in console already has some codes pre loaded

DataCamp is a perfect online learning platform for learners to build their own data skills. Their courses cover important non-coding elements such as data science and machine learning BI tools.

Price:$ 25

In this post, I am going to discuss DataCamp Review 2022.

DataCamp is a perfect online learning platform for learners to build their own data skills. Their courses cover important non-coding elements such as data science and machine learning BI tools.

It includes data sensitivity analysis to track progress and offer personalized recommendations, expert interactive courses, and real-world projects.

It provides a manual learning experience and delivers practical learning experiences, including data competency evaluations to monitor progress and make personalized suggestions, interactive expert-led courses, practical challenges, and projects in reality.

It provides you with over 350 courses in over 10 different technologies such as Python, R, SQL, Tableau, Power BI, Oracle SQL, Scala, Excel, spreadsheets, Tableau. For each role and level of skill, DataCamp offers you a flexible online training experience.

Learn Data Science Online

Content Outline

DataCamp Review 2022– Is The Best Learning Platform?

About DataCamp 

DataCamp is an online platform that specializes in fields such as data science and analytics.

Founded in 2013, DataCamp has nearly 350+ courses available and each of them is taught by one of the 270 expert instructors from Datacamp and top universities like Duke University.

DataCamp offers interactive courses, projects, and practice assignments in R, Python, Sheets, SQL, and Shell and is an autonomous Online Learning Platform. DataCamp is clearly focused on data science.

The DataCamp claims that as early as March 2020, just around 5.5 million aspiring data scientists had profited from their platform.

DataCamp Read User Review

DataCamp Review- Data Science Expert

Why Choose DataCamp?

During the years, their instructors have gathered immense knowledge and experience into comprehensive courses that are applicable in an outline of real life.

For people who are interested in knowing who owns DataCamp, searches by Google would tell you that Mr. Jonathan Cornelissen is one of the DataCamp’s co-founders and the CEO of DataCamp.

DataCamp User Review

These DataCamp courses are provided to you for learning easily with video lessons, fun coding and DataCamp projects in the comfort of your browser.

We are not talking of a handful of 10 or 20-hour courses here. We are talking about 325+ DataCamp courses!

It would obviously be much difficult to cover all the 325+ courses in this DataCamp review, but we will be posting more such discussions and DataCamp reviews of various courses in the coming future.

DataCamp Review- Learn The Way You Learn Best


What makes DataCamp different?

One thing that sets DataCamp apart from the competition is that you are not expected to pay for each course you take, unlike all other online learning platforms.

DataCamp Facebook Page

Instead, you can sign up for any of the plans and get unlimited access to all of the courses for no additional cost. As a result, you might think of DataCamp as a college where you pay the tuition and choose which electives you want to consider.

So, if you are looking to improve or expand your data skills, Datacamp might prove to be the right choice for you. Their courses are very interactive, allowing you to learn at your own speed.

Do you have a burning desire to learn more? Is Datacamp a good investment? How much does it cost? Let’s get right to the meat of this Datacamp study.

Insider’s View of DataCamp Login

In this section of our DataCamp review, we will demonstrate how to use DataCamp. And the best way to do that is to give you a behind-the-scenes look at the DataCamp dashboard.

Each DataCamp course is made up of three sections. These are the elements:

  • Video tutorials
  • Questions with multiple answers
  • Exercises in coding

Key Features of DataCamp

Here are top 5 key features of DataCamp:

1. Engaging & Interactive

Datacamp courses are designed to be interactive, with a lot of videos and fun activities to complete.

datacamp - videos

2. Experts with Years of Experience

There are more than 270 experts from analytics and data science communities in attendance.

3. Free plan

Datacamp free for students

A Start-Up Plan is Included in the Free Plan. The free plan gives you access to the first chapters of courses as well as tests.

4. Pricing Structures That Are Easy To Understand

A quick and straightforward page consisting of all the necessary details of the plans and their pricing structure, which is refreshing given that not every online platform is as transparent.

5. Wide range

The developers have designed Datacamp for both beginners and intermediate learners. All would find something of their liking.


Whom is DataCamp Intended for?

Perhaps you are not sure whether DataCamp might be the ideal platform for you or not. So, let me clarify what Datacamp has to offer in terms of learning programs.

It has nearly 350 courses covering a wide range of data science tools, including R, Python, Spreadsheets, and Excel.

Datacamp New technology

All of its courses have been structured to be bite-sized and easy to understand and learn content for learners, integrating brief videos from experts along with some immediate interactive and engaging exercises.

This platform would have something for you whether you happen to be a total novice or possess some decent amount of knowledge on subjects relevant to data science.

1. DataCamp Tracks

DataCamp also provides Track learning programs in addition to Courses. There are 51 programs in the Skill Track, including Python Fundamentals, R Programming, and others, and 14 in the Career Track.

2. DataCamp Skill Track

This feature allows you to choose a collection of courses that provide you with all of the necessary knowledge that is required for a specific skill.

This will help you bring the best out of your education by directing you to only take those courses which are important to you.

Let’s suppose, if you want to learn the Skill track Finance Basics with R, it consists of four courses taught by different instructors totaling 18 hours of instruction.

3. DataCamp Career Track

In contrast to Skill Track, this feature will give you instant access to a wide range of courses chosen by experts and curated to let you learn what you need to know for a good career in a specific field.

For example, the Career track Python Programmer includes 15 courses taught by numerous instructors having 58 hours of instruction.

When you successfully complete a course with DataCamp, then you will receive a Statement of Accomplishment. This is not an approved course; if you want a standardized certificate, look into sites like Coursera and edX.

4. Datacamp for Business professionals

DataCamp also deals with businesses and has partnered with over 1,600 businesses and 80 percent of Fortune 1000 corporations use courses on DataCamp to train their employees.

DataCamp for Business primarily focuses on improving the data-driven decision-making skills of everyone on the team.

5. Online Datacamp Training

DataCamp Business offers a variety of online training options. It provides everyone in your team with convenient online preparation.

Its immersive courses will be taught by one of more than 270 expert teachers, so you can stay convinced you’re getting the best education possible.

6. DataCamp for The Classroom

DataCamp provides free passes to educators; all you have to do is just apply to obtain your 1200+ hours of courses on data science. DataCamp always focuses on offering free access to educators in order to empower students for the future with data skills.

You can build assignments and exercises for all your students as well as monitor their growth and success as an educator. It will take some days for your application to be accepted after you submit it.

Pricing at DataCamp Review

Pricing Plans

DataCamp is a subscription-based service with a number of distinct options to choose from including 3 personal plans available to an individual learner- the Free plan, the Standard account ($25 per month), and the Premium account ($33.25 per month), both of which are billed on annually, with the Standard subscription being the most popular one.

You will also find DataCamp’s native currency converter located at the top right corner for converting the prices, making it easily accessible for all its users.

DataCamp for Business provides two business plans to choose from:

  • Professional Plan
  • Enterprise Plan

The Professional plan will cost $25 a month per account and demands at least 5 members. If you wish to subscribe to the Enterprise plan, which has a custom price, you will have to reach out to Datacamp for more details.

Refunds and Payments 

Transactions on DataCamp can also be made using a credit card or PayPal. In contrast, many Visa/Mastercard debit cards are approved.

DataCamp is a subscription-based program, and your membership will be automatically renewed on a monthly or annual basis.

You have the option of canceling your subscription at any time. It will not, however, refund every portion of a subscription that is not used.

Advantages of using DataCamp

DataCamp has collaborated with several successful and well-established companies such as Google, eBay, Uber, and many more to expand and encourage their teams so that they can be the best at what they’re doing.

Datacamp on PR Newswire

The following are among some of the advantages that you and your team will enjoy with DataCamp courses:

  • Make educational materials that are relevant to you.
  • Analyze the quality of teaching methods.
  • Advice and guidance are available.
  • Participate in the creation of practical skills.
  • You can terminate your monthly or annual service at any time and continue complete access till the end of each month or year.

How Do I Sign Up For A Datacamp Account?

DataCamp’s registration procedure is highly simple. I still feel it would be useful to provide you with step-by-step guidance about how to enter.

DataCamp Sign Up

  • Visit on your browser.
  • You may enroll for a free account now.
  • Just use Linkedin, Facebook, or Google for sign up, or type your email address and password and select Get Started.
  • After you’ve signed up, you’ll be directed to My Progress, on which you can start searching at the alternative approaches in the left sidebar, including Courses, Skill Tracks, Career Tracks, Projects, and other options.
  • After that, you should start looking at various courses. DataCamp’s filter courses feature comes in real handy as it allows you to choose from Topics, Technologies, or even sort your search by Newest and Most Relevant. Short videos from experts are combined with quick hands-on exercises in all of its courses.

DataCamp Additional Tools & Features

DataCamp is loaded with amazing tools and features which make it a powerful learning platform for people eager to learn new topics and subjects and improve their skills and knowledge in the course of their choosing.

Apart from the key features discussed earlier in the post, here are some more features and tools of DataCamp that you should know about.

DataCamp Review - Learn By doing the best

DataCamp Skill & Career Tracks

The Curriculum Team of DataCamp has created a series of learning programs known as “Tracks,” of which there are 2 types: Career Tracks and Skill Tracks.

Each track consists of a series of courses that you must complete in order to learn the necessary skills and knowledge for your chosen career path.

  • Career Tracks are 12-30 courses that begin with introductory Python, R, and SQL courses that cover fundamental skills and progress to more oriented and advanced topics.
  • Skill Tracks are three to seven courses that concentrate on unique complementary skills in a variety of programming languages. Its courses are geared for intermediate to advanced students.

The DataCamp Curriculum Team has launched a list of educational activities described as “Tracks,” of which there are two main types: Skill Tracks and Career Tracks.

Each track consists of a set of courses that you have to complete in order to understand the required skills and competencies for your choice of career.

Skill Tracks are composed of three to seven lessons that emphasize particular common goals in a wide range of languages.

Its courses are oriented for intermediate to advanced students. Career Tracks are composed of 12-30 courses that start with basic Python, R, and SQL courses that cover conceptual skills and enhance to more specific and advanced topics.

Accomplishment Statement

A Statement of Accomplishment will be issued to you completely for free once you have finished a Track. You may download the course when you’ve just finished it, which ensures you’ll be able to immediately post it on your LinkedIn profile.

Remember that the Statement of Accomplishment offered to you by DataCamp is not a formal certificate, but does reflect that you have passed a course and acquired valuable skills.

Free courses

You can view the very first chapter of most programs with a free DataCamp account. This is a wonderful way of trying out a course when deciding whether or not you would like to pay for one of the subscription plans.

datacamp - free

DataCamp Instructor Profile

When viewing a course or track, the trainer and partners for the course will display on the right side of the screen.

You can read a short description about them by tapping on their profile. 

Some DataCamp Trainers are DataCamp workers who are professionals in their sectors, whereas others come from institutions such as Washington State and Oregon State.

DataCamp Assessments

A free test is available from DataCamp. You can pick your category and search by Technologies. You would also not be required to be registered or to provide credit card information in order to do so.

This can be incredibly beneficial if you do not even know where to begin or if you have any experience of a technology but are deficient in certain fields.

datacamp - assesment

Each examination will require 5-10 minutes which will be used to check your understanding regarding your chosen technology.

To view your score, you can log into DataCamp after finishing the examination. Your results (a percentage) will then be represented by a graph of Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels. You will obtain a set of personalized suggestions (courses).

For DataCamp newcomers, this is a great starting point; you could get your complimentary evaluation here.

DataCamp Community

DataCamp has a growing community of online forums, tutorials, research centers, discussion boards, cheat sheets, and also a Livestream. This isn’t just resource-rich, and it’s also a fun channel of communication with other participants.

Course Requirements & Structure

A number of programs have a similar format, comprising media content, fun exercises, downloadable study guides, and ability tests. Its programs are designed only by professors, who interact strongly with the DataCamp staff.

  • DataCamp courses are brief, bite-sized tutorials that incorporate video clips with hands-on activities. During most episodes, you will be eligible to participate in immersive activities. It has almost 350 data scientific and technological courses.
  • In addition to classes, DataCamp includes Skill and Career Tracks, which are made up of a variety of modules that will educate you on everything that you need to learn about a particular skill or profession. If you want to register in one of the track programs, you will just have to make a greater commitment.
  • You can access media content and extra study materials to view on the go or at a later point in time that would be more comfortable for you.
  • You can receive XP points while studying at DataCamp related to the course, activities, and other tasks you accomplish on this platform. On the upper right side of the screen, you will notice your overall XP.
  • Points will be deleted if you want to take a direction or demonstrate a response. Its primary intention is to maintain audience retention and keep them engaged and encouraged. 

10 Reasons Why We Love DataCamp

Here are 10 reasons why we recommend DataCamp:

1. Easy to use

DataCamp allows users to create an account for free and in a few easy steps.

You can sign up through your Facebook, Linkedin, or Google account, or by typing your email address and password. The interface has been well and simple to use.

2. Convenience

Its programs are self-paced and bite-sized, without any deadlines, helping people to study whenever and wherever they want. You can download course clips and slides of lessons to watch when you’re not hooked up to the internet.

Without the need for an internet connection, the DataCamp mobile application (Android and iOS) gives you the ability to use your current as well as the next lesson, encouraging you to practice throughout the day.

datacamp - reasons

3. Platforms Available 

All courses on DataCamp are completely online and it can be accessed from a computer, laptop, or smartphone.

The platform also provides a mobile-only package for both Android (4.4 ratings) as well as iOS (4.9 ratings).

Subscribers to the DataCamp app would have unrestricted access to mobile classes, practice drills, and regular streaks (called XP which is a point-based system that tells you how good you are performing and how engrossed you are with DataCamp). 

4. Approved certifications

When you complete the course at DataCamp, you will receive a free Certificate of Accomplishment. Even though it is not an authorized certification, you may post it on Linkedin.

5. Categories

Approximately 400 courses are available on DataCamps, with a focus on information science technologies including Python and R programming.

DataCamp is continuously launching new courses and upgrading existing ones with some of the most up-to-date developments and techniques. Students will look at the current as well as upcoming courses on its site.

6. Courses are available for free.

A limited amount of DataCamp courses also have a free plan that provides you access to the initial few chapters.

You may access tasks, training challenges, and ability evaluations in contrast to the very all the initial chapters of the courses.

7. Content quality

Each trainer can spend 10-30 hours designing a course over the duration of 6-8 weeks, according to Datcamp.

An educator will team up with DataCamp Curriculum Leaders to choose a theme and generate material, with the support of a Content Developer accompanying the instructor as well as provide suggestions.

Data about how the learners are communicating with the content plus how it may be developed over time will be provided once the course is introduced. The quality of DataCamp courses is strictly adhered to and of the highest quality.

8. Languages

The Datcamp program tutorials are available only in English, however, they often have translations in Chinese, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Korean, and Russian.

9. Instructors 

DataCamp educators are data science and analytics subject matter specialists. DataCamp works very closely with its trainers (a total of 270) to encourage them in the course building process, although they are accountable for their own job and the program.

datacamp - instructors

10. Quiz and tests

You can improve your performance with DataCamp’s question papers and exercises, even though there are no standardised questionnaires or examinations. 

Pros & Cons of DataCamp

In this DataCamp review, we are nearing the end of the discussion. So, while we have already enlightened you about all of the features and tools of DataCamp, including its prices, there are a few things you should keep in mind before enrolling with the platform. Now we’ll go over some of DataCamp’s Pros and Cons.

DataCamp Review


  • Highly qualified Instructors:

Every DataCamp instructor is one of the perfect data science educators available.

  • Visual Learning:

You will be able to understand by viewing instructor video clips or doing interactive exercises. Isn’t it something that most of the online courses provide?

Thousands and thousands of videos? The following section explains why DataCamp proves to be an effective teaching platform.

  • Inbuilt Console for Coding:

You can encode the assignments in the DataCamp course platform’s created console. As a result, not only you can watch a video, you also get to encode whatever you have studied (without which you won’t be able to proceed). 

  • DataCamp Skill Track:

As I previously said, this is a DataCamp feature that enables customers to choose from a range of courses to acquire a thorough knowledge of the work those who want to learn.

As a result of it leading you to excellence in a particular program, you can only improve communication skills that are relevant to the skills you wish to gain.

  • Data Science Career Track:

With the exception of the skill track, you will have access to a variety of courses that have been specifically chosen by professionals and integrated to educate you everything you need to understand exactly to have a good career in a given area.

For instance, if you want to learn Python to be a Data Scientist, there are 22 different courses available which can be finished in 84 hours. That really is fantastic!

  • Interactive Platform:

There is an online platform in which you can communicate with over 5.5 million fellow students and professionals in your sector and exchange ideas.


  • When opposed to the written portion of the tutorial, the tutorial videos are short. As a result, it seems that the video does not cover anything that has been written. As a result, watching the tutorial video can never provide you with the full experience.
  • For someone who prefers to learn without being given too many hints, the practical aspect might not be appealing. The built-in console already has some codes pre-loaded, so you just have to do a little hard work to finish the job

Quick Links

DataCamp User Reviews & Testimonials 

Here are some real user reviews about DataCamp:

“We’ve trialed a number of other online learning solutions, but only DataCamp provides the interactive experience that reinforces learning.”

– Sarah Schlobohm, Senior Analytics Manager, HSBC

“DataCamp is a lot better than other online learning platforms I’ve tried. It takes less time, it is more efficient, and you get hands-on practice.”

Harshvardhan Dhapola

“I’ve used other sites—Coursera, Udacity, things like that—but DataCamp’s been the one that I’ve stuck with.”

– Devon Edwards Joseph, Data Engineer,

“On DataCamp, you learn from the experts. As you are taking courses, you are really learning from the best instructors in the world.”

– Ofentswe Lebogo, Data Scientist, CSIR

FAQs | DataCamp Review

🙆‍♀️ Will DataCamp help you find work?

DataCamp, like any other online course that is worth your money, will provide you with all the skills you need to ace a job interview. On the other hand, DataCamp neither offers nor guarantees that you will get a job after completing their courses. Make the most of your DataCamp learning experience by applying it to the projects that are a part of DataCamp and building a portfolio of successful projects.

🙎 What is the procedure for obtaining a DataCamp certificate?

The certificate will appear in your dashboard by itself after you have completed all of the components of a course. To obtain the certificate, you do not need to take any additional steps. It's completely automated.

🤷 Do DataCamp courses come at no cost?

No, that is not the case. DataCamp courses are not free but if you want to complete a course and receive a certificate, you will be required to sign up for a subscription plan. The first chapters of a small number of courses, however, are available free of cost. To proceed to the next chapter, you have to purchase their subscription once more.

🙋‍♂️ How much does DataCamp subscriptions cost?

DataCamp pricing follows a three-level structure. We have already mentioned the free plan that doesn't provide you with any course completely. The Basic Plan, which will cost you $25 a month if paid annually and $29 if paid monthly, is the next choice. The Premium Plan, on the other hand, is the most important of all the subscription plans. When billed for a year, this package will cost you $33 on a monthly basis. You will have free access to the following with this plan: First chapters of all the courses DataCamp Basic level practice challenges Real-world project experience

✌️ Can I connect my DataCamp certificate to my LinkedIn profile?

Yes, you can. The certificate must be manually added to your LinkedIn profile. Recently, LinkedIn has made several policy changes in regards to automatic certificate submission. You will have to do it manually now.

What is DataCamp 'XP' and how does it work?

You earn 'XP' every time you finish a DataCamp video, exercise, or module. These are the points you earn as you progress through a course. You can use your XPs to get tips and tricks for problems where you get stuck or to see the answers if you can't figure anything out at all. However, XP cannot be used to purchase DataCamp material.

🙌 Will DataCamp issue me a certificate?

Yes, you certainly can. You will not be expected to pay any additional charges in order to get your certificate, as long as you have completed a course, you will be able to download your certificate absolutely free of cost. The importance of a DataCamp certificate is very high since the certificates can be uploaded to your Linkedin profile and used for other official purposes. However, the certificate is not as important but what really matters is how much experience you have. Moreover, even if you finish these DataCamp courses but lack the necessary skills, the DataCamp certificate will be useless.

👉How do you cancel your DataCamp membership?

It's very easy to cancel a DataCamp subscription. All you have to do is go to your dashboard's Billing section and either delete or cancel your credit card. If this doesn't work, you should contact their customer service department, which will ensure that no additional fees are charged from your account.

🤘 Is Datacamp a genuine company?

Is this system genuine? This is indeed a query that many of us have when taking into consideration an e-learning website. Is this really worth my money? It really is entirely natural to have mixed feelings when you fill in your credit card information and realize there' is really no going back. Datacamp launched as a start-up corporation in Belgium in 2013. Martijn Theuwissen, Jonathan Cornelissen and Dieter De Mesmaeker collaborated among each other and started the business. It has its branches in Belgium and London, and also its headquarter in New York. This implies that Datacamp is authentic and legal for using and surely, you would not be deceived.

👍 Is Datacamp a Good Investment?

Datacamp is a great pick for you if you'd like to develop your skills and acquire expertise in information technology. To get as much out of your training, you may adopt and finish one of its expertise or employment tracks. Even though you will receive a certification after you accomplish your study successfully, this certification is not authorized. So, if you wish to receive a verified qualification from either a university or institution, you should look for websites like Coursera and edX, since they are probably a much better option. Datacamp can be appealing to you because of its: Courses that are both interactive and engaging To keep motivated, use a point system. Educators with a lot of experience Beginner's courses Video clips and course materials are available for download.

🤔 Does Datacamp offer a money-back guarantee?

No, Datacamp does not offer any money-back guarantee, it has a free plan for all the users.

👍 Do I need to learn the basics of data science before getting started?

No, DataCamp makes sure to teach you all the basics along with the advanced methods depending on the course that you choose.

🧐 Can I view the infarction about my teachers on Datacamp?

Yes, all the information about the tutors is available on Datacamp.

Conclusion – DataCamp Review 2022

Datacamp is a web-based immersive learning platform that teaches data science topics. Beginners and learners who are looking for active content will enjoy their courses that are engaging and have an appealing bite-sized style.

Its courses and track programs are geared towards acquiring new skills and pursuing new career paths. The platform operates on a monthly or annual subscription system that can be canceled at any time.

The courses on DataCamp are in-depth and very informative, but these are neatly presented in an easy-to-understand format.

You don’t need any prior knowledge of data science to get started with DataCamp, as described in this review.

There are beginner courses available for you to familiarise yourself with anything you will need to know along the way.

The Job tracks and Skill tracks features, which generate relevant courses that can put you just on the right path to a successful career, are some of the features that are liked the most about DataCamp.

You should definitely give DataCamp a try!

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