DataSpark Review 2022 : Best Comprehensive Datasets For Walmart?

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  • 1 Million tokens every month.
  • The complete feature set of the Basic Plan.
  • 5000 tokens every month.
  • Product Data In Bulk


  • Limited tokens with free plan

DataSpark basically brings you all the best seller tools for the market that you need in order to make the process of wholesaling, sourcing arbitrage, and own-brand sales a lot easier.

Price:$ 49

If you are an online retailer, you are in the business of attracting customers in order to sell more.

Selling only on the brand website limits the audience to only those who are searching for your products.

So in order to boost the reach as well as the revenue, it is important to list the products you have to offer on marketplaces like Walmart.

It is an incredible platform, and you can completely leverage its brand power.

All businesses need some sort of support when growing, especially when it is an online business owing to the high competition.

But there are definitely some software programs and platforms that can ease up this process to some extent. In this post, we will be talking about one such tool that can make the process of selling on Walmart a breeze.

This product is none other than DataSpark, a robust tool that embeds all the price and sales-related information on Walmart.

So let us get into the details of the tool.

DataSpark Review 2022: Best Comprehensive Datasets For Walmart?

DataSpark basically brings you all the best seller tools for the market that you need in order to make the process of wholesaling, sourcing arbitrage, and own-brand sales a lot easier.


The tool can embed the information about products on with ease.

This proves to be of great help when it comes to evaluating the potential of the products as well as verifying the decisions. It has made the seller’s tool super easy and seamless.

Sellers on the Walmart Marketplace can display the data offered by DataSpark like the sales estimates on the Walmart Web Pages. 

E-commerce, as we all know, is heavily data-driven in nature. This platform can do wonders when it comes to igniting the e-commerce business.

It has the potential of supercharging the pricing as well as promotion strategies for both Walmart as well as Walmart Groceries.

With DataSpark, you get access to a wide array of data, and thus you know the exact actions that can fetch you an incredible volume of sales.

Now that we have a basic idea of the power of this tool let us move further and talk about the features offered by DataSpark.  

Top 7 Best Features Of DataSpark

The feature set that makes DataSpark such an incredible platform are as follows:

1. Sales Estimate

With DataSpark, you get access to the estimates of the number of units that are sold every month for every month.

2. Price History

DataSpark lets you visualize both the pricing history as well as the trends of an item, thanks to its Price History attribute.

3. Sales Rank

The platform lets its users seamlessly analyze data regarding both the historical as well as the current rank of each item.

dataspark features

4. Buy Box Insights

This attribute helps the users explore the insights about the sellers that are featured in the buy box.

5. Chrome Extension

The incredible chrome extension makes it easy to view the embedded data about any item on that too in real-time. 

6. API Access

DataSpark lets the users employ their API so that they can integrate it with any app they want with great ease.

7. Barcode Scanner

The Barcode Scanner lets the users scan the barcode of the product to get insights about a product. 

Let us now talk about the chrome extension offered by the platform. 

DataSpark Chrome Extension

dataspark chorme extentions

DataSpark offers an easy-to-use, robust and free Chrome Extension to its users.

It embeds both prices as well as sale information on so that you can have access to all the data that is needed right at your fingertips.

Next, let us discuss how you can get started with the platform. 

How To Getting Started With DataSpark? [Step-by-Step]

In order to get started with the DataSpark, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: On the home page, on the top right corner, you will come across the “Log In” Tab.

dataspark login

Step 2: You will be redirected to the login page. Click on the “Create New Account” Tab.

Step 3: On the next page, you need to fill in the details asked and create your account.

create account

Step 4: Once you sign up, you can enter the URL, Product Name, or Walmart ID of the product and then get to read various insights about the product like the 30-days sales estimate, product rank, sales rank in special buy, number of sellers, Walmart buy box percentage, product trends, review count, Buy Box winner and average price as well as category ranking. 

You can also download the graph data of these insights.

Keep reading ahead to know the pricing plans offered by the DataSpark. 

DataSpark Pricing Plans: How Much Does DataSpark Cost? 


Currently, DataSpark is in the beta phase, and the platform is offering a discount of 50 percent to the first 200 users.

You just need to use the code “half off” when checking out to avail the discount and begin with optimizing the e-commerce business.

The platform offers three pricing packages to choose from.

You can select the tier that can work for you, your team as well as the business needs. These plans are as follows: 

DataSpark Free

This free plan is for those at the basic level and offers: 

  • 5000 tokens every month.
  • Price Charts and Sales Rank
  • Lists of Best Sellers
  • Tree of Product Categories
  • Product Data In Bulk
  • Extensive Database of Products

DataSpark Basic

This plan can work great for those with businesses on a small scale. It offers:

  • Complete feature-set of the free plan.
  • You get to see the sales estimates right on the product page.
  • 3,00,000 tokens every month.
  • About 10,000 tokens per day. 
  • The plan costs $49 per month.

DataSpark Power

This plan is for those businesses that need complete data power. It offers: 


  • The complete feature set of the Basic Plan.
  • You get to see the sales estimates in humongous volumes
  • 1 Million tokens every month.
  • About 30,000 tokens per day.
  • The plan costs $149 per month. 

P.S: Tokens are basically used for getting access to a plethora of features which includes the super extensive product database for both Walmart as well as Walmart Grocery. 

In the next section, we will be discussing the Affiliate Program offered by DataSpark. 

DataSpark Affiliate Program:

With DataSpark’s affiliate program, users can introduce their audience to one of the most comprehensive solutions in the market for

You get to promote products that are highly data-driven and earn both money as well as exclusive discounts. 

Your audience will get access to the exclusive sales estimate for each and every product in both units as well as dollars in the past 30 days.

Here they can also visualize the current pricing of the items as well as the changes that occurred over time with tables and graphs.

The audience can also visualize both the current as well as the historical performance of sales rank of more than 14 million products.

Meanwhile, you get to reach out to the team with all the queries you have, thanks to the hands-on support. You also get to engage with the exclusive digital content as well as demos and get great discounts for the followers.

With every sign up you also get to earn commission every time you sign up without any limits on the number of payouts you can get. 

Overall, DataSpark’s affiliate program lets the users grow their business with a robust tool for research that can get data right at their fingertips while simultaneously building a network of entrepreneurs that work in accordance.

To get started… 

Step 1: You need to start with applying to become an affiliate. Fill in all the details asked for applying.

Step 2: Once you are done with applying, you will have a representative from DataSpark that will get in touch with you.

Step 3: When you get approved as the affiliate, you can start with sharing the DataSpark with the audience. 

You get to earn a commission for each and every sale you make, as well as get a coupon code for the customers to get a 50% discount on the first month.

The founders of the platform offer to personally speak to the audience and help them in learning to sell more on Walmart.Com with the help of DataSpark. For helping the followers get the best out of the dynamic DataSpark tool, the platform offers a free and live webinar for the audience that you can host.

This is an incredible chance for the affiliates, and the users can increase the sign-ups as well as build credibility.

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FAQ About DataSpark Review

📓 Does DataSpark Offer An Affiliate Program?

Yes, DataSpark has an affiliate program to offer to its users. It is an incredible program, where you can promote the products that are highly data-driven and earn both money as well as the exclusive discounts.

✅ Is DataSpark Worth The Cost?

DataSpark is an astounding tool for the sellers at Walmart Marketplace that offers detailed insights to the users like sales estimate, price history, sales rank, buy box insights and a lot more, making it a must-have tool.

❓What Are The Pricing Plans Offered By DataSpark?

DataSpark offers its users three pricing plans to choose from viz: DataSpark Free, DataSpark Basic and DataSpark Power.

Conclusion | DataSpark Review 2022 

Hopefully, this comprehensive review helped you in understanding the incredible set of tools offered by DataSpark and if it can suit you as well as your business needs.

It is an amazing tool for the sellers at Walmart marketplace for having all the data needed right at their fingertips.

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