Drop Ship Lifestyle Review 2018 LEGIT OR SCAM ? READ BEFORE BUY Drop Ship Lifestyle Review 2018 LEGIT OR SCAM ? READ BEFORE BUY

Drop Ship Lifestyle Review 2018– LEGIT OR SCAM ? READ BEFORE BUY

In this post, you will know all about Drop Ship lifestyle and how it works to accomplish your goals.

About Drop Ship Lifestyle: Drop Ship Lifestyle Review 2018– LEGIT OR SCAM ? READ BEFORE BUY

In order to achieve something big, we all need to learn different and better skills and this is done by mainly certain group of courses that we go through. Drop ship lab is the secret formula of the drop shipping business, it is a training course administered in the form of a video tutorial which is known to teach you all the skills required for drop shipping in just 3.5 hours.

Isn’t that amazing? You get all the appropriate knowledge required for the purpose of drop shipping in just 3.5 hours and then you are all set to rock the drop shipping. It is the brainchild of a Chiang Mai based businessmen named Johnny FD.

Video Tutorial

This video tutorial based course is designed mainly to brief you up about the basics of drop shipping and certain other essentials. For all those people who are already aware of the drop shipping procedures and have a drop shipping business, this course will help you to take your business to a new horizon of success which will eventually help you to raise the figures of dollars that you earn.

All you have to do earn greater amounts of money using this course is to simply follow the steps explained in the video tutorials. This course has a series of videos and each video tutorial briefs you up about new and different actions to take up and explains you through a new perspective each time.

What exactly Drop Ship Lifestyle has to teach you?

  • Drop Ship Lifestyle provides you with an ultimate formula of transforming your $1000 into $100,000. It will basically help you to raise more and more profits out of your drop shipping business. Who doesn’t want to learn this formula? very obviously we all do want to.
  • It provides you with the ability to save thousands of dollars that you waste on your income taxes every year.
  • DSL teaches you how to exactly triple your profits by doubling your conversions.
  • It helps you to extract extra profit for each sale that you make. It helps you make an extra profit of up to $600 per month.
  • DSL provides you with the strategy to get paid for 2 years in advance for the work that you did today.
  • This curse leads you to start up your own 1st, 2nd and even the 3rd drop shipping store successfully.

Features of the Drop Ship Lifestyle course

  • it teaches you all that is necessary for you to learn to start up your drop shipping business in just 3.5 hours. This is one of the least time-consuming courses available on the web these days. it has a series of 17 lectures divided in to different parts of the videos.
  • along with the video tutorials that it provides you, it also provides you with 10 additional supplemental resources.
  • Once you by this course from the website, you can access it anytime, anywhere. This isn’t a onetime watch paid video tutorial, it provides you with all-time access.
  • You can access the course on any platform that you want to. It is available on the laptop, on the television and even on your mobile screens.
  • Once you complete the online course of drop shipping you will receive a certificate of completion from the drop ship lab.
  • It even provides you with a 30-day money back guarantee.

What does the course offers?

This course has a lot of things to offer and it covers even a lot through the means of the video tutorials. Let us take a look at everything that it covers in brief.

What is possible and how to start

Initially, the course will provide you with 3 different videos, which includes the personal introduction of the founder of the drop ship lab, Mr. Johnny FD followed by a little of his background. The following videos will enlighten you about the ways to actually show case a glorified shopify dashboard.

Haven’t started a store yet?

The next section of this drop shipping course is for all those who do not own a drop shipping business yet, the course teaches you about the three ways to start your own drop shipping business. The 3 ways are the paid way, the free way and the bonus method. The paid way, describes about the drop ship lifestyle, which is actually a $997 course which was originally created by Anton Kraly and is one of the most advanced and the known course available on the internet.

The free method formula, provides all the instructions for free. The bonus method formula is basically a case study on the ways to start a drop shipping store online with the help of the affiliate links.

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Goal: $1000 to $100,000

The very first video of this section is named as the “conversion Formula” and provides you the steps through the means of which you can actually triple your profits by doubling your conversions. It helps you to raise your profits and gain more and more of money using your drop shipping business.

The next video briefs you up on how to build a customer list for free. The third video named “Location Arbitrage Formula” tells you the ways by which you can lower the costs of living. The main point which the tutorial teaches you here is that you must set up your business correctly and must keep a track of the records.

In the fourth video of the tutorial Johnny, enlightens you with the ways by which you can travel like a boss. It includes buying a credit card with the help of the air point dollars and then using that card to buy your drop ship orders. This is followed by repaying of the bill straightaway after that.

The Strategy

This strategy described in the video tutorial of drop ship lab is simple and effective in many ways. In the following section of the video, the ways to make an extra $600 for a month.  The last video is all about affiliate marketing and ways by which you can monetize your business better using it.

This was the complete summary of what Johnny speaks about in the entire video. It is just an insight of what exactly the video holds and hence, you should look forward towards the video to know these strategies in detail. This goal of conversion of $1000 to $100,000 is the most talked about and the most promising feature of this drop shipping course.

None other drop ship course has been known to make such promises and quite honestly speaking, none other could ever fulfil the promise too.

Goal: $250,000 a year club

The very last part of the course is called as the $250,000 a year club. This one is again a very bold and promising kind of statement which the owner of the course fulfils quite efficiently. The first video of this module briefs you up on how to earn $60,000 in one day by selling a website.

The next video shows you the ways by which you can start a consulting business and then teach other people the ways to make money using the drop shipping. The last video of this module as well as the course tells you about the ways to make $100,000 in a year.


  • An extensive and advanced level course which helps you to make your income 10X of what it actually is.
  • You can access to it any time, once you buy it from the website.
  • It includes a 30-day money back guarantee.
  • It is quite an affordable course.


  • The video does not mention cost of the investment that should be made in order to earn profits from drop shipping.

Final verdict: – Drop Ship Lifestyle Review 2018– LEGIT OR SCAM ? READ BEFORE BUY

Drop ship lifestyle is an advanced as well as informative course which sets apart the standards of drop shipping. It includes each and every aspect of drop shipping quite decently and answers each of the question that arises in your mind, when it comes drop shipping.

It is designed in such a way that it can be used by both the newbies in the field of drop shipping and even the ones that already are running a business in drop shipping. This is the ultimate short cut secret taught by Mr. Johnny FD, on how to instantly earn great profits and it even helps you to convert your $1000 to $100,000.

The above section of this article briefs you up about the drop shipping course but there is so much more to the course in reality that this space is actually inadequate. You can refer to this course and know everything that you ever wished to know about the drop shipping course and raise the digits of your income.

This video tutorial actually provides you everything in a systematic format and teaches you everything step by step like it is done for the toddlers. Personally, I really liked this drop shipping course that Johnny FD introduced to the internet. it is easily accessible and is the best of its kind. Click to know more about Drop Shipping Lifestyle.

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