DU Speed Booster Review 2023: App For Android Smartphones

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In this article, we have featured the DU Speed Booster Review 2023.

Many of us face this problem of our phones getting slower quicker than they were meant to be. Well, what we do not realize is that the usage we indulge in has to take its toll on the smartphone.

Calling, Internet, Data Connections, Bluetooth, Audio, and Video players, are just the major functions that your phone performs daily.

There are innumerable functions that keep running in the background which use your phone’s resources and hardware.

DU Speed Booster - Review

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This overload results in the building up of unwanted junk or cache which is the major by-product of internet usage. It builds up as unseen as hidden files in your phone which affect its performance. However, there are tools available on the android market which can optimize your phone and enhance its performance.

While looking for a good optimizing tool in the android store I came across the DU Speed booster. I saw some good reviews of its performance and decided to try it. I have to tell you that I was not disappointed.

It is a genuine performance booster for your phone.

After installing it, which was very quick over a good data connection, I decided to give it an immediate try. The optimizing tool is cool on the engagement too. To use it you have to just push the rocket icon towards the top and the process is started. In a few seconds, your phone is optimized.

Technically speaking DU speed booster is used for Android optimization as well as a cleaner master with a built-in anti-virus security feature.

To top that, the security feature comes for free. It cleans the cache files from the device and makes more memory available on the memory card.

It is a total optimization solution that offers a blend of features that include task cleaner, RAM and speed booster, storage analyzer, antivirus security for your apps, and also serves as a protection tool for your phone.

Key Features of DU Speed Booster:

One-Touch Boost:

DU Speed Booster - One touch saving

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A single touch will ensure the entire process and make sure that you save time and effort.

Junk File Cleaner: The whole phone gets completely scanned for every piece of possible junk and cache files and an immediate clean-up process starts.

Smart Cleaner:

DU Speed Booster - Trash Cleaner

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You can pre-set automatic clean-ups for unwanted processes and trash files.

Powerful Speed Booster:

DU speed booster promises a certain 60% increase in the performance of your phone. That’s impressive for sure.

Added Antivirus and Security Features:

This free bonus makes sure that your phone is protected from viruses and Trojans and its health stays in prime condition.

Wait! The list of features does not end here. DU Speed booster offers a lot more

  • It acts as a speed accelerator for your android. It makes the apps and games faster in every aspect and ensures that you have a super smooth experience. Its one-touch system boosts speed diagnosis and acceleration.
  • You can click the optimization button or use the home screen widget. It cleans up background processes, stops stagnant tasks, and disables auto-start apps, and creates a memory to boost the speed of your entire system.
  • It improves your gaming experience by acting as a game booster. It concentrates system resources to support game operations and amplifies the entire gaming experience.
  • It ensures that there is timely flushing of junk and cache files in all your memory systems to keep the space clean and organized.
  • It takes steps to organize your apps to keep your storage clean and organized. It also moves your apps from one memory bank to the other in case it is required to free some space and boost up performance.
  • Apart from providing these functions it also provides security for your phone by providing an antivirus scanner and permission manager. These processes quickly scan apps and files on your system and protect them from viruses and Trojans and other forms of malware.
  • To top that, the app comes in over 20 languages ranging from English to Spanish to Japanese and Chinese.

FAQs | DU Speed Booster Review

✔Does DU Speed Booster work?

DU Speed Booster and Cleaner have received appreciation from its users off late for its quick and easy functionality for Android users. This is indeed one of the most trusted tools for Android device users.

🤞Does update apps slow phone?

Android system updates may not be as appropriately optimized as they need to be. This slows down the process of updating. DU Speed Booster helps you in the same and clears the cache within seconds.

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Conclusion | DU Speed Booster Review 2023

I certainly had a great experience with the DUpeed booster and even recommended it to some of my friends. I have to tell you that they loved the app. Every one of them told me how their phone was enhanced in performance as soon as they started using the app.

Although there are other numerous optimization tools and software available in the market, I feel that I will stick with DU speed booster for a while. This is because I have been genuinely impressed by the performance it has to offer along with its unending list of features. It is certainly the best optimization tool I have come across to date.

Optimizing mobile devices is important due to the heavy usage we use them in. Thus, I will suggest that you download the app quickly and start taking advantage of its class features.

You can check out their video here to know more about the app.

Easy To Use
Value Potential


  • Cleans RAM
  • Decreases CPU Temperature
  • App management
  • Less power and memory consumption
  • Easy to use
  • Many useful shortcuts and widgets


  • No complete Antivirus
  • Many Ads

Technically speaking DU speed booster is used for Android optimization as well as a cleaner master with a built-in anti-virus security feature.

Price:$ 5
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