DYLN Living Water Bottle Review May 2020-Best Bottle So Far

DYLN Living Water Bottle Review

In this post, you will get DYLN  Living Water Bottle Review for May 2020.



Water drinkers have a wide variety of shapes, sizes and materials for bottled water. There are lots of varieties in Drinking Water Bottles such as; plastic bottles, glass bottles and metal bottles. Today I will talk about the DYLN living water bottle, which is made of stainless steel and has a feature that most other water bottles do not have. It has the ability to Enhance the pH Level of the water to make it more alkaline and pure.

Take a Look

It is now a cost-effective, sustainable and modern way of producing, transporting and drinking alkaline water anytime, anywhere.

The DYLN living water bottle combines beauty and functionality to not only replace all other water bottles, but also to be the source of your water.

What Is DYLN Living Water Bottle?

The DYLN Living Water Bottle measures 25.4 ounces. Stainless steel water bottle that raises the pH (representing the hydrogen potential) of the water to 9+ in 25 minutes. Instead of buying previously bottled alkaline water, you can do it yourself. This saves money and avoids waste in bottled water.

Why alkaline water?

In general, alkalinity promotes and maintains optimal health in the body while acidity has a negatively affecting. Although a certain level of acidity is natural and necessary, many people suffer from overly acidic tendencies, too often due to our modern diet of food and acidic beverages. As we lose weight, our bodies compensate with natural buffers that are activated to maintain the necessary alkalinity in the body. The extra hours of this compensation can have unexpected consequences, eg. Weaker bones and muscles or even diseases. Alkaline water provides a comfortable and safe way to restore body balance and optimal hydration.

According to Dr. Gerald Pollack, consists of over 99% of your body in water molecules. This makes water the most important factor for our health.

DYLN Living Water Bottle Key Features

DESIGN Patented, ergonomic design for a perfect fit in the hand, large opening and fits in all common cup holders.

STAINLESS STEEL Food Grade 316 Stainless steel, which contains no toxic substances, contains no PBA, and is completely free of plastic from top to bottom.

ALKALINE DYLN Vitabeads in the replaceable diffuser instantly increase the pH of your water and produce alkaline water.

GRIP Removable, food-safe silicone case for better grip, colorful aesthetics and dry grip.

MANGO bamboo lid made of stainless steel with practical carrying handle.

VOLUME Contains 750ml of alkaline water.

DURABILITY Designed and developed to be the most durable, Long lasting and Sustainable water bottle on the market.

Design and features

First, the DYLN bottle is a very good bottle with BPA-free water and a food grade inlaid liner (316). It has a light hourglass shape that makes gripping easier. The removable silicone housing also helps in handling and is available in several colors.

The screw cap has a beautiful bamboo lid and a handle. The DYLN bottle holds 750 ml of water. Cold water, to be exact. You can add ice cream, but you should not freeze the bottle or use hot water in the bottle. I’m not sure if alkalization does not work with hot water or is simply recommended because the bottle is not insulated and you could burn your hands if you fill it with water. boiling water.

How It Works?

Fill, Drink, Hydrate, Refill and Repeat

We wanted a bottle that is simple and easy to use, easy to clean, high quality, durable and elegantly designed to drink alkaline water.

All this is achieved with the DYLN white water bottle. Just fill the bottle, make the water alkaline and then drink!

Fill And Drink

You can fill the bottle with any water. However, we recommend using filtered water as the bottle does not filter the water. The DYLN white water bottle was developed and designed to alkalize your water quickly and efficiently.

As soon as the bottle is filled with water, the VitaBeads immediately start alkalinizing the water. VitaBeads are designed to increase the pH of the water to an optimum pH of 9 to 9.5. The pH increases with time and then stabilizes. The largest increase usually occurs in the first 30 minutes.

How does the DYLN Living Water bottle bottom increase the pH level of water?

There is a diffuser in the DYLN bottle that can be removed with the supplied removal tool.

Removing and inserting the diffuser with the tool takes some practice, but once you get it, it’s easy. This is good as you will need to remove the diffuser each time you wash the bottle by hand or put it in the dishwasher.

The diffuser is a small steel boat filled with tiny gray “rocks” called VitaBeads. What are VitaBeads?

VitaBeads are designed to naturally enhance and invigorate your water. They are a patented blend of all natural minerals that increases pH and reduces the potential for reducing oxidation (ORP) to produce alkaline and antioxidant water for more effective hydration. The main ingredients are magnesium, tourmaline, zinc and silica, which are heated to temperatures above 800 degrees Celsius to maintain the shape and shape of Vitabeads.

The transmitter has a service life of approx. 400 refills. More channels can be purchased from $ 10. However, the price is reduced in quantities of 3 and 9 channels.

The diffuser has a lifespan of about 400 full refills and additional diffusers can be purchased starting at $10 each but the price is discounted for quantities of 3 and 9 diffusers.

Easy to Clean

The DYLN hot water bottle can be cleaned either by hand or in the dishwasher after removing the bamboo cover, VitaBead diffuser and silicone cover. The bamboo lid should be washed by hand and not dipped in water to preserve the bamboo. For better preservation, coconut oil can be applied to bamboo. The silicone lid can be cleaned in the dishwasher if it is cleaned separately, or it can be easily washed with a mild soap by hand.

The VitaBead diffuser can be cleaned separately by removing it from the bottle. For complete cleaning, place the diffuser in a dilute vinegar cup for 10 minutes. After about 400 fillings, we recommend replacing with a new VitaBead diffuser to ensure optimal alkalinity.

How does this function?

According to his website, many people have opted for alkaline water to live a healthier life. Unfortunately, in order to improve their health, they are increasing the problem of plastic waste associated with the regular purchase of bottled water, and the purchase of self-made alkaline water filters can be extremely expensive.

The DYLN Whitewater bottle was designed to solve both problems, providing people with an affordable alternative to the domestic filtration system while avoiding plastic waste. Your reusable stainless steel water bottle includes a replaceable alkaline diffuser with a life of 400 refills before replacement is required. The bottle is completely free of BPA and plastic.

The Three in one Cause

Reduce Unnecessary Waste, Save money, Hydrate.

2.5 million plastic bottles are thrown every hour in the United States. That’s about 50 billion plastic bottles that land on the landfill site worldwide. Plastic bottles take on average 500 years to biodegrade on our planet and take up valuable space.

Plastic bottles not only waste space but also waste resources and release toxic waste into the environment.

According to NPR, up to 3 liters of water are needed to produce a 1-liter plastic water bottle, and bottled water can produce more than 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide per year!


Since bottled water consumption is almost twice as high as ten years ago, bottled water is the least efficient way to deliver fresh water. The DYLN white water bottle is another way to eliminate disposable bottles!


We decided to launch Kickstarter to successfully finance our first production order. This allows us to procure the best materials, implement the highest and most effective quality control standards, and benefit from competitive costs. Most of the tools needed to complete the bottle are already completed, including the shape of the patented outer bottle, lid and handle, and silicone sleeve bushing. The remaining tool needed to make the DYLN bottle is the VitaBead diffuser, the bottom of the bottle to which the diffuser is attached, and the tool part used to remove and insert the diffuser.

We have acquired several factories capable of producing the DYLN bottle that meets our stringent quality standards. We will finalize our decision once we have completed the remaining tools.

New chrome surface in limited edition available!

Pricing plans

Customers can choose the finish of their bottle between two options, Mat or Chrome, and then the color of the bottle cap between six options: Aqua, Black, Green, Orange, Pink and Purple. Whatever you decide, the DYLN Living Water Bottle currently costs $ 42.00.



Customers who add Extra Diffusers at the time of purchase will receive a 15% discount on the channel rate and pay $ 8.50 per channel, instead of the $ 10, which will be paid on an individual basis.

Refund policy of DYLN

Their website states that customers can return a new, unused DYLN product within 45 days of the original purchase date for a full refund, less shipping and a 10% inventory fee. The entire packaging and the original contents must be unused and included in the return. The refund will be made according to the originally used payment method.

Contact the customer service

Customers who have questions, concerns or complaints about Customer Support can contact them directly on their website at 800-510-DYLN or via the contact link.

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Final Verdicts- DYLN Living Water Bottle Review

Like a stainless steel water bottle, the DYLN Living water bottle is expensive, but it increases the diffuser and the ability to alkalize the water. , Alkaline water is very beneficial. There is a bewildering amount of information on both sides of the topic. My instinct tells me that I would simply consume more clean, regular water than drinking water soaked in small gray stones. However, if you are a fan of alkaline water, the DYLN Living water bottle is well made. It contains 25.4 ounces and costs less than a few bottles of alkaline water.


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