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It is an e-commerce based online marketplace which is having its base in the USA. Different items or products are sole or purchased from this open web market-place.

It is not only a site but it is also involved in the online auction as well. You can offer business or can purchase products from different popular brands over this marketplace.

This is nothing but a virtual marketplace that can be operated online and it covers many countries. The customers are quite satisfied with eBay products as both quality and standard price can be gained at the same place and thus you need not require moving from one store to another in search of your desired product.

The process of selling and buying on eBay is quite simple and can be followed by anybody and everybody.

If your product is new and you want to create a great crowd, then nothing can be the best place other than this. eBay vouchers and discount coupons are also quite interesting and you can avail of the same directly from the site.

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FAQS- eBay Coupon Codes

👍 What do I do if I experience a technical issue on eBay?

Clear your browsing history Try accessing the same page in another browser, device and/or private browsing window Ensure your browser, app and/or device are all up to date Check your Internet or mobile data connection Make sure that your security software is not interfering with any site features or pages Disable any browser add-ons or plugins (such as adblockers) that may cause interference

🙋‍♀️ What can I do when my sales are slow?

While sales will naturally fluctuate based on your inventory and the time of the year, there are always steps you can take to maximize success. Whether you are just starting out or have made eBay a full-time career, the Seller Center is an amazing resource for building your business. See the links below for some of the ways you can improve.

🤷‍♂️ How do I contact Customer Service?

Check out our Help Page on Contacting Customer Service for a link to contact us as well as additional details that may help you find an answer to your question. We are available by phone 7 days a week, 5:00 am to 10:00 pm PT for most topics and 24 hours a day for some Account Security concerns. While only certain topics offer email or chat support at this time, we’re always working to expand our contact options.

ebay coupon codes

If you are a regular purchaser of eBay, then you can also receive promotional coupons over your personal or official e-mails so that you can use the same for the purchase of some listed products.

If you are willing to sell off your products faster and efficiently, then you are recommended to use the concerned platform as regularly almost millions of customers are visiting the marketplace with the objective of purchasing products.

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Pros of eBay

Registering a business plan with eBay: To sell your products online with eBay you will have to make an account. It can help in good grace.

Your eBay operations can appear like a huge expense at first but, it is not so much. After some time it will become easy and profitable to run your business online. It is really good to have experienced this.

Fewer Taxes:

when you go for a business the main thing that goes in your headache category, is the taxes. The taxes are important for the business and for the country too!!

Although it should not be taken as a problem, still if you carry your business with eBay then there would be fewer tax figures. There are many businessmen who have saved a large figure of tax every time there is a successful order.

Just some business taxes and good use of deduction can lead you to your savings.

Company name:

Under eBay, a person can use its own company name. it matters a lot when it comes to the popularity of the business, and this is important because if people will not get to know their trusted brand, they would not buy the products.

On eBay, this can be understood and the user is allowed to use their own company’s name. On others, it is rarely possible. Also, it improves the communication between the buyer and the companies, therefore it is good to get a registered name if the user has any.

VAT help:

Selling your products on a wide level or globally, can make you very confused about the VAT in different countries today. Especially the value-added tax can be the main difficulty of European countries sellers.

Here eBay allows the customers to add up your VAT rates to the listings of the products. And hence eBay makes it easier for both to process the taxes in an easy way and the business plan.

The need for a Legally Registered business account: starting up a business will always need a business account. Here on eBay too if you are selling a new product then a business account is required.

If you are selling old kinds of stuff or buying up the things for personal use. You will not require a business account, a personal account is enough.

ebay coupon code

Cons of eBay

The downfall of eBay:

eBay has registered its downfall, where its security system had failed and it has displayed the username and password of many users to the hackers. It has been hacked once.

Although after this incident it claims to increased security status it may be the topic which one should be concerned about.


Having registered as a business, it is very difficult to manage the taxes, every year. Probably the deals which are internationally accepted on them, if an eBay income is handled as a business income, then it will be more expensive. Therefore multiplying up the taxes every year.

PayPal needed:

There is a need for pay pal account in order to work on eBay. Here if anyone wants to get paid for their stuff had to make an account on Pay pal.

The user can use it either for personal setup or a business account. It depends on the need of the user, but it is important to be in PayPal. PayPal costs on per transactions of .30 it costs approximately 2.9% of total sales.

Privacy violated:

the buyers receive your details and return address, in case you do not want to receive the order on your house but still, there is that address on the card that sticks on the package.

Prices at eBay

Sometimes there are items listed for just .99 cents.

Many people get into the trap and order it but it’s a heartbreaking moment when you get the shipping charges very high. It ends up costing almost twice and a shock to your pocket.

Is eBay reliable?

In the case of security, eBay has been defeated once. So eBay has always been in doubt. in spite of this if the cases have been improved it is still not reliable.

What you see in prices can cost you more when you are ignoring the extra charges on them. In the matter of price too, it can not be trusted.

The main payment method is PayPal which costs 2.9% per sale for a transaction of almost .30. although it’s a small figure it can change a lot when it is done with a big amount.

Overall, whether it is a business or personal one there are many other reputed e-commerce websites to go with. But if you are going with eBay then you must think twice. As its privacy, payments, and prices, all are in doubt. One has to be very careful about this.

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Get 70% Off On eBay

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If you are a regular purchaser of eBay, then you can also receive promotional coupons over your personal or official e-mails so that you can use the same for the purchase of some listed products.

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