Top 5 Expense & Money Management Apps to Make Life Easy 2023

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In this post, You will get the best Expense & Money Management Apps to make your life easy.

Money is something which everyone uses, want it, work for it and think about it. Managing that money well is a big issue. Money Management is the process which includes income, expenses, tracking, investment, budgeting, banking, and taxes. Through the Expense & Money Management Apps, you can calculate all your expenditures and incomes in time by getting the correct balances.

Expense & Money Management Apps in India to manage Money:

1. Walnuts

Ratings- 4.4/5

Available Free at Play store and IOS

Total Install 5M-10M

Walnut is one of the best apps that help us to automatically and safely track the monthly spend of our budget. It helps us to pay our bills on time and save more money every month.

Walnuts was founded in the year 2014

It has its headquarters in Pune, India.

It has a great no of useful features which helps us in transferring money from bank balance. Walnuts has many categorize to do various things and it works very well.


  1. It helps us to track our spends like where and how much we spend on food, entertainment, shopping, etc.
  2. It Helps us to transfer money to our friends by sending and requesting money for free.
  3. Walnuts also remind us to pay our bills on time so that we don’t have to pay any late fee or so.
  4. Walnut also helps to split and settle ts spending among friends like on trips, eating out and much more.
  5. Walnut helps us to check our bank balances without the use of the
  6. It helps us to do our credit card payments.



Ratings – 4.4/5

Available free at play store and IOS

Quickly is the app that helps us to calculate the expenses and income and shows it graphically so that we come to know our important spending days, areas of our money and time. It shows all the recent purchases made by us and also reminds us of the monthly payments we make.

QYKLY ! helps us to track all our transactions, bills, travel and purchasing details under one heading automatically.

It is our daily expenses manager and reminders for bills upcoming journey, Purchasers, Credit cards payments.

QYLKY also gives us features that automatically tracks the PNP  from the PNR status, and also does auto tracking and gives us reminders of the arrival time of online purchase.

Quickly is our daily expenses manager is defined as to make the life easy, keep things organized and helps and get back to what matters.


3. Mint

Review – 4.3/5

Available At – Play store and IOS

Mint is one of the free manager and financial tracker app from the maker of Turbo Tax that does it all. It links together our Bank accounts,  credit cards, bills, and investments so we know where we stand. See what we are spending, where we can save money and pay bills. We can keep the track of our credit score and be smart about it without the use of credit card.

Mint is a very popular free online personal finance app that offers a good mix of money management tool and it is very easy to you. Using of financial reports and finding information features or running account balance makes Mint unusable for some, but excellent personal finance tools make it ideal for many people.

Features and goodwill of  Mint App

  1. It’s easy to use, fast and powerful.
  2. Tax Tools integrated with Turbo Tax.
  3. Flexible budgeting tools allow for experimenting with different
  4. Emails or SMS cells alert for unusual account activity, when a bill is due, or an account has a low balance.
  5. Mint handles categorizing downloaded
  6. Bank-level data security policies
  7. Add the value of home, car or other assets net worth.
  8. Mint sends financial summaries and alerts through email or text messages.

Mint is an effective package of resource for creating spending and getting smart about our money.  We can connect all our bank and credits card accounts, as well as all our monthly bills, so all our finance is in one convenient play- no more logging into multiple sets.

4. Wally+

Review – 3.3/5

Available at Play store and IOS

Wally+ is an awesome new way to manage your Money. It is a lifestyle App that treats expense as experiences.

Wally is a budgeting tool that used various categories and attractive icons to keep us moving through the app and track our expenses. Tracking every single expense can be difficult, Wally tries to fix up all by including a “small scan” feature.

We can scan the receipt and it pulls data from it. This feature is not only a time saver but encourages us to keep using it. Wally doesn’t store any data on its server either, so we can breathe easier about the possibility of some kind of data breach. Bonus, they have an option of using any global currency so we can use it while we travel.

How Does WALLY work:

  1. Location-based on speed- If we keep our location services on, wally will help us to automatically identify and categorize the venue but for that, we need to enter the amount we spent.
  2. Powered By Intelligence – Wally adapts to your preference and behavior by leveraging machine learning, artificial intelligence, and badass algorithms.
  3. Experience, not an expense – Wally not only tracks where our money goes but also sees why and with whom we spend money. We can tag friends and add pics.
  4. Smart Notification – Whether we have an upcoming payment or you’ve reached the savings goals wally’s smart notification reminds us of whats important.

Wally  App has four budgets – related menu option: home, review, setting, and dashboard. We also have the option of sharing our feedback with the wally team and sharing the app with friends via social media or messaging apps.

5. Monefy

Review –  4.6/5

Available at play store and IOS

Money is a personal finance manager and expense tracker that will help us to find out where our money goes in the easy and efficient way.

Moneyfy is a free app for Android that helps us to keep a track of our expenses with just keeping entry of our transactions every time.

Features of monefy :

  1. Intuitive and easy to use user interface
  2. No redundancy
  3. Manage categories if defaults do not work for us.
  4. Add new records extremely fast.
  5. Handy widgets that could be used on the lock screen
  6. Select our category.
  7. No adds
  8. Select our currency.
  9. Backups and export data in one click.
  10. Passcode Protection.

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Conclusion [Expense & Money Management Apps]

These Expense & Money Management Apps are really helpful in letting you know the exact details of your money spend. They take less time and make your life fully easy.

Hope you too install these Expense & Money Management Apps today.

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