File Viewer Plus Coupon Codes & Discount 2020: Up To 50% OFF

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File Viewer Plus Coupon Codes
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If you want as a single solution for converting all your files, then File Viewer Plus must be your first choice. I have shared the File Viewer Plus Coupon Code 2020 with a 50% discount on subscription.

Best File Viewer Plus Coupon Code 2020: 50% Off Now

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How To Use File Viewer Plus Coupons?

  • Go to the official website of File Viewer by clicking on the discount icon above. You will see three options- Buy now, Upgrade, and Free Trial. Click on Buy Now if you are a first time user.
  • You will have a product in your cart and below will be the payment details which you have to fill in.

File Viewer plus checkout cart discount coupon

  • Finish the process and get going with the professional version of the File Viewer. You can also try the services for free for a limited time period if you want.

After purchasing the File Viewer, you will receive the 2020 activation key for File Viewer Plus which can be used to activate it.

What Is File Viewer Plus?

File Viewer Plus is an innovative file viewing and converting tool that supports over 300 kinds of files.

The document comprises of MS, PDFs, raw camera, pictures, audio and video files, and much more. This tool is smart enough to display the properties and concealed metadata for each folder you open.

You can alter many known file forms and save them in various different presentations.

If you need a power converter, then Version 3 now consists of a collection converter that lets you convert many files instantaneously.

File Viewer Supported File Formats:

File viewer plus offers 300 file formats. I can’t list all the formats here but here are some of the most usable formats:

File viewer plus file formats

  • Text Document: Wors, RTF, TXT, PDF
  •  Spreadsheets: Excel, .CSV
  • Images: PNG, JPEG, GIF, DICOM, BMP
  • Emails: Outlook, OFT, Apple EML
  • Audio: MP3, OGG, M4A, WAV, WMA
  • Video: AVI, DAT, MOV, MP4, WMV
  • Archives: APK, DMG, JAR, RAR, ZIP
  • Presentations: PowerPoint, OpenDocument

File Viewer Plus 3 Features:

  • Single Program: You don’t need to install different software for converting files. A single software is enough to convert a file format into one form or the other. Currently, It supports 300 file formats.
  • Advanced Editing: File Viewer plus has an image editor that can crop, edit, resize, and enhance your images within minutes. You can even edit the RAW images and simply convert the image in a preferred format.

File Viewer plus image editor

  • Quick Batch Conversion: File Viewer plus lets you convert a file format into multiple formats at once. No need to convert files one-by-one into different formats.

Why Do You Need It?

File Viewer plus services and features

Every file is different and one of the basic concerns while opening these different files is that not all decoders fit all kinds of files.

So, to open such files, you need a comprehensive solution in the form of a reliable decoder that reads all kinds of files with unrecognized formats and saves your time.

File Viewer Plus is the one-stop tool that allows you to read all formats of files single-handed and displays all the information correctly.

Pros and Cons:


  • One-click solution for opening all types of files
  • The paid version has many exclusive features
  • Supports 300 kinds of files
  • Allows accessing unknown file formats
  • Single app handles all kinds of files
  • Functions smoothly with the latest operating systems
  • Can open raw images and raster graphics


  • No forever free version
  • Takes some time to load content.

Frequently Asked Questions:

✅ How To Install File Viewer Plus 3?

File Viewer Plus can be installed easily on Mac or Windows once you have downloaded it. Accept the license agreement, and click on the setup wizard. Choose the custom folder where you want to install it.

🔥 How To Use File Viewer Plus?

File Viewer Plus has a dashboard that comes with all the file format tabs. It primarily focuses on Microsoft files. So, when you feel the need to change the file format, you can choose the desired format and convert it quickly.

💥 Is File Viewer Plus Free?

File Viewer plus does not offer a free plan. However, you can get a 14-day trial of Fille viewer with all its features. You can also grab 50% discount using File Viewer coupons.

⚡ How To Activate File Viewer Plus 3?

Once you have purchased the license, you will receive the activation key on your email. Click on register and enter the File Viewer Plus Activation key. On entering the activation key, click on activate and it's done.

😲 Is File Viewer Plus Safe For Windows?

File Viewer Plus is completely safe for Windows and Mac. You can quickly install it on your device and it does not have malware threats.

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Conclusion: File Viewer Plus Coupon Codes & Discount 2020

File Viewer Plus is the best solution for those who come across various unknown formats of files on a daily basis. It is an ideal choice for casual usage and developing purposes.

It lets you handle many types of formats so that you do not search for separate decoders for each file.

I hope you enjoy the File Viewer Plus coupon code 2020 and grab your discount by clicking the above link. 


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