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What is FreeTaxUSA?

FreeTaxUSA is an online tax preparation website where you can prepare, print and submit your taxes for free. At least this applies to the filing of your income tax return.

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What Does FreeTaxUSA Offer?

FreeTaxUSA is one of the fastest-growing tax planning services in the industry. Founded in 2001, more than 18 million returns have been submitted with the service. And with a team of more than 150 employees, our goal is to provide a profitable service without compromising quality.

He is constantly updating his software to track tax codes. After each software update, the IRS and each status test and approve it.

This ensures that you get the best service year after year, making it a reliable and efficient company. With free statements from federal and low-cost states, taxpayers save millions of dollars each year.

FreeTaxUSA is a tax preprocessing software that supports key tax situations, such as Common deposit, homeownership, dependent persons, individual deduction, self-employment, investment, leasing, and training. The software is ideal for tax refunds for small businesses.


In addition, the software allows users to create and submit their tax returns for free. It also offers a free tax extension deposit, in which you can send a request to the IRS to change or extend the registration period for your federal tax returns.

In addition, the software allows users to submit modified returns to the IRS. With the support of experienced agents and tax experts, you can correct mistakes in your tax return.

By upgrading to the Deluxe Version, users can also be assisted by specialists who can help them respond to an IRS notification or prepare for an IRS exam. This support is available only to customers who have submitted their income tax returns with the Deluxe Edition of the software.

Why FreeTaxUSA?

The FreeTaxUSA luxury edition provides users with the ability to manage IRS notifications and letters and to prepare for an IRS audit.

These specialists help users understand the IRS letter or the audit opinion they have received from the IRS, respond to that opinion or letter, and understand the results of an IRS audit. IRS.
In addition, the luxury version of FreeTaxUSA provides an audit center that stores the information users need to respond to an IRS audit notification and prepare for an IRS audit.

In this way, they can identify all the records they need to write a response to a notification or letter from the IRS and prepare the review process.

With FreeTaxUSA, users can prepare, print and submit their tax returns for free. In addition, you can create a free account to calculate your taxes, calculate your refund, and view your deductions and credits.

Its Role

With their role as tax calculators, they can automatically calculate the taxes they owe or the reimbursement they can receive. This feature also helps them to create an estimated tax return that shows the estimated income, the taxes payable, the credits, and the deductions.

You can update this estimated tax return and make corrections to your fields before sending them by e-mail.

Starting at $ 12.95, users can prepare and submit their tax returns. To save time and speed up the process, the software allows them to move information out of their federal tax returns as they prepare their tax returns.

Interestingly, FreeTaxUSA supports the electronic filing of state tax returns at no extra cost.

FreeTaxUSA’s Filing Options

FreeTaxUSA offers two online classification options: Free and Deluxe. Both options have a free federal deposit, but state rebates are additional.

Therefore, although it is not completely free, it is still one of the most affordable services in the market. Whether your taxes are simple or advanced, the price stays the same. This gives FreeTaxUSA an advantage in other services that require an update to access certain forms or tax deductions.

Both options have many characteristics and guarantees. Both have PDF import so you can easily download last year’s statement, no matter where you produced it. FreeTaxUSA also offers a 100% accuracy guarantee and the service verifies errors as you save them.

FreeTaxUSA also reviews more than 350 credits and deductions to help you get the highest possible tax refund.

You will also find step-by-step instructions. The FreeTaxUSA software asks simple questions that guide you through each step of the ranking so you do not get lost completely.

But if you have questions, offer unlimited customer service for voice mail and accounts. This ensures that all questions will be answered promptly. With the free federal deposit and other features, the FreeTaxUSA prices are very interesting.


Free edition

The free edition offers you most of the functions of FreeTaxUSA that you will need for classification. The federal deposit is free, while the state returns cost $ 12.95 per state. Therefore, although this option is not completely free, it is less expensive than most other tax programs.

FreeTaxUSA Free supports all major tax forms. This means that, above Form 1040, you can report information on investment income, rental income, and home ownership. You can submit a free version if you are self-employed and can also use it with any classification status.

Only a few forms are not compatible with this option. For example, you can not use this option if you have income from foreign employment, a minimum tax credit from the previous year, and non-resident tax returns. But in most cases, FreeTaxUSA takes into account most fiscal situations.

There are also some useful features to help you through the submission process. To start, your tax return is automatically saved. This means that you will not have to start over if there is a technical problem.

If you are already a FreeTaxUSA user, you can automatically transfer information from last year. FreeTaxUSA also allows you to declare charitable donations. If you get stuck, free email support is available.


Deluxe Edition

This edition includes all the features of the free edition, as well as some others. The biggest difference is that you get additional support.

Priority support allows you to get a faster response from FreeTaxUSA when you need help. There is also a live chat feature that connects you directly with a tax specialist. If you are audited, the audit is automatically included.

If you need to change your statement at any time, the Deluxe Edition offers unlimited modified returns.

For all this, the Deluxe Edition only costs $ 6.99 more. The federal deposit is always free and the state returns are $ 12.95 per state. You only have to pay the one-time fee of $ 6.99.


Additional Features

Return and payment options

You can pay FreeTaxUSA with a credit or debit card. Depending on your provider, a convenience fee may apply. You can also deduct the deposit service directly from your refund, but you must pay $ 19.99.

The quickest way to get your refund is to deposit directly into a bank account. Usually, you will receive your tax refund within 21 days of electronic registration and direct deposit.

You can also receive your refund in the form of a check. It can take up to six weeks.
Additional deposit of taxes

With FreeTaxUSA you can still deposit your taxes at the same price after the tax has expired: free state pay and $ 12.95 per state. However, they ask you to file an application as soon as possible to avoid IRS sanctions.

Free tax calculator

FreeTaxUSA can also be used as an income tax calculator to estimate your taxes, calculate your refund, and search for tax credits and deductions. Follow the procedure as if you were regularly entering your taxes. You create an account and provide tax information to the best of your knowledge.

In the end, you will receive an estimate of your income, taxes, reimbursements, credits, and deductions.

All of this information will be communicated to you before sending the statement, so you do not have to send it. When categorizing, you can update the existing information with the exact numbers and then archive it.

Online backup and account rollover

FreeTaxUSA secures your returns online with the free version. The free version will automatically display last year’s tax information for your current year if you use the software for two years in a row.

Even if you did not submit a FreeTaxUSA file last year, you may be able to import some of your tax information from another service.

This year, the software has introduced a new feature that allows you to import PDF files from the tax returns of the previous year.
I tried the PDF import option while reviewing this year’s software. It was easy to use and I downloaded my personal information and previous information from my employer. That definitely saves time.


Guaranteed accuracy

Like other online tax preparation programs, FreeTaxUSA guarantees the accuracy of your tax calculations. You pay interest and fines if you feel IRS is due to a wrong calculation of your software.

Audit audit

FreeTaxUSA offers audit support, but only with the deluxe option. The audit support will put you in touch with the audit specialists to prepare you for the exam.

They help you to answer your specific questions and concerns. He also has access to the Audit Center, which displays information about navigating the process.

However, there are some limitations to Audit Assist. FreeTaxUSA does not process IRS correspondence and does not represent you during the exam.

Overview of FreeTaxUSA Features

  • Tax Calculator
  • Audit Assist
  • Priority Support
  • Audit Center
  • Prepare and E-File Federal Tax Returns for Free
  • Guaranteed 100% Accurate
  • Prepare and E-File State Tax Returns
  • Estimated Tax Return
  • Tax Extension Filing
  • Free Old Returns
  • Amended Returns
  • Supported Forms
  • Safe and Secure

Pros and Cons


  • Access to more than 350 credits and deductions.
  • Most refunds are made in less than 21 days.
  • Cost-effective upgrade to the Deluxe version
  • Free customer service via help and e-mail.


  • Supplement for live support.
  • Some advanced tax situations are not compatible

FreeTaxUSA Promo Code: How Much Does FreeTaxUSA Cost?

FreeTaxUSA offers a free version and a corporate version of its software for small and medium businesses. It also has optional services so that users can choose. Don’t forget to use the FreeTaxUSA Promo Code. Review pricing details for your business and select the best package for your business:

Free Edition

  • $0 – Prepare and E-File Federal Tax Return
  • $12.95 – Prepare and E-File State Tax Return
  • Free Customer Support

Deluxe Edition

  • $6.99 – Upgrade Cost
  • $0 -Prepare and E-File Federal Tax Return
  • $12.95 – Prepare and E-File State Tax Return
  • File Unlimited Amended Returns
  • Live Chat
  • Priority Support
  • Audit Assist
  • Only for Customers who E-File their Federal Tax Return successfully using Deluxe
  • State Tax Returns are not covered


Tax Extension Filing

  • $0 – Prepare and E-File Tax Extension
  • Free for Federal Tax Returns

Printable Tax Return

  • Free

Prior Year Tax Filing

  • $0 – Federal Tax Return
  • $12.95 -State Tax Return

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How do I use my FreeTaxUSA coupon?

Copy the FreeTaxUSA coupon code mentioned in this article. Click on the offer button and paste the promo code in the coupon box at checkout in order to redeem the offer.

How many FreeTaxUSA promo codes are available?

At the moment, we have mentioned 4 FreeTaxUSA promo codes in this article which can be used to save a great deal on FreeTaxUSA.

How much discount does FreeTaxUSA offer?

With our FreeTaxUSA coupons, you can get up to 50% on the Delux version.

Conclusion: FreeTaxUSA Coupon Code: Should You Use FreeTaxUSA?

FreeTaxUSA is a decent online tax preparation software whose price is undoubtedly one of the best on the market.

Just keep in mind that the program has limitations, such as The lack of telephone support, the limited nature of the audit support, and the tax situations that it does not support.

FreeTaxUSA offers some of the lowest prices in the market. Your service is also not bad: you have access to all the main forms with the cheapest option that the other classification services do not offer.

You will also benefit from fast customer service, a 100% accuracy guarantee and a commitment to receive the maximum refund.

The disadvantage of this service is that it is not the best option for new tax accountants or for those who have little experience in collecting taxes and need advice.

It has customer support and assistance, but explanations of taxes are not detailed. So, if you’re a secure depositor who does not hesitate to do some research yourself, the limited features of FreeTaxUSA will make the easy (and affordable) option this tax season.

You can now get all the information on this amazing “FreeTaxUSA” website. Share your Review about FreeTaxUSA in the comment section. Have you ever used FreeTaxUSA for your business

So, don’t wait and go for the FreeTaxUSA coupon code. Also, share these FreeTaxUSA coupons and offers with your friends and on your social media channels.

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