Frontpoint Security System Review 2023: #1 for Home Security?

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About Frontpoint

Frontpoint is one of the topmost home security systems that is well-known for its flexibility and customer service. It was founded in 2007 by a team of home security experts. They currently hold an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). It works with every state in the United States and offers outstanding customer services to all its users.

How Does It Work? Frontpoint Home Security System Review 2023 #1 for Home Security

Unlike other security systems that offer a basic package on which customers can add or delete their preferred services, Frontpoint completely allows their customers to choose their own monitoring device.

Customers can design their monitoring device from scratch by choosing a control panel, sensors, monitoring package, and contract.

Frontpoint offers a one-year contract, door and window sensors, motion sensors, GE control panels, and all the equipment comes with a three-year warranty. The set up is configured and makes users to easily install it in their homes.

After installation, technicians conduct simple tests over the phone to access its functions.

In addition, users can add smoke detectors, automation sensors, thermostats, carbon monoxide sensors, fire sensors, lights, etc. The wireless monitoring system helps users to capture the activities at home 24/7 and also alert them in events of burglary or emergency.


All Frontpoint security camera plans come with the base controller, GE Simon XT Edition that has a built-in cellular link, 120db alarm system and 24-hour battery backup.

It also includes its app which enables users to control the security system using a mobile device. There is also a touchscreen control panel available on Frontpoint that can control smart home devices, takes pictures, and talk with the customer.


Frontpoint has three monitoring plans namely,

  • Protection Monitoring Package

This is the basic package that starts at $35 per month. It covers all the sensors and sends alerts if any sensor gets triggered.

  • Interactive Monitoring Package

This costs $45 per month and enables users to remotely arm the system and control lights at home. It also sends notifications via text or mail to alert customers.

  • Ultimate Monitoring package

This advanced package costs $50 per month. It comprises of surveillance cameras, automated thermostat, advanced locks to safeguard your home.

Frontpoint offers a 30-day risk-free trial for customers to return their product if they are not satisfied and get a complete refund.

Frontpoint Home Security System Review - pricing and plan


  • Central Monitoring System:

Frontpoint uses Rapid Response for its central monitoring system. It is headquartered in New York and is one of the eleven central stations approved to monitor fire alarms in the city.

Rapid Response also monitors burglaries, medical signals, and residential, military, and commercial locations. It has a GPS monitoring facility.

  • Wireless Monitoring:

Frontpoint monitors your home using a cellular line that connects your control panel with the central monitoring station. Wireless connections are better than wired since they cannot be destroyed. It also uses a broadband connection as a backup when there are security issues.

  • Home Automation:

Frontpoint camera system enables customers to control their home devices automatically through their security system. Users can control lights, temperature, and locks through the device. They can also buy smart products to automate devices at home.

It has introduced Qolsys control panel and image sensors that have a touchscreen control panel. This feature makes it easy to capture photos of burglar or turn off lights at home.

More features…..

  • Crash & Smash Technology

This patented technology protects the control panel against damage from unauthorized persons. If a thief plans to break into your house, the alarm system automatically alerts you and the person may not be able to stop the alarm or break the device due to this unique protection.

Even if they try to smash the device, the alarm will send a notification to the monitoring station because it assumes an intrusion.

  • Geo-Services

Customers can set up a virtual fence or “geo-fence” in your area where the alarm is located. The alarm will track your location through the phone and will perform two types of functions automatically.

One is that it sends an alert on your phone if you forget to turn on the alarm system and go across the geo-fence and the next is that it will automatically switch off the thermostat to save energy and money as you cross the geo-fence.

  • Environmental Protection

Frontpoint includes environmental sensors that monitor floods, fire, and smoke. They send immediate alerts when they detect a leak or spark at home.

Apart from this carbon monoxide sensors, garage door sensors, and recess door sensors are also available for monitoring your outdoor spaces.

  • Security Cameras

Frontpoint has wireless indoor and outdoor cameras that include night vision, motion-activated, 24/7 monitoring, and updating recordings to the cloud. All these cameras require an internet connection to work and if there is no connection, your home will still be protected sans cameras.

The newest feature on Frontpoint is its doorbell camera that has a motion sensor and a 1020 FHD camera. The doorbell requires Wi-Fi and has access to cloud storage.

  • Mobile Apps

Frontpoint has a mobile app for iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows devices. You can remotely activate and deactivate alarms, adjust automated devices, and check surveillance cameras using your smartphone.

  • Customer Support

Frontpoint has excellent customer support that offers timely guidance to all its customers.

Frontpoint - excellent customer support

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🤷‍♂️I recently had a break-in and would like to get a security system ASAP. How do I get started?

It can be terrifying to have your personal security compromised. We offer next-day delivery, so you can get protected immediately. Simply call us, or go to “Shop” at the top of our website. Choose the equipment you want, and select the next-day shipping option. As long as you order by 2 pm EST you can have your new security system the next morning. Or choose free shipping and have your equipment in 2-5 days.

🤔Do I need to talk to a Frontpoint Consultant or can I purchase the equipment online?

Already know what equipment you want? Then just click on “Shop” at the top of our website and purchase a system online, right now. Shipping is free, with standard delivery.

🧐Do you provide home protection to renters?

Yes, Frontpoint definitely caters to renters. Since our home alarm systems don't use wires or phone lines, they are simple to set up and even easier to remove and take with you to the next place. We also won't charge you if you move to a new place.

Is Frontpoint A Good Security System? : Frontpoint Home Security System Review 2023 February

Frontpoint offers comprehensive plans along with the flexibility to choose your own monitoring system. There are minimal companies in the industry that offer customers the opportunity to select their own monitoring devices. Its flexibility makes it one of the best home security companies in the United States.

It places customer care as its top priority and provides FAQs, video tutorials, live chat support to all its users. Frontpoint can send smoke, heat, and gas leak alerts in your home and also provides home automation features. It is a good home alarm monitoring system.

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