Froxy Review 2024: Can It Match Industry Leaders’ Offerings?

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Froxy Review


The 8 million residential and mobile proxies in Froxy’s database provide an adequate degree of anonymity, which is crucial in the modern day. The majority of the tariffs may be confidently advised to suit your specific company needs, given the excellent pricing strategy and high traffic volume. Unfortunately, we’re given a very inexpensive 3-day subscription instead of a free version.

Out of 10


  • A 3-day trial at just $1.99
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Multiple payment methods
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • More than 8 million IPs
  • Supports SOCK5 and HTTPS protocols
  • Rotating IPs
  • Mobile and residential proxies
  • 24/7 email support
  • Wide range of tariffs


  • Lacks knowledge resources
  • No option for unlimited bandwidth


Price: $

Are you a proud member of the community of data harvesters?

If so, you probably already know that the Internet is a hostile environment for your profession (or pastime), with several anti-scraping technologies attempting to thwart your operations. This is why the Froxy proxy exists.

This site contains a list of secure, high-quality IP addresses that may be used to evade web filters. These addresses enable internet research, data scraping, and access to geo-restricted information.

Suppose that is insufficient for you (and it should be). In such a circumstance, this proxy ensures perfect anonymity and is resistant to IP leak prevention.

Therefore, if you are unfamiliar with Froxy’s proxy service, you have reached the right place. This review will describe the site’s features, services, price structures, and customer service.

Let us check out Froxy Review in detail.

Froxy Review 2024: What Is Froxy?

If you’ve never heard of Froxy, it’s because the firm was established in September 2021. Froxy was introduced by an Estonian software development company, Wergames OU, and has swiftly created huge user groups in the United States and Russia.

Froxy provides a variety of economic goods and services in the digital software and proxy business. Residential and mobile proxies, to mention a few, are accessible and have global traffic allocations.

The proxy pool service offers more than 200 geolocations from which to choose. In addition, Froxy’s uptime is guaranteed to be 99.9%!

Froxy Review

This allows you to execute data scraping and other actions throughout the clock without worrying about the proxy connection breaking.

When it comes to client service, Froxy maintains competent and devoted technical support. After all, showcasing remarkable technical skills wouldn’t matter that much if the logistics worked miserably, right?

To summarize the overall initial impression, Froxy seems to be a service that is an all-in-one package that requires just minutes to install and begin delivering data scraping and access services.

Froxy Products & Froxy Pricing

1. Froxy Fast Proxies:

Use a quick proxy to complete any job. Only white IP addresses, a steady connection, and speed monitoring. In addition to the advantages of residential proxies, super-fast proxies provide a high-speed connection.

Work with utmost efficiency. They carefully choose IP addresses for their customers’ fast proxies. There are only trustworthy, clean IPs in the generic address pool.

Froxy Fast Proxies Pricing Plans

Resident fast proxies provide high connection speeds without sacrificing stability. With a quick reaction time, downtime will be forgotten.

Customers of Froxy may access residential proxies that are blazing fast from anywhere in the globe.

Their proxy network encompasses more than 200 countries, and you may create proxies for individual locations and operators. The IP pool has over 8 million white addresses that prevent Froxy users from being blocked.

2. Froxy Residential Proxies:

Froxy allows you to use residential proxies from across the globe. Rotating proxies provide uninterrupted and steady connection-based work. Develop your project as efficiently as possible.

Froxy allows up to one thousand simultaneous connections, each with its IP. Targeting flexibility allows for optimal productivity.

The rotating residential proxies of Froxy span more than 200 nations worldwide. Targeting is conducted at the national, city, and provider levels.

Froxy Residential Proxies Pricing

Using residential proxies with rotation will cause your IP to vary, allowing you to bypass blocking and captchas. Legitimate Internet service providers assign their IP addresses.

Residential proxies from Froxy are accessible internationally, offering their clients access to over 200 countries.

In addition, the number of IP addresses accessible to their customers reaches 8 million. Using Froxy, you may gather data from any place, including the US, China, the UK, and Australia.

3. Froxy Mobile Proxies:

Private mobile proxies provide the most efficient online navigation. Put an end to blocking, captchas, and sluggish connections.

Froxy’s mobile proxies span more than 200 countries, allowing for granular targeting by nation, city, and cell operator.

Stable and trustworthy private mobile proxies are provided by a pool of over 8 million IP addresses in 200+ countries throughout the globe.

Froxy Mobile Proxies Pricing

Mobile Froxy proxies provide access to actual mobile IP addresses and automatic rotation, allowing you to bypass blocking and captchas.

Private mobile proxies from Froxy are accessible to their clients worldwide. They provide access to more than 8 million IPs.

Choose from over 200 countries offered on Froxy, including Australia, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and others.

It is simple to purchase mobile proxies; just choose the appropriate package and enjoy all the advantages of mobile proxies in 3G/4G/LTE networks. You may always contact a Froxy consultant for assistance in selecting a plan.

Froxy Proxies: How To Buy Guide?

Step – 1: Go to the official website of Froxy and click on ‘Pricing’.

Go to the official website of Froxy

Step – 2: Choose a plan of your choice and below it click on ‘Start now’. You can choose from fast, residential, and mobile proxies.

Choose a plan of your choice

Step – 3: Fill up the details asked for and click on ‘Sign in’. You can also choose to sign in with Google.

Fill up the details asked

Step – 4: Choose your use cases and services and then click on ‘Submit’. You can also choose to skip this part.

Choose your use cases and services

Step – 5: Fill up the details asked for and click on ‘Next’.

Complete the payment and start enjoying

Complete the payment and start enjoying their services.

Why Do I Recommend Froxy?

Why Do I Recommend Froxy

1. Easy to Use and Responsive Customer Support

If you have used proxies in the past, you will have no trouble utilizing these proxies. This is because, unlike some other providers, it did not attempt to build any complexity that would make it difficult to use.

You may access your proxies through a website and a self-service user dashboard provided by the provider. To access the user dashboard, you just need to browse the Internet and register an account.

From there, you can either buy a package or sign up for a free trial. The My Proxy page in the navigation will lead you to the page from where you may access your proxies.

You may utilize proxies from any approved nation, state, region, or ISP. The proxy IP and port will stay the same; the proxy password will vary depending on your chosen location.

Using the proxy IP, port, username, and password from the dashboard as your proxy configuration for the program that requires proxies is the same as using any other proxy.

Additionally, you will appreciate this firm’s efficient customer service. You may interact with them through live chat support if you want assistance.

If you need to contact the support staff outside of normal business hours, email them.

2. Good Session Control

With residential proxies from Froxy, you get full access to their proxy pool, but you are restricted in the number of ports and bandwidth you may use.

One thing you should know about the proxies is that they are rotating ports or proxy addresses. This indicates that your IP address is not static but regularly changed.

This is not unrelated to the fact that they have no control over the availability of the IP addresses in their pool since IPs might go inactive without their knowledge.

Nonetheless, there is some reasonableness in the rotating procedure. Froxy’s IP rotation is time-based, which implies that IPs are not cycled after every request.

There are specified time intervals available for selection with this service. The minimum duration supported for IP rotation is 90 seconds or 1.5 minutes.

One hour is the longest time you may retain the same IP address before it is replaced. There are more time intervals between these two (1.5 minutes to 60 minutes).

You agree with me that Froxy’s session management method makes it ideal for managing accounts across many social networking and e-commerce sites, among others.

3. Good and Affordable Pricing

Additionally, you will learn to appreciate Froxy’s cost, which may be described as pocket-friendly. Examining the price page reveals that Froxy suits both small and large marketers.

Residential proxy prices depend on bandwidth use. This is because, like most other providers, it does not control the IP addresses and hence cannot offer you IPs for as long as you like.

Depending on the subscription you subscribe to, the number of ports you may utilize with Froxy is likewise limited. Take, for instance, the Residential Lite package, which is the smallest and most popular and costs $45.

This subscription includes 100 ports and 3 GB of bandwidth. If you subscribe to the $2000 corporate plan, the price per gigabyte may be as low as $1.95 if you pay for extra bandwidth.

As a customer-centric company, Froxy strives to simplify the onboarding process for new users. To do this, it provides new customers with a free trial so that they may determine if the service fits their needs before making a financial commitment.

As a new member, you are entitled to a three-day, 100MB plan that normally costs $1.99 and is provided for free. Interestingly, this does not prevent them from issuing a refund.

They offer a money-back guarantee, but it might be tricky – to prevent fraudsters from requesting it after using the service. You should review the refund policy document to determine your eligibility for a refund.

4. Good Location Coverage and Sizeable IP Pool

Regarding the size of a residential proxy, the number of supported locations and the total number of IP addresses obtained from these sites are crucial factors.

Froxy’s strong location support makes it the ideal proxy service if you gather localized data from many places worldwide. Proxy supports the majority of nations.

And country-level geo-targeting is not the only accessible geo-targeting option. Froxy also supports geotargeting at the state and local levels.

Good Location Coverage

This supplier also allows you to utilize proxy servers from a certain Internet service provider (ISP). This degree of geo-location and ISP selection makes it an excellent service for localized data access and website unblocking.

In addition to its geographical coverage, this provider has many IP addresses in its residential IP pool, which I like. According to the statistics on its website, its pool of residential IP addresses exceeded 8,500,000.

If you ask me, I would say that this quantity is sufficient for most consumers.

However, you should be aware that this figure, as well as that of the other supplier, is only an advertised number since there is no way to check the real number of IPs in the pool and the number of active IPs, as the number changes considerably.

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Conclusion: Froxy Review 2024

Froxy is a proxy service that offers all the capabilities required for standard web scraping operations. I believe that these guys are user-friendly and fast to set up on whatever device you may like to utilize them on.

They may not be able to compete with some of the larger proxy services that have been around for a long time, but they are certainly worth your attention.

Their services are quite well-packaged, and I think their price is comparable. Each bundle provides access to over 8 million premium IP addresses.

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