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How can you not use antivirus in this vulnerable world of technology? I will call you a real gallant if you say you don’t need an antivirus.

But as a consequence, your computer is going to suffer a lot.

No one can assure that a computer is secure and can’t block any malware attacks. I have heard that even computers with active antivirus protection were affected by malware. Then, just think about the case of computers without a security tool!!

Selecting an antivirus is a tough row to hoe. You can’t choose one blindly.

The selection procedure needs analysis of specification, collection of feedback, and careful study of reviews. But don’t worry.

I have done everything for you. Now, after all the procedures, I am presenting an extremely effective antivirus which is G Data Antivirus.

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FAQs | G Data Antivirus Coupon Codes

🙋‍♀️Is Free Antivirus Safe To Use?

No, basically free antivirus is not enough. Free versions are rather weaker protection by the companies offering the paid product.

🤷‍♂️Is it worth paying for G-Data Antivirus?

As an average customer, everyone tries to keep their devices free from threats and viruses. Therefore, sometimes you will agree to take a paid subscription. You will be trying fancy antivirus software. Just a breach could not let you rush out and buy any software.

🤙Do I need antivirus software if I have Windows Defender?

Windows 10 offer an inbuilt anti-malware tool and antivirus which acts as a Windows Defender, It might not help in protecting browsing activities and threatful links. So it is advisable to get antivirus specifically for your system whether it's Windows or Mac. So that you get web protection

👍Can I trust Windows Defender?

Yes, you can trust it. Make sure you install a USB Scanner and be careful while browsing. You should run Malwarebytes at regular intervals.

G Data Antivirus Software

G-Data AntiVirus 

G Data is a German company founded in 1985.

It provides a collection of anti-malware tools. The founders of this company are known as the creators of the first antivirus software in the world. All of us know that we can’t expect much from a primitive product.

But because the product was created in early 1980, no one can question the reliability of this tool.

I am more than happy to introduce such a useful utility tool (the most underrated one too) to you.

Let’s just go through the features of G Data Antivirus now.

Features of G-Data Antivirus

G Data Antivirus Features


No one will be ready to download an antivirus if it offers just the scanning feature. We all lookout to get extra. G Data Antivirus is a treat for those who want elegant software with enhanced functionality without spending much.

G Data antivirus is available for Windows, Android, and Mac as well. There is a slight variation in the price of each of them.

Anyway, let’s look into the features of G Data Antivirus. How to install a free trial of G DATA business solutions

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1. Organized User Interface

G Data Antivirus Interface

Everyone likes organized things. It makes everything productive. I don’t like to sit in my room when it is unorganized and shabby.

Developers and designers of G Data know this human psychology very well. That’s why they have developed such an elegant and clean UI.

 Below the title bar, you can see three options including the security center or home.

The main section of the home is divided into four parts, two columns, and two rows. The very first section says about the security status of your device.

A tick mark and ‘Your System is Protected’ message indicates that everything is fine.

Beneath that, some details are also shown. The second part displays the virus definition status. If your virus definitions are up-to-date, you can see a similar tick as in the first section.

The last two sections give a gist of the license information and notifications (or messages) respectively.

2. Awesome Detection and Security

Securing the computer is the foremost function of a website. G Data Antivirus is providing unbeatable security services.

Apart from the usual scanner, there is a monitor that analyzes every file you modify and open in real-time.

If you open an infected file, you will get a notification. In this way, G Data Antivirus keeps your computer safe from malware attacks.

G Data Antivirus has a behavior-based detection system.

It looks for a pattern of malicious behavior instead of scanning a file and flagging it as malware right away.

There is a URL blocker to make you stay away from hackers. Phishing is a hacking technique in which hackers clone a reputed website and steal your credentials.

G Data’s URL blocker gives you a warning message when you try to access a malware-spreading website.

Here is a video about the software by G DATA Software AG


3. Smart Updates

A regular update is a must for an antivirus. When you update an antivirus, its web gets widened by updating the virus definitions.

You need to register with their server to get the update.

When you register with their server, you get a username and password. This is required when you perform an update.

The update process may take some time to load, download, and install. If you have an active internet connection with decent speed, chances are great for you to get the process done at once.

4. Additional Features

There are a lot of additional features available with G Data Antivirus. One of them is data shredder. Sometimes you might have faced difficulty in deleting certain files.

Or else, you might have doubted the possibility of recovering when you deleted a secret file. G Data Antivirus’s data shredder is a solution for you.

It can be used to delete any file without worrying much. An email virus blocker is available which scans every attachment in your inbox and flag it if you get any malware.

Price of G Data Antivirus

  • G Data AntiVirus for Mac OS X
  • G Data ANTIVIRUS for Windows
  • G Data Internet Security for Windows
  • G Data Total Security Security for Windows
  • G DATA Internet Security for Android

G Data Antivirus Pricing

All of us love affordable when it comes to the price of a product. G Data is an established antivirus developing company. They don’t need any extra buck from you.

The Windows edition costs you about $30, Android $15, and Mac version $40.

Check out the screenshot given below to know more details about the pricing option and plans.

Pros and Cons of G Data Antivirus 


  • Autostart manager
  • bootable disk creator
  • accurate detection
  • useful URL blocker


  • Some lab testing showed disappointing results
  • A full scan takes more time than its competitors.

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It offers good protection against viruses and other malware. It scans incoming emails for threats and protects you during online banking transactions. It protects your personal data even when you are on social networks.

G Data Antivirus is a much-needed security tool for any computer. As the Android and Mac editions are also available, you can protect all your devices no matter what their platform is.

A free trial is available which lets you experience G Data antivirus’s security features. Later, you can decide whether to go with the paid version or not.

I am pretty sure that the software will grab your attention. It has such awesome and powerful features to protect your devices. Click here to visit the official download page.

You can see various G Data products there including Total Security, Internet Security, and Antivirus in this G Data Antivirus Review. Choose any of them to download the trial product. Follow G Data on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube,  & Linkedin.

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G data total security is a suite of antivirus for Windows, Android, and Mac. Check out the blog for details.

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