Glossika Review 2022: Better Than Other Language Platforms?

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User Interface
Learning Experience


  • Focus is on language learning
  • No gamification
  • 50+ languages
  • 30 different source languages
  • User friendly


  • Can get boring
  • Translations could be improved

Glossika is a perfect website for people who have a basic foundation in a certain language then it is easier for them to learn the advanced language and speaking skills.

Price:$ 24.99

In today’s blog, I am going to do Glossika Review 2022 which helps you to learn a language at home with the repetition learning method that has AI technology involved.

We all have grown up learning various languages in our school and college.

Apart from English, some have learned national languages like Sanskrit and Hindi in school. Whereas others learned a few international languages like French and Spanish.

Few of them developed so much interest in the particular language that they created a career out of it.

With the ongoing global business and clients, everyone needs to learn an international language maybe for your clients, or as a hobby or just to ambush your resume.

Learning a second language is very important to sustain in today’s global scenario. A lot of us have taken online language classes or are attending language classes on the weekend.

Going further in this blog I would be explaining to you what Glossika is? It’s pros and cons, features, pricing, and how this software works.

Glossika Review 2022– Why So Much Hype?

Glossika is a repetition learning method that was developed by American linguist and philologist Michael Campel.

It is an audio-based repetition learning also known as a spaced repetition method in other words. This company came into existence in the year 2016.

Glossika Review

Glossika is an AI-developed software that helps you to learn different languages with the help of their repetition learning.

Where they pronounce each word and sentence and you have to repeat after them to get the correct pronunciation and grammar.

This software helps you to speak a brand new language easily within the least possible time by using adaptive algorithms and structure depending on your need.

What Is Repetition Learning?

We all know how difficult and annoying it can get to learn a new language. Initially, we may struggle with the pronunciation, alphabets, grammar, and structuring of basic sentences, and hence the repetitive learning method of Glossika makes it kind of easy for you.

Repetition plays an important role in learning something.

It helps to transit your skill from conscious to unconscious and makes it easier for you to remember something. Repetition also makes it easier for you to learn a certain thing.

What Do I Like The Most?

What attracted me the most about Glossika was how simple the approach of the software is and how user-friendly it is to be used.

Glossika is going to launch an app that will be available on both android and IOS app stores.

The second thing that attracted me the most about this software is that the focus of the website is on language learning and not gamification.

The website has such good language teaching skills that it can help you become a pro in a new language speaking in just a short period.

Learn from Native Speakers

Additionally, the feature that caught my eye was that this software has around 50+ languages though in 50 different languages to its users.

Is Glossika Best For Beginner Learners Of A Language?

A lot of people say that Glossika is not made for beginners and is just a platform for professionals in that field.

But I feel that is a very good language learning software for beginners as well depending on the language you want to learn. Let me explain further.

So let me give you a small example for instance if you want to learn the language Thai and you are a beginner or even an intermediate learner then you may have a lot of difficulty in learning this language from Glossika as you will not be able to grasp the full potential out of Glossika if you do not have a basic understanding of the language Thai.

This is because you need to write down the words in Thai in many of the cases and if you do not have an understanding of the Thai alphabet then this can be difficult for you.

Apart from just writing a word on your own Glossika will show you are an example of how to write it but that wouldn’t help you learn the language as you will just know what is which word called and what are the letters and the vowels but you would not know how to pronounce it or where can it be used. And hence simply copying wouldn’t help you out.

And hence a lot of people have claimed that Glossika can just be used for beginners which is true till some end but if you want to learn basic language courses then it can help.

For example, if you take a Spanish course all you could come up with blabbering is some gibberish but according to the Glossika system, you can learn a new language while blabbering mutter sentences at the start.

If you are a beginner, what you can do eventually is to turn your setting to beginner and its algorithm would not give you any new sentences till the time you master the current ones.

Plus you can reduce the speed of teaching by 75% which would help you to grasp the current sentences easily at your speed.

Despite all of this I would still suggest that you can use Glossika for beginners if the language you want to learn is close to your mother tongue i.e Hindi to Sanskrit. 

Glossika Pros & Cons | Glossika Review


  • Focuses on language learning
  • No gamification
  • 50+ languages you can learn 
  • 30 different source languages
  • User friendly
  • No unnecessary gimmicks
  • Result oriented


  • Can get boring
  • Not for beginners
  • Translations could be improved

Reps, Reps, And Some More Reps With Glossika

  • Glossika uses the Mass sentence method which is a way where you hear a lot of old sentences and repeat them continuously. These aren’t just any random sentences but specific sentences given by the Glossika algorithm depending on your capabilities
  • The software spaced repetition algorithm makes sure that you will be able to hear the sentences in a naturally internalized grammatical structure without making much effort. 
  • Each repetition of the sentences shown to you is counted as a rep. the more the rep more the efficiency.
  • Glossika’s main aim is to help you to learn the language and hence it makes you repeat all the sentences and doesn’t even confuse you on what sentences to choose.
  • Glossika believes that by doing 1000s of repetition you will reach a certain milestone in your language learning.

Glossika Rep

How Does Glossika Work?

Glossika applies the spaced repetition method to its courses where you have to listen to the speaker and repeat what he has to say.

This way of teaching makes it easier for its users to pick grammar, language structure, pronunciation, vocabulary.

Because of the Glossika advanced learning method, it is not for beginners but is a perfect match for lower or intermediate learners who have a basic knowledge about a certain language and are familiar with its alphabets and basic pronunciation.

Then Glossika is perfect for you.

It is helpful for intermediate learners as they have a variety of options to choose from depending on their needs.

The options vary from learning to choose some new vocabulary, improvising their speaking skills, or learning new sentences and pronunciations

Also, this learning depends on your repetition count as mentioned earlier in the blog that Glossika uses a rep method for its users.

Mainly the audio across all 50+ languages covers almost the same material by the additional resources can vary depending on your choice of language.

Besides, Glossika also focuses on GMS is Glossika Mass Sentences which intends to help the learners quickly pick the grammar, sentence structure, and pronunciation of their language with the help of the repetition methods.

GMS was specifically designed for people who do not have a dedicated time to give for learning a new language and hence they can listen to everything the speakers say anywhere around the globe and also attend the different sessions within less than half an hour.

With that, there are various subjects covered across all the audio sessions and each language course contains around 3000 sentences.

Your progress in language learning is tracked through the number of reps done by you throughout your course period.

I will be further explaining to you how the five exercises work and how the Glossika course is divided into these five lesson formats.

1. Typing With The Mentor

As suggested by the name in this session you have to type the sentence that is said by the speaker or is flashing on your screen in a box given below.

If you are taking a mon romanized language like Chinese or Thai then you should be ready with an alternative keyboard to help you type.

Glossika helps you to change the setting of the difficulty level of your language sentences by clicking the preference button in the setting and selecting a level of difficulty that is comfortable for you.

Typing will help you to grasp the sentence structure, grammar, and pronunciation of the displayed sentence easily.

2. Dictation- Repetition Of Typing

Dictation is no display typing wherein the below-given box you just have to hear what the speaker is saying and then type the same sentence. As to my experience, the sentence in sections 1 and 2 are the same.

As mentioned earlier Glossika is a game of repetition and if you are someone who gets bored and annoyed easily then this software is not meant for you.

3. Multiple Choice

The choice is multiple choices are given to you in the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) version or romanized alphabets.

There will be four options provided to you and you have to match the given sentence to the correct answer.

To practice this exercise you are required to know how to read the language you have been opting for especially in the case of non-romanized languages like Chinese and Thai.

For this, you will have to learn alphabets separately from another channel or via online classes

4. Translation

The word itself describes that you need to translate the language that you are learning to English. In this section, you will be given four translated version options of the same sentence and you will have to choose the correct translation from them after listening to the recording of the speaker.

If your mother tongue isn’t English then you can change your native language from the drop-down in the setting section and choose your preferred language.

5. Fill In

Remember filling the blanks in school; well this section is just the same.

You need to type the sentence in the box but the only difference is that the whole sentence would not be displayed on your screen there would be very short sentences with blanks that you need to fill depending on the fundamentals and lesson that you have already learned.

Just like other segments this also requires alphabetical knowledge of the language.

How To Use Glossika?

1. Sign up for Glossikas

The very first thing you need to do is sign up on the Glossika website or app on your android or IOS phone whatever you are using.

2. Take a free one-week trial

Once the sign-up is done you will be given one week’s free trial of the premium version and depending on your experience of the trial you can decide which plan to purchase going forward.

3. Choose your source language

You will have to choose a source language that is your native language or the language you prefer i.e: English UK

4. Choose your target language

You will have to select a target language that you wish to learn i.e: French or Russian

5. Take a placement test

You will be given a series of questions regarding the language you want to learn and depending on your test results they will determine your level of learning for you and according to that, you will get your audio and coursework.

6. Start learning!

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Glossika Pricing Plans: How Much Does Glossika Cost? 

Glossika offers 3 types of pricing plans which are monthly, annually, and enterprise. Below I will be explaining these 3 pricing packages by the company. Following are the 3 plans by Glossika

  1. Pro-Monthly: This is a monthly subscription priced at 30 dollars a month and in this plan, you are given complete access to all the features and languages.
  2. Pro-Annual: This is a yearly subscription priced at 24.99 dollars. If you buy a yearly subscription you have to pay comparatively less and you will get access to all the features and languages.
  3. Enterprise: This subscription can be used by more than one user. It is more like a group subscription.

Glossika Pricing Reviews

Glossika accepts debit and credit cards for payments and also allows you to cancel the plan at any time or switch from one plan to another depending on your need.

User Experience With Glossika

As discussed earlier the app design is pretty user-friendly and straightforward.

If you are someone who does not come from a techy background or is not very savvy with technology and tends to easily get confused then Glossika is the app for you.

You can easily navigate your way around the app in a few minutes

If you have any query you can easily find the answer to almost all your questions in their help center.

Whereas on the other hand, their blog section helps you with some pretty good language-related articles.

As of now, Glossika does not have an app but the work is in progress and soon they will develop an app for android and IOS iPhone.

Till the time their app is developed, you can use your laptop to access their account but if you want to access Glossika on the phone then you can log into your Glossika account through your phone’s browser.

The phone browser works exactly like a web browser. The only difference is that you won’t be able to use the recording function for reps on your phone.

Glossika Customer Support Review

Customer service is one of the most important services for any business especially if you are a service seller then it is even more important for you to have a customer service section in your company.

As you need to be in touch with your customers to assist them throughout the process and get in touch with them for any queries and questions they have post-delivery or during their usage. 

It is easier for you to reach Glossika through their social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter or you can even contact them via mail. 

They have an excellent support system when it comes to their email. If you are a beginner you can write them an email and tell them about all difficulties you are facing.

GLossika provides complete support to beginners and also helps you set up your account.

I had personally tried out their email support and had got fabulous replies and support from their customer service team.

What Do I like About Glossika?

  • There are a lot of languages available on Glossika. Some languages are so rare that they aren’t covered by any other sources
  • The subscription of Glossika gives you access to all the languages and hence it is possible to study a couple of languages at a time and even review other languages at the same time.
  • Glossika forces you to speak the language which will help you to improve your speaking skills and confidence in the language.

What I Don’t Like About Glossika? 

  • All the language learning courses cover almost the same material which ultimately reduces the diversity and culture of the language. It has mainly come down to one simple learning formula which includes no cultural context when the teaching is involved.
  • There are a few errors in the materials and content
  • The cost is high compared to other competitors
  • There is no explanation for grammar.

Glossika Alternative

Every app has an alternative to it and so does the Glossika app in this segment we are going to discuss the alternative to Glossika that are Speechling.


This software offers almost everything that Glossika is offering but for free. Apart from that, it is prized quite cheaper compared to Glossika. But unfortunately, it offers a lot fewer languages compared to Glossika.


Customer Reviews | Glossika Review

Glossika Customer Reviews

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FAQs About Glossika Review

💁‍♀️ Does Glossika have an app?

As of now, Glossika has no app on IOS or Android but the app development is in process. In case you want to use Glossika on your phone you can easily log in from your phone browser.

🙇‍♀️ How much is Glossika?

Glossika can cost you 30 dollars per month and 24.99 dollars per month for an annual subscription. The annual subscription is comparatively less costly than the monthly subscription.

👩‍🔧 How good is Glossika?

Glossika is good for people who have a basic foundation in the language they are pursuing. It helps you to work on your overall speaking skills, grammar, and pronunciation

Conclusion | Glossika Review 2022– Should You Buy It?

I would like to conclude by saying that my experience with Glossika was pretty good. Initially, I was not so sure about the software and its function but not that I have Glossika out. I appreciate what it does and is trying to do.

Its repetition method of learning helps users to brush up on their speaking skills, grammar, and pronunciation.

It is a perfect website for people who have a basic foundation in a certain language then it is easier for them to learn the advanced language and speaking skills at Glossika. Your foundation helps you to create an interest in it.

Also, Glossika has a way of testing your language and easily identifies your weakness in the language and helps you get over your weakness if you are willing to come over it and are very passionate about language learning.

I am not very sure if repetitive learning works for everyone.

All I remember in my high school days when I had taken french the best method of learning that I use to use was by writing it down and trying to pronounce each word so that I can remember it so well Glossika’s way of working goes pretty well for learners like me who follow the repetition method of learning.

Last but not least I Would like to say that Glossika would work perfectly for someone who has a basic foundation of the language and is looking for repetitive learning.

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