Golf Simulator Store Review with Coupon Codes January 2023: Up to 60% Off

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-Given below is a detailed Golf Simulator Store Review with Coupon Codes which includes features, pros and cons, pricing, warranty, buying, shipping, selling and returning policy. Read here the review here…


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Golf Simulator Store Review with Coupon Codes January 2023: Up to 60% On Sale

Golf Simulator Store review

Golf Simulator Store is a one-stop destination to buy Golf Simulators, Swing Analysers and other similar accessories. They also have a large collection of DIY (do it yourself) packages, turnkey systems, impact screens, simulation software and more.


Why opt for the Golf Simulator Store?

The best reason to opt for the Golf Simulator Store lies in the fact that they have everything you mind need related to golf – ranging from swing analyzers and impact screens to various DIYs which might help you set up your system at your convenience. Although the reason sounds silly, since the website itself is known as ‘Golf Simulator Store’, most sites might not satisfy all your requirements at one spot, which they do. Also, they have a provision for gift cards, should you want to gift your golf-loving friend a package which might help him/her hone those golfing skills of theirs.

Another valid reason to go for Golf Simulator Store is that it takes payments in different currencies – INR, AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, JPY and USD, thereby giving you converted rates for everything, and also helping ship them to your location.


Brands: Golf Simulator Store

Golf simulator store amazon

Given below are a list of brands which are sold by the Golf Simulator Store website –

  • SkyTrak Golf
  • ProTee United
  • The Golf Club
  • TruGolf
  • Ernest Sports
  • OptiShot
  • Rapsodo


If you’re a genuine golf lover, you’ll surely recognise the brands mentioned above, since they are often considered the best.




The Golf Simulator Store website has an array of features to its name. First of all, we would like to point out the easy to navigate website. Not only is it well-curated but is also easy to go about.

Secondly, the fact that they deliver worldwide. That is a feature definitely worth mentioning because you don’t really come across too many golf simulator sites who might want to ship worldwide. Also, they often give out huge sales which help you to buy your desired product at a very good discounted rate, helping you not just buy your dream item but making sure you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket while buying it.

Golf simulator store discount


The Golf Simulator Store also has an affiliate program, for which you can register through their official website

The business specifics of the affiliate program is as follows –


  • The conversion action happens only with online purchases which are processed with valid payments.
  • Cookie validity is for 30 days.
  • The commission is based on the percentage of the sale made.
  • Base commission is of 10% and is also product-specific.
  • What is to be noted is that all commissions are based on the advertised sales price, which is excluding VAT, shipping costs as well as any additional discounts.
  • The commission payments are done in NET 60 days.


According to the people at the Golf Simulator Store, their affiliates hold great value and importance to them, and thus, they try to give them the best value, respect and treatment, something which they believe their affiliates deserve – something they too hope to get from them.

Golf simulator offers and deals

Thus, although they auto-approve applications, it doesn’t always guarantee that they might not re-evaluate your application at a later time and reject it, based on discrepancies of your site.


As a member of their affiliate program, you will have constant access to their Affiliate Account Manager. There, you will be able to review their Program’s details as well as previously published affiliate newsletters, download HTML code (that will provide you with links to webpages which are within’s website.) as well as banner creatives, and allow you to browse and get tracking codes for their coupons and deals!

Golf simulator store promos

In order to keep an accurate tracking of guests who might visit their site from yours, you will have to use the HTML code that they provide for each banner, text link or any other affiliate link they provide you with. will reserve the right (at any time) to review your placements and approve the use of your links and may ask you to change the placements or comply with the guidelines which have been provided to you.

Golf simulator store coupon

The maintenance and upkeep of your website will be your responsibility – always. They may monitor your site if they feel it necessary, in order to make sure it is up-to-date and also to notify you of any changes which they feel might help enhance the performance of your website. Also, it will be entirely your responsibility to follow all applicable intellectual property and any other law that may pertain to your site.

You will also have to express permission in order to use another person’s copyrighted material, whether it is a writing, an image or any other copyrightable work.

You will solely be held responsible if you use any other person’s copyrighted material or intellectual property in violation of the law or any third party rights. Golf Simulator Store will not take responsibility for the same.


Other than these, the Golf Simulator Store will also have the right to monitor your site in order to determine whether all the terms and conditions of the agreement are being followed. In case they feel that certain changes need to be made to your site, or if they find any changes necessary in linking your website to theirs, they will inform you of the same.

If you fail to make the changes they ask you to, Golf Simulator Store will have the right to terminate your participation from their Golf Simulator Store Affiliate program. They also have the right to cause termination of your membership should they find you committing fraud in your use of Affiliated Program, or should they find you abusing this program in any capacity.

If you are found committing any fraud or abuse of, they shall not be liable to give you commission for any such fraudulent sales. Your affiliation acceptance indicates that you’ve been accepted to the program and will continue till your membership isn’t terminated otherwise.

The agreement can be terminated by either party (you or the Golf Simulator Store management) at any time, with or without any cause, by simply giving the other party written a notice. The written notice can be in the form of a mail, email or fax. In addition, this agreement will be terminated immediately upon breaching of any part of this agreement by you.

Golf simulator store under 0

As for payments, makes use of a third party to handle all trackings and payments. The third party is network, and the payment terms and conditions will be based on the network’s discretion.

You will be free to promote your website(s), however, any promotion which mentions may be perceived by the public or press as a collaborative venture. Also, there are certain advertisements which are prohibited under the’s agreement – such as, any advertisement which is commonly referred to as ‘spamming’ is strictly prohibited because it could cause damage to their name.

Forms of prohibited advertisement include –usage of an unsolicited commercial email (UCE), postings to non-commercial newsgroups, and cross-posting to multiple newsgroups at once. You may also not advertise in any way that which effectively conceals or misrepresents your identity, domain name or return email address.


Refund Policy


Something which bothered us a little about the otherwise almost perfect Golf Simulator Store is the fact that they have NO REFUND policy. Yes, they provide for no refunds. All sales are final.


Customs and International Shipping


Golf Simulator Store has worldwide shipping – something which will surely make you heave a sigh of relief, especially if you were worried about having any specific product delivered home. However, having said this, they have certain clauses with regards to customs and international shipping, which you should surely be made aware of if you intend on buying from them –


  • Golf Simulator Store will not be responsible nor will it take any kind of responsibility for customs fees which may be imposed or levied by countries at the point of entry.
  • The customer will be solely responsible for and will have to bear all costs which may be incurred as local tax fees and customs, if and when applicable.
  • When you make a purchase at Golf Simulator Store, you will have to make an acknowledgment to the fact that you have read all terms and conditions as well as the terms of their NO REFUND policy and agree by it.


Pros and Cons


Golf Simulator Store is a website which promises a lot and also brings forth a couple of negatives as well. Given below is a list of both pros and cons which might help to ease out your decision a bit –


  • Golf Simulator Store ships its products worldwide.
  • Golf Simulator Store gives a variety of discounts, promotions, special offers, online auctions and coupons which help to lessen the price of the products by a pretty good margin.
  • They sell used and refurbished products too, so if budget is a constraint for you, then too you can fulfil your dream of owning a simulator.
  • They are a trustworthy brand, as far as we’ve researched and read up on them, along with the first-hand experience.
  • They accept payments in various currencies, so you don’t have to worry about exchange rates.




  • The ‘NO REFUND’ policy which they follow is a little too stringent, if you ask us and can be a cause of bother if you realise after a purchase that you are dissatisfied with what you’ve bought.
  • You have to be very well-read about the terms and conditions of their Affiliate Program, if you wish to be a part of it, because they have important points which if you end up overlooking, might become a cause of worry, later.
  • Certain products are country-specific – they are only available in the United States of America and Canada.
  • We noticed that there were quite a few products which were ‘sold out’ and hence weren’t available and there wasn’t any specific date as to when you could expect the item to be back.


These are the pros and cons which we thought we should give you a recap of, in case you’ve already made up your mind. Our purpose of writing this Golf Simulator Store Review is to help you make a just decision, for which you need to know every side of what you’re investing in.



As we have already pointed out, Golf Simulator Store accepts quite a few different currencies. They also offer a vast range of offers and discounts (irrespective of the currency), so that nothing comes in the way of your dream purchase.

Golf simulator store products and pricing

The price range for different products is given below –


  • Complete Golf Simulator package – Prices start from $9,201 and can go up to $26,760.
  • DIY packages –Prices start from $2,995 and can go up to $11,376.
  • Sensor Systems – Prices start from $976 and can go up to $1,673.
  • Swing Analysers – Prices start from $181 and can go up to $268.
  • Launch Monitors – Prices start from $3,123 and can go up to $14,493.
  • Impact Screens – Prices start from $809 and can go up to $1,227.
  • Computer Systems – As of now, there is only one computer system which is available at a price of $4,684.
  • Light Systems – As of now, there is only one light system available at a price of $156.
  • Camera Systems – There are two camera systems, both of which are priced at $491.
  • Software Packages – Prices start from $139 and can go up to $1,171.
  • Support Tickets –Prices start from $95 and can go up to $240.
  • Enclosures – Prices start from $2,487 and can go up to $11,376.


What is to be kept in mind, with regards to the price parameters given above is that all are subject to change (due to discounts or special sale) and you might easily avail of them at a much discounted rate (if you’re lucky enough). We would suggest looking at the availability of the item though because you’d be lucky if you find what you’re searching for since most of their items are ‘sold out’ or might not be available for your country.


Payments are accepted via – VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal.


Customer Support Information


In order to get in touch with the Golf Simulator Store customer care service, you could always leave them a mail at They usually make an effort to reply as soon as possible.


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Final Verdict: Golf Simulator Store Coupon Codes January 2023


What can we say? Golf Simulator Store seems like a pretty good bet to satisfy all your golf simulator requirements, at good rates too.

Discounts and the acceptability of different currencies at to the bonus. However, if there was anything we could change, we would want to make slight changes to their ‘refund policy’ and also hope that they would try and make more items (if not all items) available to be shipped all around the world and not just merely in the USA and Canada. Other than that, we think you’re good to go.

The prices seem quite reasonable too and the brands on offer are pretty good too. So, all in all, a pretty good deal.

We hope this Golf Simulator Store Review with Coupon Codes will help clarify any and every doubt you might have, providing a better clarity towards your desired purchases.


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