Grasshopper Pricing & Plans In 2022: A Complete Breakdown

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Are you looking for the latest and updated Grasshopper Pricing and plans? Check out if Grasshopper offers monthly or yearly subscriptions!

Grasshopper, a popular VoIP business phone service owned by LogMeIn, is excellent for both in-house and remote teams who need to distinguish between personal and work phones.

Grasshopper gives newer and smaller organisations a more professional appearance while also providing innovative virtual telephony features that avoid miscommunications, boost first-call resolution rates, and enhance the entire customer experience.

Continue reading to learn more about Grasshopper’s pricing and Grasshopper Discount Codes along with monthly/yearly plans, as well as its features, user experience, and more.

Grasshopper Pricing and Plans 2022

Grasshopper pricing plans- Grasshopper promo codes

By using Grasshopper calling plans, you can quickly communicate with your clients in professional manner.
Grasshopper allows you to run your large business from your personal or office cell phone by providing variety of calling services such as call forwarding, numerous extensions, voicemail transcription, and business text messaging without the need to install additional software.
Grasshopper is now one of the most cost-effective virtual phone number services available. 
The most basic package costs $29 per month and includes 7-day free trial.
You may save up to $75 if you sign up for yearly subscription.

Grasshopper, unlike other suppliers, offers comprehensive functionality to satisfy the demands of businesses with one or 1,000 employees. This is because Grasshopper’s pricing is based on the number of phone lines and extensions required by the company.

Each Grasshopper Plan includes:

  • Business Texting
  • Call Forwarding
  • Virtual Fax
  • Custom Greetings
  • Mobile and Desktop Grasshopper App
  • Simultaneous Call Handling
  • Standard Voicemail and Voicemail Transcription
  • Basic Reporting

Does grasshopper charge per minute?

Yes. Grasshopper may even charge per minute. For incoming and outgoing calls, the toll-free fee is $0.06 per minute.

Grasshopper Features

Here are the basic features of Grasshopper:

Basic Calling Features

Grasshopper free trial

Grasshopper provides amazing voice calling options in addition to unlimited calling in the United States and Canada and international calling.

When making outbound calls by smartphone or landline, the Calling Card function displays the Grasshopper phone number, not the user’s personal number, on the recipient’s caller ID.

  • Transferring a call
  • Use Wi-Fi to make business calls.
  • Forwarding of calls
  • Keep the music playing.
  • Number blocking is supported by multiple extensions.
  • When you’re unable to answer a call, you can use an instant response to automatically send an SMS text to new callers.
  • Blocking anonymous calls
  • Handling many calls at the same time

Grasshopper Virtual Receptionist

The virtual receptionist is one of Grasshopper’s greatest features.

Users can benefit from Grasshopper’s cooperation with Ruby in addition to automated responses. This means companies can connect their business phone numbers to a human receptionist who can answer simple questions, book and reschedule appointments, and even assist with payment concerns.

This saves small businesses the expense of hiring additional staff or losing half of their workday to missed calls and voicemails.

Business Texting

Grasshopper lets you send text messages to each other with no extra fee, and they can also use it to communicate with customers in a multichannel outbound and inbound manner. Users can also check their business texts on desktop computers with this feature.

A growing number of individuals prefer text-based communication with businesses, and this Grasshopper feature allows them to do so.

It’s worth noting that the Grasshopper business texting capability is completely separate from any smartphone’s built-in messaging apps.

Voicemail Transcription

Grasshopper coupon code-Grasshopper dashboard

Call recording is not available with Grasshopper, although it does provide visual voicemail.

Voicemail transcription uses voice recognition technology to decipher voicemails and transmit transcripts to the user’s mailbox, text message inbox, or the Grasshopper App interface.

This allows users to skim voicemails fast and make judgments without having to listen to them, which is a time saver for any business owner.


For small enterprises, Grasshopper is a must-try virtual phone number programme. It offers fantastic savings and rates on a wide range of services, including phone, fax, virtual phones, and business support.

If you have a small to the medium-sized team, you can manage them using the centralised Grasshopper dashboard.

Hope you have liked this article on Grasshopper pricing.

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