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Looking for an unbiased Grasshopper Review with features, pros & cons and user reviews? Here is our post.

Grasshopper is one of the most effective business VoIP service providers on the market. Its no-fuss product choices, restriction-free features, and budget-friendly price range make it especially popular among single entrepreneurs and small business owners.

You’ll be able to separate personal and professional calls with Grasshopper, allowing you to sell your business properly from the start.

We believe Grasshopper is a wonderful choice for small business owners, and today we will go into detail about why Grasshopper is the best. You can also check some exciting Grasshopper Coupons and save up to 55% on your business phone system.

About Grasshopper

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Grasshopper prides itself on being the first choice of entrepreneurs and small enterprises, and it certainly lives up to that reputation. Grasshopper is a phone system for startups and small enterprises that are designed to help them get started with a professional phone system without a hefty price tag or service interruptions.

To get started with Grasshopper, all you have to do is download the app. This is why this product is so popular among small firms. It’s a simple, cost-effective, and professional phone system.

Grasshopper Pros & Cons 

Grasshopper Pros:

Easy to use:

Grasshopper is praised for how simple it’s mobile and desktop apps are to use. The mobile app is simple to use and allows you to control your phone calls while on the go.

While the desktop app is fully functional, allowing you to send and receive text messages and phone calls from your computer. Both interfaces are straightforward and simple to use.

Easy Setup:

Grasshopper focuses on simple softphone functionality, which eliminates the need for lengthy unneeded setup periods and difficult hardware programming. You’ll instead use your existing gear or a mobile phone.

Within five minutes, you can set up your account, select your new business number, and begin accepting phone calls to your current hardware.

Business & Personal profiles can be separated:

You can readily distinguish between business and personal calls with Grasshopper. It will notify you whether the incoming call or text is business or personal, allowing you to give your best performance.

Affordable Pricing plans:

Grasshopper isn’t the cheapest VoIP service provider, but it does provide one of the most comprehensive services for the price. Users get unlimited calls and messages, as well as all the other great services, for only $26 per month.

You can use the existing number: 

If you currently have a phone number that you enjoy but want to move to Grasshopper, you won’t have to worry about alerting potential or existing customers. Instead, at no additional charge, you can easily transfer your phone number to Grasshopper and begin enjoying the benefits of your new Grasshopper system.

Stellar Customer Support: 

Among the VoIP service providers on our list, Grasshopper boasts one of the most responsive customer care teams. It provides assistance through a variety of channels, including phone and email support 24 hours a day, a vast knowledge library with how-to guides and pictorials, and informative films on the Grasshopper YouTube channel.

For individuals who prefer to learn from others, it even features a community forum.

Grasshopper Cons:

Audio Problems may occur sometimes 

Because Grasshopper relies on your mobile signal to function, it’s crucial to understand that this could be due to your cell service provider. Grasshopper has suffered audio quality concerns on rare occasions.

If a call’s quality drops below a certain threshold, the system will instantly switch to an available WiFi connection to ensure good call quality.

No video conferencing: 

When compared to its competitors, one of Grasshopper’s major drawbacks is its lack of video conferencing capabilities. In their defence, they don’t conceal the fact that they’re a simple, low-cost programme, so it’s not surprising that video conferencing isn’t one of their features.

How much does Grasshopper Phone System Cost? 

Grasshopper pricing plans- Grasshopper promo codes

Grasshopper offers three different options for small businesses, each with a different price range. It differs from competitors in that it has a set monthly rate, so you don’t have to worry about overpaying for more users.

It costs $29 per month for three phone number extensions on a monthly basis, or $26 per month if paid annually.

The other two pricing plans are:

  • Partner – $44 per month, suitable for growing businesses of 1-3 employees
  • Small Business – $80 per month, suitable for more than five employees

Conclusion: Is Grasshopper Business Phone System Worth It? Grasshopper Review 

We think Grasshopper is good enough for anyone searching for a low-cost VoIP service that is ideal for small enterprises. Absolutely!

Naturally, Grasshopper isn’t going to meet everyone’s requirements, but it is ideal for solitary entrepreneurs and small businesses. The features are incredible, the usage is limitless, and the price is reasonable.

The lack of video conferencing capability is the product’s only serious flaw. However, given the abundance of free alternatives, this is unlikely to be a deal-breaker for consumers seeking a simple, cost-effective alternative to a professional VoIP service.

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